Reviews of the 10 best seafood in Laguna Beach

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“Embark on a tantalizing culinary journey through the vibrant coastal town of Laguna Beach as we delve into the most exquisite and sought-after dining experiences. In this comprehensive guide, we meticulously uncover and review the top 10 establishments that offer the best seafood in Laguna Beach. From charming beachfront bistros to upscale seafood havens, prepare to indulge your taste buds in an array of delectable ocean-inspired dishes that define excellence and sophistication in this picturesque Southern Californian paradise.”

Reviews of the 10 best seafood in Laguna Beach

1.The Deck – best seafood in Laguna Beach

The Deck in Laguna Beach embodies the quintessence of a splendid dining escapade along the stunning Californian coast. It’s hailed not just for its breathtaking ocean vistas but also for its exceptional culinary prowess, as echoed by the multitude of patrons who have reveled in its offerings. With a preeminent focus on seafood delights, The Deck beckons visitors with promises of delectable dishes prepared with finesse and served against a backdrop of panoramic sea views.
The Deck - best seafood in Laguna Beach
The Deck – best seafood in Laguna Beach
Upon setting foot into this gastronomic haven, guests are greeted by an ambiance that effortlessly blends comfort and sophistication. Booking in advance is highly recommended due to its enduring popularity, a testament to the establishment’s revered status. Despite the pricier valet parking, the allure of the scenic setting and the promise of exceptional cuisine seem to outweigh any minor inconveniences.
For many, The Deck is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience. Guests recount memorable moments spent reconnecting with friends, celebrating anniversaries, or simply relishing the serenity of the oceanic panorama. The menu boasts an array of choices, from the tantalizing Mahi sandwich to the tantalizing Tuna Poke, leaving patrons enamored with each dish’s presentation and taste.
One reviewer, celebrating a significant milestone, lauded the impeccable service provided by Whitney, highlighting her friendliness, attentiveness, and knowledge. The anniversary celebration was elevated by delightful cocktails, sumptuous starters like the Tuna Poke and wedge salad, and mains that left taste buds singing praises. The Laguna Cioppino and Halibut were hailed as masterpieces, the former earning accolades for its rich broth and exquisite mussels, while the latter was deemed flawlessly cooked, accompanied by a delightful side of corn.
The Deck isn’t just a place to dine; it’s an immersive journey into culinary excellence complemented by unparalleled views and amiable service. Whether relishing a laid-back lunch overlooking the beach or savoring an enchanting sunset during a milestone celebration, The Deck promises an unforgettable experience that beckons patrons back time and again. It stands as a testament to exquisite dining where the freshest seafood meets unparalleled vistas, leaving guests eager to return and recreate these cherished moments.
Address: 627 Sleepy Hollow Ln, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 949-755-8788

2.Nick’s Laguna Beach – best seafood in Laguna Beach

Nick’s Laguna Beach invites patrons into a realm of culinary delight and warm ambiance, showcasing an array of delectable dishes that evoke sheer admiration from its visitors. Nestled in the heart of Laguna Beach, this restaurant holds a reputation that precedes it, drawing in both locals and tourists alike with its enticing menu offerings and welcoming atmosphere.
Nick's Laguna Beach - best seafood in Laguna Beach
Nick’s Laguna Beach – best seafood in Laguna Beach
One of the standout features at Nick’s is its ability to deliver on diverse culinary preferences, catering to everything from delightful salads to indulgent steak sandwiches. A guest, enticed by a friend’s raving recommendation, ventured in and sampled the acclaimed Spicy Thai salad, which left an indelible mark with its vibrant flavors and exceptional taste. Complemented by an Original Ribeye Melt that garnered high praise, this visit left an unmistakable impression – one that resonated with a resounding 100% recommendation and a certainty to return.
The restaurant’s prowess extends beyond salads and sandwiches, excelling in seafood and other culinary delights. Dishes like the macadamia nut Halibut with pineapple butter sauce and the San Francisco Cioppino were hailed as culinary triumphs, elevating Nick’s to the status of a haven for seafood enthusiasts. The Scottish salmon and the Classic Cheese Burger also earned top marks, reflecting the restaurant’s versatility in catering to diverse tastes with finesse.
Nick’s, besides its gastronomic excellence, exudes a welcoming atmosphere that beckons guests to unwind and savor every moment. From the friendly bar staff offering delightful cocktails to the cozy ambiance, patrons find themselves immersed in a dining experience that transcends mere consumption of food.
International visitors, enchanted by their dining experience, praised the relaxed ambiance, excellent service, and the impeccable quality of their meals – a testament to Nick’s universal appeal transcending geographical boundaries.
Whether seeking a casual lunch or a memorable dinner, Nick’s Laguna Beach emerges as a culinary gem where flavors burst forth, service shines, and patrons depart with contented hearts and palates. As a recommendation cherished by locals and visitors alike, this establishment embodies the essence of exceptional dining, leaving an enduring impression that beckons one to return time and again.
Address: 440 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 949-376-8595

