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Located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Maggie Valley NC is a sought-after vacation destination known for its serene atmosphere and proximity to stunning natural attractions like the Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. While the town offers a wide array of outdoor activities, it also boasts an impressive selection of restaurants that cater to both locals and tourists alike.

As locals who reside just outside Maggie Valley, we have had the pleasure of dining at almost all of the town’s restaurants numerous times. This firsthand experience has allowed us to explore the diverse culinary offerings that Maggie Valley has to offer. From cozy cafes to family-friendly eateries, the restaurant scene in Maggie Valley is sure to satisfy a variety of tastes and preferences.

Whether you’re in the mood for delicious comfort food, regional delicacies, or international cuisine, Maggie Valley has something for everyone. The town’s restaurants pride themselves on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create flavorful dishes that leave a lasting impression. From mouthwatering barbecue joints to charming diners serving up homemade pies, the dining options in Maggie Valley showcase the rich flavors of the region.

Additionally, many of the restaurants in Maggie Valley provide stunning views of the surrounding mountains, allowing diners to indulge in a delightful culinary experience while soaking in the natural beauty of the area. The warm hospitality and friendly service add to the overall charm of dining in this quaint mountain town.

Whether you’re a local looking for a new dining spot or a visitor seeking a memorable culinary adventure, the restaurants in Maggie Valley offer a delightful mix of flavors, ambiance, and breathtaking views, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Maggie Valley

J Arthur’s Restaurant

My dining experience at J Arthur’s Restaurant was a mixed bag. Based on the recommendation I received about their amazing onion soup and other dishes, I had high expectations. However, upon entering the restaurant, I couldn’t help but feel like I was in a Denny’s. The atmosphere didn’t quite match the anticipation I had built up.

The cost of the meal was another disappointment. Despite opting to split a meal, it still ended up costing a whopping $75.00. The saving grace of the evening was our waiter, a nice young man who was clearly trying his best to provide excellent service.

J Arthur's Restaurant

On my second visit to J Arthur’s, which took place three years after my initial experience, things took a turn for the better. This time, I had a very enjoyable evening. Our server was attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. He took the time to go over the specials and made some great recommendations.

For the most part, the food was excellent. The cheese stick appetizers were the best I’ve ever tasted, and the bread and salad were top-notch as well. However, I was slightly disappointed with my ribeye steak, as it was cooked medium instead of medium rare as I had requested. Although it was still tasty, it just missed the mark of perfection. Despite this, I still consider J Arthur’s a regular stop for me when I visit Maggie Valley.

One evening, when we couldn’t secure a table at another restaurant without reservations, we ended up at J Arthur’s by chance. What a delightful surprise it turned out to be! Our waitress, Daniele, was an absolute gem. We sought her advice, and she recommended the full rack of ribs, a 10 oz. Ribeye, shrimp cocktail, and a plate of fried shrimp. As Texans, we have high standards for steak, and I must say, the steak and ribs at J Arthur’s were to die for. Even our grandson, who rarely comments on food, was impressed and declared it a great meal.

While I regret not having any pictures to share, the happiness and satisfaction of three contented diners speak volumes. I wholeheartedly recommend J Arthur’s Restaurant based on this experience.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
Address: 2843 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 4 PM Tue
Phone: +1 828-926-1817

Salty Dog’s Seafood & Grill

My experience at Salty Dog’s Seafood and Grill left much to be desired. As a tourist on vacation, my family and I were in search of a place to eat on a Monday when many places were closed. We had received a recommendation for this restaurant, but upon arrival, we found the main entrance locked and had to go to the bar area instead. We managed to find a table for five, but to our dismay, it was still dirty with the previous patrons’ empty glasses left behind. My daughter took the initiative to stack them up, but despite watching other tables receive menus, no one came to our table for about 15 minutes. Feeling neglected, we decided to leave.

