Reviews of the 10 best seafood in Huntington Beach

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Welcome to the ultimate guide featuring comprehensive reviews of the 10 best seafood spots in Huntington Beach! With its stunning coastline and vibrant culinary scene, Huntington Beach boasts a plethora of dining options, especially when it comes to seafood. Whether you’re craving succulent shrimp, perfectly grilled fish, or flavorful shellfish, this curated list will navigate you through the gastronomic delights this coastal paradise has to offer. Get ready to embark on a seafood journey that showcases the finest culinary experiences and reveals the hidden gems that define the title of “best seafood in Huntington Beach.”

Reviews of the 10 best seafood in Huntington Beach

1.Duke’s Huntington Beach – best seafood in Huntington Beach

Duke’s Huntington Beach, nestled at the base of the pier, offers a delightful dining experience with its Hawaiian-themed ambiance and prime location in the heart of Huntington Beach. Adorned with vibrant Hawaiian decor, this spot exudes a lively atmosphere, providing a perfect setting for a coastal culinary adventure.
Duke's Huntington Beach - best seafood in Huntington Beach
Duke’s Huntington Beach – best seafood in Huntington Beach
Visitors rave about the excellent food and service at Duke’s, and it’s evident in the array of positive reviews. Patrons appreciate the reasonably priced, yet exceptional salads that have left a lasting impression. Among the standout dishes, the fish and chips receive high praise, celebrated for its flavorful combination of fish, breading, and tartar sauce, marking it as a favorite among seasoned fish enthusiasts. However, a note of caution: if opting for beef, the default medium Cooking might be unexpected.
One of Duke’s highlights is its vibrant Hawaiian vibe, paying homage to its namesake with a friendly and attentive staff that enhances the dining experience. The restaurant boasts a decent selection of beers, adding to the overall appeal.
While some diners find the food to be good rather than outstanding, citing hits and misses with menu items like the coconut shrimp appetizer and Duke’s burger accompanied by subpar fries, others discover hidden gems like the delectable fish tacos that earn high praise for their excellence.
For dessert, the Hula Pie steals the spotlight—an indulgent treat featuring macadamia nut ice cream, chocolate icing, and whipped cream. Notably, it’s a colossal portion, capable of satisfying the sweet tooth of 2-3 individuals.
In summary, Duke’s Huntington Beach emerges as a highly recommended spot, particularly for its picturesque location, Hawaiian-themed charm, friendly service, and an array of dishes that, while varying in excellence, offer some memorable flavors. Whether it’s for a casual lunch or a hearty dinner, Duke’s promises an enjoyable dining experience amidst the vibrant Huntington Beach atmosphere.
Located in: Pierside Pavilion
Address: 317 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, United States
Phone: +1 714-374-6446

2.Market Broiler Huntington – best seafood in Huntington Beach

Market Broiler Huntington in Huntington Beach stands out as a vibrant seafood destination, offering a diverse menu that caters to various tastes while delivering delightful dining experiences. Patrons frequently highlight the culinary excellence and exceptional service, making it a recommended spot for seafood enthusiasts.
Market Broiler Huntington - best seafood in Huntington Beach
Market Broiler Huntington – best seafood in Huntington Beach
The Fisherman Stew emerges as a crowd-pleaser, celebrated for its delectable flavors that leave taste buds yearning for more. Meanwhile, the Skinny Surf and Turf garners applause for its perfect blend, satisfying even the most discerning palates. Diners seeking a quieter ambiance find solace toward the back of the restaurant, enhancing the overall dining experience.
Numerous patrons commend the outstanding service provided by the attentive staff, notably mentioning servers like Brady and Jordan. These servers receive high praise for their expertise, offering valuable insights and recommendations that amplify the enjoyment of each dish. The fresh Alaskan pan-seared halibut receives glowing reviews for its sweetness, flavor, and tenderness, while the Mahi tacos impress with their generous portions and freshness. Additionally, dishes like the Alfredo with shrimp leave diners licking their plates clean, showcasing the restaurant’s culinary prowess.
While some guests find the atmosphere a bit more casual and noisy than expected for special occasions like anniversaries, the quality of the food compensates for this minor setback. The customizable combos, allowing patrons to select proteins and sides, prove popular, with options ranging from mahi mahi to rainbow trout and salmon, all expertly prepared and served with flavorful sides.
Market Broiler’s extensive menu impresses with its wide array of options, boasting 30 appetizers, 11 soups and salads, and diverse main courses, including pizzas and non-seafood items like steak, baby back ribs, and chicken. The varied price range caters to different budgets, providing an opportunity to indulge without breaking the bank. Despite a seemingly busy parking lot, prompt seating within 10 minutes is a consistent feat, allowing diners to savor complimentary bread while awaiting their meals, which arrive promptly and are consistently well-prepared.
In essence, Market Broiler Huntington offers an extensive menu, attentive service, and a diverse range of delicious dishes, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a satisfying seafood-centric dining experience in the vibrant atmosphere of Huntington Beach.
Address: 20111 Brookhurst St, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, United States
Phone: +1 714-963-7796

