Reviews of the 10 Best Seafood Boil in Houston

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Looking to indulge in the mouthwatering delights of a seafood boil in Houston? Look no further! Houston boasts a vibrant culinary scene, especially when it comes to seafood boils. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, discovering the best spots to satisfy your seafood cravings is a must. From Cajun-inspired flavors to innovative twists on traditional recipes, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best seafood boil in Houston that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. So, grab your bib and get ready to dive into a delicious culinary adventure!

Reviews of the 10 best Seafood Boil in Houston

1. The Juicy Crab 

The Juicy Crab in Houston emerges as a beacon of delightful surprises, transforming from a former pub into a seafood haven that defies expectations. Initially overshadowed by its previous identity as Baker Street Pub, this restaurant swiftly sheds any doubts through its exceptional service and mouthwatering offerings. One customer was pleasantly surprised, their apprehensions swept away as they encountered attentive and courteous service during their to-go order. Despite a slight setback with the saltiness of the fried whiting, the flavors of the popcorn shrimp, sides, and impeccably prepared boiled shrimp compensated, warranting a solid 5-star rating.
The Juicy Crab - best seafood boil in Houston
The Juicy Crab – best seafood boil in Houston
Located in the bustling area near Willowbrook Mall, The Juicy Crab has swiftly gained recognition as a seafood sanctuary in Houston. Patrons are drawn not just by its Atlanta-based chain reputation but by the quality and variety of its offerings. The menu proudly flaunts a delightful array of crab, crawfish, shrimp, and more, inviting seafood aficionados on a flavorsome journey. While the non-seafood options are limited, it’s clear that The Juicy Crab excels in delivering an exemplary seafood experience.
The appetizers serve as a prelude to the seafood extravaganza, where the chicken wings steal the spotlight for their impeccable seasoning and preparation. Generously portioned, these appetizers beckon sharing among friends, ensuring a satisfying prelude before delving into the main course. Moreover, the restaurant’s beverage selection, although slightly limited initially, promises a spectrum of specialty drinks that might lean toward the pricey side but dazzle the taste buds.
One cannot overlook the hospitable ambiance and prompt service that envelop visitors at The Juicy Crab. Hailing from a hotel recommendation, another diner highlights the friendly and attentive staff, quick service, and reasonable prices that complement the delectable fare. What sets this establishment apart is its ability to strike the perfect balance—providing a spacious environment conducive to quick yet satisfying dining experiences, a diverse yet curated menu, all at a fair price point.
For those navigating Houston’s sea of seafood options, The Juicy Crab stands out as a beacon of consistency, where expectations are not just met but surpassed. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or simply seeking a savory escape, a visit to this burgeoning seafood haven near Willowbrook Mall promises a delightful journey through the flavors of the ocean.
Located in: Willowbrook Court
Address: 17278 Tomball Pkwy, Houston, TX 77064, United States
Phone: +1 832-869-4955

2. LTK Crawfish  

LTK Crawfish in Houston emerges as a hidden gem, beckoning aficionados of south Louisiana’s flavorsome crawfish delights. Nestled amidst a sea of culinary options, this unassuming eatery has captured the hearts and taste buds of many discerning patrons. For one enthusiastic reviewer, this place is the epitome of Cajun culinary excellence, boasting flawlessly seasoned crawfish, delectable mussels, and even garnering praise for the perfectly seasoned boiled eggs—a rarity that keeps them coming back, despite residing near several other crawfish joints.
The menu, centered around the essence of south Louisiana flavors, beckons visitors with promises of Cajun Garlic Butter Crawfish, served with a side of shrimp fried rice. While the minimum order for these succulent crustaceans is 2 pounds, the wait is a mere blink of an eye. Although the reviewer experienced smaller crawfish than anticipated, the flavors of garlic and freshness were unmistakable, making every bite an indulgent journey.
LTK Crawfish - best seafood boil in Houston
LTK Crawfish – best seafood boil in Houston
Originating from Baton Rouge, a city renowned for its culinary heritage, a customer finds solace in the Houston rendition of LTK. Despite acknowledging that this isn’t haute cuisine, the sentimental connection to the original establishment creates a bridge between nostalgia and newfound local culinary exploration. Accompanied by a sister eager to share the joy of garlic butter crawfish, it becomes a testament to the restaurant’s ability to transport its patrons back to the heart of Cajun flavors.
Another patron highlights the unassuming yet efficient setup of the restaurant, resembling a fast-food joint in its ordering process and swift service. The garlic butter crawfish, praised for their sizable portions, and the crawfish fried rice, hailed as excellent, take center stage. While previous menu items like the Philly cheesesteak and brisket sandwich have departed, the overall experience remains commendable, coupling flavorful crawfish with stellar service.
Despite its humble setting, LTK Crawfish exudes a charm that lies in its authenticity and mastery of south Louisiana flavors. For those seeking a taste of the bayou in Houston, this unpretentious establishment not only serves up exceptional crawfish but also invites patrons into a world where the art of seasoning and flavors reign supreme.
Address: 7020 N Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77041, United States
Phone: +1 713-849-8500

