Reviews of the 10 best steakhouses in Chicago Suburbs

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When it comes to savoring premium cuts of beef and exceptional dining experiences, the quest for the best Steakhouse in the Chicago Suburbs can be an exquisite journey. With a multitude of culinary havens vying for the title of serving the most succulent steaks and providing unparalleled dining ambiance, narrowing down the choices to unveil the top 10 best steakhouse options in the Chicago Suburbs becomes an enticing exploration of taste, atmosphere, and overall excellence.

Reviews of the 10 best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs

1.Chicago Chop House 

Chicago Chop House, nestled in the heart of the Chicago Suburbs, embodies the epitome of a classic steakhouse experience, capturing the hearts and taste buds of its patrons. Renowned for its old-school charm and sumptuous fare, this establishment received resounding acclaim from its loyal clientele. One reviewer, after a delightful evening indulging in an array of culinary delights, commended the wet-aged bone-in ribeye, filets, and prime rib that left all four diners in awe of its flavorful excellence.
The extensive feast included lobster bisque, crab cake—hailed as the “BEST EVER,” along with an assortment of delectable sides like salads, brussels, mushrooms, and luscious desserts like peach cobbler and creme brulee. The bill reflected the exquisite meal and impeccable service, leaving the patrons eager to return for another memorable dining experience.
Chicago Chop House - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Chicago Chop House – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Another impressed guest, while acknowledging the higher price point, emphasized that every penny spent at Chicago Chop House was unequivocally justified. Despite the bustling atmosphere with multiple attendants serving and clearing dishes, the attentive service and a favorable outdoor seating experience added to the overall satisfaction. Recommending the prime rib and filet as standout choices, complemented by a selection of wines, this patron highlighted the allure of the menu for anyone seeking an exceptional dining affair.
Moreover, a couple celebrating their 20th anniversary were deeply touched by the personalized gesture of the staff creating bespoke menus. Their dining experience, accompanied by a meticulously prepared filet and crab cake, sides like mashed potatoes and roasted corn, resonated with perfection. The ambiance, rich in history and conversations within the three-story old house setting, coupled with impeccable service, culminated in a truly memorable celebration deserving of the occasion.
Louis, an attentive waiter, contributed significantly to another couple’s enchanting evening at Chicago Chop House. Raving about the chopped salad, lobster bisque, and shrimp scampi, the diners relished a shared 12 oz filet and indulgent desserts. While the wine list could have offered more affordable options, the overall experience was characterized as excellent, with a desire for an expanded wine selection.
In essence, Chicago Chop House entices with its classic ambiance, impeccable service, and a menu showcasing top-notch steak and delightful accompaniments. Despite the higher price range, patrons unanimously agree that the exceptional quality of the dining experience warrants every expenditure, making it an ideal destination for special occasions and cherished celebrations.
Address: 60 W Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States
Phone: +1 312-787-7100