3.Splashes Restaurant – best seafood in Laguna Beach

Splashes Restaurant in Laguna Beach embodies a harmonious fusion of breathtaking oceanic panoramas, exceptional culinary creations, and impeccable service, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Nestled along the coastline, this establishment captivates patrons with its stunning views and unparalleled ambiance, making it a quintessential destination for a romantic dinner or a delightful lunch by the sea.
Splashes Restaurant - best seafood in Laguna Beach
Splashes Restaurant – best seafood in Laguna Beach
The allure of Splashes extends far beyond its picturesque setting, resonating deeply with patrons who laud not only the mesmerizing sunset views and the symphony of crashing waves but also the exquisite cuisine meticulously crafted to accommodate diverse dietary needs. Guests rave about the chef’s adeptness in crafting dishes that surpass expectations, elevating the dining experience to an unparalleled level.
Service at Splashes is hailed as nothing short of exceptional, with staff members like Pablo, Patrick, Jhoana, and Rich Flores earning acclaim for their attentiveness, warmth, and dedication to ensuring each guest’s comfort and satisfaction. Their ability to curate personalized experiences, from expertly choosing wines to catering to individual preferences, leaves an indelible mark on visitors, amplifying the overall joy of dining at this esteemed establishment.
Whether seated at a table overlooking the majestic ocean or relishing an intimate experience at the bar, guests find themselves immersed in the captivating ambiance, serenaded by the symphony of the ocean’s melody. Each visit becomes a cherished memory, prompting patrons to eagerly anticipate their next return, a sentiment echoed by numerous reviews from patrons eager to revisit and relive the unparalleled allure of Splashes.
As an epitome of fine dining in Laguna Beach, Splashes resonates as more than just a restaurant; it’s an experience that marries nature’s splendor with culinary mastery and impeccable service. Its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence ensures that each visit is not merely a meal but an enchanting journey that lingers in the hearts and minds of its patrons, making Splashes a highly recommended gem along the Californian coastline.
Address: 1555 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 888-281-3502

4.South of Nick’s Laguna Beach – best seafood in Laguna Beach

South of Nick’s in Laguna Beach stands as a culinary gem offering a vibrant and delectable fusion of Mexican-inspired cuisine, impeccable service, and an inviting ambiance. Nestled amidst the coastal charm, this establishment consistently delivers exceptional experiences, drawing visitors back time and again.
South of Nick's Laguna Beach - best seafood in Laguna Beach
South of Nick’s Laguna Beach – best seafood in Laguna Beach
Patrons are greeted by a welcoming atmosphere, accompanied by an ocean view and a gentle breeze that adds a touch of tranquility to the dining experience. Whether seated indoors or enjoying the coastal vistas, guests are enchanted by the relaxed yet lively energy that permeates the restaurant.
The culinary offerings at South of Nick’s receive widespread acclaim, especially for their unique and flavorful Mexican dishes. From the enticing chips served with a trio of delightful dips to the tantalizing dos tacos meal featuring crispy pork carnitas and birria tacos, each dish is crafted to perfection. The blend of flavors leaves a lasting impression, pleasing even the most discerning palates. Accompanying these delectable dishes are well-crafted beverages, including refreshing virgin margaritas and perfectly made Arnold Palmers.
Service at South of Nick’s is highlighted by the warmth and attentiveness of staff members like John and Vanissa, who contribute to the exceptional dining experiences. Their friendly and professional demeanor, coupled with promptness in serving drinks and taking orders, adds an extra layer of delight to the overall visit.
For groups seeking a memorable dining affair, South of Nick’s proves to be an ideal choice. Families and friends alike revel in the varied menu options, savoring dishes like the El Gringo Taco Salad and Birria Tacos while relishing the cozy yet vibrant ambiance.
Moreover, the attention to detail extends beyond the meal itself, as evidenced by the thoughtful provision of warm cloths post-dinner for a refreshing touch, underscoring the restaurant’s commitment to ensuring a memorable and pleasant dining experience.
South of Nick’s Laguna Beach impresses not only with its delectable fare but also with its inviting atmosphere, attentive service, and picturesque views. As a haven for Mexican cuisine enthusiasts and those seeking a lively yet cozy dining setting, this restaurant holds a special place in the hearts of its patrons, leaving them eager to return for another delightful experience.
Located in: The Collection at Laguna Beach
Address: 540 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 949-715-3717