Salty Dog's Seafood & Grill

In hindsight, we should have heeded the sign asking for patience, but I had a craving for Mountain Trout before leaving Maggie Valley. The food surprisingly arrived quickly, but unfortunately, my fish was cold due to the need to redo my husband’s dish. Even worse, the grilled fish had no flavor whatsoever, lacking even a basic seasoning of salt and pepper. It was disappointingly tasteless. My husband’s burger turned out to be a commercial puck burger instead of a handmade all-beef patty, and the handmade onion rings were poorly executed. Considering the substandard quality of the food, the prices were unjustifiably high. On a positive note, our waitress was kind and accommodating, but the table was sticky, and the dining area could benefit from a thorough cleaning. We also discovered that the bathrooms were out of order. The numerous negatives outweigh any potential for a return visit. I hope they can address these issues promptly because they seem like nice people, but running a restaurant requires more than just kindness.

On a contrasting note, I must say that my recent visit to Salty Dog’s Seafood and Grill left me thoroughly impressed. The fresh clams were the best I’ve ever had, and the hush puppies were a delightful addition. The BLT sandwich, especially with the buttered and toasted bread, was really enjoyable. I was wowed by the experience, and I would recommend parking and walking if needed because it’s worth it. Our waitress, Kristyn R, was outstanding, and I plan to request her on my next visit. Thank you for a fantastic lunch date.

Unfortunately, our experience at this location was far from satisfactory. We traveled all the way from South Carolina for my brother’s wedding, having made reservations three weeks in advance. However, upon arrival, they completely forgot about us and our entire party, leaving us waiting for an hour and a half without any acknowledgement. When our drinks finally arrived, the waitress threw the straws on the table in an angry manner. Those who ordered beer had their drinks placed on a tray and left on the bar with a remark indicating the waitress had no idea who ordered them. Frustrated and without our orders being taken, we requested our checks for the drinks, but even that simple task took an additional 15 minutes and was not fulfilled. In the end, we walked out, deeply disappointed. The restaurant’s poor service and the waitress’s attitude ruined my brother’s wedding dinner. I will never return to this location again.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 3567 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Opens soon ⋅ 11 AM
Phone: +1 828-926-9105

Brickhouse Burgers & Pizza

During my second visit to Brickhouse Burgers & Pizza, I couldn’t help but notice a lingering smell in the restaurant that was rather unpleasant. It’s a puzzling issue that they should address. Additionally, my wife ordered chicken wings and requested blue cheese dressing, but we were given ranch instead. When we asked for blue cheese, we were informed that there would be an additional charge, which left us disappointed and questioning why they didn’t simply provide it to us without the extra cost. The service fell short of our expectations.

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On the positive side, the food at Brickhouse Burgers & Pizza was good, and the staff members were kind. The restaurant wasn’t too busy during our visit, so the service was quick. The atmosphere was low-key and unpretentious. Upon arrival, we picked up a menu, made our selections, placed our order, paid, and were given a number for our table. The waitress was pleasant and attentive, making our experience enjoyable. I opted for a double burger with sautéed onions and mushrooms, accompanied by fries. The burger was tasty, while the fries were decent but not outstanding. It’s worth noting that their burgers are served as doubles. However, my husband had the smokehouse burger and found it to be just okay, lacking juiciness and not fully understanding the concept of a double burger. Despite this, we would be willing to give Brickhouse another chance and try something different from their menu.

Brickhouse Burgers & Pizza

For takeout, we ordered the Works Pizza from Brickhouse. It had a hand-tossed crust that was cooked to perfection, neither floppy nor overdone. The toppings were fresh, abundant, and added great flavor. My wife picked up the order and mentioned that the staff members were friendly and accommodating, and the overall ambiance of the place was pleasant. We would consider dining inside on our next visit, as the pizza was excellent.

Unfortunately, the experience at Brickhouse Burgers & Pizza was marred by a few downsides. The restaurant was busy, and although you place your food order and it’s delivered to your table, the prices were somewhat expensive. We paid $35 with tip for a large pizza and salad, which felt steep. The food itself was alright, but the pizza was somewhat dry. Additionally, when we asked for a side salad, we were unexpectedly charged for a large $9 salad. Despite its popularity, it’s unlikely that we would choose to visit Brickhouse again. The staff members were pleasant, but they were clearly hustling due to the busy environment.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 3914 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM Wed
Phone: +1 828-944-0909


As someone who lived in Asheville before moving to Maggie Valley, I quickly realized that most “Mexican” restaurants in the area followed the California-style approach. While not necessarily bad, it didn’t match the authentic Mexican food we were accustomed to. However, Guayabitos stood out from the rest. It satisfied our cravings for genuine Mexican cuisine.