2.Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse 

Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, nestled in the vibrant heart of downtown Chicago, stands as a beacon of exceptional dining experiences, consistently impressing its patrons with exquisite culinary offerings and impeccable service. The resounding sentiment among guests echoes a sentiment of sheer delight and satisfaction, often surpassing expectations.
Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
One diner, initially hesitant due to the spot’s “tourist” label, found themselves pleasantly surprised by the establishment’s ability to live up to its esteemed reputation. Their experience was nothing short of dynamite, characterized by flawless martinis, perfectly cooked steaks, and tantalizing sides like Brussel sprouts and baked potatoes. The desserts, particularly the colossal 4-pound slice of carrot cake, left a lasting impression, elevating the dining affair to new heights of indulgence. The ambiance, though upscale, exuded a comfortable elegance, creating an inviting atmosphere that didn’t feel stuffy but rather provided an ideal setting for a quintessential white-tablecloth experience.
Another delighted customer, returning after an eight-year hiatus, affirmed that Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse had retained its remarkable touch. A party of six, including first-time visitors, found themselves captivated by the delectable offerings and exceptional service. Boz, their waiter, charmed them with both efficiency and humor, enhancing the overall dining experience. Raving about the crisp and delicious wedge salad and a ribeye grilled to perfection, their collective experience was further elevated by an excellent wine selection and an indulgent macadamia nut turtle pie that surpassed their expectations.
The restaurant’s reputation as a hotspot for celebrities like Michael Jordan and famed Bulls players only adds to its allure. Its awe-inspiring atmosphere, complemented by an outstanding waitstaff, resonates with authenticity and charm. The steak, often hailed as exemplary, earns high accolades and makes Gibsons a must-visit destination in the city’s bustling culinary scene.
Furthermore, a celebratory meal for a husband’s birthday was nothing short of extraordinary, as recounted by another satisfied guest. From delectable starters like shrimp cocktail and crab with avocado to the sumptuous New York strip and generously portioned chicken dish, every element of the meal was executed flawlessly. The stuffed baked potato and exemplary service further amplified the dining experience, leaving an indelible mark as the best steak encountered in Chicago.
In conclusion, Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse stands as a testament to culinary excellence, blending impeccable dishes with a welcoming ambiance and exceptional service. Its ability to consistently exceed expectations solidifies its position as one of Chicago’s premier steakhouses, enticing patrons to indulge in an unforgettable gastronomic journey time and time again.
Address: 1028 N Rush St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States
Phone: +1 312-266-8999

3.STK Steakhouse 

STK Steakhouse, nestled in the lively ambiance of the Chicago Suburbs, presents a dining experience that resonates with elegance, modernity, and an undeniable culinary prowess. The restaurant stands as a beacon for those seeking not only exceptional food but also an alluring atmosphere and top-notch service.
A pre-bachelor party dinner set the stage for an evening marked by a friendly staff, inviting vibes, and a menu boasting two types of steak complemented by tantalizing butter and side sauces. While acknowledging the deliciousness of the fare, patrons noted the steep price tags, a common sentiment echoed among visitors. However, the quality of both food and drinks, like the delightful Moscow mule, left a lasting positive impression. The server’s commendable knowledge and amiable demeanor further elevated the dining experience, resulting in a resounding recommendation.
STK Steakhouse - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
STK Steakhouse – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Visitors were enchanted by the restaurant’s trendy and chic ambiance, adorned with a sleek black-and-white interior and dim lighting that added to the sophisticated experience. The steaks, described as tender enough to slice effortlessly, left an indelible mark on the diners, as did the extraordinary sourdough and lil brg appetizers. The main course featured a delectable, moist cod and heavenly mashed potatoes that surpassed expectations. The culinary journey reached its pinnacle with the recommended chocolate cake, all of which was enhanced by the impeccable service of Brett Bergen and the attentive manager, Neil, who ensured a memorable visit.
Another visitor, dining for brunch, lauded the exceptional service provided by the hostess, Erica, whose professionalism, warmth, and attentiveness left an indelible impression. The delightful spread of food, including the must-have lobster mac and cheese, coupled with the affable staff, contributed to an immensely enjoyable dining experience, warranting a return visit.
Summarily, STK Steakhouse stands out for its delectable and flavorful steaks and sides, combined with an appealing ambiance and attentive staff. The restaurant’s commitment to delivering an exceptional dining affair, while acknowledging the high price point, resonates throughout the numerous reviews, beckoning both locals and visitors to indulge in a culinary journey defined by quality, ambiance, and attentive service.
Located in: Museum of Broadcast Communications
Address: 9 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States
Phone: +1 312-340-5636

