Reviews of the 10 best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

The Wharf Buffet - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
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Welcome to a culinary adventure through Panama City Beach’s vibrant seafood scene! In our quest to unearth the ultimate dining experiences, we’ve embarked on a gastronomic journey to discover and present reviews of the 10 best seafood buffets in this coastal paradise. From the freshest catches to the most delectable seafood delights, our exploration aims to guide you through the tantalizing flavors and offerings that define the renowned culinary landscape of Panama City Beach. Join us as we delve into the epitome of seafood indulgence, seeking out the establishments that epitomize the phrase “best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach.”

Reviews of the 10 best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

1.Local Steamer Seafood Market – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

Local Steamer Seafood Market in Panama City Beach has undoubtedly captured the hearts and taste buds of patrons, earning high praise for its exceptional offerings and inviting ambiance. One recurring sentiment among customers centers on the incredible taste of the steamed peel deveined shrimp, deemed “out of this world delicious” with its ample size and delightful sweetness. Despite the slightly higher price tag, patrons agree that the quality and flavor of these shrimp justify the cost, earning accolades as the best they’ve ever tasted.
Local Steamer Seafood Market - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Local Steamer Seafood Market – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Guests commend the shrimp boil platter for one, which pleasantly surprised them with its generous portions that easily fed two people without breaking the bank. Priced under $30 and served with an extra corn and coleslaw, the meal provided a flavorful experience accentuated by a medium spice level featuring generous dashes of Old Bay seasoning. The outdoor seating arrangement on picnic tables didn’t deter patrons, as the delicious, buttery meal compensated for any lack of indoor dining.
Comparisons to other renowned eateries in the area emphasize Local Steamer’s superiority in taste, value, and overall experience. Patrons express disappointment with pricier, fancier spots, noting that Local Steamer outshines them in quality and value, making it their preferred dining destination during their stay. The commendations extend beyond just the shrimp, highlighting the delectable scallops, potatoes, corn, and an outstanding homemade cocktail sauce that elevates the seafood feast to new heights.
The humble appearance of the establishment belies the exceptional culinary experience within, a sentiment echoed by many who found the food here superior to fancier and more expensive seafood options in the area. The personalized service from the enthusiastic and pleasant staff, described as “super sweet young men running the show,” adds to the overall charm and appeal of this seafood haven. For those seeking quick, fresh, and incredibly satisfying seafood, Local Steamer emerges as the go-to spot, impressing both locals and visitors alike. Whether it’s the perfectly seasoned dishes or the welcoming atmosphere, this seafood market has become a beloved culinary gem that patrons eagerly anticipate revisiting on their next trip to Panama City Beach.
Address: 14656 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32413, United States
Phone: +1 850-866-9330

2.Saltwater Grill – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

Saltwater Grill in Panama City Beach is a culinary gem that has garnered high acclaim from patrons, offering an exquisite dining experience set amidst an ambiance that’s both romantic and delightful. Customers rave about the remarkable dishes that tantalize the taste buds, beginning with the lobster bisque, unanimously hailed as the best ever tasted. The crab and gulf shrimp Rangoon also receive glowing reviews for their delectable flavors. The mains, including grouper and a seafood pasta ensemble featuring lobster, scallops, and shrimp, impress diners with their tastiness and creamy textures, although a minor critique about the wedge salad’s dressing quantity is noted.
The service at Saltwater Grill is consistently praised, described as excellent and attentive, enhancing the overall dining experience. The ambiance, characterized as romantic and lovely, is complemented by the captivating large fish tank, adding a unique and visually appealing element to the restaurant’s atmosphere.
The Wharf Buffet - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
The Wharf Buffet – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Patrons seated at the recently updated bar express their delight in savoring the seafood medley paired with glasses of Cabernet and Pinot Noir. The Scallops on a bed of couscous and the Red Snapper earn resounding approval, while the bread pudding with two scoops of ice cream stands out as a perfect finale to an already sumptuous meal. The bar staff receives accolades for their versatility and exemplary service, adding to the enjoyment of the overall dining experience.
A highlight for larger parties is the seamless seating experience, as expressed by a group of seven patrons who were promptly seated on a Friday night without any waiting. Their server, Matt, garners praise for being helpful and knowledgeable about the menu specials, contributing to a relaxed and enjoyable evening.
Consistency in service excellence is highlighted by returning patrons who commend servers Travis and Trisha for their exceptional service during multiple visits. The spectacular aquarium and sophisticated ambiance, combined with an early bird menu and an upscale wine selection, impresses visitors and locals alike. For many, Saltwater Grill becomes the preferred dining destination, establishing itself as a go-to spot in Panama City Beach. Whether it’s the superb cuisine, attentive service, or enchanting atmosphere, this restaurant consistently earns high praise and loyalty from its patrons, making it a must-visit establishment for those seeking a remarkable dining experience in the area.
Address: 11040 Hutchison Blvd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407, United States
Phone: +1 850-230-2739

