Reviews of the 10 best steakhouses in Bend Oregon

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Nestled in the heart of the stunning city of Bend, Oregon, lies an array of dining experiences that promise exquisite flavors and culinary delights. Among these culinary gems, discerning palates seek the epitome of savory satisfaction at the best steakhouses in Bend Oregon. With its inviting ambiance and renowned culinary prowess, this esteemed Steakhouse beckons patrons from near and far to indulge in premium cuts and unparalleled dining experiences. As we embark on an exploration of the top ten steakhouses in this vibrant city, prepare to uncover the culinary mastery and gastronomic wonders that await within each establishment’s doors.

The 10 best steakhouses in Bend Oregon

1.Brickhouse – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Nestled in the heart of Bend, Oregon, Brickhouse stands as a beacon for connoisseurs of exceptional dining experiences. A visit to this establishment promises an evening steeped in culinary excellence, as echoed by the raving reviews of patrons who have frequented this gem. With an ambiance that exudes warmth and sophistication, Brickhouse embodies the pinnacle of fine dining in Bend.
Brickhouse - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Brickhouse – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Guests are greeted by an impressive wine list that caters to varied palates, offering an array of exquisite options to complement the delectable fare. The sentiment is shared among patrons, as highlighted by one visitor who lauds the selection of a splendid Oregon Pinot Noir, elevating their dining experience to new heights.
The star of the menu, the steaks, beckon patrons to savor every bite of perfection. The bacon-wrapped 6 oz filet, cooked to a perfect medium rare, leaves taste buds tingling with its impeccable flavor profile. Complemented by fresh, vibrant veggies and a choice of sides such as the highly recommended loaded baked potato, each dish exudes a symphony of flavors expertly crafted by the culinary artisans at Brickhouse.
Service at Brickhouse is an art form unto itself, with servers like Nathaniel and Todd hailed for their attentive yet unobtrusive approach. They lend a personal touch to the dining experience, ensuring guests feel welcomed and attended to without overshadowing the enjoyment of the meal. Patrons express their delight in being served by these professionals, citing them as an integral part of what makes dining at Brickhouse a truly exceptional affair.
Beyond the culinary delights, Brickhouse offers an ambiance that elevates the entire dining experience. Guests revel in the subtle blend of music and ambiance that create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and intimate conversation. Delighted patrons speak of an “epicurean adventure” brought to life by not only the scrumptious dishes but also the attentive care shown by the staff, from the chef’s culinary mastery to the accommodating managers.
In essence, Brickhouse emerges as a must-visit destination in Bend, Oregon, where each visit promises an exploration of gastronomic wonders, impeccable service, and an ambiance that transcends mere dining to become a cherished experience. Whether it’s a casual evening or a special occasion, Brickhouse stands tall as a paragon of culinary delight, beckoning guests to indulge in an unforgettable culinary journey.
Address: 5 NW Minnesota Ave, Bend, OR 97701, United States
Phone: +1 541-728-0334

2.Bos Taurus – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Nestled in the vibrant town of Bend, Oregon, Bos Taurus emerges as a true gem in the world of steak aficionados, captivating the palates of discerning diners with its exquisite offerings. Patrons, both locals and travelers alike, find themselves enchanted by the extraordinary culinary experience this establishment offers.
Stepping into Bos Taurus, guests are greeted by an ambiance that seamlessly blends chic elegance with a vibrant buzz, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining journey. Hailed as a haven for steak enthusiasts, Bos Taurus showcases a variety of steaks sourced from different ranches and cattle breeds, allowing patrons to embark on a unique gastronomic exploration.
Bos Taurus - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Bos Taurus – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
The menu’s star attraction, the Japanese Hokkaido A5 Wagyu NY Strip Loin, leaves an indelible mark on taste buds. Despite initial skepticism about the investment in such premium cuts, patrons find themselves awestruck as the steak, albeit a small pile in quantity, exceeds all expectations. Descriptions of its tenderness and melt-in-your-mouth quality abound, leaving diners in sheer amazement at the unparalleled flavor and perfect seasoning.
The culinary adventure continues with the Porterhouse, a dish that receives equal acclaim for its remarkable taste and quality. Complemented by delectable sides such as the Patatas Bravas and Brussel Sprouts, each component of the meal at Bos Taurus contributes to an ensemble of flavors that elevate the dining experience to unprecedented heights.
Beyond the culinary delights, the service at Bos Taurus shines as brightly as its menu offerings. Guests express their admiration for the attentive and excellent service provided, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to the overall dining experience.
For visitors accustomed to exceptional dining experiences in metropolitan cities like New York City, Bos Taurus stands as a testament to Bend’s culinary evolution, offering an experience that rivals the finest steakhouses across the nation. The opportunity to sample different filet mignons from distinct ranches adds a nuanced touch to the dining affair, allowing patrons to discern subtle variations between various cattle breeds—an experience that is as educational as it is delectable.
In conclusion, Bos Taurus transcends the realm of ordinary dining, emerging as a must-visit destination in Bend, Oregon, where every bite is a testament to culinary mastery and every moment an indulgence in unparalleled excellence. Whether you’re a connoisseur seeking the finest steaks or an enthusiast eager for a transcendent culinary experience, Bos Taurus promises a dining adventure that lingers in memory long after the last bite.
Address: 163 NW Minnesota Ave, Bend, OR 97701, United States
Phone: +1 541-241-2735

