Reviews of the 10 best seafood Restaurants in Malibu

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Embark on a delectable coastal voyage through the shimmering shores of Malibu as we unveil the ultimate guide featuring reviews of the 10 best seafood restaurants in Malibu. Renowned for its stunning ocean vistas and a culinary scene synonymous with freshness, innovation, and flavor, Malibu offers a tapestry of dining experiences that celebrate the ocean’s bounty. From chic seaside bistros to hidden gems nestled along the Pacific Coast Highway, these handpicked destinations encapsulate the essence of exceptional seafood dining, promising a gastronomic journey unlike any other. Join us as we delve into the diverse and tantalizing offerings of Malibu’s finest seafood establishments, each a testament to the region’s rich maritime heritage and culinary prowess.

Reviews of the 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Malibu

1. Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market & Patio Cafe

Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market & Patio Cafe stands as a quintessential oceanside gem, offering a sublime blend of delectable seafood, stunning vistas, and an inviting casual atmosphere. Nestled by the Pacific Coast Highway, this dining spot is celebrated for its fresh-off-the-boat seafood, combining a market and cafe experience that elevates your coastal dining adventure.
Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market & Patio Cafe in Malibu
Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market & Patio Cafe in Malibu
The ordering process, although brisk, sets the tone for a memorable experience. Patrons line up inside the market to place their orders before securing a spot at the outdoor picnic area. Despite the bustling lunchtime crowd, the service remains swift and efficient, ensuring a prompt delivery of your tantalizing seafood fare once your buzzer beckons.
What sets Malibu Seafood apart, beyond its swift service, is the panoramic ocean view that accompanies every meal. Whether you opt for covered or open seating, the crashing waves provide an idyllic soundtrack to your culinary journey. The ambiance perfectly complements the array of dishes offered, from classic fish and chips to sumptuous shrimp platters and flavorful New England Clam Chowder served in a delightful bread bowl.
Customers praise the generous portions and the quality of the seafood, emphasizing the freshness and variety available. The clam chowder receives special acclaim, adorned with sizable clams and boasting a savory yet not overly heavy broth that lingers delightfully on the palate. Visitors express regret at not being able to partake in the fresh raw seafood market, showcasing the diverse offerings available beyond the prepared meals.
The casual, relaxed atmosphere adds to the charm. Service is friendly, with staff members creating a welcoming environment for guests to savor their meals. Despite occasional weekend rushes, weekdays present a more manageable dining experience, offering ample parking and shorter queues.
In summary, Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market & Patio Cafe presents itself as a must-visit destination for seafood enthusiasts and beachgoers alike. The combination of top-notch seafood, efficient service, breathtaking views, and a laid-back ambiance solidifies its position as a cherished coastal dining spot in Malibu, beckoning visitors to indulge in the bounty of the ocean in a truly memorable setting.
Address: 25653 CA-1, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-456-3430

2. Duke’s Malibu 

Duke’s Malibu captures the essence of coastal dining excellence, offering a quintessential Malibu experience that tantalizes the senses with exquisite cuisine, breathtaking vistas, and an ambiance that transports patrons to the serene shores of Hawaii.
Visitors find themselves drawn into the welcoming embrace of Duke’s, where reservations are honored graciously and late arrivals are accommodated with ease. Despite brief waiting times for seating, the scenic window views overlooking the beach effortlessly compensate for any delay, providing a picturesque backdrop to savor a delightful meal.
Duke's Malibu - best seafood in Malibu
Duke’s Malibu – best seafood in Malibu
The menu boasts a symphony of flavors, highlighted by standout dishes such as the calamari, coconut shrimp, and the Roasted Duke’s halibut fish, leaving diners thoroughly satisfied. Not to be missed is the decadent Hula Pie, a delightful finale that leaves taste buds dancing with joy.
The service is consistently praised for its warmth and attentiveness. Waitstaff members like Kobe and Jon shine, delivering exceptional service that adds to the overall dining experience. Patrons commend their knowledge of the menu and their ability to recommend standout dishes and drinks, enhancing the overall enjoyment.
The ambiance at Duke’s embodies the essence of Hawaii, creating a serene atmosphere that complements the coastal setting. Guests revel in the feeling of being transported to an island paradise, amplified by the panoramic ocean views that stretch out before them.
Furthermore, the affordable yet delectable offerings add to the allure, making this oceanside gem an irresistible choice for locals and visitors alike. The crab macadamia nut wontons garner high praise for their exceptional flavor, while the fish tacos, accompanied by delightful cocktails like the Mai Tai and Lava Flow, never fail to impress.
Even repeat visitors find Duke’s Malibu consistently enchanting, as it consistently delivers on its promise of excellent food, splendid drinks, impeccable service, and mesmerizing ocean views. The establishment’s dedication to quality and consistency over the years remains evident, ensuring a memorable dining experience each visit.
In summary, Duke’s Malibu stands as a haven for those seeking a perfect blend of sumptuous cuisine, friendly service, captivating views, and a touch of Hawaiian hospitality. With its inviting atmosphere and an array of delightful dishes, it’s no wonder patrons eagerly anticipate their return to this iconic Malibu destination.
Address: 21150 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-317-0777

