Reviews of the 10 Best Seafood Buffets in Biloxi

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Embark on a culinary journey through the coastal flavors of Biloxi as we present comprehensive reviews of the 10 best seafood buffets in Biloxi. From the freshest catches of the Gulf to delectable maritime delights, our exploration seeks to guide seafood enthusiasts to the pinnacle of indulgence. Join us in uncovering the hidden gems and culinary treasures that define the culinary landscape, and discover why each contender vies for the coveted title of the “10 best seafood buffets in Biloxi“.

The 10 best seafood buffets in Biloxi

1. The Reef 

The Reef, located at 1749 Beach Boulevard in Biloxi, MS, is emerging as a noteworthy culinary destination, drawing locals and tourists alike with its inviting ambiance and delectable menu. Despite the disappointment of Landry’s Seafood restaurant being washed away by the last hurricane, The Reef seems to have successfully stepped up to fill the void.
The portion sizes at The Reef are commendable, as evidenced by the “Biloxi Beach Burger” ordered by one satisfied customer’s husband. Priced at $16.00, the burger is described as huge, offering substantial value for money. The “Jacked Up Grilled Chicken” paired with fries is another noteworthy item, reflecting a diverse menu that caters to various tastes.
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The atmosphere at The Reef receives consistent praise, with one reviewer highlighting it as the best the coast has to offer. The presence of an elevator is noted as a convenience, providing an alternative to navigating stairs. The mention of good service and cleanliness adds to the overall positive impression.
A frequent patron of The Reef expresses unwavering satisfaction with the establishment, emphasizing the exceptional customer service provided by hostess Reagan. The reviewer commends her friendly and well-mannered approach, making it clear that enjoying such quality service is a rare find.
Hailing from Louisiana, a customer skeptical about the crawfish found The Reef’s offerings to be delicious and on point. The positive review mentions great cuisine, an amazing atmosphere, and a beautiful beach view, dispelling any reservations about the seafood quality.
While the majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive, there is a minor complaint about the initial reception from the hostesses. Three of them are described as disinterested and disconnected, which, although not impacting the overall experience, suggests room for improvement in the front-of-house team’s attitude.
The Reef’s prime location with a beautiful water view, immediate seating, and recommendations from friends further enhance its appeal. The menu’s variety, as highlighted by a customer who enjoyed the chicken queso dinner, reflects a commitment to catering to diverse tastes.
In summary, The Reef in Biloxi offers a delightful beachside dining experience with generous portions, a welcoming atmosphere, and a diverse menu. While some improvements in hostess hospitality could elevate the overall experience, the positive feedback far outweighs the minor criticisms. The Reef appears to be a promising choice for those seeking great food, attentive service, and a picturesque setting on the Biloxi coastline.
Address: 1749 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39531, United States
Phone: +1 228-206-7075

2. Mary Mahoney’s Old French House  

Mary Mahoney’s Old French House in Biloxi is a culinary gem that has stood the test of time, and based on the glowing customer reviews, it’s easy to see why. Nestled in history, this restaurant offers a unique blend of old-school elegance, outstanding service, and delectable cuisine that sets it apart from the rest.
One reviewer raves about the personal recommendations that led them to make a reservation, and from the moment they stepped in, they were enchanted by the rich history that fills the building. The casual yet nice dress code sets the tone for a comfortable yet refined dining experience. The attentive service begins with a warm welcome from the staff, and in particular, Alex, a knowledgeable server who adeptly handled a wheat and dairy allergy. The owners’ personal touch, including a stroll around tables and a tour of the wine cellar, added a refreshing and hospitable element to the evening.
Mary Mahoney's Old French House in Biloxi
Mary Mahoney’s Old French House in Biloxi
Another review recounts a wedding rehearsal dinner held at Mary Mahoney’s, praising the staff and owners for their impeccable service and attention to detail. The private dining experience was enhanced by friendly bar staff, perfectly crafted drinks, and a well-prepared private dining area. The menu, featuring a variety of seafood and meat options, was executed flawlessly, with each dish receiving high praise. The owner’s presence to ensure guest satisfaction added a personal touch to the overall outstanding experience.
A long-time patron, dating back to senior prom in 1969, expresses their enduring love for Mary Mahoney’s. Despite the changing landscape of restaurants on the coast, this establishment has maintained its exceptional food and service. The reviewer encourages others to treat themselves, assuring that disappointment is not on the menu.
While acknowledging that there may be other seafood restaurants with lower prices, one reviewer highlights the unique charm of Mary Mahoney’s. The combination of good food, exceptional service, a prime location, and fair prices creates an “old school” elegant dining experience. The mention of the stuffed flounder as a personal favorite and the unexpected delight of the best free bread further emphasize the restaurant’s distinctive appeal.
In conclusion, Mary Mahoney’s Old French House in Biloxi lives up to its reputation as a timeless dining destination. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a loyal patron since the ’60s, the combination of history, impeccable service, and delicious cuisine make it a must-visit spot on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Address: 110 Rue Magnolia, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States
Phone: +1 228-374-0163