During my visit to Guayabitos, I indulged in their delicious Mexican food. We ordered the #8 dish and the chicken quesadilla. Unlike other restaurants where I typically find chicken fajita quesadillas with peppers, onions, and rice as part of the meal, Guayabitos offers it a la carte. Despite this difference, the price was comparable, and the taste was exceptional. Without a doubt, we will be returning on our next trip to enjoy their offerings once again.


It’s astonishing to find such authentic and amazing Mexican food in North Carolina, but Guayabitos manages to deliver just that. Philippe and his staff were remarkable, providing expedient service. I highly recommend this restaurant as the portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable. I opted for the fried chimichangas (probably spelled that wrong), my daughter enjoyed the soft ones, and my son relished the steak burritos. The entire table had no complaints about the food.

The freshness and flavor of the food at Guayabitos were outstanding. The service was exceptional, with the staff going above and beyond. The interior of the restaurant was clean and tastefully decorated, adding to the pleasant dining experience. I ordered the quesadilla special, and it turned out to be the best quesadilla I’ve ever had. One had slow-cooked chicken, while the other had beef. Additionally, the chips served were noteworthy—hot and thin, with a great texture.

Overall, Guayabitos Restaurant left a lasting impression. It offers an authentic taste of Mexico in North Carolina, with delectable food made from fresh ingredients. The service was attentive and efficient, while the restaurant itself was clean and inviting. From the exceptional quesadillas to the flavorful chimichangas and burritos, every dish pleased our palates. I highly recommend Guayabitos to anyone craving authentic Mexican cuisine.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 3422 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Opens soon ⋅ 11 AM
Phone: +1 828-926-7777

Carver’s Maggie Valley Restaurant Since 1952

Carver’s Maggie Valley Restaurant Since 1952 is a beloved breakfast spot that has been serving customers for decades. During my visit, I quickly understood why it has garnered such a positive reputation. The breakfast options were outstanding, and I found myself returning three times within five days, thanks to its convenient location within walking distance of where I was staying. The food was exceptional, and I highly recommend trying their sweet tea. While there was a slightly longer wait on the weekend, it was well worth it.

Being next door to Carver’s, my husband and I decided to give it a try for a substantial breakfast instead of settling for the continental breakfast at our accommodation. It turned out to be an excellent decision, as the food was incredibly delicious. We ended up having breakfast there three mornings in a row because it was just that good. Our order included biscuits and gravy, potatoes, a blueberry pancake, a ham biscuit, an omelette, and, the holy grail for my husband, an over-medium egg. It’s his favorite style, and it’s not easy to find a place that can cook it perfectly. I highly recommend the breakfast potatoes, which were heavenly. They had a soft and fluffy interior with a crispy skin on the outside—a delightful combination. The staff members were incredibly friendly, and it was heartwarming to see a family-owned business still thriving after all these years.

Carver's Maggie Valley Restaurant Since 1952

I had dined at Carver’s nearly 30 years ago and had a wonderful experience. I was delighted to find that it is still very good to this day. The meals were excellent, the service was great, and despite being an older establishment, the restaurant was clean and fresh. The fried pork chops reminded me of my mom’s cooking, and the mashed potatoes and gravy were just as I remembered. The cole slaw was also a standout. Overall, it was a fantastic meal, and our server was incredibly gracious.

While Carver’s had some positive aspects, there were a few downsides. It was evident that they were short-staffed, resulting in a longer wait time to be seated. However, once seated, our waitress provided excellent service. The food itself was average, and considering the quality, it felt slightly overpriced.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for a table at Joey’s, Carver’s is a decent alternative. While it may not reach the same level of excellence, it offers a satisfactory dining experience.

In conclusion, Carver’s Maggie Valley Restaurant Since 1952 is a breakfast haven with a longstanding history. The food is exceptional, particularly the breakfast options, and the sweet tea is a must-try. While there might be a wait during busy times, the friendly staff and delicious meals make it well worth it. It’s heartening to see a family-owned business continue to thrive after so many years. However, it’s important to note that the restaurant may be short-staffed, and the overall food quality may be average. If you’re looking for a quick alternative to a popular eatery, Carver’s can serve as a decent choice.

