Reviews 10 best seafood in Murrells Inlet

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Embark on a culinary journey through the coastal charm of Murrells Inlet as we unveil a gastronomic treasure trove in our comprehensive exploration of the “Reviews 10 Best Seafood in Murrells Inlet.” Nestled along the picturesque South Carolina shoreline, Murrells Inlet is renowned for its seafood offerings, and we’ve meticulously curated a list of the finest establishments that epitomize the essence of ocean-to-table dining.
Brace yourself for an indulgent experience as we navigate the waterfront and backstreet eateries to uncover the absolute pinnacle of flavors, ensuring you savor every moment and every bite of the best seafood this enchanting inlet has to offer.

Reviews 10 best seafood in murrells inlet

1.Drunken Jack’s restaurant & Lounge – best seafood in murrells inlet

Drunken Jack’s Restaurant & Lounge in Murrells Inlet stands out as a must-visit seafood haven, drawing patrons in with its delectable offerings and captivating views of the Inlet. With a diverse menu featuring seafood delights and an inviting atmosphere, it has managed to leave a lasting impression on its diners.
Drunken Jack's Restaurant & Lounge - best seafood in murrells inlet
Drunken Jack’s Restaurant & Lounge – best seafood in murrells inlet
One recurring theme in customer reviews is the delightful variety of appetizers that set the tone for a memorable dining experience. The hush puppies, crispy and flavorful, served as a delightful prelude to the culinary journey that awaited.
The Boom Boom shrimp received rave reviews for being the best rendition of this classic dish, boasting large, crispy, and locally sourced shrimp accompanied by a flavorful and slightly spicy Boom Boom sauce.
The Drunken Jack’s appetizer sampler further showcased the restaurant’s commitment to excellence, with bacon-wrapped shrimp, scallops, and marinated beef tips leaving diners thoroughly impressed.
The main courses continued to elevate the dining experience, with highlights such as the Seafood Royale and a seafood combo featuring perfect broiled scallops. The triggerfish in the Seafood Royale, adorned with lump crab meat, mushrooms, asparagus, and bearnaise sauce, emerged as a new favorite for the patrons.
The menu’s diversity, including prime rib and a variety of seafood options, ensured that every diner found something to suit their taste.
Service at Drunken Jack’s was consistently praised, with patrons commending the friendly and efficient waitstaff. The lounge experience, while waiting for a table, was enhanced by quick service, delicious drinks, and a cool ambiance. The timely delivery of both appetizers and entrees added to the overall positive impression of the restaurant.
Beyond the culinary delights, customers were pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the facilities. The pristine restrooms, a rarity in the dining scene, were a standout feature, earning Drunken Jack’s extra points for attention to detail and customer comfort.
In conclusion, Drunken Jack’s Restaurant & Lounge not only delivers on its promise of exceptional seafood and a diverse menu but also goes above and beyond in providing a clean and welcoming environment. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Myrtle Beach, a visit to Drunken Jack’s is described by many as a required stop for an incredible dining experience.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in fantastic cuisine, impeccable service, and stunning views at this culinary gem in Murrells Inlet.
Located in: Catch 1 Sport Fishing Charters/Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters..AM and PM Charters
Address: 4031 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-651-2044

2.Dead Dog Saloon in murrells inlet

My wife and I decided to give Dead Dog Saloon a try for lunch, and we were pleasantly surprised by the delightful experience. The restaurant, situated in Murrells Inlet, offers both indoor and outdoor seating, and we opted to enjoy our meal outside to take in the scenic water view.
The food choices were diverse, and we sampled the Turkey Club and Cuban sandwiches. Both dishes were delicious, and the waitstaff, embodying good ole southern charm, provided friendly and efficient service.
Dead Dog Saloon in murrells inlet
Dead Dog Saloon in murrells inlet
On a subsequent visit for an evening meal with our family, we found the outdoor area perfect for the occasion. The ambiance was slightly dim, but we could imagine the lovely views during the day. The Boo Boo’s Tender Bites appetizer was a standout, and my daughter couldn’t resist ordering more for her meal, accompanied by the tasty French onion soup.
Personally, the shrimp and grits left me thoroughly satisfied, and the portions were generous enough for leftovers. Although opinions on the burger varied within our group, my husband enjoyed the ribs.
The service during this visit was commendable, adding to the overall positive experience. The server was attentive, and our orders were handled efficiently. It was, undoubtedly, the best meal we had during our trip.
A memorable evening unfolded when our party of 10 gathered at Dead Dog Saloon for dinner. The restaurant accommodated our large group without any issues, spreading us across two tables and effortlessly splitting the bills. The live music further enhanced the atmosphere, with a fantastic band playing classics exceptionally well. It was a night to remember, and we look forward to returning.
One particularly heartwarming incident involved our attempt to add our beloved dog to the restaurant’s walls. Initially disheartened by the delay in displaying our dog’s picture, the situation took a positive turn thanks to the caring and sweet intervention of one of the hostesses. She noticed our disappointment and promptly hung our dog’s picture in the front display case, turning the experience around for us. This act of kindness set the tone for the rest of the evening.
In addition to the emotional connection, Dead Dog Saloon impressed us with their “light fare” offerings, including a complimentary basket of hush puppies with a delightful sweet dipping butter.
In summary, Dead Dog Saloon offers a pleasant dining experience with delicious food, accommodating service, and a charming waterfront setting. The incident with our dog’s picture added a personal touch that made our visit truly memorable. We look forward to returning and highly recommend this establishment to others visiting Murrells Inlet.
Address: 4079 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-438-7444