3.Bear Flag Fish Co. – best seafood in Huntington Beach

Bear Flag Fish Co. in Huntington Beach emerges as a culinary gem, nestled within the vibrant setting of a food hub that offers an array of gastronomic delights. Described by some as a “posh food mall,” this seafood haven impresses with its fresh, customizable dishes served in a laid-back atmosphere.
Bear Flag Fish Co. - best seafood in Huntington Beach
Bear Flag Fish Co. – best seafood in Huntington Beach
Diners applaud the extensive options of impeccably fresh fish, allowing patrons to tailor their meals according to personal preferences. From the Poke bowl to selections like mahi, wahoo, seabass, and tuna, the offerings cater to diverse tastes, ensuring a delightful dining experience. What’s more, the restaurant’s terrace provides a stunning view of the beach, adding an extra dimension of enjoyment to the meal.
The cocktails here receive resounding praise, with patrons hailing them as the best encountered during their travels through San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Crafted with premium spirits, top-quality mixers, and homemade purees, these libations are presented with care and skill, enhancing the overall dining experience.
For those dining in, the experience is equally memorable. The freshness and quality of the guacamole and chips stand out, setting the tone for an excellent meal. Dishes like the Lollipop sushi roll, featuring a chef’s selection of fish wrapped in cucumber, and the flavorful clam chowder, receive glowing reviews for their exceptional taste and freshness. The bar seating offers a cozy spot to enjoy both drinks and a delightful dinner, enticing patrons to return for another enjoyable evening.
Despite the potential challenges of phone ordering and waiting in line due to the absence of dine-in options, guests find the experience worthwhile, thanks to the restaurant’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled fresh fish experience. Taking the food to-go and relishing it against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean amplifies the dining experience, turning it into a memorable seaside feast.
The ambiance, reminiscent of Waikiki Beach, coupled with prompt service and delectable offerings like fish tacos, rice, and beans, adds to the allure of Bear Flag Fish Co. This well-kept secret becomes a cherished spot for locals and visitors alike, beckoning diners to savor fresh flavors against the stunning backdrop of the ocean—an experience to relish time and again.
Located in: Pacific City
Address: 21058 CA-1 #124, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, United States
Phone: +1 714-374-0558

4.King’s Fish House – best seafood in Huntington Beach

King’s Fish House in Huntington Beach stands out as a seafood haven, consistently delivering exceptional dining experiences that exceed expectations. This establishment is praised for its delectable dishes, inviting ambiance, and attentive service, making it a sought-after destination for seafood aficionados.
King's Fish House - best seafood in Huntington Beach
King’s Fish House – best seafood in Huntington Beach
The spotlight falls on the savory Blackened Swordfish, drawing patrons in with its rave-worthy taste. This dish receives glowing reviews from multiple diners, showcasing its excellence and enticing flavors. The Seafood Chowder is also highlighted for its remarkable taste, prompting a return visit just days later—a testament to its irresistible appeal.
Consistency across multiple locations earns King’s Fish House high praise, with patrons commending the fresh and flavorsome seafood offerings. The restaurant consistently delivers on its promise of quality dishes and excellent service, fostering a loyal following among seafood enthusiasts.
The inviting atmosphere, coupled with exceptional service, further elevates the dining experience. Patrons appreciate the comfortable seating, prompt service, and the delightful menu options, such as the passion fruit iced tea and the irresistible fried shrimp. For special occasions, the side room offers an ideal setting, fostering memorable celebrations with attentive treatment from the restaurant staff.
Diners seated in the bar area express appreciation for the attentive service provided by servers like Natalie, whose friendly demeanor and attentiveness enhance the overall experience. Dishes like the walnut and blue cheese salad receive accolades for their generous portions and refreshing flavors, perfect for sharing. Additionally, menu items such as the Jumbo shrimp with tomatoes and sauce and the fantastic fish and chips leave a lasting impression, ensuring a return visit.
In summary, King’s Fish House in Huntington Beach is a consistent crowd-pleaser, impressing patrons with its tantalizing seafood options, welcoming ambiance, and exceptional service. Whether it’s the flavorful Swordfish, Seafood Chowder, or a variety of other menu delights, each dish is crafted to delight the taste buds and keep diners coming back for more. This establishment maintains its reputation as a go-to destination for enjoyable seafood dining experiences, providing a delightful escape for both regulars and newcomers alike.
Located in: Bella Terra Mall
Address: BELLA TERRA, 7691 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States
Phone: +1 714-793-1177

