Reviews of the 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Rockport TX

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Discovering the essence of coastal charm and exquisite culinary delights, “Reviews of the 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Rockport, TX” invites you on a delectable journey through the vibrant gastronomic landscape of this enchanting seaside town. From succulent Gulf shrimp to mouthwatering crab cakes and divine fish tacos, this guide navigates through the flavorsome gems that epitomize the essence of the best seafood in Rockport, Texas.

Reviews of the 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Rockport TX

1. Paradise Key Dockside Bar & Grill 

Paradise Key Dockside Bar & Grill, nestled in the heart of Rockport, Texas, is an enchanting culinary haven celebrated by locals and travelers alike. Having stumbled upon this gem in a previous visit, my return was inevitable, and once again, it did not disappoint. A lunchtime venture commenced with immediate seating, ushering in an experience of attentive service and culinary delights that set the stage for an exceptional meal. The Artichoke Crab Dip left an indelible mark on our taste buds—truly out of this world!
Followed by the Key Cake (crab cake), each bite was a testament to the chef’s mastery. Encouraged by this gastronomic triumph, a subsequent dinner rendezvous ensued, showcasing the restaurant’s consistency in delivering top-notch service and delectable dishes. The Paradise Grill Platter tantalized our palates, affirming the establishment’s commitment to culinary excellence.
Paradise Key Dockside Bar & Grill - best seafood in Rockport TX
Paradise Key Dockside Bar & Grill – best seafood in Rockport TX
However, this haven of flavors, despite its praises, encountered a few nuances in the culinary symphony. While the crab cakes were hailed as the best, the Mahi Mahi fell short, described as slightly dry by one guest. Another unconventional choice, the chicken Alfredo, although delicious, fell short on the seasoning spectrum, prompting the need for additional spices. Yet, these minor deviations from perfection were swiftly rectified by the attentive staff, swiftly providing Cajun seasoning to amplify the flavors.
The ambiance, embraced by a picturesque waterside setting, grants patrons an idyllic view for a delightful dining experience. Nevertheless, the acoustic ambiance, albeit lively and spirited, may deter those seeking intimate conversations, making it more suitable for embracing the music and relishing the outstanding cuisine. Patrons seated outside lauded the serene view, complimenting the restaurant’s delightful fare, notably the impeccably prepared fish and chips—boasting a delicate, non-traditional breading.
Despite the occasional wait, an early arrival at this culinary haven promises a rewarding experience. The rave-worthy, well-priced lunch menu accentuated by offerings like the chicken-fried NY strip leaves patrons satiated and impressed. The culinary repertoire featuring peel and eat shrimp, coconut shrimp, and a selection of fish entrees ensured an unforgettable dining journey.
In conclusion, Paradise Key Dockside Bar & Grill stands as a hidden treasure beckoning patrons to indulge in a feast for the senses. With a delightful ambiance, attentive service, and a menu boasting both classic and innovative seafood dishes, this establishment earns its reputation as a must-visit destination in Rockport, Texas.
Address: 165 Cove Harbor N, Rockport, TX 78382, United States
Phone: +1 361-729-6000

2. Our Family Kitchen  

Our Family Kitchen, nestled in the heart of Rockport, offers a quintessential dining experience that blends delectable cuisine with moments of service hiccups. Stepping into this cozy eatery, the scent of a hearty breakfast captivates the senses, mingling pancakes, bacon, and coffee, setting the stage for a delightful culinary journey. However, amidst the savory aromas and jovial ambiance, encounters with transactional discrepancies slightly taint the overall experience.
Upon settling the bill, an unexpected credit card fee mars an otherwise enjoyable dining venture. Despite clarifications regarding the nature of the charge for using a debit card, the exchange leaves a distasteful note. Nevertheless, the courteous and bustling staff compensates for this hiccup, fostering an atmosphere brimming with joviality and contentment.
Our Family Kitchen- best seafood in Rockport TX
Our Family Kitchen- best seafood in Rockport TX
The culinary repertoire at Our Family Kitchen paints a vivid picture of scrumptious breakfast offerings. The hash browns receive accolades as the highlight of the meal, setting a high standard. Noteworthy mentions include the Green Chili Casserole, boasting layers of hatch chilis and a soufflé-like top, and the innovative Banana Nut Bread French Toast, a refreshing twist on a breakfast classic.
The cafe’s popularity is evident from the throngs of patrons and filled parking spaces, affirming its status as a local favorite. The amiable and gracious staff further enhance the dining experience, promptly serving flavorful meals that exceed expectations. Dishes like the Green Chili Casserole, accompanied by unconventional cube-shaped grits, stand out, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.
Transitioning to a late lunch rendezvous, the menu presents an array of satisfying choices, particularly the chicken-fried steak and chicken sandwiches that impress with their generous portions and crispy tenderness. Home-style sides complement these dishes, although the scarcity of iced tea towards closing time slightly dampens the experience.
In summary, Our Family Kitchen radiates warmth and comfort, delivering a delectable array of breakfast and lunch offerings. Despite a minor transactional quibble, the vibrant ambiance, attentive staff, and flavorsome cuisine make it a coveted spot for locals and visitors alike, ensuring a return visit to savor the unique culinary delights on offer in Rockport, Texas.
Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 324 TX-35 BUS, Rockport, TX 78382, United States
Phone: +1 361-727-1111

