Reviews of the 10 best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD

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Welcome to the ultimate guide featuring comprehensive reviews of the top 10 seafood buffets in Ocean City, Maryland, a coastal paradise renowned for its delectable seafood offerings. From succulent crab legs to freshly shucked oysters and an array of ocean delights, this guide navigates through the culinary treasures of the region, unveiling the most exquisite dining experiences that encapsulate the essence of the “best seafood Buffet in Ocean City MD.”

Reviews of the 10 best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD

1. Layton’s Family Restaurant – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD

Layton’s Family restaurant in Ocean City, MD, stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, drawing patrons from near and far for an unforgettable breakfast experience. Nestled at 16th and Philadelphia, this gem is the epitome of a charming, Mom and Pop-style eatery, resonating with an inviting ambiance that exudes a nostalgic appeal. A testimony to its allure is the consistent stream of eager diners, a testament to its burgeoning reputation as the go-to breakfast spot in town. Arriving early is key, as enthusiasts flock here for good reason – the wait may be inevitable, but the reward is undeniably worth it.
Layton's Family Restaurant - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Layton’s Family Restaurant – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
The praises of Layton’s extend far and wide, resonating with those seeking exceptional breakfast fare and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. As echoed by multiple patrons, the wait, albeit manageable, is a small price to pay for the sumptuous feast that awaits. The service, often described as prompt and friendly, complements the delectable spread that ranges from mouthwatering pastries to delectable breakfast dishes. Notably, the crab omelette garners widespread acclaim for its tantalizing flavors, while other menu items like breakfast sandwiches and pastries leave taste buds singing with satisfaction.
The restaurant’s commitment to safety and hygiene further elevates the dining experience. Particularly during uncertain times, Layton’s dedication to social distancing, mask-wearing by staff, and the use of single-serve, disposable items ensures a comfortable and secure environment for families and diners alike.
For those seeking a break from the bustling boardwalk, Layton’s emerges as a beacon of culinary delight, where the essence of a bygone era is seamlessly intertwined with exceptional food and genuine hospitality. Whether it’s the scrumptious pastries or the wide array of breakfast choices, Layton’s Family Restaurant leaves an indelible mark, beckoning patrons to return time and again for a taste of its wholesome charm and unparalleled dining experience.
Address: 1601 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-289-6635

2.Hooked in 

Hooked in Ocean City, MD, emerges as a culinary oasis, captivating diners with its delightful ambiance and an irresistible 3-course dinner offering during the off-season, all at an incredibly reasonable price of $19.99. Nestled in an inviting atmosphere, this restaurant is an amalgamation of sophistication for a romantic date night and a laid-back setting welcoming to well-behaved children, ensuring a diverse appeal for all patrons.
The testimonials speak volumes about the culinary prowess of Hooked. From delectable starters like boom boom shrimp and wings to sumptuous entrées such as swordfish, glazed salmon, and fish and chips, every dish captivates with its flavors and generous portions. The swordfish, a hidden gem lacking detail on the menu, surprises with its succulent, thick steak-like texture, complemented by an exquisite sauce and capers, served alongside roast potatoes and asparagus, leaving taste buds in awe.
Hooked in - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Hooked in – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
The raving reviews don’t stop at the mains; the desserts, like the cheesecake tantalizingly described with ‘caramel,’ promise a sweet, lingering finish that delights the senses. Even leftovers become a testament to the restaurant’s culinary excellence, with reheated fish and vegetables still retaining their delectable flavors.
Moreover, the staff, notably mentioned as welcoming and attentive, elevate the dining experience. Special mentions go to servers like Miguel and Paige, who exhibit exceptional professionalism and friendliness, ensuring patrons feel valued and well taken care of throughout their visit.
It’s not just about the food; Hooked goes beyond by offering a gratifying dining experience, emphasizing respect, excellent service even during late hours, and fair pricing during special promotions. The advice to patrons to generously tip the servers during promotional nights reflects the understanding of the restaurant’s commitment to its staff’s welfare and professionalism.
In essence, Hooked transcends being merely a dining spot; it’s an experience worth revisiting. The diverse menu, welcoming atmosphere, exceptional service, and the sheer delight derived from every dish make Hooked a must-visit destination in Ocean City, MD, leaving patrons eager to return for another unforgettable dining affair.
Address: 8003 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-723-4665