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Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 2804 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 3 PM
Phone: +1 828-926-0425

Pop’s Biscuits, Burgers & BBQ

During our visit to Maggie Valley, my wife and I had the opportunity to dine at Pop’s Biscuits, Burgers & BBQ for breakfast not once, but twice. In the past, we had heard stories of long lines out the door, but we were fortunate enough to get seated without any wait on both Thursday and Friday. The food at Pop’s was undoubtedly a highlight, as each dish was prepared to order and delivered with great taste. I opted for the classic combination of pancakes, eggs, and bacon, while my wife enjoyed the hash with eggs. Both meals were undeniably delicious and left us satisfied.

One aspect that stood out to us during our visits was the friendly and accommodating staff. They made us feel welcomed and ensured our dining experience was pleasant. However, it is worth mentioning that Pop’s seems to have slipped in recent times, as we discovered from another review. A recurring disappointment was the absence of powdered sugar on the French toast. On my last three visits, I had to send my French toast back to the kitchen due to this missing ingredient, which was disappointing.

Pop's Biscuits, Burgers & BBQ

The restaurant itself is small and quaint, with some outdoor seating available. Its appearance reminded us of the kind of place you would see on shows like “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” where locals tend to outnumber tourists. However, during our visit coinciding with the Jeep Festival, the parking lot was predominantly filled with Jeeps, suggesting that tourists outnumbered the locals on that particular day. Despite the crowded parking lot, we managed to find a table and enjoy our meal.

When it comes to the menu, Pop’s offers a variety of options to choose from. On both visits, my husband and I ordered our usual drinks, which were coffee for him and hot tea and orange juice for me. His go-to meal consists of two sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits, accompanied by home fries and grits. I, on the other hand, opted for the two-egg breakfast with biscuits and home fries. The food was undeniably delicious, and each bite felt like a homemade treat. Furthermore, the service we received was top-notch, with the staff going above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. Given our positive experience, I would highly recommend Pop’s to anyone seeking a delicious breakfast.

It is worth noting that we stumbled upon Pop’s while searching for a breakfast spot during the WNC Jeepfest. Although the location is small and has limited parking, they managed to offer outdoor dining on a beautiful spring morning. The outstanding service provided by the attentive ladies, paired with a well-brewed cup of coffee, set the stage for a memorable breakfast experience. The Country Benedict, with its delightful combination of biscuits and gravy, eggs, and ham, was a standout option that truly satisfied our breakfast cravings.

Overall, Pop’s Biscuits, Burgers & BBQ delivered a mix of delight and disappointment. While the food was tasty and the staff friendly, the recurring issue with the powdered sugar on the French toast was a letdown. Nevertheless, our positive experiences with the delicious breakfast options and excellent service outweighed this flaw. If you find yourself in Maggie Valley and crave a home-style breakfast, Pop’s is definitely worth considering, particularly if you’re attending local events like the Jeep Festival.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 3253 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 AM Tue
Phone: +1 828-944-0677

The Valley House

During our recent trip to Maggie Valley, we decided to dine at The Valley House based on the positive reviews we had heard. The overall experience provided a mix of satisfaction and disappointment.

To start with the positives, the food at The Valley House was undeniably good. The standout dish was the fried chicken, which was described as delicious by many reviewers. It’s definitely a must-try item on the menu. The service we received was also commendable, as the server was fast, attentive, and provided good customer care.

However, the restaurant itself is relatively small, which means that the wait time can vary depending on the time of your arrival. Luckily for us, we arrived just as a few people left, so we didn’t have to wait for long. The establishment has an older charm to it but maintains a clean and intimate atmosphere.

The Valley House

The menu at The Valley House offers a variety of options, and our orders reflected that diversity. I decided to go for the fried pork chops with mashed potatoes and butter beans, which turned out to be a delicious choice. My friend opted for the salmon and was also pleased with their selection. Unfortunately, neither of us had room for dessert, but the choices available included bread pudding, peach pie, and chocolate mousse. The prices were fair, considering the quality of the food.