3.Hot Fish Club – best seafood in murrells inlet

Hot Fish Club in Murrells Inlet has become a staple for seafood enthusiasts, and after experiencing the culinary delights firsthand, it’s easy to understand why patrons can’t wait to come back.
The variety of seafood options at Hot Fish Club seems to be a major draw, with one enthusiastic reviewer expressing their love for the extensive choices. From the sounds of it, the menu doesn’t disappoint, offering a plethora of fantastic options that cater to diverse tastes.
Whether you’re a fan of fried shrimp, delectable crab cakes, or the Hot Fish Platter, this restaurant appears to have something to satisfy every seafood craving.
Hot Fish Club - best seafood in murrells inlet
Hot Fish Club – best seafood in murrells inlet
The rave reviews extend beyond just the food, with patrons consistently praising the excellent service provided by the knowledgeable and friendly staff. Special shout-outs to servers like MakAlex the Great and Jillian suggest that the team at Hot Fish Club goes above and beyond to make the dining experience enjoyable.
The appreciation for the staff’s helpfulness in navigating the extensive menu showcases a commitment to ensuring every customer’s satisfaction.
The ambiance at Hot Fish Club seems to be another standout feature. With a recommendation to reserve a spot on the patio, diners can enjoy a quieter atmosphere with beautiful scenery. This adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall dining experience, making it not just a meal but a delightful escape.
It’s evident that Hot Fish Club has made a lasting impression on its customers, with one reviewer stating it’s a must-visit on every trip to Myrtle Beach. The anticipation of dining at Hot Fish Club seems to be a recurring theme, indicating that this establishment has successfully created a memorable and eagerly awaited experience for its patrons.
In summary, Hot Fish Club in Murrells Inlet stands out as a seafood haven, offering an extensive menu, exceptional service, and a charming atmosphere. The positive reviews speak volumes, and if you’re a seafood lover in the area, this restaurant is undoubtedly worth a visit.
Address: 4911 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-357-9175

4.Drunken Jack’s Restaurant & Lounge in murrells inlet

Drunken Jack’s Restaurant & Lounge in Murrells Inlet offers a dining experience that seamlessly blends a vibrant atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and impeccable service. Based on recent customer reviews, it’s evident that the establishment has left a lasting impression on its patrons.
Drunken Jack's Restaurant & Lounge in murrells inlet
Drunken Jack’s Restaurant & Lounge in murrells inlet
Upon arrival, guests were informed of a potential hour-long wait, but this turned out to be significantly shorter, clocking in at less than 30 minutes. The lounge provided a comfortable spot for a pre-dinner drink, setting a positive tone for the evening. Customers were pleased to be seated with a great view of the inlet, enhancing the overall dining experience.
The appetizers arrived promptly and were described as both quick and delicious, setting the stage for the main course. The efficient service continued with attentive waitstaff ensuring that drinks remained full throughout the meal. Main courses were served in a timely fashion and garnered praise for their deliciousness.
The overall friendliness of the waitstaff contributed to the positive ambiance, making it the best dining experience of one customer’s trip. The enthusiasm was echoed by another visitor who labeled the experience as “fabulous from beginning to end,” expressing regret for not discovering the restaurant earlier during previous visits to the area.
The restaurant’s setting was lauded for being well-organized, with multiple hosts efficiently managing the seating options. A waterfront terrace provided a picturesque view, creating a perfect backdrop for a fun yet relaxing lunch. The complimentary hush puppies and grilled shrimp, along with a nice glass of wine, added to the overall enjoyment of the meal.
The sentiment of a well-run establishment in a beautiful setting was echoed by another visitor, emphasizing the restaurant’s overall quality. Even during inclement weather, the covered patio overlooking the inlet proved to be a pleasant dining spot.
One couple, recommended by a Segway tour guide, enjoyed a delightful lunch experience featuring a two-way combo platter with scallops and stuffed crab. The fresh, hot, and delicious food, combined with the charming atmosphere, left a positive impression, prompting them to consider a return for dinner if they find themselves in the area again.
In conclusion, Drunken Jack’s Restaurant & Lounge appears to have mastered the art of providing a top-notch dining experience. The combination of a scenic setting, delicious cuisine, and attentive service has left customers raving about their visits. For those seeking a memorable dining experience in Murrells Inlet, Drunken Jack’s comes highly recommended. Cheers to a delightful culinary journey!
Located in: Catch 1 Sport Fishing Charters/Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters..AM and PM Charters
Address: 4031 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-651-2044