3.The Blacksmith restaurant – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Nestled in the heart of Bend, Oregon, The Blacksmith Restaurant stands as a beacon for those seeking an exceptional dining experience. Patrons, whether local regulars or passing travelers, find themselves immersed in a culinary journey that surpasses expectations and creates lasting memories.
Upon stepping into The Blacksmith, guests are greeted by an ambiance that exudes sophistication and warmth—a perfect setting for an intimate dinner or a special occasion. The restaurant’s dedication to providing top-notch quality in both its steaks and seafood earns it high praise among patrons seeking the perfect combination of Surf and Turf. Diners revel in the excellence of dishes like the Wild Halibut and the tantalizing Surf and Turf selection, each bite a testament to the kitchen’s mastery.
The Blacksmith Restaurant - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
The Blacksmith Restaurant – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
The culinary journey begins with appetizers that set the tone for the meal ahead. The rosemary bread and smoked halibut soup receive acclaim for their delectable flavors, whetting appetites and setting a high standard that the rest of the meal effortlessly meets.
Aside from the exquisite cuisine, The Blacksmith’s attention to detail extends to its drinks and ambiance. The inventive cocktails, such as the peach lemon drop with a slice of jalapeño, add a playful yet tantalizing dimension to the dining experience, earning nods of approval from adventurous patrons seeking unique libations.
Moreover, the service at The Blacksmith is hailed as exceptional, with attentive and courteous staff who enhance the overall dining experience. Guests praise the waitress for her warmth and efficiency, elevating the evening to one of comfort and satisfaction.
For those seeking a refined atmosphere and a more sophisticated dining experience, The Blacksmith delivers in spades. The ambiance, coupled with the quality of steaks and seafood, make it an ideal venue for date nights and special occasions. However, families with children might find the atmosphere more suited to adult patrons, given its more sophisticated vibe and bar area.
In conclusion, The Blacksmith Restaurant emerges as a paragon of culinary excellence in Bend, Oregon, offering not just delicious food, but an entire experience that transcends the ordinary. Whether savoring a perfectly cooked Ribeye or delighting in the nuanced flavors of a well-crafted cocktail, patrons find themselves returning, drawn by the promise of yet another unforgettable dining experience that awaits within the doors of The Blacksmith.
Address: 211 NW Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR 97701, United States
Phone: +1 541-318-0588

4.The Phoenix Restaurant – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Tucked away in the heart of Bend, Oregon, The Phoenix Restaurant beckons diners seeking an exceptional culinary experience coupled with warm hospitality and a vibrant ambiance. Renowned for its diverse menu and welcoming atmosphere, this establishment has cemented its place as a go-to destination for both locals and visitors alike.
The Phoenix shines brightly as a testament to impeccable service, where patrons are greeted with five-star treatment from the moment they step through the doors. Chenin, praised for her attentive yet unobtrusive service, elevates the dining experience, ensuring each guest feels truly taken care of.
The Phoenix Restaurant - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
The Phoenix Restaurant – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Diners rave about the diverse menu offerings, whether indulging in the Sunset Dinners featuring delightful salmon or sumptuous meatloaf, paired with sides that delight the taste buds. The portions are generous, accentuated by delectable options for soup or salad and capped off with desserts like the tantalizingly satisfying crème brûlée.
For those seeking a more relaxed experience, The Phoenix’s bar area is hailed as a haven during happy hours, boasting an impressive array of mixed drinks, an assortment of beers, and tantalizing snack options. The white pizza, praised for its perfect balance of flavors and lightness, provides the ideal accompaniment to evenings spent enjoying sports games without the overwhelming noise, fostering an atmosphere conducive to lively conversation.
The restaurant’s versatility shines through, catering to diverse appetites—from those craving a lighter meal with delightful soups and salads to others desiring the pinnacle of culinary indulgence with perfectly cooked steaks. The French onion soup and chopped salad stand out, each delivering an explosion of flavors that tantalize the senses.
Moreover, The Phoenix is celebrated as a gathering spot where friendships blossom and familiar faces become part of the dining experience. The welcoming staff, familiar with patrons on a first-name basis, contribute to the relaxed and inviting ambiance that keeps guests coming back for more.
In conclusion, The Phoenix Restaurant stands as a culinary gem in Bend, Oregon, offering not just delectable cuisine but also an ambiance that fosters comfort and camaraderie. Whether it’s a casual hangout or a more refined dining affair, The Phoenix beckons patrons to savor exceptional meals, warm hospitality, and memorable moments that make every visit a delightful experience worth revisiting.
Address: 594 NE Bellevue Dr, Bend, OR 97701, United States
Phone: +1 541-317-0727