3. The Boiling Pot 

The Boiling Pot in Rockport, Texas, stands as a time-honored haven for seafood enthusiasts, exemplifying the essence of a classic crab boil experience cherished by patrons across generations. For many, including a devoted customer returning after years, this establishment remains an enduring favorite, a testament to its consistent and delicious offerings.
Stepping into The Boiling Pot is akin to entering a seafood paradise, where tables draped in butcher paper await the feast, complete with hammers to crack open the tantalizing array of crustaceans. The Super Duper Combo, a harmonious medley of crab, shrimp, andouille sausage, corn, and potatoes, emerges as the star, satisfying appetites and showcasing the essence of Cajun-style seafood cooked to perfection.
The Boiling Pot in Rockport TX
The Boiling Pot in Rockport TX
This restaurant unabashedly embraces the Cajun tradition of serving seafood in its purest form—requiring a mallet, bibs, and a willingness to indulge in messy, hands-on dining. The essence of authenticity pervades every crack of the crab claw and every savory bite of the perfectly spiced seafood medley. While some appreciate the modest level of spice, others find delight in the option to request an extra kick, ensuring a customizable dining experience for every palate.
Service at The Boiling Pot stands as a testament to hospitality, with servers like Sergio and Lilith shining through for their attentiveness, professionalism, and willingness to cater to patrons’ preferences. From accommodating seating requests to offering samples of their gumbo, the staff elevates the overall dining experience, leaving patrons feeling welcomed and well-cared for.
However, amidst the raving reviews, the necessity for effort in extracting crab meat might pose a slight inconvenience for some diners. Nevertheless, the rewards of sweet, tender shrimp and impeccably prepared sides—like the firm and flavorful corn and just-right sausage—balance any minor challenges, resulting in an overall delightful dining affair.
In conclusion, The Boiling Pot embodies the essence of a true seafood indulgence, where authenticity meets flavorful abundance. While it may not suit those seeking a refined dining experience with utensils, for those who relish the idea of a hands-on feast with superbly prepared seafood, this establishment stands as a beacon, beckoning enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the joy of Cajun-style culinary delights.
Address: 201 Fulton Beach Rd, Rockport, TX 78382, United States
Phone: +1 361-729-6972

4. Charlotte Plummer  

Charlotte Plummer’s Waterside Restaurant & Deck Bar in Rockport, Texas, emerges as a culinary gem, enchanting patrons with its delectable seafood offerings and scenic bay views. Nestled by the waterside, this establishment curates an experience that harmonizes delightful cuisine, attentive service, and picturesque ambiance.
Charlotte Plummer in Rockport TX - best seafood in Rockport TX
Charlotte Plummer in Rockport TX – best seafood in Rockport TX
The vast seafood platter and blackened chicken serve as stellar representations of the culinary expertise showcased at Charlotte Plummer’s. The seafood extravaganza, an amalgamation of fried and boiled shrimp, oysters, fish, and accompaniments like fried shallots, leaves patrons spoilt for choice. Complemented by a bowl of flavorsome gumbo and a baked potato, this platter is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to generous portions and diverse flavors. The blackened chicken, paired with grilled veggies, rice, and an exceptional tortilla soup, earns accolades for its impeccable preparation and delightful flavors.
Service at Charlotte Plummer’s remains a highlight for many patrons, with Cherie and the attentive staff elevating the dining experience through warmth and attentiveness. The scenic bay view from the upstairs seating area adds an extra layer of charm, enhancing the overall ambiance for a memorable dining affair.
However, amidst the culinary delights and impeccable service, occasional disturbances from neighboring tables dampen the experience for some diners, highlighting the importance of maintaining a considerate atmosphere for all patrons.
The culinary repertoire, ranging from gumbo with a delightful dark roux to the perfectly prepared baked fish with panko and stuffed flounder with crab dressing, signifies the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence. Appetizers like the shrimp brochette and crab tower further enhance the dining experience, inviting patrons to savor each delectable bite.
The unanimous praise for the diverse array of dishes, from fish to shrimp to salads, speaks volumes about the consistency and quality that Charlotte Plummer’s upholds. The recommendation of the top-floor seating with a stunning water view adds an extra dimension to the dining experience, making it a must-visit destination in Rockport, Texas.
In summary, Charlotte Plummer’s Waterside Restaurant & Deck Bar stands as a beacon for exceptional seafood dining, offering a tantalizing blend of exquisite flavors, attentive service, and breathtaking views that leave a lasting impression on every guest.
Address: 202 N Fulton Beach Rd, Rockport, TX 78382, United States
Phone: +1 361-729-1185

