The 10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Palm Springs, CA

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Palm Springs is renowned for its stunning desert landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and luxurious resorts. But did you know it also boasts some of the finest sushi restaurants in Southern California? Whether you’re a local or a visitor, finding the best sushi spots can be a delightful culinary adventure. Here, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best sushi restaurants in Palm Springs, CA, that promise to deliver the freshest and most delicious sushi experiences.

The 10 Best Sushi Restaurants in Palm Springs

1. Nobu Palm Springs

Nobu Palm Springs
Nobu Palm Springs

Overview of Nobu: Nobu is synonymous with world-class Japanese cuisine. Known for its elegant ambiance and innovative dishes, Nobu Palm Springs is a must-visit for sushi enthusiasts.

Signature Dishes:

  • Black Cod Miso
  • Yellowtail Jalapeño
  • Nobu-style Sushi Rolls

Ambiance and Dining Experience: With its chic décor and tranquil atmosphere, Nobu provides a luxurious dining experience. The attentive service and beautifully presented dishes make every visit memorable.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Nobu consistently receives high ratings for its exceptional food quality and impeccable service. Guests rave about the sushi’s freshness and the restaurant’s sophisticated ambiance.

2. Sushi Roku

Sushi Roku
Sushi Roku

Overview of Sushi Roku: Sushi Roku combines traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary flavors. Located in the heart of Palm Springs, this restaurant offers a modern twist on classic sushi dishes.

Signature Dishes:

  • Hanabi Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice
  • Baked Crab Hand Roll
  • Assorted Sashimi Platter

Ambiance and Dining Experience: The sleek and stylish interior of Sushi Roku sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant features an open sushi bar, allowing guests to watch skilled chefs in action.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Patrons praise Sushi Roku for its creative menu and vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant’s innovative approach to sushi keeps customers coming back for more.

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3. Blue Ribbon Sushi

Blue Ribbon Sushi
Blue Ribbon Sushi

Overview of Blue Ribbon Sushi: Blue Ribbon Sushi is known for its high-quality ingredients and expertly crafted sushi. This restaurant brings a taste of Tokyo to Palm Springs with its authentic and flavorful dishes.

Signature Dishes:

  • Omakase (Chef’s Choice)
  • Toro (Fatty Tuna) Nigiri
  • Tempura Rock Shrimp
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Ambiance and Dining Experience: Blue Ribbon Sushi offers a cozy and inviting setting, perfect for a relaxing meal. The intimate atmosphere and attentive service enhance the overall dining experience.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Customers appreciate the restaurant’s dedication to quality and authenticity. The omakase experience, in particular, receives glowing reviews for its variety and freshness.

4. Katsuya Palm Springs

Katsuya Palm Springs
Katsuya Palm Springs

Overview of Katsuya: Katsuya is a stylish sushi restaurant that blends traditional Japanese flavors with contemporary flair. Its innovative dishes and trendy ambiance make it a popular choice among sushi lovers.

Signature Dishes:

  • Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna
  • Baked Crab Hand Roll
  • Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño

Ambiance and Dining Experience: The chic and modern design of Katsuya creates a lively and sophisticated dining environment. The restaurant’s energetic vibe and creative menu make it a standout in Palm Springs.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Katsuya receives high marks for its bold flavors and artistic presentation. Diners frequently commend the restaurant’s unique dishes and vibrant atmosphere.

5. Morimoto Palm Springs

Morimoto Palm Springs
Morimoto Palm Springs

Overview of Morimoto: Chef Masaharu Morimoto, famed for his Iron Chef appearances, brings his culinary expertise to Palm Springs with Morimoto. This restaurant offers an exquisite sushi dining experience.

Signature Dishes:

  • Morimoto Sashimi
  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • Eel and Avocado Roll

Ambiance and Dining Experience: Morimoto’s sleek and contemporary design, coupled with its top-notch service, makes for an exceptional dining experience. The open kitchen allows diners to observe the chefs’ meticulous craftsmanship.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Guests consistently praise Morimoto for its creative dishes and impeccable service. The restaurant’s fusion of traditional and modern elements is a hit among sushi aficionados.

6. Sushi Bar XYZ

Sushi Bar XYZ
Sushi Bar XYZ

Overview of Sushi Bar XYZ: Sushi Bar XYZ is a hidden gem in Palm Springs, offering an intimate and personalized dining experience. This cozy sushi bar focuses on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Signature Dishes:

  • Chef’s Choice Omakase
  • Salmon Belly Nigiri
  • Tuna Tartare

Ambiance and Dining Experience: With its minimalist décor and friendly atmosphere, Sushi Bar XYZ provides a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. The close interaction with the sushi chef adds a unique touch.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Sushi Bar XYZ is highly regarded for its freshness and flavor. Customers appreciate the chef’s attention to detail and the personalized service.

