Reviews of the 10 Best Steakhouses in Fort Myers

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When it comes to savoring the finest cuts of meat and indulging in a culinary experience that surpasses expectations, the quest for the 10 best steakhouses in Fort Myers becomes a delectable adventure. Fort Myers boasts a myriad of dining establishments, each vying for the title of providing the utmost in steak perfection. Whether you’re a connoisseur seeking aged prime beef or a newcomer eager to explore the realm of exquisite flavors, this guide presents reviews of the 10 best Steakhouse destinations in Fort Myers, promising a gastronomic journey that tantalizes the taste buds and exceeds all expectations.

The 10 Best Steakhouses in Fort Myers

1. Parrot Key Caribbean Grill 

Nestled along the serene waterfront of Fort Myers, Parrot Key Caribbean Grill stands as a beacon for both delectable cuisine and vibrant ambiance. The fusion of impeccable service and tantalizing flavors crafts an unforgettable dining experience. From the moment you step onto the premises, the warm embrace of the open-air setting welcomes you to a haven where good times and exceptional food converge harmoniously.
Renowned for its Caribbean Chicken sandwich, this eatery transcends expectations with its diverse menu. The Key West Mahi, adorned with succulent crabmeat and accompanied by a bed of vegetables on couscous, beckons to seafood enthusiasts, while the herb-crusted chicken, a generous portion of flavorful delight, caters to varied palates. The servers, epitomizing attentiveness and promptness, elevate the dining affair with their courteous and gracious demeanor.
Parrot Key Caribbean Grill - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Parrot Key Caribbean Grill – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Amidst the backdrop of docked boats and scenic views, the atmosphere exudes relaxation and conviviality, making it an ideal spot for game day enthusiasts and casual diners alike. Regular patrons extol the virtues of Parrot Key’s Calamari, proclaiming it as unrivaled in the area, enhanced further with a squeeze of lemon before savoring the delectable sauce. Cocktails like the famed Blue Macaw complement the flavors, adding to the overall satisfaction of each visit.
For many, including repeat visitors who have made it a staple of their vacations, Parrot Key Caribbean Grill remains an unwavering favorite, promising consistent excellence and a lifetime of cherished dining memories.
Service options: Has outdoor seating · Has private dining room · Has live music
Located in: Salty Sam’s Marina
Address: 2500 Main St, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931, United States
Phone: +1 239-463-3257

2. Texas Roadhouse 

Texas Roadhouse in Fort Myers strikes a chord as a haven for hearty, flavorful meals that leave a lasting impression. The welcoming aroma of freshly baked bread, served alongside indulgent honey butter, sets the stage for a delightful dining experience. However, initial encounters with the servers left a bit to be desired for some patrons, as not all were well-versed in the beer selection. Nevertheless, the culinary offerings quickly compensated for any minor setbacks. Diners raved about the country fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and the tenderloin tips, each dish exceeding expectations with outstanding flavors that surprised even the most discerning palates.
Texas Roadhouse - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Texas Roadhouse – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
The convenience of online check-ins ensured a swift seating process for eager guests, complemented by the delightful indulgence of fresh bread paired with cinnamon butter. The early bird specials, featuring dishes like the pulled pork dinner and the chicken critter dinner, accompanied by two sides, proved to be generous portions contrary to assumptions, leaving patrons pleasantly satiated. The attentive service, notably by servers like Katie, contributed to the overall dining satisfaction, with patrons lauding not just the cuisine but also the unexpected quality of a simple drink like diet coke.
Families and seniors found Texas Roadhouse to be an inviting spot, with reasonable pricing during the early hours and meals cooked to perfection as per their preferences. Stuffed mushrooms, salads, and steaks were praised for their taste and quality, showcasing a consistency in delivering satisfying meals. Despite initial disappointments due to timing constraints, the experience proved worthwhile, and patrons expressed a strong inclination to revisit this establishment. The unanimous consensus highlighted the restaurant’s appeal: a combination of delectable dishes, attentive service, and an inviting atmosphere, making Texas Roadhouse a compelling choice for a hearty, fulfilling dining experience in Fort Myers.
Service options: Doesn’t accept reservations · Serves vegetarian dishes · Good for watching sport
Located in: Colonial Square
Address: 8021 Dani Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33966, United States
Phone: +1 239-561-7427