3. Reel Inn Malibu

Reel Inn Malibu embodies the essence of a laid-back, casual seafood haven along the Pacific Coast Highway, inviting patrons to savor a delightful, unpretentious dining experience that focuses on exceptional flavors rather than coastal views. Nestled away from the ocean side, this spot offers a charm that’s more about the quality of the meal and the relaxed atmosphere rather than sunset panoramas.
The casual ambiance at Reel Inn is a key highlight, perfect for those seeking a low-key seafood dinner after a day spent at the beach. Despite potential weekend crowds, the ordering process remains swift and engaging. Guests line up at the window, placing their orders, and can expect their meals prepared promptly, ensuring the wait is worth the tantalizing dishes served.
Reel Inn Malibu - best seafood in Malibu
Reel Inn Malibu – best seafood in Malibu
The food here receives consistent praise for its freshness and flavor. The freshly grilled fish, particularly the highly recommended halibut, stands out as a top choice. Diners appreciate the generous portions and the old-school, cozy atmosphere embellished with nautical-themed decor that adds to the charm.
While the exterior might not immediately catch the eye, patrons are pleasantly surprised upon entering. The rustic charm, reminiscent of a quaint seaside eatery, invokes a relaxed vibe complemented by lacquered picnic tables and quirky maritime decor.
Customers appreciate the friendly and accommodating service, with staff members demonstrating knowledge and attentiveness, especially towards dietary preferences or allergies. Additionally, outdoor seating options with heaters make it a comfortable choice even during cooler weather.
The menu items, from fried zucchini to Cajun shrimp, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw, receive high marks for taste and quality. While some wish for more diverse dipping sauces, the overall dining experience remains a standout.
In summary, Reel Inn Malibu might not offer ocean views, but it delivers where it truly matters—with delicious, freshly prepared seafood in a relaxed, unassuming setting. The spot’s charm lies in its dedication to providing a genuine and enjoyable dining experience, making it a recommended stop for those seeking a casual yet flavorsome seafood meal in Malibu.
Address: 18661 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-456-8221

4. Moonshadows Malibu 

Moonshadows Malibu, nestled along the Pacific Coast Highway, emerges as a sought-after dining destination for locals and visitors alike, offering a tantalizing blend of breathtaking ocean views, delectable cuisine, and impeccable service that encapsulates the essence of a quintessential Malibu experience.
The restaurant’s prime oceanfront location sets the stage for a memorable dining experience. Guests are greeted warmly and seated on the deck, allowing them to revel in the stunning vistas of the crashing waves just a stone’s throw away. The allure of the picturesque setting, combined with the soothing sounds of the ocean, creates an ambiance that heightens the dining pleasure.
Moonshadows Malibu - best seafood in Malibu
Moonshadows Malibu – best seafood in Malibu
The menu, catering to both brunch and lunch preferences, impresses with its variety and presentation. Dishes like the Roasted Organic Red & Yellow Beet Salad with shrimp and the Miso Glazed Black Cod stand out, earning accolades for their delightful flavors and aesthetic appeal.
Customers commend the staff for their exceptional service, noting their attentiveness and genuine hospitality. The restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere extends to all guests, ensuring a comfortable and leisurely dining experience. The prompt refills and courteous interactions contribute to the overall satisfaction of patrons.
Moonshadows Malibu earns praise not only for its food and service but also for its reasonable pricing in the context of California’s dining scene. Reviewers highlight the value for money, acknowledging that the quality and experience offered justify the cost, making it an attractive option for a special occasion or a romantic evening.
Parking, while slightly challenging at times, doesn’t detract from the overall experience. Valet services are available for a fee, while alternative parking across the street might pose a minor inconvenience but doesn’t overshadow the restaurant’s allure.
In summary, Moonshadows Malibu charms patrons with its exceptional views, delectable cuisine, and attentive service. Whether it’s a special anniversary dinner or a spontaneous visit, the restaurant’s ambiance, quality dishes, and welcoming staff create an unforgettable dining escapade that beckons guests to return for more of Malibu’s coastal charm and culinary delights.
Address: 20356 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-456-3010