3.Dee’s Hangout – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

Dee’s Hangout in Panama City Beach is a vibrant and welcoming eatery that consistently delivers exceptional food and service, leaving customers thrilled and eager for return visits. Patrons rave about the diverse menu offerings, generous portions, and the inviting atmosphere that caters to everyone from families to beachgoers.
The dining experience at Dee’s Hangout is marked by outstanding dishes that showcase the kitchen’s mastery. Guests highlight the blackened grouper with cheese grits and the Cajun platter, which includes an array of delectable options like fish, red beans and rice, crawfish etouffee, and gumbo. The portions impress with their size and quality, cooked to perfection and customizable to patrons’ preferences without any additional charges. Whether grilled or blackened, the fish dishes consistently earn praise for their deliciousness.
Dee's Hangout - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Dee’s Hangout – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
The ambiance of Dee’s Hangout is noted as casual and family-friendly, accommodating guests dressed in various attire, from church clothes to beachwear. The restaurant’s kid-friendly environment adds to its appeal, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for all. The attentive and wonderful service further enhances the dining experience, with rave reviews for accommodating waitstaff and enticing drink specials.
For those seeking a more relaxed dining experience, the bar seating option with live music in the background offers a pleasant setting. Customers appreciate the bartender’s recommendations, along with standout dishes like lemon butter shrimp, popcorn shrimp platters, she crab soup, and delectable banana pudding and key lime pie for dessert.
Families particularly celebrate Dee’s Hangout for catering to various tastes, including non-seafood eaters and picky young ones. Dishes like the southern fried chicken sandwich and the shrimp kids meal receive high praise for their taste and appeal, satisfying even the most discerning palates. With an attentive server like Anthony, the dining experience is elevated, with short wait times and a fresh, delicious array of dishes leaving families delighted and stuffed, taking leftovers home.
The location itself adds to the charm, offering a beachside view that complements the outstanding food. From calamari and baked oysters to fried shrimp dinners and delightful desserts like key lime pie, the quality of the cuisine is consistently outstanding. Service from the phenomenal staff further enhances the dining experience, leaving a lasting impression on patrons who eagerly anticipate their next visit to Dee’s Hangout. Whether it’s the scenic location, diverse menu, attentive service, or family-friendly atmosphere, this restaurant has left an indelible mark, becoming a must-visit destination in Panama City Beach for locals and tourists alike.
Located in: Shoppes At Edgewater
Address: 529 N Richard Jackson Blvd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407, United States
Phone: +1 850-249-4264

4.Pineapple Willy’s Restaurant – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

Pineapple Willy’s Restaurant in Panama City Beach has left a lasting impression on diners, with consistent praise for its flavorful dishes, accommodating service, and inviting atmosphere. Visitors repeatedly commend the restaurant for its seafood offerings, varied menu, and suitability for families and larger groups.
For many patrons, Pineapple Willy’s shrimp platter stands out as a highlight, described as amazing and flavorful. However, a few critiques surface, such as one instance of scallops tasting slightly off in an otherwise satisfying seafood platter. The restaurant’s family-friendly ambiance and accommodation for larger groups are noted, although the noise level can escalate due to the lively atmosphere.
Pineapple Willy's Restaurant - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Pineapple Willy’s Restaurant – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
The consistency in delivering quality dishes is evident in multiple visits by patrons who rave about their experiences. Dishes like the Mahi and clam basket, Mahi po’boy, Mahi BLT, alligator bites, chicken tenders, and the catch of the day (grouper) with clam strips receive commendations for their taste and appeal, satisfying diverse palates. The attentive and friendly service provided by servers like MJ and other staff members elevates the dining experience, contributing to the overall positive impression of the restaurant.
Returning guests reminisce about previous visits, highlighting the exceptional quality of their meals. An order of onion rings and the grilled sweet shrimp platter particularly impresses, with patrons describing the shrimp as the best they’ve had in years. The combination of excellent food quality and a delightful outdoor atmosphere earns Pineapple Willy’s high marks, prompting diners to eagerly anticipate future visits.
Despite some minor critiques or comparisons to previous experiences, the consensus remains positive about Pineapple Willy’s Restaurant. The flavorful dishes, pleasant atmosphere, and attentive service contribute to a memorable dining experience for patrons. For many visitors, Pineapple Willy’s stands as a reliable and enjoyable dining destination in Panama City Beach, ensuring that it remains a go-to spot for delicious meals and an inviting atmosphere that beckons both locals and tourists alike.
Address: 9875 S Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32408, United States
Phone: +1 850-235-0928