3. Outback Steakhouse 

At Outback Steakhouse in Fort Myers, exceptional customer service intertwines seamlessly with consistently delectable meals, creating an experience that leaves an indelible mark on patrons. Whether opting for takeout or delivery, the dedication of the staff, exemplified by individuals like Kevin, shines through. Kevin’s personalized attention to special requests and his friendly, caring demeanor during phone interactions stood out, elevating the dining experience even before the meals were enjoyed. The efficiency in fulfilling orders, always punctual and hassle-free, adds to the commendable service standards upheld by the Outback team.
Outback Steakhouse - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Outback Steakhouse – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
The culinary delights at Outback are hailed for their consistent deliciousness, and the extra care taken in preparing meals doesn’t go unnoticed by appreciative customers. Notably, George, a manager, exemplified an exceptional level of service by going above and beyond to recreate a cherished dish, showing genuine dedication to customer satisfaction. His efforts in recreating the chislic dish from the Midwest left patrons delighted and impressed, a testament to the kind of exemplary service that Outback embodies.
Guests have praised not only the sumptuousness of their meals, such as the perfectly cooked 9-ounce Center Cut sirloin, but also the attentive and friendly service received during their visit. However, there have been instances where other Outback locations fell short in terms of service quality, emphasizing the particular satisfaction derived from the Gulf Coast Center outpost.
Despite minor inconveniences, like the absence of Wi-Fi, the warm reception upon arrival and the impeccable service overshadowed any shortcomings. The “four courses” special deal proved to be a hit, with dishes cooked to perfection and the house Margarita standing out as a tasty and affordable choice.
Outback Steakhouse in Fort Myers stands as a beacon of exemplary customer service and consistently delicious fare. For those seeking a combination of impeccable service, mouthwatering dishes, and an overall delightful dining experience, this establishment stands as a commendable choice.
Service options: Serves happy-hour food · Serves great cocktails · Serves vegetarian dishes
Located in: Pinebrook Park
Address: 12995 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907, United States
Phone: +1 239-936-1021

4. Maverick Grille 

Nestled discreetly among the bustling Colonial Corridor in Fort Myers, Maverick Grille stands as a hidden gem, its unassuming exterior belying the culinary delights that await within. This newfound culinary haven has captured the hearts of patrons with its exceptional service and mouthwatering dishes, earning praises for its commitment to delivering the finest dining experience.
Maverick Grille - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Maverick Grille – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
For many first-time visitors, Maverick Grille proved to be a revelation, leaving an indelible mark that guarantees return visits. The gyro, a standout on the menu, received accolades for its generous portions and bursting flavors that left one patron from Chicago, a gyro connoisseur, thoroughly impressed. Accompanying dishes like quesadillas and salads garnered equal applause for their freshness and delectable ingredients, promising an array of tantalizing options for future visits.
Positioned inconspicuously within a busy shopping center, this counter-service establishment welcomes patrons with efficiency and a dedication to accommodating various dietary needs, catering seamlessly to those with food allergies. The customizable nature of the menu, reminiscent of build-your-own concepts like Subway or Moe’s, delighted diners, offering the freedom to craft meals as healthy or indulgent as desired. With bowls served atop beds of lettuce, rice and beans, or pita, and gyros adding to the flavorful offerings, Maverick Grille ensures a personalized and satisfying dining experience.
Despite being a new addition to the area, Maverick Grille’s allure extends beyond its novelty, drawing patrons in with its sidewalk appeal and tempting menu. Delighted customers praised the delicious and plentiful gyros, emphasizing the freshness and made-to-order nature of the cuisine, solidifying Maverick Grille as a welcome addition to the Fort Myers dining scene.
With its commitment to quality, freshness, and attentive service evident in every aspect of the dining experience, Maverick Grille emerges as a culinary treasure worth discovering. For those seeking a blend of convenience, diverse menu options, and exceptional flavors, this newfound haven stands ready to impress and captivate with every visit.
Located in: Colonial Professional Plaza
Address: 4480 Fowler St #110, Fort Myers, FL 33901, United States
Areas served: Lee County
Phone: +1 239-412-1363

