Reviews of the 10 best steakhouses in Paris

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Welcome to the comprehensive compilation of culinary excellence that unveils the crème de la crème among Parisian dining establishments – the top ten contenders for the title of the “best steakhouses in Paris.” As avid connoisseurs of exquisite cuisine, we’ve meticulously scoured the city’s vibrant gastronomic landscape to curate an exclusive collection of reviews that encapsulate the finest, most succulent steak experiences Paris has to offer. Whether you seek a traditional bistro ambiance or a contemporary fusion of flavors, these esteemed locales promise a tantalizing rendezvous with perfectly seared steaks and exceptional culinary artistry.

Reviews of the 10 best Steakhouse in Paris

1.Sacred Flower – best steakhouse in Paris

Nestled in the heart of Paris, Sacred Flower stands as a beacon of gastronomic mastery, lauded not only for its succulent steaks but also for an array of dishes that beckon the discerning palate. A haven for steak enthusiasts, this restaurant doesn’t just serve steak; it elevates it to an art form, as echoed by patrons who have ventured through its doors.
Sacred Flower - best steakhouse in Paris
Sacred Flower – best steakhouse in Paris
For those with a penchant for variety, Sacred Flower’s menu goes beyond the customary steak offerings. A delighted customer, having indulged in the veal chop and duck, expressed sheer satisfaction at the flawlessly prepared mains and accompanying Normandy-style escargot and salad. Despite missing out on their renowned steaks due to a prior evening’s indulgence, the experience left an indelible mark, promising a definite return on their next Parisian sojourn.
The epitome of culinary excellence unfolds from the moment patrons step foot inside. Rave reviews resonate with praise for the French onion soup, fillet steak, and chips—a symphony of flavors that transcend the ordinary. Accompanied by the exquisite creme brûlée, the meal elevates dining to an unforgettable experience, culminating in heartfelt gratitude for a meal that capped off their Parisian adventure on an exuberant note.
The allure of Sacred Flower lies not solely in its gastronomic offerings but in the ambiance that envelopes diners—a charming and cozy atmosphere that amplifies the culinary journey. Despite its modest space, the restaurant exudes an inviting aura, urging visitors to savor each morsel amidst an intimate setting. While reservations are a prerequisite, they serve as a testament to the restaurant’s popularity and the anticipation of an exceptional dining experience that awaits.
However, nestled within an area that might raise eyebrows, Sacred Flower shines as a culinary gem, distinguished by its remarkable offerings, genial staff proficient in English, and a promise of culinary delights that transcend expectations. The 1kg serving of beef, expertly presented on a sizzling hot plate accompanied by a trifecta of tantalizing sauces, reinforces its reputation as a haven for steak aficionados.
For those seeking a culinary escapade, Sacred Flower is a must-visit destination, beckoning patrons to immerse themselves in a world where flavors dance harmoniously and every bite narrates a story of culinary finesse. Whether reveling in the allure of steak or exploring other delectable options, a visit to this esteemed establishment promises an unforgettable journey through Parisian gastronomy at its finest.
Address: 50 Rue de Clignancourt, 75018 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 42 51 66 18