5.Sapphire – best seafood in Laguna Beach

Sapphire Laguna Beach, nestled amidst the coastal charm, is a culinary gem that captivates with its breathtaking views, impeccable service, and a menu that exudes sheer excellence. Situated in an enviable location, this restaurant offers a culinary experience that extends far beyond the plate, leaving patrons enamored with its enticing offerings.
Sapphire - best seafood in Laguna Beach
Sapphire – best seafood in Laguna Beach
One of the standout features of Sapphire is its outdoor seating area, allowing guests to soak in the picturesque sunset while relishing craft cocktails. Patrons rave about the diverse array of dishes, each a culinary masterpiece in its own right. From the duck meatballs to the delectable ribs, every bite is a symphony of flavors that leaves an indelible mark. Noteworthy mentions include the Brussels sprouts with pork belly and the mac and cheese infused with truffle oil, hailed as the epitome of culinary perfection. Even the generously sized steak is cooked to perfection, earning accolades from discerning diners.
Beyond the gastronomic delight, Sapphire impresses with its attentive and knowledgeable staff, delivering service that elevates the dining experience. Visitors highlight the servers’ helpfulness and the entire staff’s professionalism, attributing much of their enjoyment to the restaurant’s top-notch service.
For globe-trotting connoisseurs, Sapphire stands out as a true winner, attracting praise from seasoned travelers who appreciate its unparalleled quality amidst a global culinary landscape.
Furthermore, the restaurant’s prime location is complemented by ample parking, and guests are encouraged to take a leisurely stroll to the nearby beach after their meal, a picturesque culmination to a delightful dining experience.
The ambiance at Sapphire is described as perfect, with outdoor seating adding to the allure of the restaurant. From friendly and helpful servers to an array of delectable brunch options, including a cheeseburger, omelette, and grits, each item on the menu showcases culinary excellence. Guests commend the impressive cocktails, such as the Patio Pound and Bloody Mary, highlighting the restaurant’s commitment to providing a holistic dining experience.
In essence, Sapphire Laguna Beach emerges as a beacon of culinary brilliance, offering not just a meal but an exquisite journey through flavors and views that linger in the minds of its patrons, making it an unmissable destination for those seeking a gastronomic adventure along the Californian coastline.
Address: 1200 S Coast Hwy Suite 101, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 949-715-9888

6.Coyote Grill – best seafood in Laguna Beach

Coyote Grill in Laguna Beach emerges as a beloved local gem, capturing hearts with its inviting atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and unparalleled hospitality. Nestled amidst stunning ocean views, this restaurant stands as a testament to exceptional dining experiences that enchant both locals and visitors alike.
Patrons are greeted with warmth and genuine aloha, feeling right at home in this family-run establishment. The ambiance exudes coziness and charm, resonating with guests who appreciate the relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere. The welcoming staff, including servers like Maile, embody friendliness and attentiveness, ensuring a memorable and pleasant dining affair.
Coyote Grill - best seafood in Laguna Beach
Coyote Grill – best seafood in Laguna Beach
The menu offerings at Coyote Grill showcase a culinary prowess that delights diners at every turn. From the sumptuous carnitas plate to the mouthwatering shrimp ceviche, calamari, and coconut shrimp, each dish boasts flavors that sing harmoniously. Noteworthy mentions include the well-received shrimp tacos, generously portioned and accompanied by an ocean view that adds to the dining experience.
The restaurant’s efficiency and layout contribute to its appeal, despite challenges with parking. However, the bustling cantina vibe and efficient staff compensate for any inconvenience, making it a hotspot worth visiting.
Happy hour at Coyote Grill stands out as a prime time to experience the restaurant’s offerings, with tantalizing deals on drinks like the $6 tequila shot of the week and delectable appetizers such as the $4 calamari. The staff’s warm welcome and their knack for making patrons feel like family contribute to the restaurant’s charm and enduring appeal.
Notably, during certain occasions like Cinco de Mayo, Coyote Grill delivers on celebratory vibes, offering delightful $6 margaritas and tequila tastings that add to the already vibrant atmosphere. The small yet lively bar becomes a hub of enjoyment, reflecting the camaraderie shared by both guests and staff alike.
In essence, Coyote Grill stands as a beacon of community and culinary excellence in Laguna Beach. With its mouthwatering dishes, inviting ambiance, and heartfelt hospitality, this restaurant beckons patrons to savor not just a meal but a memorable experience woven with flavors, warmth, and a touch of coastal charm.
Address: 31621 Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 949-499-4033