5. Los Comales 

Los Comales in Rockport, Texas, emerges as a cherished culinary gem for Mexican cuisine enthusiasts, celebrated for its flavorful dishes, extensive menu, and commendable service. Patrons flock to this establishment, drawn by the promise of delicious, satisfying meals and an array of delectable options.
The restaurant’s star dishes, such as the Steak Asada and tantalizing tacos, have won the hearts and taste buds of many. Noteworthy mentions include the Fajita Enchiladas, an uncommon find in Mexican eateries, praised for their exceptional taste and satisfying portions. The diverse selection of enchiladas and other menu items further adds to the restaurant’s appeal, catering to a wide range of preferences.
Los Comales - best seafood in Rockport TX
Los Comales – best seafood in Rockport TX
The dedication and personable service provided by staff members like Jenny and Deborah remain a significant highlight, enhancing the overall dining experience. Despite being busy, Deborah exhibited commendable dedication, ensuring guests received attentive service and a satisfying experience.
The Large Shrimp Cocktail stands out as a delightful snack, loaded with generous portions of shrimp and avocado, representing freshness and flavor in every bite. Despite the small indulgence, it left a lasting impression, prompting a return visit for a complete meal.
The Fajitas Don Juanito left a memorable mark, elevating the traditional dish with moist, tender steak complemented by a delightful creamy sauce, despite the lackluster beans—a minor blemish in an otherwise exceptional dining affair.
For aficionados of Mexican cuisine, Los Comales stands as a top contender in Rockport, lauded for its margaritas and a diverse menu offering enticing choices like enchiladas and chicken burritos. The Beef Fajita Nachos and shrimp cocktail continue to impress, reiterating the restaurant’s commitment to consistently flavorsome fare.
The restaurant’s efficiency shines through even during bustling times, as witnessed during a visit before a shopping spree. The fast service combined with delectable small queso and beef fajita nachos affirm the restaurant’s reliability in delivering flavorful and satisfying meals promptly.
Although the pace of service experienced minor delays, it did not overshadow the overall positive dining experience. Margaritas priced attractively at $5 and the steak and enchilada combo provided ample satisfaction, confirming the restaurant’s reputation for flavorful dishes despite occasional service lags.
In summary, Los Comales thrives as a haven for authentic Mexican cuisine enthusiasts, offering a plethora of delightful options, commendable service, and a consistently enjoyable dining experience that keeps patrons returning for more.
Address: 431 TX-35 BUS, Rockport, TX 78382, United States
Phone: +1 361-729-3952

6. JJ’s Cafe 

JJ’s Cafe in Rockport, Texas, stands as a cherished gem among locals and visitors alike, celebrated for its outstanding breakfast offerings, charming ambiance, and attentive service. This cozy cafe has garnered a reputation for being a breakfast paradise, drawing patrons in with its delectable menu and warm hospitality.
From the moment one steps foot into JJ’s, it’s evident that it’s more than just a cafe – it’s an experience. The pancakes and eggs benedict are hailed as standout items, consistently described as outstanding and truly satisfying. Plates are delivered with perfection, showcasing flawlessly cooked eggs, home fries, sausages, and biscuits that leave patrons thoroughly impressed.
JJ's Cafe - best seafood in Rockport TX
JJ’s Cafe – best seafood in Rockport TX
The efficient and friendly waitstaff, epitomized by Lacey’s warmth and attentiveness, contribute significantly to the delightful dining experience. Lacey’s knowledge of the menu and her considerate gestures, like offering to buy a birthday breakfast, exemplify the exceptional service at JJ’s.
The cafe’s ambiance radiates charm, adorned with mural paintings that add character to the dining room. Honoring veterans adds a touch of pride and respect that resonates with patrons. The cafe’s popularity is evident, especially during busy Sunday mornings, yet the efficient flow of patrons in and out minimizes wait times, ensuring a pleasant experience for all.
Dishes like shrimp and grits, JJ’s take on eggs benedict, and the Midas (accompanied by fresh salsa) continue to earn rave reviews for their rich flavors and freshness, reflecting the cafe’s dedication to quality.
JJ’s Cafe doesn’t just serve food; it crafts experiences that linger in the hearts of its patrons. The delightful menu, charming ambiance, and exceptional service, embodied by individuals like Lacey, create a lasting impression, making it a must-visit breakfast spot in Rockport. Whether a local or a traveler, JJ’s Cafe promises a memorable dining escapade that leaves patrons eagerly planning their return visit.
Address: 1820 Colorado St, Rockport, TX 78382, United States
Phone: +1 361-450-1680