3. Half Shell Oyster House 

I recently had the pleasure of dining at the Half Shell Oyster House in Biloxi, and it’s safe to say that this restaurant truly lives up to its reputation as a culinary gem. My two visits, one solo and one with family, were nothing short of delightful, leaving me with a palate filled with the flavors of outstanding seafood.
The menu at Half Shell offers a tantalizing array of dishes, and from the first bite to the last, the experience was a symphony of flavors. The grilled oysters were a standout, showcasing the chef’s mastery in bringing out the best in seafood. The blackened redfish, grilled grouper, fried okra, and sweet potato brûlée were just a few of the highlights that left an indelible mark on my taste buds. The attention to detail in every dish, from the salads to the hush puppies, was evident, making each bite a culinary adventure.
Half Shell Oyster House - best seafood buffet in Biloxi
Half Shell Oyster House – best seafood buffet in Biloxi
The ambiance of the restaurant adds to the overall experience, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The service, too, was exceptional, with attentive staff ensuring that every need was met. However, it’s the personalized touch from individuals like Gabrielle, who went above and beyond to cater to a customer’s specific health needs, that truly sets this establishment apart.
During my second visit, I was fortunate to have Freddie as our server, who continued the tradition of excellent service. The Red Fish Orleans and Herb Encrusted Mahi were cooked to perfection, accompanied by sides that complemented the main dishes flawlessly. It’s clear that the staff at Half Shell takes pride in consistently delivering top-notch service.
For those who appreciate a more interactive dining experience, sitting at the bar provides a front-row seat to the artistry of fresh oyster preparation. The chargrilled oysters, grilled bread, and the overall showmanship add an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience. The prompt and affordable drink service further enhances the overall satisfaction.
The consistency in excellence was evident during my second visit, with the seafood gumbo and seafood portobello standing out as delightful choices. The service, once again, was impeccable, with Stephanie at the bar providing not only excellent recommendations but also creating a pleasant and engaging atmosphere.
In conclusion, Half Shell Oyster House in Biloxi is a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts. The combination of outstanding cuisine, attentive service, and a welcoming atmosphere make it a standout choice in the casino areas of Biloxi. Whether you’re a solo diner or visiting with family, the Half Shell Oyster House promises a culinary experience that will have you eagerly planning your return.
Address: 125 Lameuse St, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States
Phone: +1 228-432-5050