2.Robert et Louise – best steakhouse in Paris

For over a decade, Robert et Louise has remained a steadfast beacon of culinary excellence, a testament to its unwavering commitment to serving nothing short of perfection. Returning twelve years later, patrons still revel in the same exceptional experience that has defined this cherished establishment. The ambiance, though communal in seating, exudes a pleasant charm, with patrons offered seating options while ensuring a warm and inviting atmosphere downstairs.
From the moment one steps through the doors, the hospitality of Robert et Louise envelops visitors like a familiar embrace. The welcoming ambiance is matched only by the gastronomic prowess displayed in each dish. Exceptional food, generous portions, and impeccable service characterize this eatery, providing an authentic taste of French cuisine at reasonable prices. The attentive staff, epitomized by the owner’s thoughtful gesture to rearrange seating for comfort, exemplifies the care and dedication lavished upon guests.
Robert et Louise - best steakhouse in Paris
Robert et Louise – best steakhouse in Paris
Renowned for their signature steak cooked over a wood fire, Robert et Louise delights in exceeding expectations. A solo diner, relishing in the warm service, praised not only the perfectly cooked steak but also the delightful dessert and fine French wine. The restaurant’s cozy ambiance proved conducive to a comfortable dining experience, affirming the essence of conviviality that encapsulates the spirit of Robert et Louise. Reservations, a prerequisite for this culinary gem, are advised, and a modicum of French language proficiency adds to the authenticity of the experience.
The restaurant’s excellence isn’t confined solely to its gastronomic offerings; it extends to its venue and service. A shared steak, cooked to perfection as per patrons’ preferences, accompanied by a delightful side platter of vegetables, speaks volumes about the culinary finesse on offer. The attentive and amiable service staff, coupled with reasonably priced wines, ensures an evening of sheer enjoyment, enticing patrons to revisit this culinary haven during their next sojourn in Paris.
Graced with a friendly reception and the luck of securing a window seat, patrons relished not just the exceptional steak but also the ambiance that Robert et Louise effortlessly cultivates. Amidst the blazing heat outside, the interior warmth, both in atmosphere and service, highlighted the restaurant’s allure. With a menu predominantly focused on meats, each dish—especially the steak—proved to be a gastronomic delight, complemented by quality wines and a crème brûlée that left a lasting impression.
In conclusion, Robert et Louise transcends being merely a restaurant; it’s an experience—an amalgamation of delectable cuisine, welcoming ambiance, and attentive service that beckons patrons to return, promising a memorable culinary rendezvous in the heart of Paris. For those seeking not just a meal but an authentic taste of French hospitality, a visit to Robert et Louise is an absolute must.
Address: 64 Rue Vieille-du-Temple, 75003 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 42 78 55 89

3.Les Grillades de Buenos Aires – best steakhouse in Paris

Nestled in a discreet corner, Les Grillades de Buenos Aires emerges as a hidden gem, beckoning meat aficionados with its Argentine-inspired culinary symphony. Despite its unassuming exterior, the restaurant pulsates with an intimate ambiance that accommodates a mere 30 diners indoors, exuding a cozy charm heightened by the warmth of its welcoming staff.
For those fortunate enough to secure a table—either by reservation or by the owner’s gracious accommodation—culinary delight awaits. The resounding consensus among patrons echoes the sentiment of an extraordinary dining experience. The allure of Les Grillades de Buenos Aires lies not just in its savory beef offerings but also in the impeccable service that complements the gastronomic journey.
Les Grillades de Buenos Aires - best steakhouse in Paris
Les Grillades de Buenos Aires – best steakhouse in Paris
Enthusiastic recommendations from meat connoisseurs prove true, as the restaurant delivers on its promise of succulent and flavorful beef dishes. From beef ribs that linger in memory to generously portioned Argentine-style steaks, each dish speaks volumes about the mastery and dedication exhibited in the culinary craftsmanship.
Despite not conforming to the conventional image of a sprawling steakhouse, this intimate venue embodies a unique charm. Its limited seating capacity fosters an ambiance conducive to intimate gatherings, amplifying the pleasure of indulging in an exceptional meal. Regular patrons, swiftly filling the cozy space, underscore the restaurant’s reputation for excellence.
The steak for two, celebrated for its generous portions and unparalleled taste, elicits emphatic declarations of being the “Best.Steak.Ever.” This sentiment resonates among diners, affirming the superlative quality and flavor that elevate Les Grillades de Buenos Aires to a league of its own.
While reservations are highly recommended due to the restaurant’s popularity, those fortunate enough to secure a seat embark on an unforgettable journey through beef-centric delights. From the attentive service to the delightful ambience and, above all, the tantalizing array of beef dishes, this establishment remains a testament to the artistry and passion for culinary perfection.
In summary, Les Grillades de Buenos Aires isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an ode to meat, an intimate enclave where every bite encapsulates the essence of Argentine beef mastery. For aficionados seeking an authentic carnivorous adventure, this hidden treasure promises an unparalleled culinary voyage that will linger fondly in memory long after the last savory morsel is savored.
Address: 54 Rue du Montparnasse, 75014 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 43 21 56 74