3. Goode Company Seafood  

Goode Company Seafood in Houston is a culinary haven that has left an indelible mark on its patrons, offering a mixed bag of experiences that range from exquisite flavors to occasional hiccups in service. Regular visitors swear by the freshness and delightful taste of the Campechana Extra, deeming it a pricey yet shareable delight, along with the commendable shrimp po’boy that now comes with a side of crispy French fries. However, a recent departure from the usual onion rings to hush puppies resulted in a slight letdown, prompting a return to their beloved side dish. Despite this, the overall recommendation remains high for this seafood joint.
Yet, amidst these accolades lie moments of dissatisfaction. A long-standing patron expressed dismay over a sudden change in the restaurant’s reservation policy, leading to a perceived lack of courtesy from the hostess during their visit. This departure from their previous experiences left them feeling disregarded and hoping for an improvement in the hospitality extended to guests.
Goode Company Seafood - best seafood boil in Houston
Goode Company Seafood – best seafood boil in Houston
However, the restaurant’s ambiance and menu offerings provide contrasting tales. Welcoming guests with a bustling atmosphere and charming decor—including beautifully tiled floors, a gleaming chrome bar, and an alluring semi-circle banquet—Goode Company Seafood sets the stage for an engaging dining experience. Raving about the attentive service received from a remarkable waitress, a visitor relished in a category 5 hurricane cocktail before delving into a seafood platter and fried green tomatoes, lauding both the portion sizes and delectable flavors.
Another customer resonated with the uniqueness of the culinary offerings, particularly praising the Campechana de Mariscos served in a parfait-style glass paired with crisp tostito chips, leaving a lingering desire for more. The red beans and rice further impressed, providing both satiety and satisfaction. Additionally, the unconventional setting within a train car added a distinctive touch, sparking conversations and enhancing the overall dining experience.
Amidst both moments of discontent and culinary bliss, Goode Company Seafood presents itself as a multifaceted establishment, intertwining moments of exceptional flavors and a captivating ambiance with occasional lapses in service. While experiences may vary, the allure of their distinct dishes and unique setting beckons patrons to return, eager to embark on another gastronomic journey in the heart of Houston.
Address: 2621 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77098, United States
Phone: +1 713-523-7154

4. LA Fisherman

LA Fisherman in Houston has solidified its reputation as a seafood haven, captivating patrons with its flavorful seafood boils and vibrant dining atmosphere. For those unfamiliar with seafood boils, this establishment becomes an eye-opening experience, as exemplified by a first-time customer who was introduced to the savory delight by a friend. Their recommendation of the snow crabs, served in a bag with customizable heat levels alongside potatoes and corn, left an indelible mark. The seasoning was hailed as intense yet perfectly balanced, elevating the flavors to new heights. The addition of sausage cooked in the same seasoning proved equally enticing, surpassing expectations and evoking comparisons that deemed other coastal areas inadequate in comparison.
LA Fisherman - best seafood boil in Houston
LA Fisherman – best seafood boil in Houston
Despite initial hesitations driven by a full parking lot and a daunting two-hour wait, the perseverance paid off for a large group, resulting in a feast of crawfish totaling 29 pounds. A patron lauded their medium-spicy garlic butter crawfish as the best they’ve ever tasted, endorsing the establishment’s popularity despite the bustling crowd. The service, despite the constant rush, was commended for its efficiency and ability to deliver an enjoyable dining experience amidst the chaos.
The messy, yet joyous affair of indulging in LA Fisherman’s fare becomes a communal experience, prompting humor about its suitability for a first date due to its inherently messy nature. The heat levels might catch unsuspecting diners off guard, as one customer from the North found the mild option to be surprisingly hot, urging caution to those unaccustomed to spice. However, the enjoyment of the flavors and the fun-filled atmosphere outweighed any reservations about the messiness.
Amidst any lingering doubts or criticisms, the overall consensus reflects a positive dining experience, emphasizing the quality of the boiled crab, fried calamari, and the worthiness of the trip despite an average gumbo. Referrals and second visits solidified the impression that LA Fisherman is a place where good seafood triumphs over any negative notions from the past. The conclusion remains unanimous: it’s a seafood paradise worth braving the wait and embracing the mess for an unforgettable dining experience.
Located in: Viet Hoa International Foods
Address: 8300 W Sam Houston Pkwy S #268, Houston, TX 77072, United States
Phone: +1 281-988-4750