5.Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Nestled in the vibrant city of Bend, Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails stands out as an epitome of culinary finesse, combining diverse flavors and impeccable service to offer an extraordinary dining experience that captivates patrons.
For travelers seeking a dining haven, Zydeco emerges as a sanctuary, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort. Those desiring a departure from eclectic cuisines find solace in the menu’s diversity, a testament to the restaurant’s ability to cater to various palates.
Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Diners revel in the delights of expertly crafted dishes, such as the duck breast and steak, each showcasing the kitchen’s dedication to delivering flavors that captivate the taste buds. Complemented by commendable service, Zydeco beckons guests to return for an encore experience.
The allure of Zydeco extends beyond the entrees, highlighted by the Caesar salads, jambalaya, and blackened redfish, which receive praise for their presentation and taste. Patrons appreciate the extensive wine list, although a younger vintage Pinot Noir falls short in comparison to a more mature counterpart—a testament to the depth and selection found within the restaurant’s offerings.
The ambiance at Zydeco buzzes with an inviting energy, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining affair. Packed with patrons on a Thursday evening, the restaurant exudes a vibrant atmosphere that contributes to the overall dining experience.
Guests laud not just the mains but also the appetizers, drinks, and desserts, each component surpassing expectations and leaving a lasting impression. The BBQ shrimp appetizer accompanied by delectable bread sets the stage for a meal that consistently exceeds standards. Dishes like the Opaka fish and blackened redfish delight the senses, embodying the pinnacle of culinary perfection.
For visitors to Bend and locals alike, Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails emerges as a must-visit destination, where reservations are recommended to secure a seat in this bustling hub of culinary excellence. Whether indulging in the exquisite fare, enjoying generous pours of wine, or relishing the warm and attentive service, patrons find themselves captivated by Zydeco’s allure, ensuring that a return visit becomes an undeniable desire.
Located in: The Loft of Bend
Address: 919 NW Bond St, Bend, OR 97701, United States
Phone: +1 541-312-2899

6.900 Wall – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Nestled in the heart of Bend, 900 Wall is a culinary haven that enchants diners with its vibrant atmosphere, exceptional service, and exquisite cuisine. Patrons, both locals and weary travelers, find solace in the warm ambiance and delectable offerings that grace every plate.
Despite the bustling crowds, the amiable staff warmly welcomes guests, ensuring that even those without reservations find a place to enjoy their culinary experience. The vibrant atmosphere, although a tad noisy due to the lively crowd, exudes a sense of fun and conviviality, enhancing the overall dining experience.
900 Wall - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
900 Wall – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
The establishment’s commitment to service excellence shines through, as seen through numerous encounters with attentive and gracious hosts, such as Nick, who went above and beyond to accommodate guests, regardless of the hour or attire. The staff’s friendliness and impeccable service further elevate the dining affair.
The menu at 900 Wall impresses with a diverse array of offerings that consistently delight diners. From the peel & eat shrimp starters to the flavorful pork chop accompanied by steamed green beans and fennel, each dish is meticulously prepared, leaving guests enchanted with every bite. Patrons rave about the savory sausage pizza and homemade gin concoctions, relishing the refreshing twist these culinary delights offer.
The culinary journey reaches its crescendo with the delectable beignets for dessert, served with a tantalizing assortment of hot bittersweet chocolate, vanilla cream, and raspberry compote—a true testament to the kitchen’s prowess in creating desserts that leave a lasting impression.
Guests attest that 900 Wall stands out among their Bend dining experiences, earning the title of a favorite meal during their stay. The staff’s friendliness, coupled with the exceptional food, makes it a destination of choice for both locals and visitors alike, with its enticing happy hour adding an extra layer of allure.
In conclusion, 900 Wall emerges as a culinary gem in Bend, Oregon, where a vibrant atmosphere, impeccable service, and a menu replete with gastronomic wonders converge to create an unforgettable dining experience. Whether relishing in the flavors of each dish or savoring the delightful desserts, patrons find themselves drawn back to 900 Wall, ensuring that future visits to Bend would be incomplete without another memorable meal at this esteemed establishment.
Address: 900 NW Wall St, Bend, OR 97701, United States
Phone: +1 541-323-6295