4.LOCO – best steakhouse in Paris

Tucked away in the heart of Paris lies LOCO, an epitome of carnivorous indulgence and culinary excellence that transcends expectations. For those in search of the perfect steak, this restaurant emerges as a sanctuary—a realm where the finest cuts of meat are transformed into an experience that lingers in memory long after the last bite.
As echoed by delighted patrons, LOCO sets the stage for an exceptional dining experience. The accolades poured in for the restaurant aren’t mere exaggerations; they’re testament to the unparalleled quality and taste that redefine steak appreciation. One guest exclaimed it as the “best steak of our lives,” an assertion made by seasoned steak enthusiasts, proclaiming LOCO not only the premier steakhouse in Paris but an unparalleled gem on the global culinary stage.
LOCO - best steakhouse in Paris
LOCO – best steakhouse in Paris
Upon arrival, the absence of a reservation didn’t deter the warm hospitality extended by the staff. With a menu primarily in French, the attentive servers seamlessly navigated language barriers, providing explanations in English to ensure a smooth and delightful dining experience. Commencing with empanadas as starters, an exquisite prelude to the carnivorous feast that followed, guests found themselves transported into a world of sublime flavors.
The simplicity and finesse of the cuts, be it the Hampe or the entrecôte, defied expectations, showcasing a richness of flavor that surpassed all anticipations. While traditional side dishes were absent, the focus remained steadfastly on the steak itself, elevating the dining experience to an uncharted level of satisfaction.
For aficionados of gastronomic delights, LOCO stands as an oasis—a haven where the convergence of exquisite food, convivial ambiance, and attentive service creates an immersive culinary journey. The décor, designed to invite patrons into a space of indulgence, serves as a perfect backdrop for savoring not just a meal but a celebration of gastronomic delight.
New Year’s Eve at LOCO proved to be a revelatory experience for a quartet, delighting in a 1.6 kg Tomahawk steak perfectly seared on charcoal. The warmth and expertise of the waitstaff, including a gracious lady welcoming guests and Ivan, a knowledgeable guide through the menu and wines, elevated the dining affair to a symphony of flavors and exceptional service.
As a small yet inviting establishment, LOCO encapsulates the essence of a culinary gem, urging patrons to book in advance to secure a seat at this intimate haven. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s an expedition for those passionate about exquisite beef and an ensemble of culinary pleasures.
In summary, LOCO embodies the pinnacle of steakhouse perfection, beckoning patrons to immerse themselves in an unforgettable gastronomic odyssey—a testament to the pursuit of culinary excellence that transcends geographical boundaries and sets a new standard for steak aficionados worldwide.
Address: 31 bis Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France
Phone: +33 9 70 98 68 41

5.Santa Carne – best steakhouse in Paris

Nestled in the heart of Paris, Santa Carne stands as an homage to Argentine culinary finesse, beckoning patrons with promises of succulent meats and an authentic gastronomic experience. For those embarking on a quest for unparalleled steak, this establishment emerges as a mecca—a realm where flavors intertwine and service reigns supreme.
Hailing from Italy, we embarked on a gastronomic adventure at Santa Carne, drawn by its promising reputation. The verdict? A resounding success! Fresh, juicy cuts paired with superlative service left an indelible mark, enticing us to pledge a return on our next sojourn to Paris.
Santa Carne - best steakhouse in Paris
Santa Carne – best steakhouse in Paris
For one enthusiastic diner, Santa Carne exceeded all Parisian culinary encounters over a three-day stay. From tantalizing empanadas to a salad exuding freshness, the standout star was the Chorizo—an experience that defied mere words, urging immediate indulgence. The cozy and inviting atmosphere proved the perfect backdrop for culinary ecstasy, leaving an American patron longing to scream its praises around the block.
Reservations made in anticipation led to a dining experience that surpassed expectations. The ambiance exuded warmth, complemented by a staff exuding friendliness and expertise. The star of the show? Undoubtedly, the steaks—delivering an experience that garnered unequivocal praise and a 100% recommendation for future patrons.
Stepping into Santa Carne doesn’t just promise a meal; it assures an authentic taste of Argentina—a sentiment echoed by guests relishing the out-of-this-world steaks and an authentically Argentine menu. For those not indulging in steak, the expansive menu caters to diverse tastes, with even the salmon being hailed for its substantial portions and delicious flavors.
The discerning palate seeking perfection in steaks finds solace in the array of choices—from tenderloin to rib-eye, each cut a testament to culinary mastery. Cap off the meal with a chocolate fondant that adds a sweet crescendo to a symphony of flavors, leaving patrons reveling in the perfection of both steak and dessert.
In conclusion, Santa Carne emerges as a destination for steak enthusiasts—a culinary sanctuary that encapsulates Argentina’s essence in Paris. It beckons patrons not merely for a meal but for an expedition into the realms of gastronomic delight, leaving an unmistakable imprint of excellence and a lingering desire to return for yet another unforgettable steak experience.
Address: 3 Bd Richard-Lenoir, 75011 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 42 72 03 07