3.The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD

The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant in Ocean City, MD, emerges as an exquisite culinary haven, showcasing the artistry of a seasoned chef, tantalizing flavors, and an inviting atmosphere that captures the essence of waterfront dining. Nestled amidst the picturesque harbor, this establishment beckons patrons with a promise of exceptional cuisine and unparalleled service, leaving an indelible mark on every diner’s experience.
Testimonials echo a harmonious chorus of praise for The Shark on the Harbor. From the moment one steps in, greeted by servers like Mandy, Eric, Victoria, and Ashley B, the attention to detail and warmth of service sets the stage for an exceptional dining affair. Their knowledge, friendliness, and attentiveness elevate the experience, ensuring diners feel welcomed and accommodated.
The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
The Shark on the Harbor Restaurant – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
The culinary prowess of the chef shines through in every dish, leaving patrons enamored and eager for more. The appetizers, ranging from oysters and fried green tomatoes to stuffed avocado and fried oysters, set a high standard, captivating taste buds with their outstanding flavors and creativity. The main courses, whether it’s the crab cakes, beastro burger, blackened swordfish, or the two fried softshell crabs over lobster mac and cheese, consistently exceed expectations, earning praise for their delectable tastes and skillful preparation.
The attention to dietary restrictions, as noted by a pleased patron, showcases the restaurant’s commitment to catering to individual needs without compromising on flavor or quality. The inclusion of allergen-free options and accommodating servers like Ashley B underscore a dedication to ensuring a pleasant and worry-free dining experience for all guests.
Not to be outdone, the desserts stand as a fitting conclusion to a remarkable meal. The warm brownie with ice cream and the bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, as described, evoke pure indulgence, leaving a lasting impression and adding a sweet note to the overall dining experience.
The Shark on the Harbor effortlessly weaves together picturesque views, delectable cuisine, attentive service, and a vibrant atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination in Ocean City, MD. Whether it’s for a family dinner, a date night by the water, or a casual evening enjoying the ambience of the docks, this restaurant promises a gastronomic journey worth revisiting time and again.
Address: 12924 Sunset Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-213-0924

4.Blue Fish Restaurant & Bar  

Blue Fish Restaurant & Bar in Ocean City, MD, emerges as a culinary gem, delighting patrons with its impeccable sushi creations, Pan Asian cuisine, and inviting ambiance. Nestled in a picturesque setting with wooden seating, elegant lighting, and silk cherry blossom trees, the restaurant’s charm immediately captivates diners, setting the stage for an exceptional dining experience.
Testimonials paint a vivid picture of Blue Fish’s culinary prowess. Renowned for its sushi offerings, the Ahi Tower stands out as a visual and flavorful masterpiece, adorned with tuna, imitation crab meat, avocado, rice, caviar, and asparagus—a feast for the eyes and taste buds alike. The Super Roll, boasting a tantalizing combination of tuna and salmon, and the Hawaiian Roll, albeit slightly affected by cream cheese, are praised for their flavors and generous portions, complemented by the interesting addition of coconut.
Blue Fish Restaurant & Bar - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Blue Fish Restaurant & Bar – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Attention to detail extends beyond the cuisine to the ambiance and service. The restaurant’s decor, described as pretty and inviting, creates an aesthetically pleasing dining environment. Notably, the addition of a round stool for personal items reflects a thoughtful touch appreciated by patrons.
Service, embodied by individuals like the sweet and attentive waitress, Chanadda, adds to the overall charm of Blue Fish. Her warmth and attentiveness contribute to a pleasant dining experience, enhancing the enjoyment of the fresh sushi and the inviting atmosphere.
Though some dishes, like the mushroom roll, may fall short of expectations due to a singular flavor profile, the overall experience remains positive. The affordability and variety of sushi options make it an attractive choice for those seeking fresh and beautifully presented rolls, offering an opportunity to explore an array of flavors without breaking the bank.
In essence, Blue Fish Restaurant & Bar stands as a haven for sushi enthusiasts and lovers of Pan Asian cuisine. Despite minor hiccups, the restaurant’s dedication to quality ingredients, inventive dishes, and attentive service ensures a delightful dining journey, beckoning patrons to return and explore more of its diverse menu offerings.
Address: 9401 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-524-3983