5. The Veranda 

Nestled amidst the enchanting streets of Fort Myers, The Veranda emerges as a timeless culinary gem, captivating patrons with its impeccable ambience, exceptional service, and tantalizing cuisine that defines the epitome of fine dining. This esteemed establishment effortlessly weaves together elements that create memorable experiences, leaving an indelible mark on those seeking an extraordinary night out.
The Veranda - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
The Veranda – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Diners seeking an unforgettable celebration have found solace in The Veranda’s welcoming embrace, a haven where time slows down, allowing friends and family to revel in each other’s company while relishing the delectable offerings. Birthdays and special occasions flourish here, harmonizing with the top-notch service and sumptuous cuisine that ensures an evening of delight and fulfillment.
For those indulging in a girls’ night out, The Veranda assumes the role of a gracious host, elevating the experience through personalized touches. From Vanessa’s expertly crafted Caesar salad to the warm cornbread muffins accompanied by pepper jelly, every detail contributes to an unforgettable evening in the enchanting courtyard adorned with whimsical lights, making it a cherished memory for patrons.
The Veranda’s reputation for outstanding fine dining finds resonance in its classic yet exceptional offerings. Patrons extol the lamb, the special NY Strip au poivre, and the exquisite table-side Caesar salad, each dish a testament to the culinary mastery and commitment to excellence. The attentive and prideful service rendered by the staff accentuates the dining experience, fostering an environment where guests are treated with utmost care and respect.
A Valentine’s Day sojourn to The Veranda transcends expectations, as patrons are greeted by the captivating beauty of the garden patio, setting the stage for an unforgettable romantic evening. The impeccable service, personified by the attentive yet unobtrusive Greg, seamlessly complements the culinary artistry. From the captivating oysters Rockefeller to the Chilean Sea Bass paired with luscious risotto, every dish delights the senses and astounds with its presentation, culminating in a sweet crescendo with equally fabulous desserts.
In summary, The Veranda stands as a beacon of excellence, offering an unparalleled dining experience that encapsulates charm, sophistication, and gastronomic delight. For those seeking a place where elegance meets culinary mastery, The Veranda remains a quintessential destination, etching lifelong memories with each splendid visit.
Address: 2122 Second St, Fort Myers, FL 33901, United States
Phone: +1 239-332-2065

6. Connors Steak & Seafood 

Connors Steak & Seafood, nestled among the retail bustle of Fort Myers, emerges as an oasis of fine dining amidst the commercial landscape, where exceptional cuisine and attentive service converge to create an unforgettable experience.
Regular patrons find solace in Connors, where consistency in both food and service prevails. While reservations are a must in this popular spot, the hostess efficiently accommodates patrons, ensuring a seamless transition from arrival to seating. Even with a minor hiccup in communication, the staff’s quick resolution ensures that guests are promptly seated, ready to embark on yet another impeccable dining experience.
Connors Steak & Seafood - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Connors Steak & Seafood – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Nestled inconspicuously among larger chain restaurants, Connors stands out with its casual Florida dress code, offering an ambiance that exudes elegance and charm. The culinary offerings, exemplified by delectable prime rib dinners and complimentary birthday desserts like the indulgent strawberry shortcake, stand as testaments to the restaurant’s commitment to excellence.
Patrons recounting their exceptional experiences highlight the restaurant’s stunning atmosphere, where exquisite food elevates the dining affair. Accompanied by impeccable service, notably by servers like Shane and Cameron, the dining journey becomes an immersive pleasure. Shane’s proficiency and engaging personality enhanced the overall experience, while Cameron’s expert recommendations and the manager’s attentive gesture added a special touch to the evening.
Choosing to dine outdoors proved to be a delightful decision, allowing patrons to immerse themselves in the ambiance while relishing remarkable dishes that left an enduring impression. The remarkable quality of the meals, coupled with the attentive service and picturesque setting, created an evening worthy of remembrance.
For those seeking an extraordinary dining experience in Fort Myers, Connors Steak & Seafood presents itself as a quintessential destination. With its blend of refined flavors, inviting atmosphere, and impeccable service, Connors emerges as a haven for those in pursuit of culinary excellence, promising each visit to be a treasured and memorable experience.
Service options: Serves happy-hour food · Has private dining room · Has kids’ menu
Located in: Gulf Coast Town Center
Address: 10076 Gulf Center Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33913, United States
Phone: +1 239-267-2677