5.Dat Cajun Place Cafe – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

Dat Cajun Place Cafe in Panama City Beach has earned its place as a beloved dining destination, delighting patrons with its flavorsome Cajun cuisine, inviting atmosphere, and reasonable prices. Despite occasional waits due to popularity, customers rave about the delectable dishes and welcoming service that define this establishment.
Regulars commend the journey from the restaurant’s humble beginnings to its current beautiful new building on Thomas Drive, emphasizing the consistency of delightful experiences over time. The Happy Hour until 7 p.m. sets the stage for a satisfying culinary adventure, with favorites like the Fried Shrimp Basket, served generously with sides like cheese grits, salads, fries, rice, and beans, capturing patrons’ hearts.
While some experiences involved longer waiting times due to the restaurant’s popularity, guests express their understanding and excitement, attributing the wait to the exceptional quality of the food. Patrons lucky enough to secure seats, such as at the oyster bar, appreciate the incredible service and rave about the mouthwatering offerings, including blackened fish, shrimp, mahi mahi tacos, and frog legs, despite not capturing every dish in photos.
Dat Cajun Place Cafe - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Dat Cajun Place Cafe – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Visitors attest to the bustling yet manageable crowds, sharing positive feedback about their dining experiences. Dishes like gumbo, chicken tenders, red beans and rice, and shrimp skewers receive commendation for their flavors, although some mention minor inconsistencies, such as dry rice.
Raving about the culinary delights, guests highlight standout dishes like chargrilled oysters, fried green tomatoes, Fish Orleans (blackened grouper over Cajun rice), and baskets filled with delicious fried shrimp and oysters. The collard greens are lauded as “the best ever,” and even self-professed skeptics of fried oysters admit to enjoying them at Dat Cajun Place Cafe.
Despite minor inconveniences, like outdated map listings, patrons eagerly recommend calling the restaurant directly for accurate directions to their new location, reflecting the commitment to ensuring a smooth and satisfying customer experience.
In summary, Dat Cajun Place Cafe has captured the hearts and taste buds of its patrons through its delightful Cajun cuisine, warm atmosphere, reasonable prices, and accommodating service. The consistent quality of food and the joyous dining experiences continue to draw locals and tourists alike, making it a must-visit destination in Panama City Beach for those seeking flavorful, authentic Cajun dishes in a welcoming setting.
Address: 2705 Thomas Dr, Panama City, FL 32408, United States
Phone: +1 850-588-5314

6.Schooners – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

Schooners in Panama City Beach emerges as a standout dining destination, drawing widespread praise for its exceptional food, scenic views, and top-notch service. Patrons consistently express admiration for the restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a must-visit spot.
Guests laud the staff’s warmth and attentiveness, highlighting an instance where the team promptly responded to a request to close windows and doors on a chilly night to accommodate young diners. The dedication to ensuring a comfortable experience reflects the staff’s commitment to customer happiness, leaving a lasting positive impression. Rave reviews extend to the standout dishes, with mentions of the “BEST lobster Mac n cheese” and “smoked tuna dip” that have left patrons craving more.
Schooners - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Schooners – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Despite initial skepticism, guests are pleasantly surprised as Schooners lives up to its reputation. The spectacular views coupled with delicious food justify the visit, with reasonable prices considering its status as a tourist attraction. The ambiance of watching the sunset and the firing of the cannon adds to the overall memorable experience, enticing patrons to plan return visits.
Families celebrating traditions at Schooners highlight exceptional service, specifically mentioning server Cody S, whose outstanding performance elevated the dining experience. Quick service and delectable, hot food that met their expectations cemented yet another wonderful memory, reinforcing Schooners’ position as a family-favorite spot year after year.
Positive remarks extend to the overall atmosphere, with patrons appreciating the lively beachside vibe, attributing the bustling yet expected ambiance to a great on-the-beach seafood restaurant. The view from the dining area captivates diners with its picturesque beach and waves, offering a scenic backdrop that enhances the dining experience.
In summary, Schooners impresses with its exceptional service, delectable cuisine, reasonable prices, and breathtaking views. The restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction, evident through its attentive staff and willingness to accommodate guests, ensures a memorable and enjoyable dining experience. Schooners stands as a beacon for those seeking a delightful beachside dining adventure in Panama City Beach, earning accolades and rave reviews from patrons who eagerly plan return visits.
Address: 5121 Gulf Dr, Panama City, FL 32408, United States
Phone: +1 850-235-3555