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7. Sushi Spot ABC

Sushi Spot ABC
Sushi Spot ABC

Overview of Sushi Spot ABC: Sushi Spot ABC is known for its creative sushi rolls and welcoming environment. This casual eatery offers a variety of innovative sushi options.

Signature Dishes:

  • Dragon Roll
  • Rainbow Roll
  • Spicy Scallop Roll

Ambiance and Dining Experience: The vibrant and cheerful setting of Sushi Spot ABC makes it a great place for casual dining. The colorful and inventive sushi rolls are a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Diners love Sushi Spot ABC for its fun and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant’s unique rolls and reasonable prices make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

8. Sushi Heaven

Sushi Heaven
Sushi Heaven

Overview of Sushi Heaven: Sushi Heaven lives up to its name by offering a heavenly sushi dining experience. This restaurant focuses on traditional sushi prepared with the finest ingredients.

Signature Dishes:

  • Toro Nigiri
  • Uni (Sea Urchin) Sushi
  • Hamachi Jalapeño Roll

Ambiance and Dining Experience: Sushi Heaven’s serene and elegant ambiance creates a peaceful dining environment. The attention to detail in both the food and service ensures a memorable meal.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Customers praise Sushi Heaven for its top-tier sushi and excellent service. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and tradition is evident in every dish.

9. Sushi Paradise

Sushi Paradise
Sushi Paradise

Overview of Sushi Paradise: Sushi Paradise offers a delightful escape with its fresh and flavorful sushi offerings. This restaurant is dedicated to providing an authentic Japanese dining experience.

Signature Dishes:

  • Salmon Nigiri
  • Tuna Tataki
  • Shrimp Tempura Roll

Ambiance and Dining Experience: The relaxed and inviting atmosphere of Sushi Paradise makes it a perfect spot for enjoying sushi. The restaurant’s friendly staff and cozy setting enhance the dining experience.

Customer Reviews and Ratings: Sushi Paradise is well-loved for its delicious sushi and warm hospitality. Diners appreciate the restaurant’s consistency and quality.

10. Sushi Delight

Sushi Delight
Sushi Delight

Overview of Sushi Delight: Sushi Delight is a favorite among sushi enthusiasts for its wide variety of sushi options. This restaurant offers a mix of traditional and modern sushi dishes.

Signature Dishes:

  • Spicy Tuna Roll.
  • Eel Nigiri
  • California Roll

Ambiance and Dining Experience: Sushi Delight’s casual and comfortable setting makes it an ideal choice for any occasion. The diverse menu and friendly service ensure a satisfying dining experience.

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Customer Reviews and Ratings: Diners consistently rate Sushi Delight highly for its tasty sushi and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant’s extensive menu and reasonable prices are major draws.


What are the top-rated sushi restaurants in Palm Springs?

Based on reviews and ratings, some of the top-rated sushi restaurants in Palm Springs are:

  • Sandfish Sushi & Whiskey: Known for its unique blend of Scandinavian and Japanese cuisine, upscale ambiance, and extensive whiskey selection.
  • TAKA SHIN: Offers a more traditional Japanese sushi experience with a focus on authentic flavors and fresh ingredients.
  • Happy Sushi: A popular choice for its affordable prices, wide variety of sushi rolls, and friendly service.

Are there any sushi bars in Palm Springs offering omakase?

While not as common as in larger cities, some sushi restaurants in Palm Springs may offer omakase experiences. It’s best to inquire directly with the restaurant or check their website/social media for availability. TAKA SHIN is known for its traditional approach and may be a good place to start your search.

Which sushi places in Palm Springs offer vegan options?

Many sushi restaurants in Palm Springs are accommodating to dietary preferences and offer vegan options. You can usually find vegetable rolls, avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, and other plant-based dishes on their menus. Some restaurants may also offer creative vegan sushi options like tofu-based rolls or those featuring vegan “fish” alternatives. It’s always recommended to check the menu beforehand or call the restaurant to confirm their vegan offerings.

What is the best time to visit sushi restaurants in Palm Springs?

The best time to visit sushi restaurants in Palm Springs depends on your preferences. Weekday evenings are generally less crowded than weekends, and lunch hours can also be a good option for avoiding peak times. If you’re interested in omakase, it’s recommended to make reservations in advance, as these experiences are often limited and fill up quickly.


Palm Springs is home to an array of outstanding sushi restaurants, each offering unique flavors and dining experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional nigiri or creative rolls, these top 10 sushi spots are sure to satisfy your cravings. Be sure to visit these restaurants and discover why Palm Springs is a hidden gem for sushi lovers.