However, we did encounter some disappointments during our visit. While our experience was generally positive, another review’s description of their disappointing meal resonated with us. My wife ordered the fried flounder, but she found the breading to be overly thick, which affected her enjoyment of the dish. Furthermore, her side of okra was undercooked, which further added to her dissatisfaction. As for my fried pork chops, the meat itself was flavorful, but the sides failed to impress. The cheese roll I received was not fresh, which was a letdown.

Additionally, we were surprised to find out that The Valley House did not provide high chairs, which inconvenienced us as we were expecting this basic amenity. This lack of accommodation for families with young children was another factor that contributed to our overall disappointment.

Taking everything into account, our experience at The Valley House was a mix of highs and lows. While the food, particularly the fried chicken, was enjoyable, the underwhelming sides and lack of attention to detail in some aspects detracted from our overall satisfaction. Furthermore, the absence of high chairs was an inconvenience for families. Considering these factors, we are hesitant to return to The Valley House in the future, unless we can ensure a less busy time to avoid potential disappointments.

Service options: Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · No-contact delivery
Address: 2549 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM
Phone: +1 828-944-0352

Country Vittles Family Style Restaurant

My recent visit to Country Vittles Family Style Restaurant left me with mixed feelings. While the experience had its ups and downs, there were notable aspects that stood out.

Let’s start with the positive. The staff at Country Vittles deserves recognition for their top-notch service. From the friendly waitstaff to the efficient kitchen production, they created an atmosphere that was welcoming and accommodating. In one review, the young waitress impressed a group of regulars by remembering their orders from the previous week, which is no small feat for a group of 10 to 12 people. The speedy service and attention to detail in preparing meals to exact specifications were highly appreciated by the reviewers.

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Country Vittles Family Style Restaurant

Now, let’s address the main event: breakfast. The all-you-can-eat breakfast, while decent, didn’t quite live up to the stellar reviews that had been circulating. It was described as an average breakfast, lacking the wow factor that had been hyped. While the biscuits were good, other elements fell short. The gravy was likened to packaged gravy, lacking the homemade touch, and the home fries tasted like they were straight out of a bag of frozen potatoes. This revelation was a disappointment, as one might expect a restaurant emphasizing family-style dining to have a made-from-scratch approach.

On a more positive note, the family-style breakfast option garnered praise from a family of five. They raved about the hot and delicious food, particularly highlighting the light and fluffy biscuits. The attentive service provided by their waitress, Jamie, who consistently checked on their needs and offered refills, added to their enjoyable experience. They left fully satisfied and even commented on eating more than their fill. This positive encounter suggests that Country Vittles has the potential to deliver an enjoyable dining experience for families.

It’s worth mentioning that Country Vittles has also attracted a regular group of 10 to 12 individuals who gather for breakfast every Wednesday morning. The excellent service and efficient preparation mentioned in the review indicate that the establishment has developed a loyal following. For these patrons, the restaurant’s ability to provide a hot meal on a cold morning, complemented by great coffee, is an experience unmatched by any other.

In conclusion, Country Vittles Family Style Restaurant offers a mixed bag of breakfast delights. While the service and efficiency of preparation receive high praise, the actual breakfast experience may leave some wanting more. The average nature of the all-you-can-eat breakfast, with its hit-and-miss homemade quality, was a letdown compared to the elevated expectations set by previous reviews. However, the positive experience of families and the loyalty of the Wednesday morning regulars suggest that Country Vittles has the potential to deliver a satisfying breakfast experience, especially if accompanied by the right expectations.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 3589 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30 AM Wed
Phone: +1 828-926-1820

Frankie’s Italian Trattoria

My recent visit to Frankie’s Italian Trattoria left me thoroughly impressed and eager to return. The positive reviews I had read prior to my visit proved to be true, as the restaurant exceeded my expectations in multiple aspects.

To begin with, the meals at Frankie’s were nothing short of fantastic. Despite my choice of a classic spaghetti with meatballs, the flavors were expertly executed and left me more than satisfied. The combination of perfectly cooked pasta, savory meatballs, and rich sauce showcased the kitchen’s skill and dedication to delivering authentic Italian cuisine. It was precisely what I had desired, and the execution was impeccable.

