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Nestled in the heart of North Myrtle Beach, the Flying Fish Public Market & Grill stands as a culinary beacon for seafood enthusiasts seeking a gastronomic adventure. As the title implies, this review unveils the top 10 seafood establishments in the vibrant coastal city, with Flying Fish Public Market & Grill leading the charge. With its captivating oceanfront ambiance and a menu that reads like a love letter to the sea, this seafood haven promises an unforgettable dining experience.
From delectable catches of the day to expertly crafted dishes that showcase the region’s maritime bounty, the Flying Fish sets the standard for excellence in North Myrtle Beach’s seafood scene. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the very best flavors the ocean has to offer in this seafood lover’s paradise.

Review 10 best seafood in north myrtle beach

1.Flying Fish Public Market & Grill in north myrtle beach

Flying Fish Public Market & Grill in North Myrtle Beach has garnered a loyal following, and after reading through multiple customer reviews, it’s clear why this establishment holds a special place in the hearts of its patrons.
Flying Fish Public Market & Grill in north myrtle beach
Flying Fish Public Market & Grill in north myrtle beach
One reviewer describes Flying Fish as “one of our favorite places in MB,” and this sentiment is echoed by others who have made it a regular stop during their vacations. The restaurant’s popularity seems to stem from a combination of excellent food, attentive service, and a welcoming atmosphere.
One highlight frequently mentioned in the reviews is the quality of the seafood. Dishes like Fried Buffalo Shrimp and Fried Scallops received praise for being seasoned perfectly and served in generous portions. The Parmesan Smashed Potatoes were singled out as a delightful and unique side dish. It’s evident that the kitchen takes pride in creating flavorful and satisfying meals.
Customer interactions with the staff also contribute to the positive experience. Mentioned by name, Frances K is commended for providing excellent service, making suggestions, and ensuring the diners felt well taken care of. This personal touch adds to the overall appeal of Flying Fish.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, one customer expressed a minor issue with the She Crab soup, noting that it was not warm enough. However, the reviewer acknowledges that they did not bring this to the waitress’s attention, suggesting that the staff may have been willing to address the concern promptly. This reflects a potential area for improvement but doesn’t overshadow the overall positive impression.
The restaurant’s flexibility is also noteworthy. A couple mentioned dining with their dog on the covered outdoor patio, emphasizing the establishment’s pet-friendly atmosphere. This willingness to accommodate all members of the family, even the four-legged ones, adds a layer of charm to the dining experience.
The variety of menu options, from seafood classics like shrimp and grits to unique offerings like shark dip, contribute to the appeal of Flying Fish. The consistently good food, fast and friendly service, and a welcoming atmosphere make it clear why customers plan to return. Whether it’s a pre-show dinner or a vacation tradition, Flying Fish Public Market & Grill seems to deliver on its promise of a delightful dining experience.
Address: 4744 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Menu: flyingfishmarket.com
Order: ubereats.com, trycaviar.com, toasttab.com, postmates.com, doordash.com
Phone: +1 843-663-3474

2.LuLu’s North Myrtle Beach in north myrtle beach

LuLu’s North Myrtle Beach offers a delightful dining experience, combining tasty seafood with an extensive gluten-free menu. One of the standout features is the restaurant’s dedication to accommodating gluten allergies, which resonates well with those seeking a safe and enjoyable dining experience.
The restaurant’s porch seating provides a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for soaking in the Southern charm. One customer praised the establishment for its separate gluten-free menu and the attentiveness of the staff to allergy concerns.
LuLu's North Myrtle Beach in north myrtle beach
LuLu’s North Myrtle Beach in north myrtle beach
The presence of a dedicated waiter for gluten-free patrons and the involvement of the manager in taking orders further ensures a high level of care in handling gluten-related dietary restrictions.
The menu boasts an array of tempting options, from fried shrimp to blackened grouper, catering to various tastes. A customer, in town for the Jeep festival, shared a positive experience with the prompt service and scrumptious dishes, highlighting the standout blackened grouper and the delightful fried grouper Po Boy. The homemade chips and hushpuppies also received commendation for their flavor and quality.
Despite the culinary delights, some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the overall pricing, noting that LuLu’s, like many restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area, tends to be on the pricier side. However, the majority of reviewers found the quality of the food and the attention to dietary needs justified the cost.
The inclusion of a large gift shop and waterfront dining adds to the overall appeal of LuLu’s. The restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in the extra touches, such as handing out pumpkins and stickers to children and the diligence of the staff, exemplified by a server named Stephanie, who received high praise for exceptional service.
In conclusion, LuLu’s North Myrtle Beach is a solid choice for those seeking a gluten-free dining experience with a Southern flair. The attentive staff, delicious seafood options, and charming ambiance make it a recommended stop, especially for those looking to escape the crowds and long waits at other local establishments.
Located in: Barefoot Landing
Address: 4954 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Menu: places.singleplatform.com
Phone: +1 843-491-5011