5.On the Bay Seafood – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD

On the Bay Seafood in Ocean City, MD, is a hidden gem that encapsulates the nostalgic essence of a simpler time, reminiscent of classic Ocean City vibes. It’s a place that radiates authenticity, favoring simplicity over fancy frills and offering a genuine seafood experience that resonates with families, locals, and travelers alike.
Patrons unanimously commend On the Bay Seafood for its fantastic atmosphere and sumptuous offerings. With an unassuming setup of picnic tables nestled amidst sand-covered floors, it transports diners to an era when casual charm reigned supreme. The focus here is on the food, and it doesn’t disappoint.
On the Bay Seafood - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
On the Bay Seafood – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
The menu boasts an array of seafood delights, drawing rave reviews for the blue crab special, spice shrimp, stuffed crabs, crab cakes, scallops, and an assortment of sides. Diners express sheer delight in savoring each dish, emphasizing the deliciousness of the crabs, perfectly seasoned and sized just as ordered. The sides, including hush puppies, cole slaw, and generous portions of potato salad, earn praise for their flavorful simplicity, highlighting the kitchen’s commitment to quality.
The experience extends beyond the delectable food; it’s about creating lasting memories. Families revel in the interactive element of cracking open blue crab shells with mallets, enjoying a fun and engaging dining experience. The restaurant even extends its charm to takeout, providing all the necessary tools for a satisfying meal, including a mallet, ensuring patrons can relish their seafood feast even at home.
Moreover, the hospitality and attentive service provided by the owners, Rob and Rose, contribute significantly to the overall appeal. Their dedication to delivering hot, seasoned crabs and delicious Maryland crab soup, coupled with a welcoming ambiance, embodies the heart and soul of this establishment.
In essence, On the Bay Seafood epitomizes the quintessential Maryland seafood experience. It’s a no-fuss, authentic seafood haven that captivates patrons with its flavorful offerings, relaxed atmosphere, and an unwavering commitment to delivering an unforgettable dining affair. For those seeking a taste of genuine Ocean City charm paired with mouthwatering seafood, a visit to this establishment promises satisfaction and an opportunity to savor the simpler joys of life by the bay.
Address: 4204 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-524-7070

6.Ropewalk Ocean City  

Ropewalk Ocean City, nestled in the heart of the coastal paradise, stands as a multifaceted gem that effortlessly blends family-friendly amenities, stunning bay views, delectable cuisine, and a vibrant bar scene, garnering praise from patrons seeking a diverse and delightful dining experience.
For families, Ropewalk emerges as an ideal destination, offering a plethora of seating options, including a covered outdoor area perfect for all-weather dining. The presence of a playground ensures kids are entertained while parents savor the delicious food and drinks. The seamless combination of these elements impresses, earning accolades for the restaurant’s ability to cater to different needs without compromising on quality.
Ropewalk Ocean City - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Ropewalk Ocean City – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Testimonials commend Ropewalk for its culinary excellence and scenic vistas. Diners rave about the breathtaking sunsets and the diverse menu that tantalizes taste buds. From the Day Boat Scallops to the Fish Tacos, pot stickers, Murphy’s mac and cheese, crab cake egg rolls, and Hawaiian tacos, each dish stands out for its unique flavors and high-quality ingredients. The innovative presentation, such as mini pitchers accompanying beverages, adds an extra touch of charm to the overall dining experience.
The restaurant’s recent renovation and expansion have heightened its appeal, offering ample space and a delightful bay view, enhancing the dining ambiance. Despite the occasional noise near the bar, the request for a quieter spot was accommodated, allowing patrons to fully enjoy their meals while taking in the scenic bay vista.
Highlighting the menu specifics, dishes like the Pulled Pork Sandwich with exceptional Cottage Fries and Veggie Tacos with generous avocado slices evoke praise for their flavors and creativity. Complemented by attentive service, exemplified by Monika, patrons express their satisfaction with the overall dining experience, affirming Ropewalk as a welcome addition to Ocean City’s culinary landscape.
In summary, Ropewalk Ocean City is a testament to versatility, combining family-friendly elements, delectable cuisine, panoramic views, and attentive service under one roof. Whether seeking a casual family outing or a delightful evening with friends, Ropewalk promises a memorable dining adventure, establishing itself as a must-visit destination in Ocean City, MD.
Address: 8203 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-524-1009