5.BLK Earth Sea Spirits – best seafood in Huntington Beach

BLK Earth Sea Spirits in Huntington Beach offers a picturesque setting with panoramic views overlooking the iconic HB pier, making it an ideal spot to relish both delectable dishes and stunning sunsets. With a seamless ability to accommodate large groups and a commitment to exceptional service, this restaurant has gained acclaim among patrons seeking a memorable dining experience.
BLK Earth Sea Spirits - best seafood in Huntington Beach
BLK Earth Sea Spirits – best seafood in Huntington Beach
A standout feature is BLK’s ability to effortlessly handle a diverse family gathering of 14, just days after Christmas, with commendable ease. The accommodating nature coupled with delectable food ensures that everyone leaves satisfied. The eclectic menu boasts dishes like the macadamia-encrusted halibut, which receives high praise for its perfection and flavor. The courteous and efficient service, notably from servers like Jeff and Joanne, adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience, creating an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.
The restaurant’s stunning ocean views add to the overall charm, making it a popular choice for visitors and locals alike. Patrons appreciate the availability of outside seating, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful ocean vistas while relishing their meals.
The upstairs bar, BLK Earth, beckons those seeking refreshments without leaving the beach atmosphere. The friendly and knowledgeable bar staff curate an impressive selection of craft beers and cocktails, crafting beverages like the Cucumber Cooler with precision, offering a taste of expert mixology. The ambiance and well-crafted drinks make it a desirable spot for those looking to unwind with a drink in hand while gazing at the breathtaking sunset.
In essence, BLK Earth Sea Spirits offers an enchanting dining experience characterized by breathtaking views, delectable dishes, and top-notch service. Whether it’s a family gathering, a romantic evening, or simply a desire to relish well-crafted drinks with a view, BLK Earth Sea Spirits remains a highly recommended destination, promising unforgettable moments against the backdrop of Huntington Beach’s natural beauty.
Located in: Pierside Pavilion
Address: Pierside Pavilion, 300 Pacific Coast Hwy Ste 202, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, United States
Phone: +1 714-960-0996

6.Zubie’s Dry Dock – best seafood in Huntington Beach

Zubie’s Dry Dock in Huntington Beach defies initial expectations with its unassuming appearance in a strip mall setting adjacent to a Goodwill store, complete with a collection of parked Harley motorcycles. Yet, this unpretentious exterior belies the delightful culinary experiences and lively atmosphere within.
Zubie's Dry Dock - best seafood in Huntington Beach
Zubie’s Dry Dock – best seafood in Huntington Beach
For those seeking a casual yet inviting environment, Zubie’s Dry Dock proves to be an unexpectedly pleasing stop. A group of friends gathered before a fishing trip found themselves pleasantly surprised, as they settled onto bar stools and caught a Dodgers game, setting a relaxed tone. Despite the initial apprehension, witnessing the cooks expertly prepare food added to the intrigue. The fish tacos and fish & chips ordered did not disappoint; the dishes boasted nicely cooked fish and quality ingredients. Complementing the enjoyable meals was the amiable service provided by the bar waitress, adding warmth to the overall experience.
Regular patrons fondly regard Zubie’s as a family-friendly local establishment, cherished for over two decades. While seafood takes center stage, the menu offers a diverse array of appetizing dishes, ranging from salads to sandwiches and even pizza. The casual atmosphere, with seating at tables, benches, or the bar, appeals to the diverse crowd that frequents the place.
Consistency in delivering satisfying food and drinks, coupled with friendly service, resonates in the patrons’ reviews. Zubie’s earns praise for its hearty portions, reasonably priced dishes, and well-poured drinks—a combination that keeps customers returning for years. The reliability in offering substantial meals at fair prices contributes to its popularity among regulars and newcomers alike.
Moreover, for those visiting from out of state, Zubie’s serves as a nostalgic reminder of Southern California’s flavors and hospitality. The restaurant stands out for its unique menu offerings, distinguishing itself from chain restaurants. The sense of belonging created by the staff and regular patrons adds a welcoming touch, making guests feel at home, no matter the distance.
In summary, Zubie’s Dry Dock in Huntington Beach surprises diners with its unpretentious exterior and warm, inviting interior. Boasting quality, fresh food with unique menu items, coupled with a friendly atmosphere and accommodating staff, it stands as a local treasure, perfect for families, friends, and anyone seeking a down-to-earth dining experience in the heart of Southern California.
Address: 9059 Adams Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92646, United States
Phone: +1 714-963-6362