5.Wahoos Fish House in murrells inlet

Wahoo’s Fish House in Murrells Inlet appears to be a consistent favorite among its patrons, and the customer reviews highlight several aspects that contribute to its positive reputation.
Wahoos Fish House - best seafood in murrells inlet
Wahoos Fish House – best seafood in murrells inlet
One recurring theme in the reviews is the variety and freshness of the seafood options. Customers appreciate the diverse menu, which includes Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, filet and lobster tail, pan-seared deep sea scallops, and more. The fact that patrons have enjoyed different dishes on multiple visits suggests a menu with a wide range of appealing options.
The desserts also seem to be a hit, with key lime pie and chocolate lava cake receiving positive mentions. This indicates a commitment to providing a complete and satisfying dining experience, with attention to both savory and sweet preferences.
Service is consistently praised across the reviews, with mention of attentive servers. The importance of good service cannot be overstated, and it seems that Wahoo’s Fish House excels in this aspect, contributing to an overall positive dining atmosphere.
The ambiance of the restaurant is another highlight, with patrons mentioning the pleasure of sitting outside on a beautiful evening overlooking the Inlet. This, combined with positive comments about the atmosphere being warm and comfortable, suggests that Wahoo’s provides a welcoming environment that enhances the overall dining experience.
Price points are also discussed in the reviews, with one customer noting that the average entree is around $26. The general sentiment is that the prices are reasonable for an upscale seafood restaurant, reinforcing the idea that patrons feel they are getting good value for their money.
In summary, Wahoo’s Fish House in Murrells Inlet appears to be a consistently excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality seafood dining experience. The diverse menu, fresh ingredients, attentive service, pleasant ambiance, and reasonable prices contribute to a positive overall impression. Whether for a casual night out with friends or a special date night, it seems that Wahoo’s Fish House has successfully created a restaurant that patrons want to return to again and again.
Address: 3993 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-651-5800

6.Lee’s Inlet Kitchen – best seafood in murrells inlet

Lee’s Inlet Kitchen, a Murrells Inlet landmark since 1948, continues to stand the test of time as a culinary gem that captivates both locals and visitors alike. With a rich history of family ownership and operation, this seafood haven is a testament to the notion that when you do something right, it becomes a tradition.
Lee's Inlet Kitchen - best seafood in murrells inlet
Lee’s Inlet Kitchen – best seafood in murrells inlet
The seafood at Lee’s Inlet Kitchen is nothing short of exceptional, as echoed by multiple patrons who raved about the freshness and perfect preparation. One customer even noted that the fish tasted like it was just caught, a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to serving the finest quality ingredients.
The broiled seafood platter received high praise, with mentions of expertly cooked crab cakes, loaded with crab meat and lacking unnecessary filler.
The dining experience at Lee’s Inlet Kitchen extends beyond the plate, with attentive and impeccable service. Riley, a standout waitress, ensured a seamless experience for a reviewer, consistently refilling drinks and perfectly timing the arrival of each course.
The house-made blue cheese salad dressing emerged as a delightful surprise, earning accolades as the best ever tasted.
The ambiance of Lee’s Inlet Kitchen is described as that of a classic seafood restaurant, and its longstanding success is attributed to several factors. Special mentions go to the unique hushpuppies with honey butter that kick off the meal, the well-mixed house salad featuring homemade dressings, and generous portions that leave patrons satisfied without needing an appetizer.
The menu boasts a variety of delectable options, from grilled mahi mahi and loaded baked potatoes to broiled combination platters featuring flounder, shrimp, and scallops. Each dish is noted for being perfectly seasoned, cooked to perfection, and served piping hot. Celeste, a recommended server, adds a personal touch to the dining experience with her outstanding service.
In summary, Lee’s Inlet Kitchen is a culinary institution that has mastered the art of delivering exceptional seafood and unparalleled dining experiences. From the moment you’re greeted with the unique hushpuppies to the last bite of your perfectly prepared seafood dish, this restaurant’s commitment to quality and tradition is evident.
Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a longtime patron, Lee’s Inlet Kitchen is sure to leave a lasting impression of unparalleled seafood excellence. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a true taste of Murrells Inlet’s culinary legacy.
Address: 4460 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-651-2881