5. Ollo 

Ollo in Malibu emerges as a multifaceted dining gem, celebrated for its harmonious blend of inviting atmosphere, impeccable service, and delectable cuisine that spans a spectrum from mouthwatering brunch options to elevated yet approachable fine dining fare.
From the moment you step foot into Ollo, the charming ambiance captivates you. Reviewers rave about the overall experience, praising the attentive service and the delightful atmosphere that strikes a balance between casual and refined dining. While not necessarily designated as kid-friendly, the establishment caters to a more sophisticated palate without the intimidating formality typically associated with fine dining.
Ollo - best seafood in Malibu
Ollo – best seafood in Malibu
The standout dish that steals the show for many patrons is the short rib risotto, hailed as an absolute must-try. Its rich flavors and tantalizing taste leave a lasting impression, drawing praise from guests who express a desire to frequent Ollo just for that dish alone.
Service efficiency also garners accolades, particularly during busy periods. Guests appreciate the swift service during brunch hours, ensuring a pleasant dining experience without unnecessary delays. The attentiveness of the staff, notably exemplified by Darla, the manager, is highlighted as a significant factor in enhancing the overall visit, making patrons feel well taken care of and attended to.
The diverse menu offerings receive widespread acclaim, especially the Mexican breakfast items like huevos rancheros and breakfast burritos, coupled with delicious coffee. The pricing, while considered reasonable given the quality and location, reflects an all-day restaurant experience suitable for various occasions without breaking the bank.
Furthermore, Ollo’s evolution from the old Coogie’s space showcases a successful reimagination of both menu and ambiance. The establishment manages to retain the essence of its predecessor’s charm while updating and refreshing its offerings to cater to the evolving tastes of Malibu’s diners.
In summary, Ollo in Malibu stands out as a versatile dining destination, offering a delightful amalgamation of inviting ambiance, exceptional service, and a diverse menu that ranges from satisfying brunch choices to sophisticated yet accessible cuisine. The restaurant’s ability to strike a balance between quality dining and a relaxed atmosphere makes it a highly recommended stop for anyone seeking a memorable culinary experience in Malibu.
Address: 23750 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-317-1444

6. Nobu Malibu 

Nobu Malibu, perched along the stunning coastline, beckons patrons with its alluring Japanese and sushi offerings, boasting a beautiful setting that harmonizes with exceptional cuisine, although occasional inconsistencies in the service might dim the overall experience for some.
The culinary experience at Nobu is praised for its innovative take on Japanese dishes and sushi creations. Diners extol the flavors, especially when opting for the tasting menu, which delivers an extraordinary culinary journey that exceeds expectations. While the bill can soar for larger groups, the quality and uniqueness of the dishes are consistently commended, prompting recommendations despite the higher pricing.
Nobu Malibu - best seafood in Malibu
Nobu Malibu – best seafood in Malibu
Guests relish the restaurant’s ambiance, particularly those seated outside overlooking the ocean, which enhances celebratory occasions. The setting complements the exceptional gastronomic adventure, creating a picturesque backdrop for memorable dining experiences.
Service receives mixed reviews. While some laud the swift and attentive service, others note occasional inconsistencies. However, standout servers like KARDELL are praised for their warmth, attentiveness, and in-depth menu knowledge, elevating the overall dining experience despite any initial setbacks.
The ambiance and cuisine contribute significantly to Nobu’s appeal, especially during busy periods, which can result in challenging reservations or limited seating options for walk-ins. Still, patrons urge securing a reservation to relish the culinary delights and the atmospheric setting this iconic establishment offers.
However, a few guests expressed disappointment with aspects of their reception, citing issues with hostess interactions. Despite initial concerns, the exceptional service provided by the serving staff, notably KARDELL, managed to salvage their dining experience, showcasing a discrepancy between the front-of-house personnel’s approaches.
In summary, Nobu Malibu entices patrons with its unparalleled Japanese cuisine, exquisite presentation, and stunning ambiance overlooking the ocean. While occasional service discrepancies may occur, the exceptional culinary journey and the restaurant’s scenic setting continue to captivate diners, making it a recommended stop for those seeking a refined and innovative dining experience in Malibu.
Address: 22706 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-317-9140