6.FLESH restaurant – best steakhouse in Paris

Located a stone’s throw away from where I stayed, FLESH beckoned with its simple yet enticing menu, promising a culinary adventure at a reasonable price. Upon entering, a friendly waitress promptly seated me amidst a relaxed ambiance—busy but not overwhelmingly so. Seeking guidance, I sought the waitress’s advice between the steak and the ribs; she ardently recommended the ribs with BBQ sauce and garlic crispy potatoes—an excellent choice indeed.
FLESH restaurant - best steakhouse in Paris
FLESH restaurant – best steakhouse in Paris
The homemade rub/marinade infused the ribs with a tantalizing flavor that stood out remarkably. Each bite was a testament to the craftsmanship behind the seasoning, enhancing the succulence of the meat. Though it took its time, relishing every mouthful was an absolute delight, leaving me sated to the fullest.
Throughout the meal, the staff’s attentive demeanor and infectious smiles ensured a leisurely dining experience—no rush, just pure enjoyment. However, a minor suggestion for consideration would be to offer smaller portions of all the dips for those who wish to savor a variety without committing to one.
Another couple indulged in the angus beef, finding the aroma and taste top-notch, although the garlic potatoes were slightly overdone, affecting their texture. Despite this, the excellent service and quality cuisine contributed to a delightful evening, with portions generous enough to preclude dessert.
For a boyfriend and girlfriend, the experience proved nothing short of amazing—a sentiment echoed by the tantalizing food, accommodating staff, and a perfect location that promised a return visit in the near future.
Opting for the mix grill at Flesh Pigalle, patrons reveled in a symphony of well-grilled meats complemented by an enticing array of sauces. The service, exuding warmth and a relaxed demeanor, contributed to a pleasant atmosphere, elevating the dining affair to a recommendation-worthy experience.
In conclusion, FLESH emerges as a sanctuary for meat enthusiasts—a place where flavorsome dishes, warm service, and generous portions converge to offer a delightful dining experience. While minor improvements might be considered, the overall impression remains positive, enticing patrons to return for another delectable encounter amidst Pigalle’s vibrant ambiance.
Address: 25 Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 42 81 21 93

7.MELT – best steakhouse in Paris

Nestled in Paris, MELT emerges as a haven for those seeking a casual yet tantalizing culinary experience. The absence of reservations didn’t hinder the delightfully swift service, minimizing wait times for eager patrons. As diverse dishes graced the tables, a consensus emerged—each item off the menu was a delight in its own right.
The smoked chicken, pork belly, and ribs stood as paragons of flavor, showcasing the culinary prowess that defines MELT. Accompanied by a delectable kale salad, the offerings transcended expectations, pleasing palates while perhaps challenging the resolve of those adhering to calorie counts.
MELT - best steakhouse in Paris
MELT – best steakhouse in Paris
Enthusiastic patrons lauded MELT as a definitive BBQ destination, attesting to the unparalleled meat tenderness and the smoked brisket that asserted itself as the crown jewel. Within the smoky ambiance, an array of tantalizing sides complemented the star attractions, elevating the dining experience to a resounding 6 out of 5—a testament to the superlative quality.
Visitors, treated to a warm welcome, found themselves guided through the menu by friendly staff, receiving recommendations that only added to the gastronomic delight. Be it the brisket sans bun, pulled pork on a bun, or the smash potatoes, each dish bore the mark of excellence, leaving patrons enraptured by the flavors crafted with precision.
Returning for a third visit, diners found themselves captivated by the Texas-style Bar-B-Que—smoked brisket, greens, and pomme frites leaving an indelible mark on their palates. Desserts, including Guinness chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies, served as a delightful finale, emphasizing MELT’s prowess in both main courses and sweet treats.
Surprising but delightful, MELT’s mastery in BBQ creation found acclaim amidst the Parisian culinary scene. The brisket and ribs, elevated by the homemade BBQ sauce with a delightful sweetness and subtle kick, alongside the famed “magic mushrooms” and exceptional fries, transformed a Friday night into an exploration of home-like flavors in France.
In conclusion, MELT stands as a testament to the unexpected—a Texas-inspired haven amid the Parisian landscape, enticing patrons with succulent meats, savory sides, and a comforting taste of home. Whether a connoisseur of BBQ or an adventurous diner seeking new flavors, MELT’s flavorful offerings make it a destination worthy of multiple returns, delivering a savory taste of Texas in the heart of France.
Address: 74 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris, France
Phone: +33 9 81 36 42 76

