The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Kill Devil Hills

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Welcome to a comprehensive guide exploring the culinary delights nestled within the serene shores of Kill Devil Hills. Embark on a flavorful journey through our meticulously curated list that unveils the finest seafood establishments this coastal haven has to offer. Brace yourself for an exploration of gastronomic excellence as we present the top ten destinations renowned for serving the 10 best seafood Restaurants in Kill Devil Hills.

Reviews of the 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Kill Devil Hills

1. Goombays Grille & Raw Bar 

Nestled in Kill Devil Hills, Goombays Grille & Raw Bar offers a delightful experience for families, friends, and seafood enthusiasts. This casual yet vibrant restaurant stands out for its diverse menu, friendly service, and delectable dishes, earning it rave reviews from patrons.
The restaurant welcomes families graciously, boasting an extensive kids’ menu that includes adorable drinks and toys. Amidst a relaxed atmosphere, families can indulge in a variety of mouthwatering dishes while enjoying attentive service from the incredibly hospitable staff.
Goombays Grille & Raw Bar - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Goombays Grille & Raw Bar – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
The menu at Goombays is a treasure trove of culinary delights. Patrons often find themselves pleasantly surprised by the diverse selection. Customers recommend taking adventurous culinary leaps as each dish promises a delightful experience. From the sauced jerk wings to the rice rocket shrimp and crab dip, guests are greeted with flavors that leave a lasting impression. The jazzy chicken, cabarete shrimp, and seafood options like the Tuna Oscar and Seafood Kingston stand out, surpassing expectations with their taste and presentation.
While the ambiance is charmingly casual with colorful decor, a few patrons noted slightly uncomfortable seating. However, this minor inconvenience is quickly forgotten once the food arrives. Dishes like the crab cake sandwich, fish sandwich specials, and shrimp bisque soup captivate diners with their flavors, making any discomfort worthwhile.
For those seeking a more intimate experience, the bar offers a chance to witness exceptional service, exemplified by staff members like Tony, who elevate the dining experience. Guests are often pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of the food, comparing it favorably to upscale restaurants. Despite the reasonable prices, the quality of the meals and beverages exceeds expectations, making the overall experience truly remarkable.
Goombays Grille & Raw Bar presents an excellent value for its exceptional food, warm service, and vibrant atmosphere. While prices are reasonable, the experience and flavors delivered here are nothing short of top-notch. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly outing, a casual hangout with friends, or an extraordinary dining affair, Goombays is a must-visit culinary gem in Kill Devil Hills.
Address: 1608 N Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-441-6001

2. Food Dudes Kitchen 

Nestled in Kill Devil Hills, Food Dudes Kitchen might be new to some, but for many, it’s been a cherished culinary gem for around 15 years. Despite its small size, this off-season find delights patrons with its inviting atmosphere, prompt service, and mouthwatering dishes, ensuring a delightful dining experience.
The nightly specials are the highlight here, with offerings like the tantalizing tuna tacos and tuna rice bowl that captivate the taste buds with their flavors. Patrons rave about the delectable pumpkin cheesecake, a delightful end to a sumptuous meal that promises a return visit.
Food Dudes Kitchen - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Food Dudes Kitchen – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike find plenty to love at Food Dudes. Vegetarian options like the flavorful chips, tasty quesadilla, and fantastic fresh pico accompanied by corn and beans receive glowing reviews, even from non-vegetarians, speaking volumes about the quality and taste of the dishes served.
For those seeking classic favorites, the wings and nachos never disappoint. Despite the compact size of the establishment, orders arrive promptly, and the service is consistently polite, efficient, and friendly. The warmth and efficiency of the staff elevate the overall dining experience, leaving a lasting impression on patrons.
Consistency seems to be the hallmark of Food Dudes Kitchen, drawing back returning visitors who bring along their families to savor the array of dishes available. From nachos, mahi tacos, sweet chili fish of the day, chicken wings, to chips and salsa, each item on the menu shines, leaving every member of the family satisfied and eager for a return visit.
Food Dudes Kitchen isn’t just a small restaurant; it’s a culinary haven that promises a memorable dining experience. With its welcoming ambiance, delectable specials, and a commitment to excellent service, this establishment is a must-visit for both locals and tourists exploring the Outer Banks. Whether you’re craving seafood, vegetarian delights, or classic appetizers, Food Dudes Kitchen is sure to leave your taste buds and heart content, urging you to return for more flavorful experiences.
Service options: Doesn’t accept reservations · Serves vegetarian dishes · Has kids’ menu
Address: 1216 S Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-441-7994