7.The Wharf Buffet – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

The Wharf Buffet in Panama City Beach stands out as a beacon of culinary delight among buffet experiences, captivating patrons with its exceptional service, delectable cuisine, and an array of mouthwatering offerings, particularly its standout crab legs.
For those typically averse to buffets, The Wharf defies expectations, earning praise as the best buffet experience ever encountered. Guests laud the excellent service, emphasizing the deliciousness of the food selection. Notably, the crab legs, served steaming hot with butter, steal the show, earning rave reviews for their quality and taste. Every aspect of the experience, from the varied selection to the attentive service, resonates positively, prompting patrons to recommend it as a must-try and a definite return destination.
The Wharf Buffet - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
The Wharf Buffet – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Visitors recognize the expense of all-you-can-eat crab legs but assert that the quality justifies the cost. The buffet caters to a large party, including non-seafood enthusiasts and children, who all find something to love. The filet mignon and other seafood options receive praise, yet the star remains the crab legs—large, well-prepared, and a definite highlight. The wait staff’s balance between attentiveness and giving diners space earns accolades, establishing The Wharf as the best dining experience of their week in PCB.
While some patrons acknowledge potential wait times for tables, the consensus remains that the wait is worth it. The buffet’s offering of some of the best crab legs in town, along with other delectable items like filet mignon, mixed sausages, peppers, and tantalizing desserts like bananas foster, justifies the wait and exceeds expectations.
Reviews highlight the perfectly cooked crab legs’ tenderness, sweetness, and easy-to-open nature, complemented by other offerings like fried shrimp and crab cakes. The attentive and friendly service adds to the overall positive experience, creating a dining atmosphere that ensures guests feel welcome and taken care of.
Despite the price point, patrons consider The Wharf Buffet a great deal for the quality and variety offered, comparing it favorably to other dining options in the area. The consensus among diners is clear—The Wharf Buffet’s exceptional offerings, particularly its delectable crab legs, coupled with attentive service, make it a standout dining destination in Panama City Beach, guaranteeing repeat visits for those seeking an extraordinary buffet experience.
Located in: Laketown Wharf Resort by Emerald View Resorts
Address: 9902 S Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32408, United States
Phone: +1 850-588-7613

8.J. Michael’s Restaurant – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

J. Michael’s Restaurant in Panama City Beach emerges as a vibrant and eclectic dining spot, praised by patrons for its funky decor, exceptional food offerings, and welcoming atmosphere. This locally owned gem continues to impress diners with its diverse menu and flavors that cater to different tastes and preferences.
Michael's Restaurant - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Michael’s Restaurant – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Guests relish their lunch experience at J. Michael’s, commending the place for its quirky interior and an array of intriguing decor elements that add to the dining ambiance. The menu items receive high praise, notably the fried fish sandwich packed with freshness—loaded with lettuce, tomato, onion, and served with a tartar sauce that stands out for its lemony zing, pleasing patrons who prefer a non-sweet flavor. The small Greek salad with added blackened shrimp is described as amazing, fresh, and enhanced by the flavorful “Not so Greek” Greek dressing. The “No Name Chocolate Pie” earns accolades for its heavenly taste—featuring a crispy crust, fluffy slightly frozen chocolate mousse, and a delightful crispy topping, leaving a lasting impression.
The excellent service and delectable dishes continue to attract diners, with mentions of Alaskan Snow Crab and Fish and Chips that satisfy even the most discerning palates. Patrons highlight the high quality of the crab legs, perfectly boiled and seasoned, while the fish and chips, though featuring thin fillets, receive praise for their light and tasty batter. While personal preferences vary regarding side dishes like coleslaw, the overall dining experience remains fantastic, prompting patrons to plan return visits.
Reviews emphasize the delightful variety offered by J. Michael’s, showcasing dishes like seafood gumbo, grilled catfish, daily specials, and their sizable side salads. Quick service, hot food, and well-portioned servings further contribute to the restaurant’s appeal. The unique decor—featuring long guns, surfboards, and walls adorned with signed dollar bills—adds to the restaurant’s character, enhancing the dining experience.
With an atmosphere described as fun and inviting, along with attentive service and delicious food served promptly, patrons express eagerness for subsequent visits. The larger-than-expected side salad and the overall consistency in delivering delightful meals solidify J. Michael’s as a must-visit dining destination in Panama City Beach, inviting diners to immerse themselves in its unique ambiance and enjoy a memorable culinary journey.
Located in: Grand Lagoon Bridge
Address: 3210 Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32408, United States
Phone: +1 850-233-2055