7. The Groove Steak & Lobster House 

The Groove Steak & Lobster House in Rockport, Texas, is a charming culinary haven that tantalizes the senses with exquisite dishes, live entertainment, and an intimate, inviting ambiance. Nestled as a hidden gem, this family-owned establishment evokes a sense of warmth and culinary delight that lingers long after the dining experience.
Celebrating a wedding anniversary here proved to be an inspired choice, as the restaurant left an indelible mark on patrons. The attentive service, personified by Toni, the waitress, elevated the dining experience, while the flavorful offerings, such as the Wood Baked Camembert with raspberry preserves, Steak and Lobster with risotto and asparagus, and the delightful crème brûlée, showcased the culinary prowess of the kitchen.
The Groove Steak & Lobster House in Rockport TX
The Groove Steak & Lobster House in Rockport TX
The Groove exudes coziness and charm, complete with live music that adds a soulful touch to the dining experience. The wood-fired oven lends a unique flavor profile, notably seen in the wood-fired Brie, complemented by refreshing cocktails, an exceptional dinner menu, and a decent selection of wines.
Despite not boasting a coastal view, the restaurant compensates with its inviting ambiance and consistently high-quality fare. The aftermath of a damaging hurricane didn’t deter the Groove from maintaining its culinary excellence. Dishes like steaks and seafood continue to impress with their preparation and taste, despite the higher-end pricing.
The restaurant’s commitment to fresh, healthy, and well-prepared food shines through, appealing to those seeking a break from fried or unhealthy options. The quaint atmosphere, paired with attentive service, live music, and a limited but exceptional menu, solidifies the Groove as a top-tier dining destination in Rockport.
In summary, The Groove Steak & Lobster House stands as a testament to culinary excellence and unwavering quality, offering a delightful blend of flavors, live entertainment, and an inviting ambiance that beckons patrons to indulge in a memorable dining experience, making it a must-visit spot in Rockport, Texas.
Address: 2001 Business, Hwy 35 N Bypass, Rockport, TX 78382, United States
Phone: +1 361-729-3663

8. Pier 77 of Fulton 

Pier 77 of Fulton in Rockport, Texas, beckons diners with its reputation for generous portions, flavorful dishes, and a welcoming atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of Rockport, this establishment boasts a menu that impresses with its variety and sizeable servings, a true embodiment of the Texan motto of everything being bigger.
Visitors are greeted with ample servings that exceed expectations, echoing the sentiment that “everything is bigger in Texas.” The diverse menu offerings, from pork chops to chicken and sausage gumbo, showcase flavors that tantalize the taste buds and leave patrons thoroughly satisfied. However, occasional lapses in attentive service, marked by delays in drink refills, slightly detract from an otherwise delightful experience.
Pier 77 of Fulton in Rockport TX
Pier 77 of Fulton in Rockport TX
For those willing to overlook the cash-only policy, the culinary journey at Pier 77 unfolds into a memorable affair. The pork chops and the chicken sandwich receive glowing reviews, highlighting the perfection of flavors and impressive portions that make sharing a viable option.
This dining spot, known for its attentive staff and mouthwatering dishes, consistently attracts patrons seeking exceptional fare. The fried shrimp, calamari, fish sandwiches, and hamburgers all earn rave reviews for their fantastic taste and substantial size, leaving guests spoiled for choice. Moreover, Pier 77 graciously offers to prepare freshly caught fish, further accentuating its commitment to serving quality meals.
The variety and quality continue to astound patrons, with each dish offering a unique and satisfying experience. Fried shrimp that are not only huge but also exceptionally delectable, hamburgers that reign as the best and biggest, and salads featuring grilled shrimp—each item finds its place among the favorites, setting the establishment apart as a top choice for lunch or dinner.
In summary, Pier 77 of Fulton stands tall as a haven for sumptuous portions and delectable dishes in Rockport. Despite occasional service hiccups, the flavorful and generous servings, combined with a hospitable atmosphere, make it a must-visit for those seeking a hearty and satisfying dining experience in the area.
Address: 3307 TX-35, Rockport, TX 78382, United States
Phone: +1 361-450-1372