4. Infinity Buffet

Infinity Buffet, nestled within the vibrant ambiance of Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi, offers a seafood feast that leaves patrons satisfied and eager for more. Customer experiences vary, but the consensus is clear: this buffet is a seafood lover’s paradise.
The buffet, though not exclusively seafood, showcases a tantalizing array of ocean delights. One enthusiastic diner appreciated the abundance of quality crab, emphasizing the freshness and flavor. However, some noted a limited seafood selection beyond crab, calamari, crawdads, and shrimp. Despite this, the overall consensus was positive, with patrons praising the quick seating, excellent service, and the enjoyable variety of offerings.
Infinity Buffet - best seafood buffet in Biloxi
Infinity Buffet – best seafood buffet in Biloxi
For those seeking a seafood extravaganza, Infinity Buffet has left a lasting impression. The all-you-can-eat (AUCE) lobster, Dungeness, and snow crab legs received raving reviews. One customer even humorously claimed to have gained 10 pounds during the meal, attesting to the irresistible quality and variety of the seafood. The inclusion of Southern cuisine adds an extra layer of charm and uniqueness to the buffet, making it a memorable dining experience.
The buffet caters to different preferences, with seasoned crab legs and a delightful lobster stealing the spotlight. While some found the crab legs slightly salty, the overall consensus on the staff’s hospitality and the enchanting bread pudding with caramel sauce was overwhelmingly positive. Note that this buffet is exclusively for adults, as no one under 21 is allowed, ensuring a serene and sophisticated dining atmosphere.
Pricing is reasonable, with a slight variation in opinions regarding the cost. While some customers found it a bit steep at over $30, others deemed it a good value for the experience offered. Seniors can enjoy additional savings, and having a players card further sweetens the deal. The buffet’s operational hours are convenient, with daily servings for both lunch and dinner.
Despite a potential wait, the overall sentiment is that the experience is well worth it. The bustling casino environment provides entertainment while waiting, and the well-seasoned crab legs, seafood pasta, and gumbo have left a lasting impression on many. Infinity Buffet in Biloxi is a seafood haven that, with a few minor considerations, promises a delightful dining adventure for those seeking an oceanic indulgence.
Located in: Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel
Address: Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel, 1980 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39531, United States
Phone: +1 228-385-6000

5. Snapper’s Seafood 

Snapper’s Seafood in Biloxi has undoubtedly won the hearts of locals and visitors alike, offering a delightful dining experience with its excellent beach cuisine and breathtaking views of the Gulf. Having lived on the coast for over 20 years, I finally had the chance to experience what Snapper’s Seafood had to offer, and it exceeded my expectations on all fronts.
One of the standout features of this establishment is its commitment to accessibility. A quick call beforehand ensured that my husband’s wheelchair wouldn’t pose an issue, and the presence of an elevator made our entrance smooth and hassle-free. The indoor space was spacious, protected from the elements, and easily accommodated wheelchair access. The decision to dine outdoors turned out to be a fantastic one, as we were treated to a spectacular view of the beach and the Gulf.
The menu at Snapper’s Seafood is a celebration of coastal flavors, offering a diverse range of options. The Ultimate platter, featuring a tantalizing combination of seafood, fish, alligator, and shrimp, was a highlight. The frying technique, with small strips that concealed the identity of the proteins until the first bite, added an element of surprise. The alligator, in particular, was a delightful first-time experience. While the prices were not cheap, they were certainly reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food served.
Snapper's Seafood in Biloxi
Snapper’s Seafood in Biloxi
Service at Snapper’s Seafood deserves special mention. Our waitress, Shannon, was described as an “absolute jewel,” and the sentiment was echoed by others who had dined there. Prompt, friendly, and attentive, the staff added to the overall positive experience.
For those seeking breakfast options in Biloxi beyond the ubiquitous Waffle House, Snapper’s Seafood emerges as a welcome find. The breakfast menu, coupled with the stunning morning view, provides a refreshing start to the day. The food was not only delicious but also reflective of the freshness and quality that Snapper’s Seafood prides itself on.
What sets Snapper’s Seafood apart, making it the new favorite restaurant for many, is the combination of fresh, well-cooked and seasoned food, generous portions, excellent service, and an unbeatable beachfront location. The outside deck offers an amazing view that complements the overall dining experience.
In conclusion, Snapper’s Seafood in Biloxi is a hidden gem that warrants discovery. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite or a visitor seeking a memorable dining experience, Snapper’s Seafood delivers with its chill atmosphere, delectable food, and top-notch service. I, for one, am eagerly anticipating my next visit to savor the flavors and enjoy the Gulf views once again.
Address: 1699 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39531, United States
Phone: +1 228-374-7962