4.RPM Steak  

RPM Steak in the vibrant Chicago Suburbs emerges as a beacon of exceptional dining experiences, where impeccable service intertwines seamlessly with delectable cuisine, setting the stage for unforgettable culinary journeys. Each patron’s review echoes the sentiment of an extraordinary visit, accentuated by attentive hosts and servers who elevate the dining experience to new heights.
RPM Steak - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
RPM Steak – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
For one group of first-timers, the warmth and professionalism exhibited by their server, Anne, left an indelible mark. Her recommendations proved to be culinary delights that promised a return visit. Despite a bustling environment, the staff’s hospitality shone through, with bartender Karla impressing guests with her charm and skill in concocting delightful cosmopolitans. Despite a disruptive neighboring party, the staff’s swift action to ensure a comfortable experience was commendable. The culinary journey, featuring octopus, fish tacos, and cocktails, all received high praise, coupled with a gracious acknowledgment of the hospitable atmosphere created by the entire staff.
Celebrating an anniversary, another couple, per the recommendation of an Uber driver, discovered a gem in RPM Steakhouse. Guided by the exceptional service of their waiter Eric, the dining experience surpassed expectations. The bacon appetizer and gruyere popover bread laid the groundwork for a sumptuous meal, with ribeyes adorned with oscar topping and millionaire potatoes as standout choices. Dessert was an indulgence in a 14K chocolate cake complemented by the whimsy of cotton candy, while the seamless service of Eric added an extra layer of joy to their celebration.
Andrew, an exemplary waiter, became the highlight of another group’s evening, demonstrating profound knowledge about steaks and wines. His personalized service and attention to detail ensured a seamless dining experience, from the soft shell crab appetizer to the splendid selection of steaks and accompanying sides. The ambiance exuded vibrancy and sophistication, complemented by a beautiful crowd, including the impeccably dressed staff, contributing to an upbeat atmosphere.
In essence, RPM Steakhouse excels not only in its culinary offerings but also in fostering an atmosphere where exceptional service and gastronomic delights intersect effortlessly. Each review reinforces the establishment’s status as a premier destination for outstanding steaks, delightful sides, and an ambiance that sets the stage for memorable evenings. Whether guided by Anne, Karla, Eric, or Andrew, patrons can anticipate an unparalleled dining experience that beckons them to return for more unforgettable moments.
Address: 66 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States
Phone: +1 312-284-4990

5.Maple & Ash – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs

Maple & Ash, nestled in the heart of the Chicago Suburbs, promises an unforgettable dining experience that seamlessly blends sophistication with an enticing urban vibe. Patrons’ reviews highlight a consistent theme of exceptional service, exquisite food, and an ambiance that effortlessly captures the essence of city life.
For one couple seeking a taste of urban sophistication, the patio dining experience at Maple & Ash proved to be a delightful surprise. While unable to secure a spot in the main dining room, the patio’s ambiance was deemed perfect. The outstanding food and fantastic service encapsulated everything they had hoped for, leaving them nostalgic for the urban lifestyle they miss. Maple & Ash, in its elegant setting, rekindled their love for the city experience.
Maple & Ash - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Maple & Ash – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Another couple celebrated their anniversary and found Maple & Ash to be a captivating blend of hip elegance and fun. From their interaction with Alicia during booking, who assisted in selecting the perfect table in the atrium adorned with elegant candelabras, to the impeccable service from Dario and suggestions from Jesse the sommelier, each aspect of their dining journey was exceptional. The octopus dish stood out among the delightful menu recommendations, enhancing their overall experience.
The allure of Maple & Ash extends beyond expectations, as noted by another guest who found the experience to be worth every penny. Opting for the “I don’t give a f$&k” menu, they were treated to an exceptional culinary adventure that surpassed all anticipations, ensuring they would return for another memorable evening.
Brunch at Maple & Ash proved to be a lavish affair, characterized by impeccable service and indulgent offerings. The third-floor restaurant setting, adorned with elegance, set the stage for the “IDGAF brunch,” where the caviar service and flowing quality champagne were among the highlights. While the restaurant maintains a dress code, accommodating slightly more casual attire, a business casual approach is recommended for a seamless fit with the restaurant’s ambiance.
In conclusion, Maple & Ash shines as a beacon of sophisticated dining, offering patrons an urban experience with its impeccable service, delectable dishes, and captivating ambiance. Whether celebrating an anniversary, relishing the renowned brunch, or embarking on the culinary adventure of the “I don’t give a f$&k” menu, Maple & Ash consistently delivers an extraordinary dining escapade, leaving guests eager to return for more refined experiences.
Address: 8 W Maple St, Chicago, IL 60610, United States
Phone: +1 312-944-8888