7.Wahoo’s Fish Taco – best seafood in Laguna Beach

Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Laguna Beach stands as a vibrant hub for delightful flavors and diverse culinary options, catering to various dietary preferences and tantalizing taste buds with its fresh and vibrant menu.
Wahoo's Fish Taco - best seafood in Laguna Beach
Wahoo’s Fish Taco – best seafood in Laguna Beach
Upon visiting this casual dining spot, the diversity of flavorful options immediately stands out. Patrons seeking vegan or vegetarian choices are pleasantly surprised by the array of tasty offerings available. While colleagues relish the fish tacos, those pursuing a plant-based diet find their delight in the delectable vegan bowl, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to accommodating various dietary needs without compromising on taste or freshness.
The reputation of Wahoo’s Fish Taco as a culinary delight extends beyond its menu diversity. Diners praise the enticing flavors present in each dish. From the grilled fish tacos to the giant steak teriyaki bowl, every bite leaves a lasting impression. The addition of sides like chips, guacamole, fries, and the delightful white or black beans elevates the entire dining experience, enticing guests to savor the memorable flavors that linger long after the meal is finished.
Those seeking a pit stop on their journey find solace in Wahoo’s Fish Taco, appreciating the fresh and fulfilling fish tacos. The citrus slaw accompanying the tacos receives commendation for its refreshing taste, providing a zesty addition to the meal. The relaxed outdoor seating allows guests to bask in the warm sunshine while relishing the attentive and satisfactory service.
Visitors from afar express their admiration for the restaurant’s offerings, finding joy in the grilled spicy fish tacos, fish burritos, and pork tacos. Each dish is praised for its fresh flavors, well-balanced seasoning, and delightful toppings, contributing to a memorable dining experience. While the ambiance may not be extravagant, the vibrant atmosphere, adorned with stickers on the walls, adds to the restaurant’s character.
Despite ongoing construction affecting the view, guests still appreciate the glimpse of the ocean through the building shell, adding a touch of coastal ambiance to the dining experience.
In essence, Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Laguna Beach charms diners not just with its flavorful menu but also with its commitment to providing diverse options that cater to various dietary preferences. The fresh, vibrant flavors coupled with the laid-back ambiance make it a cherished spot for those seeking a satisfying and casual culinary experience by the beach.
Address: 1133 Pacific Coast Highway, S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 949-497-0033

8.Brussels Bistro – best seafood in Laguna Beach

Brussels Bistro in Laguna Beach stands as a culinary haven, enchanting diners with its authentic Belgian cuisine, exceptional beers, and an ambiance that transports guests to the heart of Europe. Nestled on Forest Avenue, this charming restaurant showcases the finest flavors of Belgium and offers an experience that lingers in the memories of patrons.
Brussels Bistro - best seafood in Laguna Beach
Brussels Bistro – best seafood in Laguna Beach
Upon entering this warm and unique establishment, guests are greeted by a plethora of delightful dishes that redefine Belgian cuisine. The mussels take center stage, offering a range of tantalizing flavors – from the aromatic Yellow curry to the classic Mariniere and the zesty Chorizo, each dish a culinary journey in itself. Accompanying these are delectable options such as escargot, cheese croquettes, and a uniquely crafted Brussels sprouts dish that surprises and delights the palate.
The menu further delights with its assortment of culinary offerings, including Belgian endive salad, boeuf bourguignon, creamy chicken, and the impeccable steak tartare. Not to be overlooked are the Belgian Fries, a beloved favorite that beckons patrons to indulge.
Amidst these savory delights, the desserts stand as a testament to the chef’s talent, from the mousse au chocolat made with the finest Belgian Chocolate to the tantalizing Almond tart and Fondant au chocolat, each bite an experience in indulgence.
Beyond the gastronomic marvels, Brussels Bistro wins hearts with its genuine hospitality and excellent service. Guests rave about the attentive staff, accommodating nature, and their willingness to guide patrons through the expansive menu choices, ensuring a memorable dining affair.
The restaurant’s ambiance complements the culinary journey, offering a choice between a magical patio setting, perfect for a relaxed evening under the stars, or a cozy indoor atmosphere, ideal for enjoying Belgian delicacies on cool winter nights.
Furthermore, the allure of Brussels Bistro transcends just its culinary offerings, boasting an impressive selection of Belgian beers on tap, rotating specials that tantalize the taste buds, and consistently excellent desserts that round off the dining experience on a sweet note.
In conclusion, Brussels Bistro stands as a culinary gem in Laguna Beach, offering a delightful escape into Belgian flavors and traditions. With its authentic cuisine, extensive beer selection, impeccable service, and inviting ambiance, this restaurant emerges as a must-visit destination, capturing the essence of Europe in the heart of California’s coastline.
Address: 222 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 949-376-7955