7.Crab Daddy’s Seafood Buffet Restaurant in murrells inlet

Crab Daddy’s Seafood Buffet in Murrells Inlet promises a delightful seafood experience, and based on the glowing reviews, it seems to deliver just that. This coastal gem boasts a fantastic combination of excellent cuisine, a charming atmosphere, and top-notch service that keeps customers coming back for more.
The general consensus among reviewers is that the food at Crab Daddy’s is outstanding. The buffet layout has been praised for its thoughtful arrangement, providing a feast for the eyes before guests even begin to indulge. The absence of a wait is an added bonus, ensuring patrons can focus on savoring the flavors rather than biding their time.
Crab Daddy's Seafood Buffet Restaurant in murrells inlet
Crab Daddy’s Seafood Buffet Restaurant in murrells inlet
A standout feature mentioned in several reviews is the unlimited crab legs, a true highlight for seafood enthusiasts. The buffet might not be expansive, but it compensates with a carefully curated selection that packs a punch in terms of flavor. The absence of ice cream, while a downside for some, seems to be a minor quibble compared to the overall dining experience.
The family-friendly nature of Crab Daddy’s is evident from the presence of animatronic sea life, providing a unique and entertaining touch for both kids and adults. The frequent displays add an element of fun, creating a lively atmosphere that enhances the dining experience.
Reviewers appreciate the effort to cater to families, and it’s clear that the restaurant goes beyond the typical buffet setting.
Service at Crab Daddy’s stands out, with specific mentions of exceptional waitstaff. Danilo, in particular, is highlighted for providing impeccable service, contributing significantly to the overall positive impression. A server who is friendly and accommodating can elevate a dining experience, and it seems Crab Daddy’s understands this crucial aspect of customer satisfaction.
While the absence of to-go boxes is noted, it doesn’t overshadow the overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the food, service, and ambiance. Crab Daddy’s Seafood Buffet in Murrells Inlet earns a solid 5 out of 5 rating, with customers expressing eagerness to return for the great food, excellent service, and inviting atmosphere.
If you’re a seafood lover in search of a memorable dining experience, Crab Daddy’s is certainly worth a visit.
Address: 3043 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-299-1115

8.Judy Boone’s Family Kitchen in murrells inlet

Judy Boone’s Family Kitchen in Murrells Inlet has proven to be a hidden gem, offering a delightful dining experience that combines an affordable buffet, mouthwatering dishes, and exceptional customer service.
Judy Boone's Family Kitchen in murrells inlet
Judy Boone’s Family Kitchen in murrells inlet
One reviewer shared a heartwarming experience about the accommodating staff, highlighting their flexibility and understanding. Despite facing challenges with an older dog, the restaurant’s staff went above and beyond to ensure a pleasant dining experience, allowing the customer to enjoy their meal in a unique and considerate way. This level of customer service is truly commendable and sets Judy Boone’s apart.
The buffet itself has received rave reviews, with diners praising the variety and quality of the dishes. The lunch buffet, priced at $10.99, offers an incredible value for money. The menu boasts an array of options, from flounder and shrimp to vegetables, hush puppies, and a tempting dessert selection.
The meatloaf, in particular, stood out as a favorite, and patrons were pleasantly surprised by the authenticity of the offerings, which matched the enticing pictures.
Friday night’s country Cooking and seafood buffet garnered high praise from another customer who expressed sheer delight in the overall experience. The owner’s dedication to ensuring a smooth operation, coupled with an attentive and efficient staff, contributed to the positive ambiance.
The extensive array of dishes, including fried oysters, flounder, grouper, scallops, shrimp, salmon, hush puppies, coleslaw, crab salad, and more, for the price of $16.99, left diners eager to make Judy Boone’s a recurring destination.
Positive sentiments extended to birthday celebrations, with a customer expressing gratitude for the outstanding customer service and recommending Judy Boone’s as the place to be for special occasions.
The consistently high-quality hot food, the variety of options, and the friendly service distinguish Judy Boone’s Family Kitchen as the best country buffet in the Myrtle Beach/Surfside/Murrells Inlet area, according to a satisfied diner.
The establishment’s commitment to maintaining hot and delicious dishes, including favorites like fried chicken and homemade desserts, sets it apart from other local buffets.
In conclusion, Judy Boone’s Family Kitchen has clearly made a lasting impression on its customers, earning it a well-deserved five-star rating. With its unbeatable combination of delectable cuisine, affordability, and top-notch service, this restaurant is undoubtedly a must-visit for locals and tourists alike.
Address: 4664 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-299-0024