3.Rockefellers Raw Bar in north myrtle beach

Rockefeller’s Raw Bar in North Myrtle Beach has become a cherished spot for locals and visitors alike, and after experiencing it firsthand, it’s easy to see why. The restaurant’s Happy Hour, from 4 to 6, is a particularly popular draw, offering enticing oyster and shrimp specials that have left patrons raving.
One enthusiastic customer highlights the delightful combination of oysters on the half shell and shrimp steamed in Old Bay and beer, accompanied by an overstuffed oyster Po’boy that left them exclaiming, “Yum.” The fun atmosphere only adds to the overall appeal, creating a welcoming setting for seafood enthusiasts.
Rockefellers Raw Bar in north myrtle beach
Rockefellers Raw Bar in north myrtle beach
For many, Rockefeller’s Raw Bar is a reliable go-to spot, especially during Happy Hour. The fresh oysters, described as not overly large, are served consistently cold – a detail that doesn’t go unnoticed. The shrimp pasta with white garlic wine earns praise, being likened to the quality of some local Italian restaurants. Sitting at the bar is recommended for the best and most attentive service, and patrons appreciate the very reasonable prices for Happy Hour drinks.
Another reviewer expresses their love for Happy Hour at Rockefeller’s, singling out the $1 per piece raw oysters. The positive experience is amplified by the friendly and upbeat service provided by Mike and Leslie, who run the bar. Even for those who typically avoid fried foods, the fried flounder and fried oyster baskets receive a nod of approval, attesting to the consistent quality of the food.
The recommendation from locals proved accurate, as a couple enjoyed a hassle-free experience with no wait time at the bar during Happy Hour. The menu items tailored for seafood lovers, including seafood and steak bites, were well-received. The staff’s efficiency, described as a “well-oiled machine,” further enhanced the dining experience.
While parking may pose a challenge with limited spaces, those who have braved the wait for an open spot agree that it is well worth the time. In conclusion, Rockefeller’s Raw Bar in North Myrtle Beach emerges as a must-visit destination, offering a delightful Happy Hour experience with fresh, reasonably priced seafood, attentive service, and a welcoming atmosphere – a sentiment echoed by patrons who are more than happy to recommend this gem.
Address: 3613 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Menu: rockefellersrawbar.com
Phone: +1 843-361-9677

4.Boardwalk Billys in north myrtle beach

Boardwalk Billy’s in North Myrtle Beach has garnered positive reviews from customers, showcasing a diverse range of experiences. One recurring theme is the appreciation for the variety offered during the $10 specials until 3 pm. Customers find the shrimp tacos and fish to be particularly delicious, contributing to a great lunch experience. The outdoor seating on the deck is praised, adding to the overall enjoyable atmosphere.
Another customer highlights their positive meal experience, starting with the delicious steamed clams. The addition of a guitar player singing enhances the ambiance, making it a pleasant dining experience. The recommendation to others is a testament to the quality of service and the overall positive atmosphere at Boardwalk Billy’s.
Boardwalk Billys - best seafood in north myrtle beach
Boardwalk Billys – best seafood in north myrtle beach
The third review, while not fully enthusiastic about sushi, acknowledges the quality of the mushroom burger and fries. The customer appreciates the good service and plans to return, opting for an outdoor seating experience on their next visit.
The fourth review reflects on a staple place in the area, emphasizing the great atmosphere, inlet, and location. The sunny Friday afternoon only adds to the perfection of the experience. The variety in the meals, from Shannon’s Zingers to a range of seafood baskets and platters, receives high praise for being great and flavorful.
In summary, Boardwalk Billy’s in North Myrtle Beach seems to consistently deliver on food quality, atmosphere, and service, with positive comments on their outdoor seating options. The diverse menu offerings cater to different tastes, making it a recommended dining spot for locals and visitors alike.
Address: 1407 13th Ave N, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Phone: +1 843-249-0900