6.McElroy’s Harbor House 

McElroy’s Harbor House in Biloxi has left a lasting impression on patrons, as evident from the glowing reviews of satisfied customers. During our recent visit, my wife and I found this local gem to be a welcoming escape from the typical casino scene, offering a genuine taste of Biloxi.
Upon entering McElroy’s on a Friday evening, we were immediately drawn in by the promise of local flavor. The decision to support a local business paid off, as our experience unfolded with a series of delightful surprises. The appetizer of mushrooms with crab cake was a standout, although the portion size left a slight dent in our wallets, a sentiment shared by many these days.
McElroy's Harbor House in Biloxi
McElroy’s Harbor House in Biloxi
The main course, however, more than made up for any reservations about portion sizes. I opted for the blackened shrimp and a cup of gumbo, both of which were described as excellent, a sentiment echoed by my wife, who thoroughly enjoyed her snapper plate with a perfectly baked potato. The diverse menu, featuring well-prepared seafood and other delectable options, left us eager to return on our next trip to the area.
One of the highlights of McElroy’s Harbor House is its captivating setting. The option to sit atop, overlooking the bay and beach, adds a picturesque element to the dining experience. The ambiance is complemented by a variety of seating options, including sheltered areas, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable meal. While the review did not specify whether the seafood is local, the proximity to the Gulf makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a genuine coastal dining experience.
Another rave review commended not just the food but the overall atmosphere at McElroy’s. Nestled along the beach, the restaurant exudes charm, with the owner taking the time to engage with customers and share the rich history behind both the building and the business. This personal touch added to the overall appeal and created a memorable connection between patrons and the establishment.
Service at McElroy’s appears to be a consistent highlight, with multiple reviews praising the prompt and friendly staff. The efficiency of Jennifer, a waitress mentioned in one review, stood out as she ensured a seamless dining experience for the guests. The quick turnaround from seating to serving, coupled with attentive but unintrusive service, contributed to the overall positive impression left by McElroy’s Harbor House.
In conclusion, McElroy’s Harbor House in Biloxi emerges as a must-visit destination for those seeking a delightful dining experience. From the excellent food, charming atmosphere, and engaging service, this local gem has clearly won the hearts of its patrons. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, McElroy’s offers a taste of Biloxi that goes beyond the ordinary, making it a standout choice for any dining occasion.
Address: 695 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States
Phone: +1 228-435-5001

7. Sicily’s Pizza St. Martin 

Sicily’s Pizza St. Martin in Biloxi has garnered a wave of positive reviews, and after experiencing it firsthand, it’s clear that this hidden gem lives up to its reputation. Nestled to the East of I-110, Sicily’s might not be on the main road to the casinos, but it’s undoubtedly worth the journey.
One standout feature that caught the attention of patrons is the enticing BOGO buffet coupon found on Sicily’s Facebook page, adding an extra layer of value for visitors. The buffet itself boasts an impressive array of options, with approximately 12 different pizzas and a diverse selection of other dishes, including chicken, salads, and more.
Sicily's Pizza St. Martin in Biloxi
Sicily’s Pizza St. Martin in Biloxi
For first-time visitors, the restaurant’s variety and quality were particularly noteworthy. The expansive spread goes beyond the traditional pizza fare, offering delights like friend chicken, Sicily’s kickin’ chicken, Crawfish bisque, shrimp etouffee, and even unique creations like a Cajun pizza and pepperoni alfredo pizza. The Coca Cola freestyle machines add a touch of customization to the beverage options, enhancing the overall dining experience.
One enthusiastic visitor emphasized the exceptional selection of food, deeming Sicily’s worthy of the time taken to leave a review, describing it as “AWESOME!” The sentiment was echoed by another satisfied patron who praised the buffet as a fantastic family option with consistently tasty offerings, whether you visit for lunch or dinner.
A recurring theme in the reviews is the loyalty cultivated by Sicily’s, with one family making a point to visit whenever they are in the Biloxi area for almost a decade. This longevity speaks volumes about the restaurant’s enduring appeal and quality.
The affordability of Sicily’s buffet is another attractive feature, with a reasonable $10 price tag. Additionally, patrons can find a coupon in the visitor’s center on I-90, providing added savings.
A particularly glowing review came from a family dining on a Friday night, impressed by the abundant seafood dishes, extensive pizza selection, and the inclusion of Gumbo, Shrimp Creole, Crawfish Etouffe, Fried Chicken, and Catfish. The presence of an Icee machine and Cappuccino machine added a delightful touch to the dining experience. The dessert pizza, featuring flavors like Chocolate Chip and Rocky Road, was described as absolutely amazing.
The final review advises against comparing Sicily’s to other buffets, emphasizing its unique offerings and quality. A self-proclaimed buffet snob commended various items, from the marinara to the spaghetti and meatballs, Sicilian baked chicken, red beans and rice, Cajun rice, and the enticing dessert pizza. The verdict was clear – Sicily’s falls between fast food and casual dining, offering a distinct and satisfying experience.
In conclusion, Sicily’s Pizza St. Martin in Biloxi emerges as a standout dining destination, delivering on its promise of a diverse and delicious buffet experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the Biloxi area, Sicily’s is well worth the trip for a delightful feast that goes beyond your typical pizza buffet.
Address: 15804 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39532, United States
Phone: +1 228-392-1991