7. Ember Korean Steakhouse 

Ember Korean Steakhouse in Fort Myers beckons diners into a realm where exquisite dining experiences intertwine effortlessly with a vibrant ambiance, leaving an indelible mark on every patron’s visit.
For families or couples seeking an exceptional culinary journey, Ember’s atmosphere resonates, offering a blend of casual elegance ideal for both family gatherings and intimate date nights. The food emerges as a star attraction, with dishes like poke bibimbap and Japanese nachos delighting taste buds with their flavorsome and exquisite tastes.
Ember Korean Steakhouse - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Ember Korean Steakhouse – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Visitors, both locals and vacationers, find solace in the warmth of Ember’s decor and the energetic ambiance with a K-pop countdown, setting the stage for memorable dining experiences. The personalized touch, highlighted by Mio’s friendly explanations and conversations, adds to the restaurant’s allure. The team’s collaborative efforts, evident in the attentive service and engaging conversations, enhance the overall dining affair, leaving patrons feeling valued and welcomed.
Opting for the Feast C, where patrons cook their food on unique fire/grill tables, was an adventure for some, met with assistance from the attentive waiter who gladly assisted in the process. While the price point might be higher due to the various menu offerings and additional items like wine, mango tango sushi, spring rolls, and dessert, the consensus among diners is that the experience is worth every penny. Diners appreciated the substantial portions, considering planning their next visits to focus on specific dishes, acknowledging the abundance of food.
The hallmark of Ember Korean Steakhouse lies not just in its delectable cuisine but also in its exceptional service. Visitors commend the staff’s kindness, describing their experience as the best service encountered in a long time. The dedication of the entire team, from servers to food runners, underscores the restaurant’s commitment to ensuring every guest leaves with a remarkable dining memory.
With each visit, Ember Korean Steakhouse in Fort Myers captivates diners with its blend of delectable Korean cuisine, engaging ambiance, and exceptional service. For those seeking an extraordinary dining experience rooted in warmth, uniqueness, and outstanding flavors, Ember stands as a must-visit culinary destination.
Service options: Has all you can eat · Serves happy-hour food · Serves vegetarian dishes
Address: 7091 College Pkwy #9, Fort Myers, FL 33907, United States
Phone: +1 239-771-8818

8. The Standard restaurant Downtown 

The Standard Restaurant Downtown in Fort Myers has carved its place as a culinary gem, offering a diverse and vibrant dining experience that caters to a range of tastes and preferences. Patrons laud this establishment for its delightful food, inviting ambiance, and attentive service, making it a must-visit destination.
For those seeking a peek behind the scenes, the bar seating at The Standard provides an enticing view into the kitchen, where skilled chefs like John and Lexi tirelessly prepare delectable meals. Zee, the bartender, embodies warmth and friendliness, creating a welcoming atmosphere that instantly makes guests feel at ease.
The Standard Restaurant Downtown - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
The Standard Restaurant Downtown – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
The lunch menu, highlighted by dishes like the Cuban and Tuna fish sandwiches accompanied by homemade chips, receives high praise for its flavorful offerings. Patrons revel in the mouthwatering flavors and commend the quality of the food, making the dining experience a delightful affair.
The Sunday brunch scene at The Standard emerges as a standout experience, where groups relish in delicious treats like the chicken avocado toast and the quiche of the day. The bottomless Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, expertly tended to by bartender Katie, ensure a never-ending flow of drinks, complementing the delectable cuisine. Even after a hurricane, guests found solace in the pampering atmosphere created by the attentive staff.
The surprise of a lively Drag Karaoke event caught some patrons off guard but ended up being a delightful addition to their dining experience. Amidst the festive atmosphere, the California Bene and Yogurt parfait stood out, alongside the cheerful karaoke performances that added a unique and memorable touch to the visit.
The new location of The Standard impresses diners with its spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The generous portions, friendly staff, and pleasant ambience contribute to a delightful brunch experience, prompting returning visits from satisfied customers.
In summary, The Standard Restaurant Downtown in Fort Myers stands as a testament to delightful culinary experiences, where flavorful dishes, a welcoming ambiance, and attentive service converge seamlessly. Whether seeking a casual lunch, a lively brunch, or unique dining events, The Standard continues to charm patrons and promises a memorable and enjoyable dining adventure.
Address: 1520 Broadway, Fort Myers, FL 33901, United States
Phone: +1 239-219-6463