The service and atmosphere at Frankie’s were equally remarkable. The staff demonstrated a high level of professionalism, ensuring that each patron felt valued and well taken care of. The friendly demeanor of the wait staff and bartenders added to the overall positive dining experience. Speaking of the bar, the bartender skillfully crafted a vodka martini to my preference, further enhancing my satisfaction. The attention to detail in both service and drink preparation elevated the dining experience.

Frankie's Italian Trattoria

Frankie’s Italian Trattoria offers a charming and unpretentious ambiance. Described as a “down-home” Italian restaurant, it delivers the quintessential Italian dining experience without unnecessary frills. The dated interior may lack modern aesthetics, but it is complemented by the warm and inviting atmosphere that welcomes guests with open arms. It’s no surprise that the clientele varies, ranging from bikers to older couples, suggesting that Frankie’s is a beloved local spot for enjoying a quality meal.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of sitting at the bar due to arriving an hour before my reservation. The bartender provided excellent service, adding to the overall positive experience. The food itself was exceptional, with options such as the Sunday pasta, veal Marsala, and pizza delighting both me and my family. The lively atmosphere was further enhanced by the presence of a piano player, who added a delightful musical backdrop to our dining experience. The cherry on top was the delectable cannoli’s and Tartufo, which were described as “AWESOME!” by one reviewer.

In conclusion, Frankie’s Italian Trattoria offers a delightful Italian dining experience that lives up to its positive reputation. The combination of outstanding meals, attentive service, and inviting atmosphere creates a memorable visit for patrons. While the restaurant may not boast a luxurious setting, it compensates with authentic Italian flavors and warm hospitality. Whether you’re a local seeking a reliable spot for a decent meal or a visitor looking to indulge in delicious Italian cuisine, Frankie’s is a highly recommended choice. I, for one, am eagerly anticipating my next visit to savor their delectable offerings once again.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 1037 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 3 PM
Pickup: 11:30 AM–9 PM ·
Phone: +1 828-926-6216

Catrina’s Cantina

Nestled within the Clarion in Maggie Valley, Catrina’s Cantina is a small restaurant that delivers big on flavor and quality. From the moment I stepped inside, I was greeted by a clean and vibrant atmosphere that set the stage for an exceptional dining experience.

The menu at Catrina’s Cantina is truly a standout, offering a variety of enticing options that cater to different tastes. One reviewer raved about the Quesabirria, a grilled puffy taco shell filled with birria and cheese. The dish was described as absolutely amazing, with rich and savory flavors that delighted the palate. Another reviewer’s husband opted for the mole enchilada with chicken, which was enjoyable, but the Quesabirria stole the show, eliciting playful banter between the two. These positive experiences highlight the outstanding flavors and culinary expertise at Catrina’s Cantina.

In addition to the remarkable dishes, the salsa at Catrina’s Cantina was a standout. Described as great, it provided an extra kick of flavor to complement the already delicious food. The service was also highly praised, with attentive servers who contributed to the overall positive dining experience. The combination of attentive service, mouthwatering flavors, and reasonable prices left a lasting impression on reviewers, cementing their decision to return to Catrina’s Cantina on future visits to Maggie Valley.

Catrina's Cantina

It’s worth noting that the quality extends beyond the food and service. The cleanliness of the restaurant contributes to a pleasant dining environment, enhancing the overall experience for patrons. Furthermore, the atmosphere at Catrina’s Cantina is vibrant and lively, creating an inviting space where guests can relax and enjoy their meal.

One reviewer went as far as to proclaim Catrina’s Cantina as the best Mexican food they have ever had in their life. The well-seasoned dishes, featuring marinated beef and other delectable ingredients, left a lasting impression and a desire to return for more.

In conclusion, Catrina’s Cantina is a Mexican culinary gem tucked away in the Clarion in Maggie Valley. With its great menu, flavorful food, attentive service, and reasonable prices, this small restaurant offers a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re indulging in the mouthwatering Quesabirria or savoring the Texan’s Fajitas with cheese tip, Catrina’s Cantina promises a delightful journey of flavors that will leave you eager to return for another satisfying meal. Prepare to be impressed by the exceptional Mexican cuisine and vibrant atmosphere that make Catrina’s Cantina a must-visit destination in Maggie Valley.

Service options: Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery
Address: 70 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley, NC 28751, United States
Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 11 AM
Phone: +1 828-944-0259

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