Reviews of the 10 best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

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Welcome to the ultimate guide featuring reviews of the 10 best Steakhouse in Pigeon Forge, where sizzling flavors and impeccable service converge. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque town, these culinary destinations promise a delectable journey for discerning steak enthusiasts. From succulent cuts to mouthwatering specialties, each steakhouse on this list has been meticulously selected to showcase the finest dining experiences that Pigeon Forge has to offer. Whether you seek a cozy ambiance or crave a luxurious dining affair, these top-notch establishments deliver culinary excellence that will tantalize your taste buds and leave an indelible mark on your dining escapades.

Reviews of the 10 best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

1.Gaucho Urbano – Brazilian Steakhouse – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

Gaucho Urbano, the Brazilian Steakhouse nestled in Pigeon Forge, stands as an epitome of culinary excellence and unparalleled service, leaving a lasting impression on every diner. The moment you step inside, the ambiance sets the tone for an extraordinary dining affair. The consensus among patrons is unanimous – the atmosphere is great, and the staff’s service is impeccable, catering to every need with grace and warmth.
Gaucho Urbano - Brazilian Steakhouse - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Gaucho Urbano – Brazilian Steakhouse – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
One of the hallmarks of Gaucho Urbano is its expansive salad bar, an array of options that extend beyond the standard fare. Reviewers rave about the diverse selection, from smoked salmon to cold cuts, pasta salads, and more. The chef’s hot bar complements this experience with five expertly prepared vegetable dishes and a delightful Lobster Bisque that tantalizes the taste buds.
However, the true star of this dining extravaganza is the meat course. With a staggering 16 offerings, patrons are encouraged to indulge in a Rodizio-style experience – a continuous rotation of succulent meats served tableside. Diners are invited to try all cuts and request a second serving of their favorites simply by flipping the card on their table from red (no more, thank you) to green (more, please). The servers attentively monitor these cues, ensuring a seamless and personalized dining experience.
For those with voracious appetites, this Brazilian steakhouse is highly recommended. While some patrons highlight their penchant for the meats, others appreciate the variety of the salad bar, with standout items like the fried plantains and the unique grilled pineapple, a rarity even among Brazilian steakhouses.
The exceptional service extends beyond the gastronomic delights. Guests recount being treated like royalty from the moment they arrive, marking special occasions or turning a regular dining experience into an unforgettable celebration. Even with preferences in mind, some diners noted minor dislikes in specific cuts, emphasizing it as a personal preference rather than a fault in the quality of the meat itself.
In summary, Gaucho Urbano in Pigeon Forge is hailed as a must-visit for aficionados of Brazilian steakhouse-style dining. Whether celebrating a milestone birthday or enjoying a family vacation, the combination of delectable food, inviting ambiance, and outstanding service makes this establishment a standout gem. While some suggest that the full experience might require additional payment for more cuts of meat, the overall consensus resonates: this is an experience worth revisiting time and again.
Address: 111 Valley Dr, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
Phone: +1 865-366-1002

2.Alamo Steakhouse – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

Alamo Steakhouse in Pigeon Forge stands as a beacon of consistent excellence, drawing patrons back time and again for its remarkable dining experience. The sentiment among customers is unanimous – this establishment consistently delivers outstanding service and delectable meals that surpass expectations.
Alamo Steakhouse - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Alamo Steakhouse – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
For many, Alamo Steakhouse remains the pinnacle of dining experiences in Pigeon Forge. Patrons returning after years away still find it to be the best restaurant they’ve ever visited, a testament to its enduring quality. The filet mignon and T-Bone steaks consistently receive high praise for their perfection, accompanied by delicious sides that complement the meal impeccably. Moreover, the addition of a fried chocolate burrito to their menu has proven to be a delightful and tasty surprise for guests.
Celebrating special occasions at Alamo Steakhouse is a cherished experience. Couples commemorating their anniversary found their steaks cooked to perfection, accompanied by sides, salads, and soups that heightened the overall dining delight. The craft beer selection, though smaller, was noted for its quality and flavor, adding to the overall enjoyment of the meal. The anticipation of returning for future visits is a sentiment echoed by many patrons.
The culinary prowess of Alamo Steakhouse doesn’t just impress locals or regular visitors; it draws travelers from afar. Three British visitors on a road trip to Dollywood found themselves enamored with the excellence of the steaks, perfectly cooked and paired with standout items like the wedge salad. Melinda, their server, was instrumental in elevating the dining experience with her friendliness and attentiveness, leaving a lasting positive impression.
The consensus among reviewers is a resounding recommendation for Alamo Steakhouse. From the quality of the food—especially the steaks and side dishes—to the impeccable service offered by the staff, this establishment consistently earns high praise. Visitors, whether locals or from out of town, find themselves returning time and again, cementing Alamo Steakhouse as a must-visit dining destination in Pigeon Forge for its friendly ambiance, top-notch service, and exceptional culinary offerings.
Address: 3050 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
Phone: +1 865-908-9998