3. Mama Kwan’s Tiki Bar & Grill  

Nestled in the heart of Kill Devil Hills, Mama Kwan’s Tiki Bar & Grill is a beloved destination offering a vibrant, tropical atmosphere combined with exceptional cuisine that delights locals and visitors alike.
Upon stepping into Mama Kwan’s, guests are transported to a vacation-like oasis, surrounded by the inviting ambiance of a tropical eatery frequented by locals. The welcoming and attentive staff, exemplified by servers like Ashley, ensure a memorable dining experience from start to finish.
Mama Kwan's Tiki Bar & Grill - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Mama Kwan’s Tiki Bar & Grill – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
The menu boasts an array of flavorful options that leave diners raving about each dish. From the Garbage Plate paired with Mama’s Hawaiian Pork to the perfectly blackened Fish Tacos, every bite exudes perfection. The ginger shrimp appetizer receives accolades for its unique taste, setting the stage for the exceptional culinary journey that follows.
Regular patrons praise Mama Kwan’s consistency in delivering exceptional meals. Whether enjoying the groovy vibe at the bar or opting for a lighter option like the Garbage Plate loaded with veggies, the restaurant delivers culinary excellence paired with friendly and informative service.
Consistency extends beyond the food; guests appreciate the attention to detail and excellent service, ensuring that even during peak seasons, the experience remains outstanding. While the restaurant’s popularity might lead to longer wait times during peak hours, the smaller crowds in the off-season provide an excellent opportunity to relish the dining experience without the hassle.
First-time visitors, like the couple who enjoyed the wraps with perfectly seasoned teriyaki meat and delectable fries, find themselves already planning their return, drawn in by the diverse menu offerings and top-notch service.
Mama Kwan’s Tiki Bar & Grill stands out as a beacon of culinary delight in Kill Devil Hills. With its consistent quality, inviting ambiance, and a menu that caters to diverse palates, this establishment continues to impress and satisfy guests, promising an unforgettable dining experience for anyone seeking exceptional food, friendly service, and a tropical getaway on the Outer Banks.
Address: 1701 S Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-441-7889

4. JK’s Restaurant 

Nestled in Kill Devil Hills, JK’s Restaurant stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, offering not just delectable dinners but an exceptional dining experience accentuated by a top-notch bar and an incredibly dedicated staff.
Regular patrons cherish JK’s not just for its flavorful dishes and finely crafted cocktails, but also for the outstanding service that goes beyond the ordinary. A heartwarming incident demonstrates the staff’s commitment: a lost earring was found and safely kept for the returning customer, showcasing the remarkable level of care and service provided at JK’s.
JK's Restaurant - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
JK’s Restaurant – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
The quality of the dining experience is consistently superb. Patrons often find themselves pleasantly surprised by the impeccable service even during peak hours. From delightful house bread and a seafood bisque that stands out as the best one might ever taste, to the Scottish salmon cooked to perfection paired with incredible collard greens, each dish is a testament to culinary excellence.
Steak aficionados swear by JK’s for serving high-quality steaks that satisfy the most discerning palates. The attention to detail extends beyond the food; the owner’s personal touch, greeting each table with genuine interest in their dining experience, exemplifies the establishment’s commitment to ensuring guests feel valued and cared for.
The friendly and personable service, embodied by servers like Fran, elevates the entire dining affair. From the warm welcome at the door to the last smile upon departure, the staff ensures every guest feels appreciated and attended to.
Diners rave about mouthwatering filet mignon, sumptuous salmon, flavorful succotash, and perfectly cooked risotto. Even the house-filtered water is a refreshing touch that adds to the overall pleasant experience.
JK’s Restaurant isn’t just a dining destination; it’s an embodiment of exceptional food, stellar service, and an atmosphere that exudes warmth and hospitality. For those seeking a complete dining experience, where exquisite meals meet unparalleled service, JK’s stands out as a must-visit spot in the Outer Banks. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, JK’s Restaurant promises an unforgettable culinary journey that keeps patrons returning for more.
Address: 1106 S Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-441-9555