6.Steak 48 

Steak 48, an exquisite gem nestled in the vibrant heart of the Chicago Suburbs, embodies the pinnacle of exceptional dining, consistently delivering an awe-inspiring blend of impeccable service, sumptuous cuisine, and an inviting ambiance. Reviews from patrons echo the sentiment of an unforgettable dining escapade, elevating this establishment to a league of its own.
Steak 48 - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Steak 48 – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
A celebration dinner became a memorable affair, thanks to the trifecta of food, service, and ambiance that Steak 48 effortlessly delivers. Douglas, a standout server, elevated the dining experience with exceptional recommendations and attentive service, leaving an indelible mark on the guests’ hearts.
One solo diner found solace in the culinary delights offered by Steak 48, relishing in Cream Corn Brûlée, Fried Lobster tails, and a perfectly cooked grass-fed NY Strip. The stellar management team, Joe Taylor and Katrina Johnson, were a testament to the restaurant’s excellence, complementing an already stellar dining experience. The extensive wine list and impeccable food choices left a lasting impression, solidifying this establishment as a personal favorite.
Exceptional food and service took center stage for another group, as they marveled at the perfectly cooked filet mignon and NY strips. The warmth maintained in the plates enhanced the dining experience, accompanied by an extensive wine list and delectable cocktails. The sweet potato praline vegetable side and the thoughtful gesture of a free dessert to celebrate an anniversary added to the overall charm, earning this accolade as the best steakhouse visited, even compared to renowned spots in NYC.
A dining experience as guests of a friend allowed for a delightful exploration of various steak cuts and delectable sides like sweet corn, whipped potatoes, and brussels sprouts. The attentive service and perfectly prepared food further solidified Steak 48’s reputation for excellence.
Celebrating a birthday at Steak 48 became a cherished memory for a couple, relishing in the delightful weather and exceptional service. Their evening was graced with a delightful array of dishes, including a bone-in rib eye with a butter truffle topping, accompanied by a selection of sides and fine wines. The special birthday dessert capped off an unforgettable evening, leaving them enchanted by the overall experience.
In summary, Steak 48 emerges as a beacon of exceptional dining, where every aspect of the experience, from service to cuisine, exceeds expectations. Patrons consistently hail it as a top-tier steakhouse, setting the bar high for unparalleled dining experiences and leaving them eager to return for more unforgettable moments.
Located in: The Shops at North Bridge
Address: 615 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, United States
Phone: +1 312-266-4848

7.Swift & Sons

Swift & Sons, a cornerstone of culinary excellence nestled in the lively Chicago Suburbs, offers an extraordinary dining experience that captivates patrons through its impeccable service, delectable cuisine, and charming ambiance. The restaurant garners high praise and accolades from patrons who relish every moment spent within its doors.
One couple chose Swift & Sons for a special birthday celebration and were greeted by the delightful server, Candy, who transformed their evening into an unforgettable experience. From perfectly cooked steaks to delectable sides like standout mashed potatoes, complemented by impeccable cocktails and wines, every aspect of the meal was exceptional. Highly recommending Candy’s section for an exceptional dining affair, the evening became a fantastic memory.
Swift & Sons - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Swift & Sons – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Amidst the bustling ambiance on a busy Friday evening, another diner found the service impeccable and the atmosphere inviting. Celebrating a birthday, the attentive staff made the occasion special by presenting small sweets, adding a touch of kindness to the dining experience. The vast wine list and delightful dessert trolley added to the evening’s charm, leaving the guests content, albeit too full to indulge in more.
From setting to service, Swift & Sons left a lasting impression on a patron who marveled at the ambiance, decor, and attentive staff. The menu’s extensive offerings tempted every taste bud, with the East Meets West oysters and a massive 22oz ribeye being particular highlights. The impeccable preparation of the steak and sides elevated the dining experience, ensuring a promise of a return visit.
A group of seasoned steak aficionados found Swift & Sons to be an excellent choice after decades of steak dining experiences in Chicago. From smooth reservation arrangements to attentive valet parking, the restaurant set a positive tone. Highlights included the Caesar salad starter and the tender, flavorful bone-in filet. While acknowledging a slightly elevated noise level, the overall comfort and quality of the experience surpassed any minor inconvenience. The pricing, though higher post-pandemic, was deemed reasonable for the exceptional quality offered.
In essence, Swift & Sons stands as a testament to exceptional dining, where impeccable service, exquisite cuisine, and an inviting ambiance converge to create an unforgettable experience. The restaurant’s consistent excellence and attention to detail leave patrons eagerly anticipating a return visit, affirming its status as a must-visit destination in the bustling Chicago culinary scene.
Located in: Google Chicago – Fulton Market
Address: 1000 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607, United States
Phone: +1 312-733-9420