3.Texas Roadhouse – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

Texas Roadhouse in Pigeon Forge continues to stand as a reliable and cherished dining destination, drawing in locals and visitors alike with its consistent quality of service and delightful meals.
During peak hours, when waits in surrounding restaurants reached exorbitant lengths due to events like the Christmas tree lighting with Paula Deen, Texas Roadhouse managed to maintain its efficiency and hospitality. Even amidst the rush, patrons found themselves quickly seated or tended to at the bar. Ethan, a commendable bartender and server, navigated the bustling atmosphere with ease, greeting guests warmly and attending to their needs promptly.
Texas Roadhouse - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Texas Roadhouse – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Consistency emerges as a hallmark of this particular Texas Roadhouse location in Pigeon Forge. For frequent visitors, this branch stands out among others, garnering praise for its location, food quality, and exceptional service. Amidst multiple visits during a seven-day stay, the experience remained consistently excellent, distinguishing it from other Texas Roadhouse locations that, unfortunately, did not meet the same standards.
Amidst a sea of unique and pricier dining options in Pigeon Forge, Texas Roadhouse offers a comforting alternative—a familiar taste at a great price. Patrons commend the restaurant for serving hearty and satisfying meals, with standout items like the large baked potatoes and delectable bread. The steaks, a signature dish, received commendation for their quality and taste, accompanied by a well-prepared and substantial salad. Even during busy periods, the wait remained reasonable, while the service maintained its standard of excellence.
Overall, Texas Roadhouse in Pigeon Forge earns praise for its consistency, delivering on the promise of flavorful meals and attentive service. Despite crowded evenings and peak hours, this restaurant manages to uphold its reputation, providing a welcoming haven for those seeking a taste of reliable and satisfying dining experiences at a reasonable price point.
Address: 3786 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
Phone: +1 865-286-1543

4.Local Goat – New American Restaurant Pigeon Forge – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

Local Goat in Pigeon Forge stands out not only for its dedication to supporting local businesses but also for delivering an outstanding culinary experience that tantalizes taste buds while championing locally sourced ingredients. The commitment to utilizing homegrown produce and homemade delicacies adds an extra layer of appreciation for patrons who relish the robust flavors served within its walls.
Local Goat - New American Restaurant Pigeon Forge - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Local Goat – New American Restaurant Pigeon Forge – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Visitors find themselves enamored with the generous portions and exceptional taste that grace their plates. Whether it’s the gargantuan onion rings, sizable burgers bursting with flavor, or the delectable coconut shrimp, every dish seems to surpass expectations, elevating Local Goat to a top recommendation among locals and tourists alike. Ashley A. stands out as a server, going above and beyond by anticipating needs and ensuring a seamless dining experience for guests.
The consistent praise for the service at Local Goat is resounding. Patrons repeatedly emphasize the exceptional service they received during their visits. Tabatha and Danil, among others, receive accolades for their friendly demeanor and attentive service, enhancing the overall dining pleasure. Their knowledge and passion for the menu items, like the standout ribs backed by Tabatha or the flavorful BGT burger recommended by Danil, leave a lasting impression on guests.
Amidst the sea of restaurants in the vicinity, Local Goat presents itself as a unique gem near the Titanic Museum, offering both ample parking and an extraordinary dining experience. Guests find themselves treated to delightful surprises, from savoring a well-crafted Espresso Martini to indulging in the BGT burger packed with an explosion of flavors. Dessert, such as the Peanut Butter Pie, leaves diners in a delightful dilemma over which part was the highlight—the pie itself or its tantalizing chocolate topping.
Furthermore, Local Goat is celebrated for its accommodation of dietary restrictions. For those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the restaurant offers gluten-free options, such as lettuce wrap burgers and gluten-free buns, ensuring a diverse and satisfying dining experience for all. The attention to detail and commitment to catering to various dietary needs, coupled with a selection of local craft beers, adds to the restaurant’s allure.
In summary, Local Goat captivates diners not only with its emphasis on locally sourced ingredients but also with its exceptional service, diverse menu offerings, and accommodation for dietary preferences. Each visit promises a flavorful adventure that leaves guests raving about the generous portions, savory dishes, and the welcoming ambiance—a true testament to the thriving culinary scene in Pigeon Forge.
Address: 2167 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
Phone: +1 865-366-3035