9. The “Shack” Smokehouse Seafood 

The Shack Smokehouse Seafood in Rockport, Texas, may be unassuming in size but leaves an indelible mark with its delectable offerings, earning its place as a local favorite. Nestled off the beaten path, this cozy shack surprises diners with its flavorsome dishes and warm hospitality, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.
The Shack Smokehouse Seafood in Rockport TX
The Shack Smokehouse Seafood in Rockport TX
From the moment one steps foot into The Shack, the aroma of smoked meats and the promise of exceptional barbecue waft through the air. The Sausage & Brisket Poboy sandwiches earn high praise for their freshness and perfect meat, complemented by hot steak fries that add an extra layer of satisfaction. The house-made BBQ sauce garners extra points, accentuating the flavors and making each bite a delight.
Despite its unassuming appearance, The Shack stands as a testament to remarkable flavors and satisfying portions. Patrons are pleasantly surprised by the one-meat platters and Philly Cheesesteak, where perfect brisket and smokey pinto beans steal the show. The loaded fries, a mountain of flavorful brisket atop crispy fries, offer a tantalizing starter, setting the tone for a memorable meal.
The menu diversity, from sliced brisket to ribs and pork tenderloin, impresses with its quality and generous servings. The shrimp po boy and the Big Bubba burger—both colossal in size—leave patrons craving more with their well-dressed toppings, fresh sourdough buns, and delightful flavors.
The Shack’s ambiance, albeit basic in furnishings, is adorned with warmth and friendliness, echoed by the super sweet waitstaff and cashier. However, limited parking can pose a challenge, necessitating creative parking solutions due to its popularity and packed premises.
For those seeking a blend of seafood and smoked meats, this unpretentious spot proves to be a hidden gem in Rockport. With its affordable prices, generous servings, and friendly service, The Shack Smokehouse Seafood invites diners to savor the taste of well-prepared, hearty dishes and promises a return visit for further exploration of its diverse menu.
Address: 701 Palmetto Ave, Fulton, TX 78358, United States
Phone: +1 361-729-4747

10. Old Fulton Seafood Cafe & Steakhouse 

Old Fulton Seafood Cafe & Steakhouse in Rockport, Texas, is a charming dining spot that merges excellent cuisine with a pleasant atmosphere, earning admiration for its delightful fare and welcoming service. Nestled in a cozy ambience, this restaurant presents an appealing dining experience that leaves patrons contented.
Old Fulton Seafood Cafe & Steakhouse - best seafood in Rockport TX
Old Fulton Seafood Cafe & Steakhouse – best seafood in Rockport TX
On multiple visits, guests found themselves delighted by the ambience and service, highlighting the early bird specials and happy hour, which provided both satisfaction and value. The pleasant setting coupled with reasonable prices sets the stage for a wonderful dining adventure.
The restaurant’s culinary offerings shine, with dishes like flounder specials, 20oz T-bone steaks, blackened redfish, and lemon butter snapper earning high praises for their freshness and exquisite flavors. The standout element was the attentive service, with staff members like Starla and Gari earning acclaim for enhancing the dining experience with their exceptional service and warm demeanor.
However, a notable drawback for some patrons was the choice of background music, which clashed with the overall ambiance. Suggestions were made for a more complementary genre like jazz or classical music to elevate the dining atmosphere further.
Despite this slight setback, the attention to detail in presentation, from drinks to salads to beautifully prepared fish dishes, speaks volumes about the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence. The tasteful nautical decor and lower lighting added to the overall ambiance, fostering a low-key yet enjoyable dining environment.
One peculiar detail that stood out to patrons was the old cash register, adding a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to the establishment.
In summary, Old Fulton Seafood Cafe & Steakhouse is applauded for its delectable dishes, attentive service, and pleasant atmosphere. While minor improvements in music selection were suggested, the overall dining experience, accentuated by exquisite food and amiable service, leaves guests eagerly looking forward to their return to this welcoming eatery in Rockport.
Located in: Harbor Oaks Shopping center
Address: 2828 Hwy 35 N, Rockport, TX 78382, United States
Phone: +1 361-729-2233
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