7.Sandy’s Beach Shack – best seafood in Huntington Beach

Sandy’s Beach Shack in Huntington Beach is a bustling eatery that captivates diners with its delightful menu, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive service. Located amidst the vibrant energy of Huntington Beach, this restaurant leaves a lasting impression on visitors, offering a memorable dining experience by the coast.
Sandy's Beach Shack - best seafood in Huntington Beach
Sandy’s Beach Shack – best seafood in Huntington Beach
Patrons rave about the prompt and friendly service provided by the servers, notably Julie and Jayson, who elevate the dining experience with their attentiveness and warm hospitality. Diners appreciate the quick seating and timely service, setting the stage for a pleasant meal. The crab cakes, Mahi Tacos, Cobb Salad, Flatbread, and sandwiches like the Ahi Tuna and Surfer Sandwich, receive accolades for their delicious flavors and generous portions. The menu’s variety appeals to both adults and children, as evident from the delightful Kids Chicken Tenders option.
Beyond the scrumptious food, Sandy’s Beach Shack charms visitors with its laid-back ambiance. The restaurant exudes a relaxed vibe, offering a pleasant and enjoyable environment to savor tasty meals while taking in the splendid beach views. The welcoming and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere, adding to the overall appeal.
Regulars and newcomers alike appreciate the accessibility of Sandy’s, whether for a leisurely bike ride to the downtown area or a casual visit for drinks and lunch. The reasonable prices, combined with the inviting atmosphere, make it a go-to spot for locals and tourists exploring the Huntington Beach area.
In addition to the delectable cuisine, Sandy’s serves up impressive cocktails, garnering praise for their quality and taste. The popular Bloody Mary stands out as a highlight, satisfying patrons with its flavorful concoction.
In summary, Sandy’s Beach Shack emerges as a favorite among locals and visitors in Huntington Beach, offering delicious food, great service, and a laid-back beach vibe. With its diverse menu, welcoming atmosphere, and stunning beach views, Sandy’s captures the essence of a relaxed coastal dining experience—a place where great food and enjoyable moments converge by the oceanfront.
Located in: Pierside Pavilion
Address: 315 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, United States
Phone: +1 714-374-7273

8.Wahoo’s Fish Taco – best seafood in Huntington Beach

Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Huntington Beach is a beloved dining spot that encapsulates the spirit of Surf City, offering a diverse menu, inviting atmosphere, and delightful flavors that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.
Patrons laud Wahoo’s for its consistent and tasty fish offerings, earning it the endearing title of “poor man’s sushi” owing to the deliciousness of its fish. The nostalgia of classic menu items, combined with the new and innovative fish burritos, provides a delightful array of choices for diners to relish. With multiple locations in the area, it’s a convenient stop for families, vacations, or even a quick working lunch, offering a familiar taste that evokes fond memories.
Wahoo's Fish Taco - best seafood in Huntington Beach
Wahoo’s Fish Taco – best seafood in Huntington Beach
Entering Wahoo’s immerses visitors in Surf City culture, surrounded by surfing memorabilia adorning the walls and ceiling, setting the stage for a laid-back dining experience. The restaurant’s inclusivity shines through its diverse menu, catering to various dietary preferences, including options for vegans and vegetarians. Diners praise the quality and portion size of the salads and burritos, each dish delivering on taste and satisfaction.
The salsa bar adds another layer of enjoyment, providing a variety of salsas and hot sauces that complement the meals, enhancing the overall dining experience. For those with dietary restrictions like gluten-free requirements, the Paleo bowl serves as a highlight, offering a healthy and delicious option comprising tender pork, steak, slaw, cilantro, and a generous serving of avocado.
Affordability stands out at Wahoo’s, making it an appealing choice for both locals and visitors. Patrons appreciate the reasonably priced tacos and beverages, such as the $3.99 per taco and $2.59 bottled IPA, offering great value for quality fare.
Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Wahoo’s Fish Taco stands as a favorite lunch spot, providing a welcoming and fun atmosphere alongside its healthy, delicious, and reasonably priced meals. With its blend of great flavors, affordability, and an inviting ambiance, Wahoo’s remains a go-to destination in Huntington Beach for a satisfying dining experience.
Address: 7891 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States
Phone: +1 714-847-0555