8.La Brigade – Oberkampf – best steakhouse in Paris

Nestled in the heart of Paris, La Brigade – Oberkampf exudes charm with its quaint setting and exceptional customer service, setting the stage for a delightful dining experience. The fusion of a smattering of English and French effortlessly bridged communication gaps, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere that set the tone for a memorable meal.
Patrons extolled the virtues of the chicken and beef dishes—culinary marvels that stood out amid the offerings. Each plate, accompanied by a modest serving of fries and green salad, became a canvas for exploration with an array of four delectable sauces: caramelized onions, Thai curry (a standout favorite), grain mustard, and creamy blue cheese. Kudos were awarded for the thoughtful gesture of an extra set of sauce offerings—a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to customer satisfaction.
La Brigade - Oberkampf - best steakhouse in Paris
La Brigade – Oberkampf – best steakhouse in Paris
Priced reasonably at 12 euros for the basket, the fare here proves both swift and flavorsome, perfect for a quick yet delectable lunch or dinner. Adding to the allure, the establishment’s commitment to eco-friendliness through biodegradable practices and recycling deserves commendation.
While the fries drew acclaim for their deliciousness, some diners had higher expectations given the buzz; nevertheless, the duck and beef stole the show, impeccably cooked to perfection. Although the sauces skewed slightly sweet for some tastes, the satay sauce emerged as a crowd pleaser. Amidst a convivial Thursday evening, friendly service, swift service, and an ambiance brimming with warmth set the stage for an enjoyable dining experience.
Commendations poured in for the quality of the food at an agreeable price point. The veal rump steak, accompanied by a refreshing drink, delighted patrons with its superb quality and freshness, accentuating the friendly and accommodating service staff.
La Brigade – Oberkampf isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a cool, character-rich spot where excellent cuisine meets a vibrant vibe. The fusion of great food, a cozy atmosphere, and infectious music culminated in an experience so delightful that it even prompted a spontaneous dance interval—a testament to the exceptional experience offered. Rated 10/10 by a thrilled guest, the recommendation for this establishment echoed the sentiment of a genuinely enjoyable dining adventure.
In conclusion, La Brigade – Oberkampf embodies the essence of a hidden culinary treasure—a spot where expertly crafted dishes, friendly service, and an inviting ambiance converge to offer an authentic and enjoyable dining escape in Paris. For those seeking a casual yet flavorsome culinary journey, this quaint locale promises a delightful experience without compromising on taste or ambiance.
Address: 103 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 48 06 79 56