5. The Kill Devil Grill 

Nestled in Kill Devil Hills, The Kill Devil Grill is a vibrant hub that promises exceptional meals and an energetic atmosphere with a touch of old-school diner charm. Diners are treated not just to delicious dishes but also to attentive service that leaves a lasting impression.
For many, the standout feature is the attentive and knowledgeable wait staff who enhance the dining experience. While the cole slaw might not suit everyone’s taste due to the unexpected addition of onions, the fried shrimp, perfectly cooked and generously sized, paired excellently with flavorful french fries. The slightly spicy sauce added an extra kick to the dish. Despite the bustling crowd, multiple wait staff members ensured guests were well taken care of, keeping glasses filled and providing assistance whenever needed.
The Kill Devil Grill - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
The Kill Devil Grill – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
The restaurant’s popularity is evident from the bustling atmosphere, especially during peak hours. However, even with the bustling energy, the wait times are managed efficiently, ensuring a prompt and enjoyable dining experience.
The menu offers a diverse range of well-prepared meals that garner high praise. Diners rave about the seared scallops with a ham broth and mashed cauliflower, the crab-stuffed flounder, grilled chicken with spaghetti, and shrimp with spaghetti, showcasing the kitchen’s versatility and skill in preparing diverse dishes with quality ingredients.
The team at The Kill Devil Grill operates seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient dining experience for patrons. From the delectable salads featuring salmon and tuna to the mouthwatering apple crisp served with ice cream, every dish boasts generous portions and high-quality ingredients.
Compliments are showered not just on the food but also on the exceptional service provided by servers like Joni, whose attentiveness and exceptional care elevate the overall dining experience.
The verdict is unanimous among patrons: The Kill Devil Grill offers outstanding food at reasonable prices, all served within an old-school diner setting brimming with energy. For anyone seeking a delightful dining experience with attentive service and delicious dishes, The Kill Devil Grill stands out as a must-visit destination in the Outer Banks. Don’t miss the chance to savor their renowned Key Lime pie – it’s an absolute delight worth saving room for!
Address: 2008 S Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-449-8181

6. Bob’s Grill OBX 

Located in Kill Devil Hills, Bob’s Grill OBX stands as a quintessential diner, offering hearty meals and a down-to-earth atmosphere that has patrons returning time and again. With a no-nonsense approach to dining, this establishment serves up generous portions, friendly service, and a diverse menu to satisfy every palate.
The restaurant’s popularity is evident from the repeated visits of customers who appreciate the great food and value. Patrons find themselves returning multiple times during their trips, drawn in by the delicious food and consistent quality.
Bob's Grill OBX - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Bob’s Grill OBX – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Crystal, a standout waitress, receives high praise from guests for her attentive service, especially in keeping coffee cups filled for those who prefer their coffee black and quick. The friendly banter and playful interactions with the staff add an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience.
The no-frills environment, as indicated by their catchphrase “Eat and get the hell out!”, accurately reflects the straightforward approach to dining, where the focus is on good food and a swift, efficient dining experience. The extensive menu caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
Guests are pleased with the breakfast offerings, citing perfectly cooked dishes like biscuits and gravy that are declared the best by some, along with well-prepared grits and tasty home fries. The seamless teamwork of the waitstaff, even during busy periods, doesn’t go unnoticed, creating a calm and pleasant atmosphere despite the rush.
The return after nine years proves that Bob’s Grill OBX leaves a lasting impression. Claudine, an exceptional server, contributes to the memorable experience with her exceptional service and attentiveness to guests’ needs.
From the beloved grouper benedict to the perfectly browned corned beef hash with eggs, each dish showcases the kitchen’s dedication to quality and taste. Even small details like the preference for grits without cheese are accommodated, demonstrating the establishment’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
Bob’s Grill OBX stands out as more than just a diner; it’s a testament to good food, efficient service, and an environment where patrons feel welcome and well-fed. For anyone seeking a genuine and satisfying breakfast or meal, Bob’s Grill OBX is a must-visit spot in the Outer Banks, promising great eats and a warm, hospitable atmosphere that leaves guests planning their return sooner rather than later.
Address: 8709 1219 S Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-441-0707