7. Mastro’s Ocean Club 

Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu stands as a pinnacle of coastal dining, drawing diners in with its breathtaking ocean views, exceptional cuisine, and top-notch service that create an unforgettable dining experience, albeit with a few minor considerations.
The setting at Mastro’s Ocean Club is unparalleled, boasting stunning vistas of the ocean that complement the luxurious dining atmosphere. Guests appreciate the piano entertainment and the soothing backdrop of crashing waves, enhancing the overall dining ambiance.
Mastro's Ocean Club in Malibu
Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu
Service consistently earns high praise, with servers like Anna standing out for their knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism. Patrons highlight the staff’s attentiveness, expert recommendations, and the seamless experience they provide, contributing significantly to a memorable visit.
The menu offerings showcase delectable choices, with favorites such as calamari, mac and cheese, and tuna appetizers earning rave reviews for their taste and presentation. Main courses like the grilled sea bass and an array of sides, including garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and sautéed asparagus, receive accolades for their flavorful profiles.
The dessert, particularly the signature warm butter cake, earns a special mention for its irresistible taste, leaving diners wanting more. However, the additional charge for a bread basket receives some critique, especially given the prices for entrees, though this is a minor point in an otherwise exceptional dining experience.
Valet parking is available for a fee, and reservations are highly recommended due to the restaurant’s popularity, especially during peak times. While the price point may lean towards the higher end, diners find the overall experience and the quality of food well worth the cost, making it a preferred choice for special occasions or an indulgent dining experience.
In summary, Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu captivates patrons with its unparalleled views, sumptuous cuisine, and attentive service, making it a go-to destination for those seeking an elevated dining experience along the Pacific Coast Highway. Despite minor considerations regarding pricing and the bread basket charge, the restaurant’s charm and culinary excellence continue to draw patrons back for an unforgettable dining rendezvous.
Address: 18412 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-454-4357

8. Malibu Farm Pier Cafe 

Malibu Farm Pier Cafe emerges as a quintessential coastal gem nestled atop the Malibu pier, captivating patrons with its stunning ocean vistas, delightful atmosphere, and a menu that tantalizes taste buds, making it a must-visit for a unique dining experience in Malibu.
Situated on the pier, the cafe offers unrivaled ocean views paired with a refreshing breeze, creating a serene backdrop for a memorable meal. Diners praise the picturesque setting, relishing the outdoor dining experience amid the soothing sounds of the water and the relaxed ambiance.
Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market & Patio Cafe in Malibu
Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market & Patio Cafe in Malibu
The menu boasts an array of delightful offerings that have left an indelible mark on guests. Standout dishes like the Greek salad, creatively presented on a block of feta atop a small salad wrapped with cucumber and watermelon, receive high praise for their unique and delectable flavors. Other menu items, such as breakfast sandwiches, burritos, and the Green Avocado Quesadilla, earn rave reviews for their taste and freshness, delighting diners with every bite.
Service at Malibu Farm Pier Cafe is commended for its friendliness and attentiveness, enhancing the overall dining experience. Guests appreciate the spacious layout of the outdoor seating, offering a relaxed atmosphere without crowded tables, further enhancing the dining pleasure.
While parking comes at a premium cost, patrons find the splurge worthwhile, given the exceptional meals and the serene ambiance provided by the ocean-side dining experience. Despite potential traffic hassles along the Pacific Coast Highway, diners find the experience at the cafe to be a delightful respite, making it a cherished spot during road trips or visits to Malibu.
In summary, Malibu Farm Pier Cafe stands out as a cherished dining destination, offering not just delicious cuisine but also an unparalleled setting atop the pier, complemented by an inviting atmosphere and friendly service. The cafe’s unique menu items and serene ambiance make it a favored spot for locals and visitors alike, setting a high standard for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience in Malibu.
Address: 23000 Pacific Coast Hwy Building C, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-456-2852