8.Fillin’ Station in Biloxi

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Fillin’ Station in Biloxi, and I must say, it lived up to the hype created by enthusiastic customer reviews. This local establishment offers a fantastic combination of great food, a lively atmosphere, and top-notch service.
One recurring theme among the reviews was the fun and welcoming atmosphere. Located in the heart of Biloxi, Fillin’ Station seems to be a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. Despite not experiencing the evening vibe, customers consistently praised the establishment’s overall ambiance.
Fillin' Station in Biloxi
Fillin’ Station in Biloxi
The standout feature for many patrons was the exceptional service. From friendly and helpful staff to efficient servers like Kyla, who went above and beyond to enhance the dining experience, Fillin’ Station truly understands the value of hospitality. The mention of the tram driver, Carla, recommending the place adds a personal touch, highlighting the sense of community in Biloxi.
Now, onto the food – a crucial aspect of any dining experience. The crawfish nachos received commendations for being good, but the real star of the show was the 3 lbs of crawfish, described as amazing and contributing to a memorable first-time experience. Other menu items, such as the shrimp poboy, barbecue chicken sandwich, gumbo, and red beans and rice, were consistently praised for their taste and reasonable pricing.
The in-house bread, a key component of the shrimp poboy, garnered specific appreciation for its quality. Customers raved about the delicious crawfish, and the diverse menu seems to offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a local or a day-tripper from Pensacola, Fillin’ Station provides a delightful culinary experience.
Despite not catching the waitress’s name during a visit, customers consistently mentioned friendly and attentive service, reinforcing the notion that the staff at Fillin’ Station take pride in ensuring guests have a positive dining experience.
In conclusion, Fillin’ Station in Biloxi seems to have won the hearts of its patrons with a winning combination of delectable food, warm hospitality, and a vibrant atmosphere. Based on the enthusiastic reviews, it’s safe to say that this spot is a must-visit for anyone looking to savor the flavors of Biloxi in a welcoming setting. I, for one, am looking forward to my next visit to Fillin’ Station.
Address: 692 Howard Ave, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States
Phone: +1 228-435-2522