7.Brother Jon’s Public House – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Nestled in the heart of downtown Bend, Brother Jon’s Public House emerges as a local favorite, offering a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere alongside delicious food and a diverse selection of beverages.
Amidst the bustling downtown scene, Brother Jon’s provides a respite, avoiding the usual crowded brewpubs while offering a solid lineup of microbrews and a full bar. Sporting events enthusiasts will find joy in the numerous TVs adorning the walls, ensuring an ideal spot to catch a game while reveling in the comfort of the establishment’s cozy seating.
Brother Jon's Public House - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Brother Jon’s Public House – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
The menu boasts delights such as the flavorful BLT, steak salad, and mouthwatering pastrami, each dish exceeding expectations and leaving diners thoroughly impressed. Accompaniments like the homemade mustard vinaigrette, blue cheese crumbles, and the delectable fry sauce add an extra layer of flavor that elevates the dining experience.
During the pandemic, Brother Jon’s Public House shone brightly as a beacon of culinary excellence even through takeout orders. Patrons laud the exceptional quality of the food, with dishes like the Mac and Cheese receiving high praise for their comfort and taste, proving to be among the best takeout meals experienced during those challenging times.
The pub’s ambiance, although vibrant and noisy as expected in a pub setting, is offset by the allure of fresh and delicious food prepared with a gourmet touch. Locals flock here not only for the quality but also for the generous portions, varied menu offerings, and the reasonable pricing that makes every visit a rewarding experience.
Despite challenges in finding the establishment due to unassuming signage, patrons are rewarded with an intimate setting reminiscent of a home converted into a charming restaurant. The attentive service, delicious fare, and the welcoming patio area contribute to the overall appeal and value that Brother Jon’s Public House offers to its patrons.
In essence, Brother Jon’s stands as a hidden gem in Bend, Oregon, beckoning patrons with its delicious cuisine, cozy atmosphere, and friendly service. Whether seeking comfort food, gourmet flair, or a place to unwind with friends, this pub remains a cherished destination that keeps locals coming back for more.
Address: 1227 NW Galveston Ave, Bend, OR 97701, United States
Phone: +1 541-306-3321

8.McMenamins Pub at Old St. Francis School – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Tucked within the charming ambiance of Old St. Francis School, McMenamins Pub captivates visitors with its unique blend of history, ambiance, and delightful culinary offerings in Bend, Oregon.
This remarkable establishment stands out not only for its inviting atmosphere but also for its attentive and friendly staff, whose genuine enthusiasm enriches the entire experience. With multiple pubs and charming features, McMenamins Pub offers a plethora of delights, including a fine selection of beers and appetizing food that catches the eye, as noted by several patrons.
McMenamins Pub at Old St. Francis School - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
McMenamins Pub at Old St. Francis School – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
What sets McMenamins apart is not just its gastronomic prowess but also its ambiance. Even the bathrooms exude character, a testament to the meticulous attention paid to every detail. The wait staff, described as very friendly and knowledgeable, add to the experience by providing recommendations and insights into the menu offerings, ensuring guests enjoy their meals to the fullest.
The convenience of having exceptional food so close to one’s lodging is a significant draw. Guests appreciate the ease of access to delicious meals during their stay, relishing in the good quality and flavor of the dishes, particularly highlighting the amazing breakfast potatoes that leave an indelible impression.
Beyond the culinary offerings, the service provided is lauded for its excellence, save for occasional delays in receiving the check—a minor observation noted in a broader context of the Bend area. However, the exceptional quality of the meals, combined with the exceptional service, adds to the overall satisfaction of dining at McMenamins Pub.
Patrons staying at the hotel find the convenience of proximity to the restaurant a significant advantage, relishing in delightful meals without needing to venture far. They appreciate the knowledge shared by servers about special dishes, beers, and desserts, further enhancing the dining experience.
In conclusion, McMenamins Pub at Old St. Francis School emerges as a place of character and exceptional dining in Bend, Oregon. It offers a cozy, lodge-like ambiance without distracting TV screens, ensuring patrons enjoy a pleasant dining environment complemented by friendly service, delicious food, and a fine selection of beers. Whether it’s the unique character of the establishment or the flavorful meals, McMenamins Pub promises a delightful experience that resonates with visitors long after their stay.
Located in: McMenamins Old St. Francis School
Address: 700 NW Bond St, Bend, OR 97703, United States
Phone: +1 541-330-8563