8.Tango Sur 

Tango Sur, a vibrant Argentine steakhouse nestled in the heart of the Chicago Suburbs, enchants patrons with its bustling yet almost European ambiance, showcasing a fusion of delectable cuisine and welcoming staff. Reviews from delighted guests echo the sentiment of an unforgettable dining experience, highlighting the culinary excellence and warm atmosphere.
This charming steakhouse, accompanied by a wine bistro next door, draws rave reviews for its bustling atmosphere reminiscent of Europe, complemented by friendly and efficient staff. Patrons are advised to make reservations in advance to relish the enormous yet delectable portions. The ribeye, rello, and empanadas are highly recommended, presenting a flavorful array that tantalizes taste buds and leaves a lasting impression.
Tango Sur - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Tango Sur – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Another visitor adored Tango Sur’s tight yet cozy quarters, appreciating the fantastic steaks that lived up to expectations. The Matambre appetizer stood out, further enriching the culinary journey. The wait staff, including a knowledgeable waiter providing South America travel tips, enhanced the overall experience. The BYOB policy, coupled with dim lighting, creates an intimate setting, encouraging guests to bring their favorite beverages and prepare for a delightful evening.
Recommended by a former Chitown bartender, this steakhouse exceeded expectations, delivering on the promise of great meat and exceptional service. The melted cheese appetizer and the Argentinian sampler, abundant in portions, left guests thoroughly impressed and eagerly planning return visits.
An extraordinary experience was recounted by guests who traveled from England to savor Tango Sur’s brilliance. The seamless journey from arrival to departure was complemented by exceptional staff and incredible food. The BYOB policy emerged as a boon, significantly reducing costs. The restaurant’s unparalleled atmosphere and top-notch service elevated this dining experience to the pinnacle of excellence, making it a cherished memory worth relishing.
In essence, Tango Sur emerges as a beacon of culinary delight, where the fusion of remarkable cuisine, warm ambiance, and attentive staff create an immersive and unforgettable dining escapade. Each review reinforces its status as a must-visit destination, resonating with patrons seeking authentic Argentine flavors and an inviting atmosphere that elevates dining to an experience worth treasuring.
Address: 3763 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613, United States
Phone: +1 773-477-5466