9.The Hangout Restaurant & Beach Bar – best seafood in Huntington Beach

The Hangout Restaurant & Beach Bar in Huntington Beach offers a delightful dining experience with its hearty American cuisine, inviting atmosphere, and reasonable prices that cater to both locals and visitors.
Patrons appreciate the generous portions and affordable pricing, especially in their seafood offerings like the Mahi Mahi and salmon meals, each priced under $20. The ample portions allow for leftovers, ensuring value for money. The presentation of meals garners praise, enhancing the dining experience with its appealing visual display. Recommendations for the hamburgers, fish and chips, along with the well-thought-out menu items, underscore the restaurant’s commitment to satisfying patrons’ appetites.
The Hangout Restaurant & Beach Bar - best seafood in Huntington Beach
The Hangout Restaurant & Beach Bar – best seafood in Huntington Beach
The Hangout establishes itself as a favorite gathering spot for friends and neighbors, boasting a warm and friendly atmosphere that encourages socializing. The lack of a heavy tourist presence contributes to a cozy ambiance primarily driven by the locals. With attentive and amiable staff, the restaurant offers good service, ensuring guests feel welcomed and attended to.
The allure of the outdoor patio, equipped with large screens for sporting events, adds to the appeal. The reasonable pricing for both drinks and food makes it an attractive choice for patrons looking for an enjoyable and affordable experience. The establishment’s variety of food specials, like the Friday prime rib special and happy hour sliders, along with crowd favorites such as the garlic fries, provide an array of options that satisfy diverse tastes.
Moreover, The Hangout earns praise for its ambiance, particularly during sunset dinners, and its approachable staff who cater to patrons’ needs without any bias. The availability of a great craft beer selection in addition to their varied menu offerings further enhances the overall experience, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for all guests.
In essence, The Hangout Restaurant & Beach Bar stands out for its hearty cuisine, welcoming ambiance, and pocket-friendly prices, making it an ideal spot for locals to unwind, catch up with friends, and enjoy a satisfying meal in the vibrant setting of Huntington Beach.
Address: 16490 Bolsa Chica St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, United States
Phone: +1 657-204-9306

10.Longboard Restaurant & Pub at Springdale – best seafood in Huntington Beach

The Longboard Restaurant & Pub at Springdale in Huntington Beach is a vibrant spot that caters to diverse tastes, offering a blend of delectable meals, enticing drinks, and a lively atmosphere that celebrates the spirit of enjoying good food and good times.
Longboard Restaurant & Pub at Springdale - best seafood in Huntington Beach
Longboard Restaurant & Pub at Springdale – best seafood in Huntington Beach
Visitors are drawn to Longboard’s famous Prime Rib Special on Fridays, a standout offering praised for its generous portion size of at least 12 ounces of succulent meat, accompanied by sides like baked potato or other potato options. The addition of a dinner salad and the highly recommended cheese garlic bread elevates the meal to a culinary delight, with the latter being hailed as a dreamy indulgence. The beverage selection, notably the Old Fashioned, receives high acclaim for its presentation and flavor, served impressively with blood orange and cherry over a sizable ice ball, ensuring a refreshing and chilled experience.
While the ambiance tends to be lively and bustling, the establishment wins hearts with its excellent service. The attentive and cheerful servers, such as Gabby, contribute to the welcoming environment, going the extra mile to ensure patrons have a pleasant experience. Special gestures, like providing extra blood oranges on the house, underscore the staff’s dedication to customer satisfaction.
Longboard stands out as a go-to spot along Main Street for individuals of all ages seeking a taste of surf culture and a convivial atmosphere. Guests appreciate the camaraderie fostered by the owner, Bruce, and the bartender, enhancing the overall welcoming vibe.
While it may not boast high glamour, Longboard Restaurant & Pub earns high praise for its food quality, particularly its seafood and steak offerings. Patrons commend the staff’s excellence, the impressive beer selection, and the incredible Lobster Fest Menu, cementing its reputation as a top-notch destination for those seeking fantastic meals in a lively setting.
In essence, Longboard Restaurant & Pub at Springdale is a gem in Huntington Beach, delivering memorable dining experiences with its savory meals, superb drinks, and a lively ambiance that beckons food enthusiasts, sports fans, and those seeking a slice of surf culture.
Address: 14892 Springdale St, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States
Phone: +1 714-896-8700
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