9.Bar Rio – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Address: 915 NW Wall St, Bend, OR 97703, United States
Nestled alongside the scenic riverfront of Bend, Oregon, Barrio emerges as a culinary delight, offering an inviting ambiance and an array of vibrant flavors that captivate the senses and tantalize the taste buds.
Service at Barrio sets a high standard, characterized by attentiveness and genuine helpfulness. Diners appreciate the culinary journey laid out before them, with each dish crafted to perfection. The food, not just delicious but also well-seasoned and beautifully presented, speaks volumes about the attention to detail and culinary finesse evident in every bite.
Bar Rio - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Bar Rio – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
This establishment exudes a local charm, offering a tapas-style menu that caters to various dietary preferences. Patrons seeking low-carb options and an abundance of vegetables find themselves spoiled for choice. The highly recommended brussel sprouts steal the show, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary experience. Portion sizes, larger than anticipated, add value to the reasonable prices, inviting guests to return and explore more of the menu.
Barrio impresses further with its picturesque backdoor deck overlooking the river, creating the perfect setting for a delightful lunch experience. Diners indulge in fantastic Tortilla Soup brimming with vegetables and dishes showcasing flavorful corn, complemented by the perfect touch—a couple of Margaritas. The friendly and terrific service provided by Annabelle elevates the overall dining affair, adding warmth to an already wonderful meal.
The tapas plates at Barrio stand out as stars of the menu, each dish seasoned to perfection. The Mussels Sofritos steal the spotlight, hailed as the best even by a patron well-versed in European mussel cuisine. Accompanying offerings like the perfectly roasted cauliflower and the flavorful Brussels sprouts with bacon further contribute to an outstanding dining experience. Despite the buzz and noise, the superb food and attentive service make it a must-visit spot in Bend.
In conclusion, Barrio in Bend, Oregon, emerges as a culinary haven, beckoning patrons with its diverse menu, vibrant flavors, and welcoming ambiance. Whether savoring the exquisite tapas plates or enjoying the scenic backdrop from the backdoor deck, diners find themselves immersed in a gastronomic adventure that is nothing short of delightful. A visit to Barrio promises an experience filled with exceptional food, warm service, and a flavorful journey that lingers long after the last bite.

10.Jackson’s Corner – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon

Nestled in the heart of Bend, Oregon, Jackson’s Corner emerges as a culinary haven, enchanting visitors with its inspired dishes, fresh ingredients, and warm hospitality, creating an experience that lingers long after the last bite.
For food enthusiasts visiting from the Midwest, Jackson’s Corner proved to be an unparalleled delight, surpassing expectations and leaving an indelible mark. The breakfast offerings, tried on multiple visits, showcased an array of flavors that delighted the palate. The almond croissants, hailed as ridiculously good, stand out as a must-try, leaving patrons longing for more, evidenced by the immediate plans to return for another Bend adventure.
Jackson's Corner - best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Jackson’s Corner – best steakhouse in Bend Oregon
Praised as a lively neighborhood eatery, Jackson’s Corner captures the essence of Bend’s culinary scene. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients expertly prepared, each dish reflects a commitment to excellence, earning its place as a Bend icon. Those who miss this experience, as affirmed by loyal patrons, miss an essential part of Bend’s charm and gastronomic heritage.
The menu offerings, spanning from Thai Salad to Honey Pie, pepperoni pizza, avocado toast, and BLT, cater to diverse palates, delighting guests with generous portions and flavors that leave an unforgettable impression. The freshness of ingredients shines through in every bite, encouraging patrons to savor every moment and finish every morsel on the spot.
Diners relish the inviting ambiance of the restaurant, particularly when enjoying outdoor seating on tree-lined streets on sunny days. The attentive and friendly service adds an extra layer of warmth to the experience, enhancing the pleasure of savoring dishes crafted with care and expertise.
In essence, Jackson’s Corner in Bend, Oregon, stands as a culinary oasis, blending exceptional dishes, warm service, and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether indulging in breakfast pastries, sipping a latte, or relishing the flavorful lunch offerings, guests find themselves drawn back to this culinary gem, yearning for another opportunity to experience its inspired creations. A visit to Jackson’s Corner promises an unforgettable taste of Bend’s culinary richness and warmth.
Address: 845 NW Delaware Ave, Bend, OR 97701, United States
Phone: +1 541-647-2198
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