9.La Sirena Grill – best seafood in Laguna Beach

La Sirena Grill in Laguna Beach is a culinary oasis that earns high marks across the board, from its exceptional service to its mouthwatering array of dishes. Nestled in Laguna Beach, this eatery captivates diners with its commitment to eco-consciousness and a menu brimming with flavors that leave a lasting impression.
La Sirena Grill - best seafood in Laguna Beach
La Sirena Grill – best seafood in Laguna Beach
The service at La Sirena Grill earns rave reviews, characterized by its attentive nature and friendliness. Patrons praise the delightful watermelon strawberry agua fresca, an absolute treat that complements the meals perfectly. The tomatillo salsa receives accolades for enhancing the flavors of dishes like the burrito bowl, a testament to the culinary expertise showcased here.
Diners appreciate the restaurant’s eco-friendly initiatives and applaud its commitment to freshness and organic ingredients. The calamari tacos and the avocado lime salad, especially when paired with salmon, are hailed as standout favorites that embody both flavor and sustainability. The Mahi Mahi fish tacos and margaritas receive special mention for their freshness and self-service condiments, catering to a satisfying dining experience.
The ambiance at La Sirena Grill, while adorned with wooden benches and chairs, is overshadowed by the culinary prowess displayed in its dishes. Guests laud the freshness of the red snapper, noting its vibrant flavors and the contrasting yet harmonious blend of leafy veggies, avocado, and fried onion strips, perfectly complemented by a zesty lime dressing. This standout dish becomes an irresistible temptation, compelling repeat visits for its delightful taste.
Located in: Aliso Creek Plaza
Address: 30862 Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 949-499-2301

10.Carmelita’s – best seafood in Laguna Beach

Carmelita’s in Laguna Beach emerges as a vibrant and inviting destination, serving up a delightful array of Mexican cuisine that captivates diners with its flavors and ambiance. Nestled in the heart of town, this restaurant stands out for its fantastic food, friendly service, and an atmosphere that beckons patrons to revel in an authentic Mexican dining experience.
Carmelita's - best seafood in Laguna Beach
Carmelita’s – best seafood in Laguna Beach
Walking into Carmelita’s, I was greeted by a lively atmosphere, even on a bustling Friday night. Despite arriving without a reservation, I found a spot at the bar and was warmly welcomed by the attentive bartenders, serving up tantalizing margaritas that were an absolute delight. The chips, salsa, and the coveted black bean dip set the stage for a flavorful journey, leaving a lingering desire for more.
For my main course, I indulged in La Tampiquena – three cheese enchiladas crowned with skirt steak and red sauce, a dish that left my taste buds craving for more. The portion size was generous, allowing me to savor some for a delightful lunch the following day. Despite the compact kitchen, the chefs worked seamlessly, churning out quality dishes that showcased their culinary expertise.
The reviews from other patrons echoed my sentiments, praising Carmelita’s as a haven for the best Mexican fare in Laguna Beach. The appetizers stole the show, with the queso fresco, street corn, and fish tacos hailed for their deliciousness and ample portions. The attentive servers added to the dining experience, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable meal both indoors and outdoors.
Moreover, the restaurant’s handcrafted mixed drinks, like the Pomegranate Margarita with a chili-lime salted rim, stood out as flavorful complements to the exquisite dishes, enhancing the overall dining experience.
For those seeking a break from exorbitant prices without compromising on quality, Carmelita’s offers a welcoming respite. The shrimp rolled in a tortilla and fried to perfection provided a savory delight, accompanied by a fine selection of dishes that impressed both guests and locals alike.
In conclusion, Carmelita’s is a must-visit Mexican food haven in Laguna Beach. With its delectable offerings, attentive service, and a vibrant atmosphere, this restaurant earns its place as a standout destination for those seeking an authentic and delightful culinary experience in the heart of the town.
Located in: Food Village
Address: 217 Broadway St, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States
Phone: +1 949-715-7829
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