9.The Beaver Bar Murrells Inlet – best seafood in murrells inlet

The Beaver Bar in Murrells Inlet stands out as a hidden gem, offering not only good country cooking and a relaxed atmosphere but also a strong sense of community involvement that sets it apart from the rest.
The Beaver Bar Murrells Inlet - best seafood in murrells inlet
The Beaver Bar Murrells Inlet – best seafood in murrells inlet
One of the standout features that caught our attention was the Sunday breakfast buffet, a charitable initiative organized by the owner, Leslie. Customers expressed their admiration for this initiative, where the entire profit from the breakfast brunch goes to support local charities or individuals in need.
The dedication of the staff, who volunteer their time during these events and work solely for tips, adds a heartwarming touch to the dining experience.
The community spirit doesn’t stop there. Patrons appreciate the owner, Leslie, as a super person who actively contributes to the community. Several customers mentioned their participation in fundraising events at The Beaver Bar, emphasizing the worthiness of supporting a business that gives back in such a meaningful way.
Beyond the charitable endeavors, The Beaver Bar also makes a mark with its affordability. The Sunday breakfast buffet, offering a variety of delicious options, is a steal at $5.00 per person. Customers raved about the value for money, highlighting the diverse selection available at an unbeatable price.
The ambiance at The Beaver Bar is described as relaxed and welcoming, attracting real people who appreciate a laid-back breakfast experience. The self-service setup, where you pay in cash and grab a plastic plate, adds to the down-to-earth vibe that patrons love. The friendly staff, coupled with great coffee, further enhances the overall positive dining experience.
Even during special events like bike week, The Beaver Bar manages to maintain its reputation for excellent service. Customers enjoyed live music by the Crash Rockets and explored the motorcycle gear tents, all while indulging in the great service and tasty wings the bar had to offer.
In summary, The Beaver Bar in Murrells Inlet earns high marks for its commitment to the community, affordable and delicious breakfast options, and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, this establishment offers a unique dining experience that goes beyond just good food.
Address: 3534 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-651-3838

10.Texas Roadhouse – best seafood in murrells inlet

Texas Roadhouse in Murrells Inlet has established itself as a reliable haven for steak enthusiasts, providing consistently excellent service and delectable meals. With a history of over two decades at this location, the restaurant has garnered a loyal following, and it’s not hard to see why.
Texas Roadhouse - best seafood in murrells inlet
Texas Roadhouse – best seafood in murrells inlet
One of the standout features of Texas Roadhouse is the top-notch service, a sentiment echoed by numerous customers. Mike, the General Manager, has been a key figure in ensuring a positive dining experience.
Patrons appreciate his hands-on approach, ensuring that every meal meets the highest standards. His commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident, as he personally greets diners and oversees the operations to ensure a seamless experience.
The steak offerings at Texas Roadhouse have consistently been praised as the best on the beach, with a particular nod to the sirloin steak. Customers commend the skilled preparation and cooking of the steaks, making every visit a delight for those seeking a quality Steakhouse experience.
The diverse menu offers a range of options, with each dish receiving accolades for its taste and presentation.
Despite the popularity of Texas Roadhouse, the reviews note that the restaurant can get crowded, especially during peak hours. However, this is a testament to its widespread appeal, and the efficient staff ensures that customers are seated promptly and enjoy a timely dining experience.
Individual servers also receive commendations, such as Jason, who left a positive impression on customers with his friendly demeanor and attentive service. The training efforts at the restaurant were evident, as a new staff member was praised for her sweetness and efficiency.
Prompt seating and timely delivery of hot and delicious meals were consistently highlighted in the reviews, emphasizing the restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
The ambiance and warmth of Texas Roadhouse contribute to its popularity for date nights and gatherings with friends. The freshly prepared salad, mouthwatering rolls with cinnamon butter, and a variety of side items add to the overall dining experience.
In conclusion, Texas Roadhouse in Murrells Inlet continues to be a go-to destination for those craving a superb steak. With a history of excellence, a dedicated General Manager, and a commitment to exceptional service, this establishment remains a top choice for locals and visitors alike.
Whether you’re a seasoned steak enthusiast or just looking for a satisfying meal, Texas Roadhouse delivers a consistently outstanding dining experience.
Address: 3037 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States
Phone: +1 843-353-2097
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