9.Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf 

Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf, nestled in the heart of the vibrant Chicago Suburbs, mesmerizes patrons with its unparalleled ambiance, exceptional service, and a culinary journey that exceeds expectations. Customer reviews echo the sentiments of an unforgettable dining experience, applauding the impeccable service, sumptuous food, and inviting atmosphere.
For one family on a Chicago trip, Bavette’s was a top priority and undoubtedly lived up to the expectations. The restaurant’s ambiance immediately transports guests, while the staff’s professionalism and kindness create an inviting atmosphere. The diverse order, featuring sourdough, roasted chicken, dutches cut tenderloin, and sides like asparagus and mushrooms, was met with immense delight. Despite a slight oversight in steak preparation, the prompt and courteous resolution, coupled with a complimentary dessert for a birthday celebration, highlighted the staff’s attentiveness and dedication to guest satisfaction.
Bavette's Bar & Boeuf - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Another patron lauded Bavette’s for living up to its well-deserved hype. The petite duchess cut of filet mignon, creamed spinach, and truffle mac and cheese stole the show, impressing with their impeccable flavors and portion sizes. The cocktail selection, particularly the Bavette’s punch, added a delightful touch to the experience. The speakeasy jazz ambiance, combined with exceptional service and delicious fare, created a captivating dining atmosphere that beckons a return visit.
Celebrating a 54th anniversary became a cherished memory at Bavette’s, where the choice of a high top in the bar area enhanced the overall experience. The ambiance, bolstered by the exceptional service of their server Nicki, added a delightful charm. From the delectable oysters to the bone-in ribeye and short rib stroganoff, each dish exuded excellence. The presentation of a lovely sundae as a gesture for their celebration epitomized the restaurant’s attention to detail and guest satisfaction.
A Saturday night dinner on the patio proved to be an enjoyable affair for another set of diners. Starting with bread and a wedge salad, they savored Bavette’s signature cocktails, including the Bavette punch and Old Fashioned. The meal showcased the culinary prowess with offerings like stroganoff and steak frites, leaving a lasting impression despite minor preferences, promising an eagerly anticipated return.
In summary, Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf stands as a pinnacle of culinary excellence, where exceptional service, an inviting ambiance, and an array of delectable dishes converge to create an immersive and unforgettable dining experience. Patrons cherish moments spent at this remarkable establishment, eagerly returning for more exquisite culinary journeys in the heart of Chicago.
Address: 218 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States
Phone: +1 312-624-8154

10.The Capital Grille 

The Capital Grille, nestled in the heart of the Chicago Suburbs, emanates elegance and culinary excellence, leaving an indelible mark on patrons with its exceptional service, exquisite menu offerings, and inviting ambiance. Reviews from satisfied guests speak volumes about the restaurant’s ability to deliver an unforgettable dining experience, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.
For one group, dining in the exclusive 40’s room proved to be an exceptional choice, with Mike, their knowledgeable server, orchestrating a flawless evening. The carefully spaced courses, including calamari, field green salad, and the Wagyu beef special, paired beautifully with Stonecreek cab, reflecting the restaurant’s commitment to culinary finesse. The recommendation to savor a serene meal in the 40’s room while enjoying Mike’s attentive service comes highly endorsed.
The Capital Grille - best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
The Capital Grille – best steakhouse in Chicago Suburbs
Another patron hailed their experience as truly amazing, emphasizing the outstanding service from the bar to the table, setting the stage for an impeccable evening. The Long Island iced teas and the impeccable steaks and chops created an exquisite dining affair, underscoring the restaurant’s popularity and the importance of making early reservations.
Guests recounting their delightful meal spoke highly of Mike’s exceptional service and expertise in recommending the perfect wine. The appetizers, buffalo salad, and prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella set the tone for a remarkable meal, followed by delightful entrees like filet and South African lobster tails. The exquisite creme brulee left a lasting impression, impressing even the discerning food enthusiasts.
Celebrating special occasions at The Capital Grille becomes an unforgettable affair, as recounted by a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and an 80th birthday. The on-the-bone steak, exquisite atmosphere, and the attentive management and staff contributed to a truly delightful and memorable evening, creating cherished moments that will be treasured.
A memorable steak experience awaits at The Capital Grille, with a mouthwatering on-the-bone 16oz steak earning accolades for its exquisite flavor and perfect preparation. The professional and passionate service added to the dining pleasure, with the recommendation of the must-try cheesecake further elevating the culinary journey, leaving guests utterly satisfied.
In summary, The Capital Grille stands as a paragon of culinary excellence, where impeccable service, delectable menu offerings, and an inviting atmosphere converge to create an unparalleled dining experience. Patrons continue to revel in the restaurant’s ability to create unforgettable moments, making it a preferred destination for those seeking an exceptional culinary journey in the Chicago Suburbs.
Located in: Hyatt Centric Chicago Magnificent Mile
Address: 633 N St Clair St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States
Phone: +1 312-337-9400
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