Updated Chipotle Menu with Prices

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Chipotle Mexican Grill, renowned for its fresh ingredients and customizable menu, remains a favorite for many seeking delicious and wholesome meals. Knowing the current menu prices can help you plan your next visit, customize your order, and get the most value. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the Chipotle menu, including prices, nutritional information, and tips for making the most of your dining experience.

Updated Chipotle Menu with Prices
Updated Chipotle Menu with Prices

Chipotle Menu with Prices

Chipotle’s menu offers a variety of options, from hearty burritos to nutritious salads. Each category allows for extensive customization, ensuring you can tailor your meal to your taste and dietary preferences.


Item Price
Chicken Bowl $7.50
Steak Bowl $8.50
Barbacoa Bowl $8.50
Carnitas Bowl $7.95
Sofritas Bowl (Vegetarian) $7.00
Vegetarian Bowl $7.00

Bowls can be customized with rice, beans, vegetables, salsas, and other toppings.


Item Price
Chicken Tacos (3) $7.50
Steak Tacos (3) $8.50
Barbacoa Tacos (3) $8.50
Carnitas Tacos (3) $7.95
Sofritas Tacos (3) (Vegetarian) $7.00
Vegetarian Tacos (3) $7.00

Tacos come with your choice of toppings, including salsas, lettuce, cheese, and more.


Item Price
Chicken Salad $7.50
Steak Salad $8.50
Barbacoa Salad $8.50
Carnitas Salad $7.95
Sofritas Salad (Vegetarian) $7.00
Vegetarian Salad $7.00

Salads include romaine lettuce, beans, salsa, and your choice of dressing.

Chipotle Special Menu Items

Item Price
Queso Blanco $2.00
Chorizo Bowl (when available) $8.50
Spicy Salsa Verde $1.50

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Item Price
Sofritas Burrito/Bowl/Salad/Tacos $7.00
Vegetarian Burrito/Bowl/Salad/Tacos $7.00
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These items can be customized with rice, beans, vegetables, and a variety of salsas and toppings.

Kids Menu

Item Price
Build Your Own Taco Kit $4.75
Cheese Quesadilla $3.75
Chicken Quesadilla $4.75

Kids meals come with a side of rice and beans and a choice of chips or fruit.

Catering Menu

Item Price
Burrito Box (6-10 people) $84.00
Taco Kit (10-12 people) $97.00
Salad Kit (6-8 people) $84.00

Catering orders include all necessary toppings, sides, and utensils.

Additional Charges and Extras

Item Price
Guacamole $2.25
Queso Blanco $1.50
Extra Meat $2.50

These extras can enhance your meal and provide additional flavors.

Chipotle Rewards Program

Joining the Chipotle Rewards program can help you save on future purchases and earn exclusive rewards.

  • How to Join: Sign up online or through the Chipotle app.
  • Earning Points: Earn 10 points for every $1 spent.
  • Rewards: Redeem points for free menu items, special offers, and more.

Ordering Chipotle Online

Ordering online or through the Chipotle app offers convenience and the ability to skip the line.

  • Benefits: Customization options, special offers, and faster service.
  • Tips: Use promo codes and check for online-only deals.


Chipotle’s menu offers a variety of delicious and customizable options, with prices that cater to different budgets. Whether you’re dining in, ordering online, or catering an event, Chipotle provides high-quality ingredients and a commitment to food integrity.


What are the current prices for Chipotle burritos?

The prices for Chipotle burritos range from $7.00 for vegetarian options to $8.50 for steak and barbacoa burritos.

Does Chipotle have a kids menu?

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Yes, Chipotle offers a kids menu with options like build-your-own taco kits and quesadillas, priced between $3.75 and $4.75.

How can I customize my order at Chipotle?

You can customize your order by choosing from various proteins, rice, beans, salsas, vegetables, and additional toppings like guacamole and queso.

Are there any new items on the Chipotle menu?

Chipotle periodically introduces new items, such as limited-time offerings and seasonal specials. Check their menu regularly for updates.