5.Hoskins restaurant in north myrtle beach

Hoskins Restaurant, a longstanding gem in North Myrtle Beach, comes highly recommended for its rich history and delectable offerings. With over 75 years in the business, this mom and pop establishment has won the hearts of locals and visitors alike.
The menu boasts a diverse range of options, and based on customer reviews, it’s clear that seafood is a standout at Hoskins. The seafood platter, a tantalizing medley of oysters, flounder, shrimp, scallops, and an outstanding crab cake, drew rave reviews for its quality and generous portions.
Opting for the smaller size is advised, ensuring a satisfying yet manageable feast. The quick-moving line attests to the popularity of this dish, urging patrons to dive into this culinary delight.
Hoskins Restaurant in north myrtle beach
Hoskins Restaurant in north myrtle beach
For breakfast enthusiasts, the down-to-earth morning fare at Hoskins is hailed as a quintessential experience. Customers praise the simplicity, fabulous taste, and excellent value of the breakfast offerings. The friendly service adds to the overall charm of the place, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
For those seeking a takeaway option, the recommendation is clear: order the whole flounder and savor the Hoskins experience from the comfort of your own space.
One reviewer, a loyal patron for over a decade, lauds Hoskins as their favorite lunch spot in Myrtle Beach. Wednesday visits are a tradition, driven by the irresistible allure of the fried squash, deemed the best in town. Despite a price increase post-Covid, the reviewer acknowledges the continued deliciousness of the meals. The mention of double portions of squash speaks volumes about the quality and customer satisfaction.
Timing is key, and Hoskins proves this true with shorter wait times during off-peak hours. Two dining experiences during an N. Myrtle Beach visit left customers impressed with both the 2-way combo of fried shrimp and scallops and a delightful fried chicken option. Each dish, accompanied by well-prepared sides, received high praise, solidifying the restaurant’s reputation for consistency and excellence.
Service is a shining aspect of the Hoskins experience, with customers attesting to the excellence of the staff during both visits. The attentive and friendly service complements the quality of the meals, contributing to an overall positive dining experience.
In conclusion, Hoskins Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach emerges as a coastal culinary haven, combining tradition, flavor, and hospitality. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, breakfast lover, or a loyal Wednesday regular, the diverse menu and welcoming atmosphere make it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists
Address: 405 Main St, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Phone: +1 843-249-2014

6.Buoys on the Boulevard in north myrtle beach

Buoys on the Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach has clearly made a positive impression on its patrons, as reflected in the glowing reviews from satisfied customers. Here’s a comprehensive review based on the feedback provided:
Buoys on the Boulevard is a hidden gem along North Myrtle Beach’s coastline, drawing both locals and visitors alike with its delightful offerings. During our stay, we couldn’t resist the allure of this beachside restaurant and found ourselves returning not once, but twice.
Buoys on the Boulevard in north myrtle beach
Buoys on the Boulevard in north myrtle beach
On our initial visit, the “Fun in Sun” mojito set a high standard with its deliciousness. The blackened flounder and shrimp platter we ordered left a lasting impression, boasting flavors that truly captured the essence of fresh seafood.
The second visit, driven by the happy hour special, revealed an equally satisfying experience. We indulged in peel and eat shrimp, sushi, and crab regions, all of which left our taste buds tingling with delight.
The affordability of the meals was a pleasant surprise, making our dining experience even more enjoyable. The extensive seafood options, coupled with the variety of happy hour beers and cocktails, showcased the restaurant’s commitment to providing a diverse and satisfying menu. Special mention goes to the crab cake sandwich, a delectable choice that won me over, and my husband thoroughly enjoyed the seafood platter.
The atmosphere at Buoys on the Boulevard perfectly complements its coastal location. Dining outside, we soaked in the beachside ambiance, enhancing the overall experience. The restaurant also caters to families with nice options for kids, making it a versatile choice for various dining preferences.
What sets Buoys apart is its claim to be a local favorite, and after experiencing the superb food and service, it’s easy to see why. The Triple Appetizer featuring grouper bites, fried okra, and spicy shrimp was a fantastic starter, setting the tone for a memorable meal. The happy hour menu, featuring items like crab Rangoon, yellowtail sushi roll, and eel roll, further demonstrated the culinary expertise of the kitchen.
A heartfelt shout-out to our server, Christina, who provided outstanding service throughout our visit. Proximity to the Wyndham Ocean Blvd timeshare only added to the convenience and charm of this dining establishment, marking an awesome start to our trip.
Buoys on the Boulevard is a testament to what one seeks in a beachside seafood restaurant – excellent seafood, a fun environment, and wonderful service. Without a doubt, we look forward to returning to Buoys for more delightful culinary experiences by the beach.
Address: 93 S Ocean Blvd, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Phone: +1 843-663-0330