9.Half Shell Oyster House in Biloxi

I recently had the pleasure of dining at the Half Shell Oyster House in Biloxi, and I must say, it truly lives up to its reputation as a culinary gem. I visited twice during my stay, once solo and once with family, and both experiences left a lasting impression.
The standout feature of this restaurant is undeniably the outstanding food. From the grilled oysters to the blackened redfish, grilled grouper, and an array of sides like fried okra, sweet potato brûlée, and hush puppies, every dish was a delightful explosion of flavors. The quality of the ingredients and the mastery in preparation were evident in every bite. The chargrilled oysters, in particular, were described as truly amazing by many patrons.
Half Shell Oyster House - best seafood buffet in Biloxi
Half Shell Oyster House – best seafood buffet in Biloxi
The atmosphere of the Half Shell Oyster House is warm and inviting, providing a perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience. However, it’s worth noting that the popularity of the restaurant may lead to a wait, especially during peak hours. Nonetheless, the attentive and friendly service, as reported by multiple customers, compensates for any wait time.
A special mention goes to Gabrielle, the bartender, who went above and beyond to enhance one customer’s experience. Her understanding of a customer’s health concern and quick response showcased a level of care that elevated the overall dining experience to a perfect 10/10.
During my second visit, Freddie, our server, demonstrated excellent service, contributing to another fantastic meal. The Red Fish Orleans and Herb Encrusted Mahi were cooked to perfection, and the various sides were praised for their flavorful accompaniment to the main dishes.
For those who appreciate a front-row seat to culinary craftsmanship, sitting at the bar is highly recommended. Customers raved about the experience of watching the oysters being made fresh, with a special mention for the delicious chargrilled oysters and the delightful grilled bread.
On my personal visit, Stephanie, the bartender/server, left a lasting impression with excellent recommendations and a pleasant demeanor. The chargrilled oysters, gumbo, Shrimp Orleans, and bananas foster cheesecake were not only appetizing but also reasonably priced.
In conclusion, if you find yourself in the casino areas of Biloxi, the Half Shell Oyster House is a must-visit. The combination of delectable cuisine, impeccable service, and a welcoming atmosphere make it a standout choice. Whether you’re a solo diner or enjoying a meal with family, this restaurant is sure to leave you planning your next visit.
Located in: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi
Address: 777 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States
Phone: +1 228-207-3330

10.STACKED Grill in Biloxi

I recently had the pleasure of dining at STACKED Grill in Biloxi, and I must say it left a lasting impression. The overall consensus from fellow patrons echoed a sentiment of satisfaction, and after my experience, it’s easy to see why this establishment has garnered positive reviews.
Upon entering, my wife and I were greeted by a welcoming atmosphere, and it didn’t take long to understand why many patrons are drawn to STACKED Grill. One customer praised the breakfast menu, particularly highlighting the outstanding grits and phenomenal biscuits. Our own breakfast experience reflected this sentiment, as the food was not only good but exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail in the preparation, notably the commendable efforts of the cooks, ensured that every dish met the customer’s preferences.
STACKED Grill in Biloxi
STACKED Grill in Biloxi
The standout element of our visit, however, was the exceptional service provided by Brittany, our server. Described as the best by a satisfied customer, Brittany’s politeness, cheerfulness, and helpful demeanor made our dining experience memorable. It was evident that she went above and beyond to ensure not only our satisfaction but also that of the entire clientele she served.
Another commendable aspect of STACKED Grill, as highlighted in the customer reviews, is the staff’s dedication to accommodating diverse needs. Shelly and Afeelia were praised for their outstanding service in assisting a customer with a language barrier. Their proactive approach in finding another worker who spoke the customer’s language and ensuring clarity in the menu and order showcased a level of commitment that goes beyond typical job expectations.
In addition to the excellent service, the atmosphere at STACKED Grill was noted as clean and efficient. The restaurant’s location just inside the casino adds to its convenience, making it an accessible choice for patrons. The friendly staff, always available seating, and reasonable prices contribute to creating a positive dining environment.
While the prices were mentioned as a little on the higher side, the generous portions and delectable meals ensure that you won’t leave hungry. The flexibility of the operating hours, although not open all night anymore, still provides a convenient option for late-night cravings, closing at 11 pm.
In conclusion, STACKED Grill in Biloxi seems to have successfully carved a niche for itself in the culinary scene. With a delightful menu, exceptional service from staff like Brittany, and a commitment to meeting diverse customer needs, it’s no wonder this establishment has earned the admiration of locals and visitors alike. I, for one, will certainly be returning soon and will not hesitate to recommend STACKED Grill to friends and tourists looking for a satisfying dining experience in Biloxi.
Located in: Palace Casino Resort
Address: 158 Howard Ave, Biloxi, MS 39530, United States
Phone: +1 228-432-8888
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