9. Taverna Tony 

Taverna Tony in Malibu earns high acclaim for its exceptional Greek cuisine, inviting atmosphere, and attentive service, positioning itself as a must-visit for a flavorful Mediterranean experience within the vibrant Malibu Country Mart.
The restaurant’s location, nestled within the Malibu Country Mart, offers ample parking and a charming ambiance. Diners rave about the warm welcome, with prompt service that includes a delightful starter of warm bread and whipped feta, setting a positive tone for the meal ahead.
The menu bursts with authentic Greek flavors, as patrons indulge in a diverse array of dishes. The mezes, including calamari, Spanakopita, Saganaki Flaming Cheese, Taverna Fries, and Dolmathes, receive high praise for their authenticity and taste. While portions are generous, guests note their surprise at the large sizes, highlighting the need for awareness about portion sizes when ordering.
Taverna Tony - best seafood in Malibu
Taverna Tony – best seafood in Malibu
Across various visits, visitors consistently celebrate the quality and taste of the food. From grilled shrimp to a delectable lamb sandwich, the culinary offerings, including a Meze Plate and Saganaki, delight taste buds and showcase the restaurant’s dedication to traditional Mediterranean flavors.
Service stands out with attentive and friendly staff who engage diners, ensuring a pleasant dining experience. Despite busy periods, including packed weekends, servers maintain efficiency and create a convivial atmosphere, enhancing the overall visit.
The restaurant’s ambiance earns praises, particularly the beautiful patio seating, creating a delightful backdrop for dining. However, some reviewers suggest improvements, such as turning off TVs during dinner times to preserve the ambiance.
In summary, Taverna Tony embodies an outstanding dining destination, offering delightful Greek cuisine, attentive service, and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether enjoying brunch or dinner, this establishment proves itself as a noteworthy Greek dining experience in Malibu, beckoning visitors to savor its flavors and embrace the Mediterranean spirit.
Located in: Malibu Country Mart
Address: 23410 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-317-9667

10.Tramonto Bistro Malibu 

Tramonto Bistro Malibu is a remarkable gem nestled along the iconic Pacific Coast Highway, boasting an exquisite Italian dining experience that leaves a lasting impression on patrons, securing its place as a standout restaurant in Malibu’s culinary landscape.
Set against the vibrant backdrop of the bustling highway, Tramonto Bistro invites guests to indulge in an array of delectable Italian offerings that have captured the hearts of visitors. The menu presents an array of tantalizing dishes, each earning its accolades from eager diners. The fresh chopped salad, gnocchi in pesto sauce, lasagna, ravioli, and calamari emerge as consistent favorites, delighting taste buds with their authentic flavors and impeccable preparation.
Tramonto Bistro Malibu in Malibu
Tramonto Bistro Malibu in Malibu
Despite its location by the highway, which contributes to occasional noise, the restaurant compensates with exceptional service and an ambiance befitting a top-tier establishment. The welcoming atmosphere complements the dining experience, ensuring patrons feel embraced by warmth and hospitality throughout their meal.
What truly distinguishes Tramonto Bistro is not just its culinary prowess but its remarkable community spirit. In the aftermath of the Woolsey Fire, the restaurant’s dedication shone brightly as it swiftly reopened, offering solace and sustenance to locals in need, exemplifying a true pillar of support during challenging times. This act of kindness and generosity, coupled with the exceptional food and service, resonates deeply with patrons, drawing admiration and loyalty.
Moreover, the team behind Tramonto Bistro, led by Wilfredo and staff from the cherished Sage Room, maintains a dedication to excellence evident in every aspect of the dining experience. Their commitment to quality, both in cuisine and service, further elevates the restaurant’s standing within the local dining scene.
For anyone seeking an exceptional Italian dining encounter in Malibu or passing through the area, Tramonto Bistro emerges as a must-visit destination. Its exceptional cuisine, welcoming ambiance, and unwavering community spirit make it a standout among the many Italian dining options in the region, deserving of high praise and a visit from anyone craving an extraordinary culinary adventure in Malibu.
Address: 22235 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, United States
Phone: +1 310-317-6769
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