7.Captain Archie’s – best seafood in north myrtle beach

Captain Archie’s, affectionately known as Archie’s by locals, has firmly established itself as a gem on the North Myrtle Beach scene, offering a delightful blend of fantastic live music, diverse and delicious cuisine, and an inviting waterfront atmosphere.
Nestled right on the intercoastal under the iconic bridge, Archie’s boasts ample parking and easy accessibility, setting the stage for an enjoyable visit right from the start. The praise for the establishment’s fantastic music lineup is unanimous among reviewers, with live performances spanning genres from country and funk to southern and classic rock. The commitment to showcasing local talent enhances the authentic, laid-back vibe that patrons appreciate.
Captain Archie's in north myrtle beach
Captain Archie’s in north myrtle beach
The menu at Archie’s is a culinary journey in itself, offering a varied selection of dishes that have won the hearts of many. The standout shrimp options, including the blackened fish bites, boneless wings, and fried shrimp, showcase the kitchen’s dedication to delivering both quality and flavor.
Special shoutouts to the fish bites and steak bites, highlighted by a kitchen team led by Jack, known for a passion for crafting mouthwatering comfort food. The personal touch, such as Jack’s “Hey Dude” shoe collection, adds a touch of charm to the dining experience.
Service at Archie’s consistently receives accolades for its helpful and friendly staff, including the bartenders, servers, and management. The commitment to ensuring a positive and enjoyable dining or hangout experience is evident in the rave reviews, creating a welcoming environment for both locals and visitors alike.
One standout review highlights the outstanding service provided by Nina, who not only impressed with her kindness and interactive approach but also played a pivotal role in guiding patrons to culinary delights.
The Queso and Bacon Cheeseburger, accompanied by the beer-cheese as suggested by Nina, has become a newfound favorite, leaving a lasting impression on the reviewer. The willingness of the staff to go above and beyond to enhance the customer experience is a testament to the commitment to excellence at Captain Archie’s.
In conclusion, if you find yourself in North Myrtle Beach and happen to drive past Captain Archie’s, heed the advice of enthusiastic patrons: turn around and experience the magic of this waterfront haven. With its winning combination of live music, delectable cuisine, and friendly service, Captain Archie’s has rightfully earned its place as a must-visit destination on the Grand Strand.
Address: 2200 Little River Neck Rd, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Phone: +1 843-427-4943

8.Joe’s Bar & Grill in north myrtle beach

A Charming Experience at Joe’s Bar & Grill in North Myrtle Beach
Rating: ★★★★★
Joe’s Bar & Grill in North Myrtle Beach has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on us with its delightful atmosphere, top-notch service, and delectable cuisine.
One highlight of our visit was the enjoyable happy hour we spent at the inside bar. Ashley and Taylor, the talented bartenders, added a special touch to our experience with their friendly demeanor and excellent service. The happy hour menu offered a great variety, and the food, delivered promptly, was both satisfying and flavorful. The inside view overlooking the grassy wetland created a fun and welcoming ambiance that made it our go-to place in town.
Joe's Bar & Grill in north myrtle beach
Joe’s Bar & Grill in north myrtle beach
Our main dining experience was equally impressive. The extensive menu showcased a range of tempting options, and our choices – seafood chowder, prime rib, and lollipop lamb chops – proved to be delicious. Joy, our waitress, was incredibly friendly and attentive, contributing to the overall positive dining experience.
Given the restaurant’s popularity, reservations are recommended, and rightly so. The unique decorations added an interesting touch to the already inviting atmosphere.
The outdoor deck sitting area provided a delightful surprise with entertaining raccoons and excellent service from our waiter Phillip, along with a water server who humorously spoke like Donald Duck. The family consensus on the exceptional quality of the food made it clear that Joe’s Bar & Grill exceeded expectations.
Despite the crowded setting and somewhat challenging parking, the overall experience was deemed well worth it, guaranteeing our intention to return.
Our first dinner at Joe’s Bar & Grill left us thoroughly impressed. The service and food were standout features, and the atmosphere harked back to the classic steakhouses of yesteryear, with white tablecloths and candles creating a comforting environment. Despite the higher price point, the quality matched the cost, and the Monday night crowd emphasized the restaurant’s popularity.
Reservations, made only by phone, proved essential on busy nights. We look forward to returning to Joe’s Bar & Grill when we revisit North Myrtle, as it has undoubtedly earned its place as a must-visit dining destination.
Address: 810 Conway St, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Phone: +1 843-272-4666