9.WAGYU RESTAURANT PARIS – best steakhouse in Paris

For devoted meat connoisseurs, WAGYU RESTAURANT PARIS stands as a revered temple of gastronomic excellence. As the name suggests, this establishment promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking the pinnacle of meat indulgence—a journey that transcends expectations and sets a new standard in culinary satisfaction.
The resounding sentiment among patrons echoes the sentiment: if you cherish fine meat, this is an experience you cannot miss. Renowned for serving the crème de la crème, the A5 Wagyu—an epitome of exquisite quality—graces the menu, offering an unparalleled gastronomic adventure. While the price tag may be steep, the highest quality of meat in the world justifies the expense, ensuring a dining affair that is nothing short of sublime.
WAGYU RESTAURANT PARIS - best steakhouse in Paris
WAGYU RESTAURANT PARIS – best steakhouse in Paris
Amidst this epicurean delight, the attentive and gracious waitstaff contribute to an ambiance of perfection. Their warmth and expertise guide patrons through the menu, ensuring each visitor experiences the epitome of culinary excellence. The separate room for dining, accompanied by the exemplary service, elevates the experience, adding a touch of exclusivity to the meal.
Diners, enchanted by the phenomenal Wagyu steak—opting for the “small” yet substantial 200g portion—relished not only the melt-in-your-mouth meat but also the sumptuous sides of rice and mushrooms. To conclude the savory journey, the panna cotta delivered a delectable finale, leaving taste buds enchanted and appetites satiated.
Expectations were surpassed, with patrons pleasantly surprised by the ambiance—a testament to a well-curated atmosphere that complements the stellar cuisine. The inviting atmosphere, coupled with the exceptional Wagyu steak and delightful sides, ensured a dining experience that surpassed initial uncertainties, leaving guests content with their choice.
One ecstatic reviewer hailed it as the best experience ever, praising not just the tantalizing food but also the affable and welcoming staff. The boss’s hospitality, coupled with entertaining elements such as a DJ, added a vibrant touch, amplifying the overall dining experience—a sentiment echoed by the exclamation to “try it!”
In conclusion, WAGYU RESTAURANT PARIS is more than just a dining venue—it’s an indulgent escape for meat aficionados seeking the epitome of culinary perfection. With delectable Wagyu offerings, impeccable service, and an atmosphere that exudes warmth and vibrancy, this establishment is a must-visit for those yearning for an unparalleled dining adventure. A heartfelt thank you to the Wagyu team and a promise of a swift return encapsulate the sentiment of those fortunate enough to relish this gastronomic masterpiece.
Address: 23 Av. Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, France
Phone: +33 6 77 44 78 44

10.Bidoche – best steakhouse in Paris

Nestled within Paris lies Bidoche, an exceptional fusion of boucherie charm and exquisite dining—a haven that beckons meat enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. This unique concept seamlessly blends the allure of a quality butcher shop with the cozy appeal of a delightful restaurant, curating an unparalleled experience for patrons seeking the finest meats and exceptional meals.
The unassuming facade belies the gastronomic paradise hidden within—step beyond the curtains and enter Carnia, a paradise tailor-made for meat lovers. The friendly butcher offers insightful advice, guiding patrons through an assortment of top-quality meats, allowing them to handpick their desired cuts. A limited vegetarian menu ensures that while this spot is predominantly for meat aficionados, all can find something to relish. Despite the gourmet quality, the prices remain incredibly reasonable, catering to both discerning palates and budget-conscious diners.
Bidoche - best steakhouse in Paris
Bidoche – best steakhouse in Paris
For those enamored with meat, Bidoche is a revelation. The charming ambiance, professional service, and the ability to choose your preferred meat selection heighten the experience. The Chefs sampler—a trio of meats cooked to perfection—exemplifies the magic the kitchen crafts. Alternatively, guests can opt to peruse the butcher shop and select their desired cut. Unlimited sides, including tantalizing options like Mash, Salad, Chips, and a trio of sauces, elevate the dining affair, complementing the star attraction—the meat—with an exquisite symphony of flavors.
The attentive service, led by the knowledgeable butcher-turned-guide, ensures a memorable evening, guiding patrons through the meat selections while offering insights into their culinary journey. The complementary sides and high-end yet reasonably priced meat underscore the restaurant’s commitment to both quality and affordability.
Although the lack of ventilation might present a minor discomfort, the delectable fare overshadows this slight inconvenience. Patrons remain enthralled by the flavorsome meats and impeccable sides, vowing to return for more of Bidoche’s culinary enchantment.
In summary, Bidoche isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s an immersive gastronomic experience, where a charming butcher shop transcends its traditional boundaries to curate an unforgettable culinary adventure. For those seeking high-quality meats, delightful sides, and an intimate dining affair, Bidoche emerges as a must-visit destination, a culinary gem that one wouldn’t dare to miss on their Parisian escapade.
Address: 7 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris, France
Phone: +33 9 81 12 59 81
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