5.The Old Mill Restaurant – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

The Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge stands as a quintessential Southern dining destination, captivating visitors with its charming ambiance and comforting homestyle Cooking that leaves a lasting impression.
For many patrons, The Old Mill is a place of culinary delight and hospitality. The accommodating service extends beyond mere courtesy, catering to specific dietary needs without compromising the dining experience. A guest with a corn allergy received thoughtful consideration, allowing for a seamless substitution of sides, while all six diners reveled in the diverse menu options, each dish impressing with its flavor and generous portions that left enough for a satisfying supper later.
The Old Mill Restaurant - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
The Old Mill Restaurant – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Amidst the bustling atmosphere, The Old Mill remains a treasure trove for those seeking an authentic taste of Southern cuisine. From the mouthwatering Turkey with dressing to the delightful chicken strips served with honey mustard dressing, every dish presented a delightful surprise. However, it was the fritters and butter that stole the spotlight, leaving an unforgettable mark on the diners’ taste buds, wishing for an encore of flavors.
The Old Mill’s rustic charm and warm service complemented the dining experience, even during late hours. While some menu items were unavailable due to high demand, the Catfish dinner stood as a noteworthy alternative, accompanied by classic Southern sides of mashed potatoes and green beans. Although not extravagant, these dishes embodied the essence of Southern homestyle cooking, offering a comforting and satisfying meal. The experience was further elevated by indulging in slices of Pecan Pie and Chocolate Cake, with the latter reigning supreme in flavor.
For those seeking a delightful breakfast, The Old Mill proves to be worth the wait. Despite the initial wait time, swift service and consistently excellent food make the experience enjoyable. The quality of the breakfast offerings coupled with stellar service adds to the restaurant’s allure.
In conclusion, The Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge is a cherished haven for those in search of Southern comfort food served with warmth and hospitality. While some dishes shine brighter than others, the overall experience, including generous servings, friendly service, and a charming ambiance, solidifies The Old Mill as a must-visit for anyone craving authentic Southern homestyle cooking in the heart of Pigeon Forge.
Address: 164 Old Mill Ave, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
Phone: +1 865-429-3463

6.The Chop House – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

The Chop House in Pigeon Forge stands out among the abundance of dining options in the Sevierville/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area for its consistent excellence in delivering top-notch meals and impeccable service. Amidst the flurry of trendy restaurants vying for attention, The Chop House focuses on what truly matters – exceptional food.
Guests repeatedly commend The Chop House for its consistently excellent fare, emphasizing that it stands head and shoulders above more popular establishments in the area. The menu boasts a variety of delectable options, each leaving a lasting impression on diners. From the classic two petite chops accompanied by sides like mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and baked apples to the flavorful Voodoo chicken tacos, each dish delivers an exceptional culinary experience.
The Chop House - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
The Chop House – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
The quality of the dishes receives continuous acclaim, as seen in the tender and juicy grilled petite pork chops that burst with wonderful flavor. Sides like the flavorful mashed potatoes, creamy spinach, and the apples, reminiscent of a delightful dessert, contribute to a memorable dining experience. Such gastronomic delights have patrons eagerly anticipating their return to savor these delectable offerings once more.
The exceptional service further elevates the dining experience at The Chop House. Staff members like Tina and Brandon are praised for their friendliness, attentiveness, and professionalism. Guests appreciate the above-and-beyond service that enhances their visits, making them feel valued and welcomed. Such exemplary service, combined with consistently delicious meals, has visitors traveling from afar, even bypassing a nearer location, just to experience the superior quality of this establishment.
The praise for The Chop House extends beyond a single visit. Patrons find themselves continually drawn back, craving the delightful steaks, salads, and desserts that are consistently prepared to perfection. The staff’s commitment to providing a memorable experience ensures that guests leave eagerly planning their next visit, contemplating a return the very next day.
In conclusion, The Chop House in Pigeon Forge distinguishes itself not through hype or novelty but through its dedication to delivering exceptional food and exemplary service. Patrons seeking a culinary experience that exceeds expectations find solace in the consistently outstanding meals and warm hospitality offered by The Chop House, making it a must-visit destination for those craving delicious, reliably excellent dining in the area.
Located in: Tanger Outlets Sevierville
Address: 1649 Parkway, Sevierville, TN 37862, United States
Phone: +1 865-774-1991