7.Belly Busters 

Belly Busters in Ocean City, MD, is a hidden gem that defies expectations, offering a delightful surprise to longtime visitors and newcomers alike. Nestled in the heart of Ocean City, this unassuming eatery stands out with its outstanding flavors, diverse menu, and casual, picnic-style atmosphere that exudes a charming simplicity.
Patrons who initially dismissed Belly Busters as typical Ocean City fare were in for a pleasant surprise. Reviews unanimously celebrate the exceptional quality, quantity, and flavors found in the menu offerings. Dishes like the blackened Ahi wrap and the hot dog surpassed expectations, impressing with their deliciousness and generous portions, elevating the standard of classic favorites.
Belly Busters - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Belly Busters – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Customers appreciate the ease of ordering and efficient service, especially when picking up orders. Despite seasonal variations, the commitment to fast, friendly service remains consistent, with staff donning masks and ensuring a smooth and safe pickup process, enhancing the overall dining experience.
The diverse menu offerings, including the Rockfish tacos, Maryland Crab Soup, ahi tuna fish tacos, and pound of steamed shrimp, receive high praise for their exquisite taste and variety. Patrons find it challenging to choose from the array of enticing options, highlighting Belly Busters as a go-to spot for delectable dining experiences in Ocean City.
The restaurant’s ambiance, described as a picnic-style place with great prices, adds to its allure. Its casual setting and affordability resonate with patrons seeking an unpretentious yet satisfying dining experience. Families especially appreciate the kid-friendly environment, emphasizing Belly Busters as a welcoming spot for all ages.
Whether it’s trying softshell crab for the first time or enjoying flavorful options like the chicken fajita wrap, Belly Busters showcases its ability to cater to diverse tastes while maintaining a consistent level of quality and satisfaction.
In essence, Belly Busters in Ocean City, MD, stands as a testament to the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Its unassuming exterior belies the culinary treasures found within—a testament to its flavorful offerings, welcoming atmosphere, and affordability. For those seeking a casual, family-friendly spot with fantastic food, Belly Busters proves to be a must-visit destination in Ocean City.
Address: 4408 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-524-7116

8.Barn 34 – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD

Barn 34 in Ocean City, MD, emerges as a breakfast paradise, winning the hearts and taste buds of patrons seeking an exceptional morning dining experience. Amidst the buzz of activity and a welcoming ambiance, this establishment impresses with its delectable menu, attentive service, and an old-fashioned charm that harks back to a nostalgic era of breakfast dining.
Barn 34 - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Barn 34 – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Reviews sing praises for Barn 34, highlighting its efficiency in managing crowds without sacrificing quality service. Despite the anticipation of long waits, patrons commend the cheerful hostess for promptly seating guests, allowing them to delve into a culinary journey marked by efficiency and a vibrant pace that doesn’t compromise on the dining experience.
The kitchen team, adept at handling high volumes, shines in delivering freshly cooked, delicious dishes without delay. From expansive breakfast specials to a robust menu, every plate is a testament to culinary excellence. Diners rave about diverse offerings like the Crab Imperial Omelette, Vegetable Hash, fluffy yet crispy waffles, tantalizing orange juice, and impeccably prepared eggs, toast, and pancakes.
Service stands out as a hallmark of the Barn 34 experience. Staff members like Kelly H and Megan earn glowing reviews for their warmth, efficiency, and expertise in guiding diners through the menu. The personal touch and outstanding service elevate the dining experience, leaving guests not just satisfied with the food but also with the overall ambiance and hospitality.
Moreover, the restaurant’s atmosphere, reminiscent of classic breakfast joints before corporate chains dominated, adds to its allure. The family-friendly vibe coupled with the nostalgia of traditional breakfast settings captivates patrons seeking an authentic morning dining experience.
Special mentions go to unique offerings like the appetizers for breakfast, including the renowned Bumbleberry Pie and innovative dishes like Cap’n Crunch French toast and Lobster Benedict, lauded for their exceptional taste and creativity.
In essence, Barn 34 stands tall as a breakfast haven, delivering an exceptional combination of great food, charming ambiance, and top-notch service. For families, couples, and breakfast aficionados seeking a genuine and delightful morning feast, Barn 34 proves itself as a must-visit destination in Ocean City, MD, ensuring a return for another delectable breakfast adventure.
Address: 3400 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-289-5376