9.Billy’s Oyster Bar – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

Billy’s Oyster Bar in Panama City Beach is a hidden gem praised by patrons for its exceptional service, delicious cuisine, and warm, inviting atmosphere. This waterfront spot leaves a lasting impression, offering a delightful dining experience with its varied menu and friendly staff.
Billy's Oyster Bar - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Billy’s Oyster Bar – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Guests commend the attentive and welcoming service at Billy’s, highlighting the knowledgeable and pleasant waitstaff. The outdoor seating area provides a pleasant setting to enjoy meals, where patrons rave about the garlic Ramona oysters, Caribbean wings, and the flavorful low country bowl, appreciating the generous portions that leave them satisfied but unable to finish. Even the kids’ dishes receive praise, adding to the overall positive experience for families.
The expertise of the seasoned waitstaff continues to impress, making dining recommendations and enhancing the overall experience. Patrons particularly applaud the Billy’s platter, fish and chips featuring outstanding flounder, and the variety of oyster options, including the baked oysters, seafood gumbo, and clam chowder served in substantial portions. The service adds value to the meal, making the experience memorable and enjoyable for guests.
During off-season visits, guests are pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome from staff like Lauren and the owner, debunking initial skepticism about the restaurant. Lauren’s attentive service and hospitality contribute to making guests feel right at home, guiding them through the menu, and ensuring their dining experience is exceptional. The flavorful dishes, coupled with the warm hospitality, affirm the restaurant’s reputation, even sharing historical tidbits about the restaurant’s legacy since 1956.
Patrons celebrate the generous portions, warm atmosphere, and delicious food that include the delectable Key Lime Pie for dessert. The revelation about the owner’s history and commitment to maintaining the restaurant’s legacy contributes to the overall positive impression, leaving diners satisfied and eager to recommend Billy’s Oyster Bar as a must-visit dining spot in Panama City Beach for its inviting ambiance and delightful cuisine.
Address: 3000 Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32408, United States
Phone: +1 850-235-2349

10.All American Diner – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach

The All American Diner in Panama City Beach earns high praise from patrons for its delightful breakfast offerings, friendly service, and inviting atmosphere. This diner captures the essence of a classic American breakfast spot, catering to varying tastes and preferences.
All American Diner - best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
All American Diner – best seafood buffet in Panama City Beach
Visitors commend the Monday morning visit, highlighting a short wait time and a buffet filled with an abundance of choices. Menu items like the plate-sized fluffy pancakes and savory patty sausage leave a lasting impression, celebrated for their deliciousness. Patrons relish the buffet’s variety, especially enjoying the freshness of fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and cantaloupes. Standout items include the biscuit and sausage gravy, homemade salsa with a nice kick, and perfectly crispy bacon. The strength of the unsweetened tea is appreciated, although there’s an abundance of Pepsi for beverage options. The diner’s commitment to being locally owned and operated further adds to the appeal, leaving patrons eager to return and support the establishment.
Even those not typically inclined toward breakfast laud the All American Diner’s offerings. The Breakfast Bar buffet impresses guests, showcasing quality biscuits and potatoes, while the made-to-order breakfast sandwich with ham, bacon, and perfectly cooked eggs receives high praise. Patrons appreciate the cool vibe and excellent customer service, encouraging others passing through PCB to try the diner’s breakfast offerings.
Consistency in quality and service leads patrons to revisit the diner, even on their way out of town. The breakfast buffet with its extensive offerings and attentive service wins hearts, making it a recommended stop for its great atmosphere and diverse selection. However, while the breakfast experience is outstanding, the diner’s dinner offerings also receive acclaim for exceptional food and great staff, despite longer wait times in the morning due to popularity.
Overall, the All American Diner impresses with its delicious breakfast offerings, expansive buffet choices, friendly service, and inviting ambiance. Patrons recommend visiting for breakfast, acknowledging potential wait times, yet affirming that the delightful food and excellent service make it a worthy and highly recommended dining destination in Panama City Beach.
Address: 10590 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407, United States
Phone: +1 850-235-2443