9.The Shack in north myrtle beach

A True Gem for Down-Home Southern Cooking in North Myrtle Beach
Rating: ★★★★★
The Shack in North Myrtle Beach is a true anomaly, offering a delightful blend of down-home Southern cooking and beach vibes that sets it apart from the rest. Based on customer reviews, it’s evident that this restaurant has become a must-visit spot for locals and tourists alike.
One recurring theme in the reviews is the exceptional quality and generous portions of the food. The menu boasts a classic “meat and three” selection, delivering an authentic Southern dining experience.
The standout dishes include lightly breaded oysters and what’s described as the best scallops ever tasted. The fried chicken, noted by several patrons, seems to be a popular choice, leaving diners eager to return for more.
The Shack - the best seafood in north myrtle beach
The Shack – the best seafood in north myrtle beach
Customers appreciate the welcoming atmosphere, as evidenced by the accommodating staff and fast service. Even during peak hours, the wait staff at The Shack manages to maintain excellent service, ensuring that every patron leaves with a satisfied palate. The friendly service is particularly highlighted in a review where the customer praised the girl at the counter for her friendliness and efficient service during a to-go order.
Timing is crucial, as noted by one reviewer who unfortunately arrived late on the first night but was able to experience the restaurant properly during the second visit. The fact that people are willing to plan multiple visits during their stay, despite other restaurant options in the area, speaks volumes about The Shack’s appeal.
One customer, who had a disappointing dining experience elsewhere the night before, expressed sheer delight in discovering The Shack. The food was described as amazing, with a particular mention of a delicious shrimp platter and tasty beef tips over rice. The positive contrast with the previous night’s ordeal only solidified their commitment to returning to The Shack in the future.
In summary, The Shack in North Myrtle Beach appears to be a hidden gem, delivering on its promise of down-home Southern cooking with a beachy flair. From the welcoming staff to the delectable dishes and generous portions, it’s no wonder that patrons are declaring it a standout among the competition. If you’re in the NMB area and craving an authentic Southern coastal lunch, The Shack is a must-visit destination that won’t disappoint.
Address: 1128 Sea Mountain Hwy, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Phone: +1 843-663-3636

10.Platt’s Seafood in north myrtle beach

Platt’s Seafood in North Myrtle Beach has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on its customers, consistently receiving praise for its exceptional seafood offerings and friendly staff. The reviews showcase a recurring theme of fresh, perfectly cooked seafood and commendable service.
One customer highlights the efficiency of Platt’s kitchen, emphasizing a quick 10-minute wait for a flounder, oyster, and shrimp platter. The freshness of the seafood is consistently highlighted, and the option to pick up fresh tuna and mahi-mahi for later is appreciated.
Platt's Seafood in north myrtle beach
Platt’s Seafood in north myrtle beach
The mention of friendly staff adds a personal touch to the positive experience. Another review specifically mentions the outstanding service of Ziggy, contributing to the overall positive atmosphere. The reference to specific employees, Joey and Jackie at the Shell gas station, suggests a welcoming community feel.
The variety of seafood available at Platt’s Seafood Store is praised in another review. Customers are pleased with the extensive selection, including mussels, oysters, crab, red snapper, grouper, clams, and shrimp. The flexibility to order take-out baskets and the option for the staff to boil, fry, or steam the seafood for a small additional charge is noted as a convenient and appreciated service.
The review that mentions discovering Platt’s after several years of visiting North Myrtle Beach highlights the store’s diverse selection of fresh seafood. The purchase of deveined extra-large shrimp and Platt’s own cocktail sauce is described as a treat, indicating a high level of satisfaction.
The positive comments continue with the mention of delicious and fresh shrimp and scallops. The availability of a kitchen for take-out meals and the option for the staff to steam the seafood is highlighted. The decision to stock up on bottles of Platt’s delicious cocktail sauce to take home underscores the quality and popularity of their condiments.
In summary, Platt’s Seafood in North Myrtle Beach stands out as a go-to destination for fresh and delicious seafood. The positive reviews consistently highlight the quality of the seafood, the friendly staff, and the convenience of take-out options. Whether it’s for a quick meal or to stock up on fresh seafood for later, Platt’s Seafood seems to have left a lasting impression on its satisfied customers.
Address: 1108 Sea Mountain Hwy #1, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, United States
Phone: +1 843-249-2008
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