9.The Bayside Skillet – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD

The Bayside Skillet in Ocean City, MD, stands out as a haven for breakfast enthusiasts seeking a delightful morning feast. With a stellar combination of friendly service, generous portions, and mouthwatering dishes, this restaurant has firmly secured its place as a top breakfast spot, leaving patrons eager to return for another satisfying meal.
Reviews unanimously praise the welcoming staff, highlighting their pleasant demeanor and accommodating nature. Diners commend the swift service, emphasizing the quick delivery of sizable portions. The menu offerings, characterized by their ample servings, impress patrons with their sheer size and deliciousness.
The Bayside Skillet - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
The Bayside Skillet – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
A common theme across reviews is the appreciation for the diverse and sumptuous dishes available at The Bayside Skillet. From ham and cheese omelets to gluten-free berry crepes with Chantilly cream, and delectable options like crab omelettes and chocolate-covered strawberry crepes, each dish stands out for its exceptional taste and quality ingredients. The portion sizes are often described as large enough for sharing, making the dining experience not only enjoyable but also cost-effective.
The efficiency of the waitstaff, including servers like Anna, contributes significantly to the overall positive experience. Reviews consistently mention their adeptness in guiding diners through the extensive menu and providing attentive service that enhances the satisfaction of the meal.
Special mentions go to standout items like Potatoes Tara and the potato side, praised for their flavors and generous servings. Patrons also appreciate the option of ample sharing portions, catering to hungry diners and ensuring a fulfilling breakfast experience.
In essence, The Bayside Skillet emerges as a must-visit breakfast haven in Ocean City, MD, offering a winning combination of friendly service, immense portions, and delectable dishes. For anyone seeking a fulfilling and delicious morning meal, this establishment guarantees a delightful dining experience and cements its status as one of the best breakfast spots in the area.
Address: 7701 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-524-7950

10.Sunset Grille – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD

Sunset Grille in Ocean City, MD, epitomizes culinary excellence and exceptional service, captivating diners with its superb dishes, delightful drinks, and an inviting atmosphere that sets it apart as a premier dining destination in West Ocean City. Patrons consistently laud the restaurant’s ability to deliver an unforgettable dining experience marked by impeccable flavors and attentive service.
Reviews unanimously highlight the restaurant’s delectable offerings, from the lobster Chesapeake and perfectly executed salmon to the Lemon Herb Grilled Scallops and Butter Poached Shrimp Tortelloni, each dish earns high praise for its exquisite taste and quality preparation. Complemented by fresh caesar salads and tantalizing dessert options like the Turtle Brownie Sundae, Sunset Grille delights guests with a wide-ranging menu sure to satisfy diverse palates.
Sunset Grille - best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
Sunset Grille – best seafood buffet in Ocean City MD
The exceptional service provided by the staff, including servers like Loren, Manda, Cris P, and Zach Schultz, elevates the dining experience. Their attentiveness, knowledge about the menu offerings, and willingness to make recommendations leave a lasting impression on diners, ensuring a seamless and delightful evening. Guests particularly commend Zach for his expertise, engaging demeanor, and thorough knowledge of the menu, making him a standout server and a highly recommended choice for a memorable dining experience.
Moreover, the personal touch and warm welcome extended by the manager, Kurt DiPerna, further enhance the dining ambiance. Guests appreciate his dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction, epitomizing the restaurant’s commitment to providing top-notch service.
The atmosphere at Sunset Grille is commended for its inviting charm, making guests feel welcomed and comfortable throughout their dining experience. The combination of outstanding food, exemplary service, and a welcoming ambiance solidifies Sunset Grille as a must-visit restaurant in West Ocean City.
In summary, Sunset Grille consistently delivers an exceptional dining journey, boasting delightful flavors, knowledgeable service staff, and a welcoming ambiance under the attentive eye of manager Kurt DiPerna. For those seeking an extraordinary culinary adventure, Sunset Grille proves itself as a standout destination, promising a memorable and satisfying dining experience with every visit.
Address: 12933 Sunset Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842, United States
Phone: +1 410-213-8110
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