7. Blue Moose Burgers & Wings – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

Blue Moose Burgers & Wings in Pigeon Forge emerges as a local favorite, consistently delivering an exceptional dining experience marked by outstanding service, delicious food, and a welcoming atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back for more.
The standout feature of Blue Moose is its attentive and knowledgeable staff, such as Paul and Blake, who elevate the dining experience with their impeccable service. These servers go above and beyond, providing excellent recommendations for food and drinks while ensuring a memorable and enjoyable visit for all guests. The enthusiastic and friendly service truly adds a layer of enjoyment to the meal, making patrons feel valued and appreciated.
Blue Moose Burgers & Wings - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Blue Moose Burgers & Wings – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
The kitchen staff also deserves commendation for their efficiency and culinary expertise. Diners praise the swift service that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the food. The Gringo Nachos, featuring chicken and ground beef, receive glowing reviews, hailed as the best nachos around, a testament to the kitchen’s skill in crafting delicious and satisfying dishes.
For many patrons, Blue Moose Burgers & Wings holds a special place in their hearts, becoming a go-to destination during their visits to the area for over a decade. The restaurant’s signature dishes, such as the ‘Brotherly Love’ philly cheese and flavorful wings, have become beloved favorites that keep guests returning year after year. The expansion of the dining room is a testament to the restaurant’s popularity, accommodating the increasing number of patrons who recognize the establishment’s culinary prowess.
Beyond the delectable food, the restaurant offers a comfortable and spacious setting equipped with multiple TVs for sports enthusiasts, creating an inviting atmosphere for diners to relax and enjoy their meals. Visitors appreciate the roomy seating arrangements and the overall ambiance, making it a favored spot to dine when in Pigeon Forge.
In summary, Blue Moose Burgers & Wings is a standout dining destination known for its exceptional food quality, friendly atmosphere, and top-notch service provided by a dedicated staff. Patrons consistently laud this establishment as a must-visit, expressing a deep loyalty and fondness for the delicious food, warm hospitality, and overall enjoyable dining experience it offers.
Address: 2430 Teaster Ln #108, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
Phone: +1 865-286-0364

8.Mel’s Classic Diner – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

Mel’s Classic Diner in Pigeon Forge emerges as a standout dining destination, celebrated for its consistently delicious meals, warm hospitality, and charming retro ambiance that captivates patrons and keeps them coming back for more.
The restaurant’s appeal lies not just in its delicious food but also in the exceptional value it offers. The special, featuring two pancakes, two pieces of bacon, and two eggs for $8.99, is hailed as unbeatable. Patrons appreciate the generous portions and reasonable prices, making it an attractive choice for a satisfying meal. Moreover, the cinnamon roll earns accolades as the best, leaving a lasting impression even when reheated—a testament to its exceptional taste and quality.
Mel's Classic Diner - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Mel’s Classic Diner – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
The accommodating nature of Mel’s Classic Diner is lauded by guests who find themselves in larger groups. Despite being busy, the staff showcases flexibility, allowing a party of six to sit comfortably across two separate booths. The speedy service, coupled with fantastic food, leaves diners content and full, unable to finish their generous portions—a testament to the deliciousness of their burgers and fries, described as some of the best around.
Consistency is key at Mel’s, with returning patrons finding themselves drawn back to savor the delightful meals time and again. The warmth of the staff, especially a super nice waitress who remembered guests across visits, adds a personal touch that elevates the dining experience and makes the restaurant a must-visit spot in the area.
Beyond the delectable food and accommodating service, Mel’s Classic Diner exudes a nostalgic retro vibe, creating an inviting atmosphere for diners to enjoy their meals comfortably. Guests appreciate the quick service, reasonable prices, and delicious food, recommending Mel’s as a go-to spot for a satisfying meal whenever in the area.
Overall, Mel’s Classic Diner stands as a beacon of exceptional dining experiences, offering delicious meals, warm service, and an inviting ambiance that resonates with locals and tourists alike. The consistently fantastic food and accommodating staff create a sense of fondness and loyalty, making it a beloved choice for those seeking a memorable meal in Pigeon Forge.
Address: 119 Wears Valley Rd, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
Phone: +1 865-429-2184