7. Billy’s Seafood  

Situated in Kill Devil Hills, Billy’s Seafood stands as a beacon for seafood enthusiasts, offering an exceptional range of fresh catches and an experience that truly delights patrons.
The warmth and efficiency of the staff, led by the affable Miss Judy and her team, shine through in the service provided. Regulars swear by Billy’s famous tuna fish salad and highly recommend the seasoned steamed shrimp, perfect for a quick boat-side feast.
Billy's Seafood - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Billy’s Seafood – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
While acknowledging the slightly higher prices compared to nearby competitors, patrons gladly pay the premium at Billy’s for the convenience and the expertly cooked seafood. The half-bushel of blue crabs and large shrimp feast left customers raving about the delightful culinary experience.
The selection of seafood at Billy’s is nothing short of impressive. From shrimp, oysters, scallops, crabs, clams, to an array of fish, customers are spoiled for choice. Additionally, the availability of containers of crab meat and other delicacies further adds to the appeal.
The friendly and knowledgeable staff play a pivotal role in ensuring a pleasant shopping experience. Customers praise the team’s readiness to provide guidance and answer queries, making selecting the right seafood an effortless task.
Moreover, the convenience of finding grocery items eliminates the need for an additional trip to the store. Despite being slightly off the main road, ample parking and ease of access ensure a hassle-free visit to Billy’s.
Some reviewers highlight the efficiency of the staff, noting that while the pace may seem brisk, it’s a testament to the team’s dedication to providing fresh seafood efficiently. While it might not suit everyone’s pace, it underscores the commitment to cater to a majority of customers without compromising quality.
In conclusion, Billy’s Seafood emerges as a go-to destination for seafood lovers seeking freshness, variety, and efficiency. With a commitment to quality and a team dedicated to providing top-notch service, Billy’s stands out as a must-visit spot in the area. Whether you’re in the mood for large shrimp or perfectly seasoned blue crabs, Billy’s Seafood delivers an unmatched seafood experience that’s worth every penny.
Address: 1341 Colington Rd, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-441-5978

8. Two Roads Tavern 

Nestled in Kill Devil Hills, Two Roads Tavern has quickly become a cherished spot among locals and visitors alike, offering a welcoming atmosphere paired with an extensive menu that impresses even the most discerning palates.
Guests appreciate the prompt seating, especially in the outdoor area, where the amiable staff ensure a pleasant dining experience. The friendly servers, exemplified by Sarah, make patrons feel at ease, providing excellent recommendations and catering to their preferences.
Two Roads Tavern - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Two Roads Tavern – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
The appetizers, from a variety of oyster selections to the delightful fried pickles, set the tone for a fantastic meal. Patrons rave about the perfectly cooked burgers, Buffalo shrimp, and the Asian noodle special, highlighting the consistency and accuracy in fulfilling orders.
Consistency is the hallmark of Two Roads Tavern, as seen through numerous visits where diners delight in fresh, well-seasoned, and meticulously prepared meals. Whether it’s the well-seasoned salads, perfectly cooked seafood, or the flavorful meatloaf paired with great mashed potatoes, each dish receives glowing reviews.
The menu boasts unique offerings like the Boss Hog burger variations, which leave a lasting impression due to their taste and generous portions. Diners commend the sweet potato fries, which complement the meals exceptionally well.
Recommendations from locals for the burgers and bacon gravy fries hold true, as newcomers discover the deliciousness of the crab cake sandwich and other delectable dishes. The efficient and pleasant service further enhances the overall dining experience, ensuring guests leave with a positive impression.
The exceptional hospitality at Two Roads Tavern shines through in a heartwarming incident, where patrons were treated with utmost respect and kindness after a negative experience elsewhere. This gesture of hospitality, coupled with delicious food, solidifies Two Roads Tavern as a go-to destination for exceptional dining experiences.
In summary, Two Roads Tavern stands out as a culinary gem in Kill Devil Hills. With a diverse menu offering delicious options, attentive service, and an atmosphere that exudes warmth and hospitality, it’s no wonder patrons keep coming back for more. For anyone seeking a delightful meal paired with exceptional service, Two Roads Tavern is a must-visit spot that promises an unforgettable dining affair.
Located in: Seagate North
Address: 3105 N Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-255-1980

9. Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill 

Nestled in Kill Devil Hills, Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill captivates guests with its fantastic ambiance, attentive staff, and an array of scrumptious dishes that never fail to delight.
Upon arrival, the inviting atmosphere sets the tone for an exceptional dining experience. Guests are greeted warmly by the staff, including standout servers like Amy and Lauren, who provide attentive and friendly service throughout the meal.
Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
The menu at Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill offers a tantalizing variety of dishes that leave a lasting impression. From the Caramelized Onion Soup and Chimichanga to the Baja Shrimp Taco with Guacamole, each dish is crafted with flavors that captivate the taste buds. The She Crab soup, hushpuppies, and coleslaw earn high praise, even from those not typically fond of coleslaw.
Regular patrons appreciate the diverse offerings, especially during lunch, where options like the tuna bites with spicy slaw and the crabcake sandwich with seasoned fries shine. The restaurant’s commitment to Covid protocols adds to the overall positive experience.
The Sunday brunch becomes an instant favorite for many, featuring standout dishes like Pupusas and Shrimp and Grits that keep guests coming back for more. Additionally, the Thursday night tapas, showcasing culinary creations inspired by different countries each week, receive rave reviews for their innovation and delectable flavors.
Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill surprises and delights guests with its unassuming exterior and culinary treasures within. The establishment has succeeded in curating an inviting space where diners can savor exceptional meals, enjoy a great bar atmosphere, and relish in the camaraderie of friends.
In conclusion, Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill stands as a beacon of culinary excellence in Kill Devil Hills. From its delicious and diverse menu to its welcoming ambiance and attentive service, this restaurant is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a delightful dining experience. Whether it’s for brunch, tapas nights, or lunch, Chilli Peppers Coastal Grill promises a memorable and palate-pleasing culinary adventure.
Address: 3001 N Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-441-8081

10. Slice Pizzeria 

Tucked away in Kill Devil Hills, Slice Pizzeria emerges as a hidden gem, delighting patrons with its delectable pizzas and commendable service that leaves a lasting impression.
Despite the limitations due to Covid, Slice Pizzeria shines with its authentic Italian-style pizza and efficient service. While indoor seating might be restricted, the experience is not compromised, thanks to ample outdoor tables along the restaurant’s side. The pizza slices, reminiscent of Italian flavors, stand out for their generous size and delicious taste.
Slice Pizzeria - best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Slice Pizzeria – best seafood in Kill Devil Hills
Diners rave about the variety of flavors and quality of ingredients showcased in the pizzas. The Gourmet Pizza lives up to its name, impressing even picky eaters with its exceptional crust and flavorful toppings. The boneless wings, tossed in a bold Thai chili sauce, offer a spicy kick that’s not for the faint-hearted but highly enjoyable for those seeking bold flavors.
The restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their delivery service, efficiently catering to orders even close to closing time. The prompt delivery within 15 minutes further accentuates the restaurant’s dedication to providing quality service.
Regulars praise the BBQ Chicken Pizza, particularly recommending the chicken, bacon, ranch, and BBQ sauce substitution—a combination that elevates the flavors to a whole new level. Customers opting for takeout appreciate Slice’s efforts to prioritize safety measures while ensuring the same exceptional quality in their dishes.
Guests hail Slice Pizzeria as a haven for pizza aficionados, with some considering it the best they’ve ever tasted. The top-quality toppings and perfect crust receive unanimous acclaim, enhanced by the fast and friendly service that ensures a swift dining experience.
In conclusion, Slice Pizzeria stands as a testament to authentic Italian flavors and exceptional service in Kill Devil Hills. For anyone seeking a true Italian pizza experience with bold flavors, top-notch ingredients, and efficient service, Slice Pizzeria is a must-visit. Hal and Ella, as indicated in the reviews, showcase the restaurant’s dedication to delivering an unforgettable pizza dining affair that’s worthy of high praise and a return visit.
Address: 710 S Croatan Hwy MP 8.5, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, United States
Phone: +1 252-449-8888
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