9. Farmer’s Market Restaurant 

The Farmer’s Market Restaurant in Fort Myers has secured its place as a beloved culinary haven, drawing patrons far and wide for its homestyle country cooking, warm ambiance, and impeccable service that’s reminiscent of cherished hometown diners.
Nestled in an industrial area off the main drag, this unassuming gem delights patrons with its hearty breakfast offerings. Guests praise the abundant and reasonably priced meals that satisfy appetites without burning a hole in the pocket. The delectable food, served in generous portions, consistently earns accolades for its taste and value. The restaurant’s commitment to cleanliness is evident in the impeccably maintained bathrooms, a testament to their dedication to providing a pleasant dining environment.
Farmer's Market Restaurant - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Farmer’s Market Restaurant – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Longtime patrons return with fond memories, finding solace in the familiarity of outstanding service and delicious meals. Server #23 and Mary, a stalwart of over 50 years, create an atmosphere akin to “old home week,” fostering a sense of belonging and anticipation for future visits.
The outstanding customer service garners high praise, with patrons likening the staff’s warmth and attentiveness to that of Chick-fil-A’s renowned service. From cashiers to waitresses to cleaning staff, each encounter leaves patrons feeling welcomed and appreciated.
The food, hailed as reminiscent of homemade comfort meals, resonates deeply with patrons, evoking feelings of nostalgia and comfort. Dishes are prepared with such care and authenticity that they conjure memories of homemade cooking, providing a taste of home for many. Patrons plan their week around the daily specials, showcasing the profound impact the restaurant’s meals have on their culinary cravings.
Regular visitors attest to the enduring appeal of Farmer’s Market Restaurant, where the country-style cuisine remains a highlight. Whether indulging in beloved favorites like biscuits and gravy for Saturday morning breakfast or savoring country fried steak dinners, guests consistently commend the quality of the food. Dana, the cheerful server, and the welcoming sisters at the front epitomize the warm and friendly atmosphere that keeps patrons returning for more.
In essence, Farmer’s Market Restaurant in Fort Myers transcends mere dining experiences, creating an atmosphere of warmth, nostalgia, and culinary satisfaction. For those seeking a taste of home away from home, this establishment stands as a beacon, offering not just delicious meals but also a sense of belonging and cherished memories with every visit.
Located in: Fort Myers State Farmers Market
Address: 2736 Edison Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33916, United States
Phone: +1 239-334-1687

10. The Melting Pot 

The Melting Pot in Fort Myers stands as a beacon of exceptional dining experiences, consistently delivering delightful evenings filled with delectable cuisine and impeccable service that cater to celebrations and intimate gatherings alike.
For those seeking a memorable culinary journey, The Melting Pot’s ambiance and service are unmatched. Kenna, hailed as a perfect hostess, adeptly guided guests through the menu, ensuring a delightful experience. The Big Night Out for two, with its tantalizing cheese, meat, and sweet trays, left patrons thoroughly satisfied, a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to excellence.
The Melting Pot - best steakhouse in Fort Myers
The Melting Pot – best steakhouse in Fort Myers
Elevating special occasions, The Melting Pot proves to be the perfect destination, with dishes like the baked potato cheddar fondue and herb-crusted chicken earning high recommendations. The delightful green goddess dipping sauce paired impeccably, while the smores chocolate fondue proved to be a delightful highlight, accentuating the overall dining experience. Alex, a server noted for attentiveness and menu guidance, played a pivotal role in ensuring a flawless dining affair, adding a touch of light humor to complement the experience.
Patrons celebrating anniversaries found The Melting Pot to be an ideal backdrop for their milestone moments. The exceptional food coupled with impeccable service orchestrated a perfect 10-year anniversary celebration, exemplifying the restaurant’s ability to create lasting memories.
The restaurant’s midday charm didn’t go unnoticed, with guests commending the impeccable service provided by Dylan during a noon visit. The impeccable timing and quality of service contributed to a memorable dining experience.
Repeated visits to The Melting Pot for special occasions like birthdays reinforce its appeal as a consistent favorite. The restaurant’s ability to deliver perfection consistently resonates with patrons, ensuring a level of satisfaction that keeps them coming back for more.
In essence, The Melting Pot in Fort Myers shines as a culinary haven, where exquisite fondue and exceptional service converge to create cherished moments. Whether celebrating milestones or simply enjoying a delightful meal, patrons can trust in The Melting Pot to deliver an unforgettable dining experience time and again, promising a return filled with anticipation and satisfaction.
Located in: Design Center
Address: Design Center, 13251 McGregor Blvd #107, Fort Myers, FL 33919, United States
Phone: +1 239-481-1717
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