9.Huck Finn’s Catfish – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

Huck Finn’s Catfish in Pigeon Forge presents a delightful dining experience that combines generous portions, flavorful dishes, and attentive service, making it a standout choice for those seeking a satisfying meal in the area.
Despite mixed expectations, Huck Finn’s Catfish quickly impresses with its warm hospitality and delectable offerings. Diners find themselves treated to a plethora of delectable dishes, accompanied by outstanding service. Brandon, an outstanding waiter, goes above and beyond to ensure guests’ needs are met, even while managing a busy section. His attentiveness and friendly demeanor contribute to a memorable dining experience, leaving a positive impression on patrons.
Huck Finn's Catfish - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Huck Finn’s Catfish – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
The menu caters to a variety of tastes, offering options beyond catfish, such as haddock, clam strips, frog legs, and gator bites. While not all dishes may resonate equally with every diner, the overall consensus highlights the perfectly fried catfish seasoned to perfection, leaving a lasting impression. The complimentary offerings upon arrival, including hush puppies, coleslaw, pinto beans, pickles, and onion slices, receive high praise for their quality and refillable nature, adding value to the dining experience.
Families find Huck Finn’s Catfish accommodating, especially for those with children. The menu diversity ensures there’s something for everyone, while the reasonable prices and ample portions make it a cost-effective choice. The atmosphere exudes a relaxed, Southern charm, creating a welcoming ambiance that complements the dining experience.
Moreover, the prompt service that doesn’t compromise on quality earns accolades from guests. Quick food service ensures that patrons are not kept waiting excessively, allowing them to relish their meals without delay. Furthermore, the group-friendly atmosphere and portion sizes prompt many diners to take leftovers home, further adding to the value of the experience.
In summary, Huck Finn’s Catfish impresses with its diverse menu, generous portions, attentive service, and inviting ambiance. Patrons seeking a hearty Southern meal find solace in the flavorful offerings and the warm hospitality extended by the staff, establishing Huck Finn’s Catfish as a must-visit dining spot in Pigeon Forge, especially for those craving a satisfying, homestyle meal.
Address: 3330 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
Phone: +1 865-429-3353

10.Sunliner Diner – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge

Sunliner Diner in Pigeon Forge takes diners on a nostalgic journey back to the classic age of diners, offering a delightful blend of excellent food, charming atmosphere, and exceptional service that makes it an unforgettable dining spot in the area.
Step into Sunliner Diner, and you’re transported to a bygone era with its authentic ambiance reminiscent of the grand old diners. The nostalgic vibes are amplified by the throwback music and the waitresses’ attire, creating an immersive experience that almost makes you forget the present year.
Sunliner Diner - best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Sunliner Diner – best steakhouse in Pigeon Forge
Guests consistently rave about the delicious meals offered throughout the day, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. The diverse menu caters to various tastes and receives high praise for its flavorful offerings. Diners find themselves returning for multiple meals during their stay, captivated by the delightful food that leaves a lasting impression.
The staff members, such as Karri and Daniel, shine brightly, contributing to the exceptional dining experience. Karri, noted as one of the most thoughtful and nicest servers, leaves a lasting impression with her attentive and personable service, prompting guests to request her section repeatedly. Additionally, Dallis, the efficient food runner, garners appreciation for his friendly demeanor, swift service, and engaging interactions with patrons, adding to the overall positive experience.
Families find Sunliner Diner an ideal spot for a late-night meal after a day of fun. Despite the late hour, the food is exceptional, satisfying every member of the family with different menu selections, making it a standout restaurant for vacationers.
Moreover, the diner’s inviting atmosphere and genuine hospitality enhance the overall dining experience, making it a cherished highlight of many visitors’ trips to Gatlinburg. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Sunliner Diner consistently delivers a memorable experience that’s hard to match, earning its place as a favorite restaurant among vacationers.
In summary, Sunliner Diner stands as a must-visit dining destination in Pigeon Forge, offering a delightful blend of scrumptious food, nostalgic ambiance, and exceptional service. Its authentic diner experience, complete with throwback music and charming staff, ensures that every visit becomes a treasured memory, making it a highlight of many guests’ trips to the area.
Address: 2302 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States
Phone: +1 865-366-1263
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