5. New La Crawfish Boil 

New La Crawfish Boil in Houston offers a delightful fusion of Vietnamese flair with the traditional Cajun seafood boil, crafting a unique experience that tantalizes taste buds and beckons visitors back time and again. For seafood enthusiasts, especially during the coveted crawfish season, this establishment stands out, particularly praised for its garlic butter crawfish, a dish that invokes a visceral longing with just the mere thought. Whether it’s Mother’s Day or any day, this place remains a perennial favorite, promising an exceptional culinary experience.
The spice levels are a crucial consideration here, as the restaurant boldly amplifies the heat. Recommendations sway towards the mild option for a perfectly balanced yet flavorsome indulgence. The crawfish, described as massive, alongside the impeccably smoked sausage, earn commendation for their portion sizes and reasonable pricing, ensuring both satisfaction and satiety without emptying one’s wallet.
New La Crawfish Boil in Houston - best seafood boil in Houston
New La Crawfish Boil in Houston – best seafood boil in Houston
Longevity speaks volumes for New La Crawfish Boil, a cherished spot for many patrons over the years. Reputed as a go-to crawfish haven, it draws consistent praise for its garlic butter seasoning and reasonable prices during peak season. The menu diversity extends beyond crawfish to include staples like fried fish, fried rice, and fries, served efficiently and allowing diners to relish their meals undisturbed.
The restaurant’s kid-friendly ambiance, equipped with high chairs, adds to its allure, complementing its great value proposition. A patron relished the substantial rice, regretting only their swift consumption that prevented a photo op. The porch seating, while enjoyable, requires prepayment, a slight departure noted by a customer in an otherwise pleasant experience.
Despite a touch of sweetness noted in some dishes, the overall consensus reinforces the recommendation, lauding New La Crawfish Boil for its distinct Vietnamese-Cajun amalgamation. The inclusion of Asian elements alongside the traditional crawfish boil components—meat, potato, corn—stands out, particularly when paired with the aromatic garlic sauce over rice.
The restaurant’s simple yet clean ambiance and well-maintained facilities, coupled with reasonable prices and swift, amiable service, round up the positive experiences shared by patrons. While the competition may have shifted preferences for some, the distinct flavors and inclusive offerings make New La Crawfish Boil a noteworthy contender in Houston’s vibrant culinary scene.
Address: 10625 Veterans Memorial Dr suite i, Houston, TX 77038, United States
Phone: +1 281-448-9500

6. 88 Boiling  

88 Boiling in Houston, situated in Missouri City, emerges as a hidden treasure among seafood aficionados, boasting a delectable fusion of Vietnamese-inspired seafood and Cajun flavors that warrant multiple visits. The Crawfish Man, renowned for his mastery in Cooking and seasoning crawfish, has crafted an inviting atmosphere akin to a home away from home. Whether seeking a cozy dinner or planning for a large gathering, the authentic Louisiana experience is not to be missed.
88 Boiling - best seafood boil in Houston
88 Boiling – best seafood boil in Houston
For those with a penchant for East Coast spice, the 88 Sauce, especially in its mild version, becomes a standout choice when ordering the quintessential 5-pound crawfish bag with sausage, corn, and potatoes—a combination that tantalizes the taste buds without overwhelming the palate. The use of sauce, instead of powder seasoning, receives fervent applause, elevating the culinary journey and distinguishing it from similar establishments.
Beyond the crawfish allure, 88 Boiling surprises patrons with an array of well-prepared shellfish dishes, showcasing crab legs, grilled shrimp platters, and more, all at incredibly reasonable prices. Despite its unassuming, no-frills ambiance, the restaurant compensates with an array of scrumptious offerings that overshadow any service lapses. The standout item, the crab with garlic butter spicy seasoning, receives high praise, perhaps even claiming the title of the best crab experienced by one patron.
The 88 Special Sauce becomes the star, drawing returning customers and building a loyal following. Its unique blend tantalizes the taste buds, especially when paired with the crawfish, setting this establishment apart from the rest. The menu diversity, offering lemon pepper, garlic butter, Cajun, and the revered 88 Special Sauce, allows for personalized spice levels, adding depth to each dish and enhancing the overall experience.
The pork fried rice earns its place as a must-try item, loaded with flavorful pork slices and other fried rice essentials, becoming a coveted delight that begs for repeated indulgence. Despite its cozy interior with limited seating, accommodating larger parties with prior notice, the outdoor seating provides a pleasant option, complete with heat lamps for chillier evenings.
Nestled conveniently between Wilcrest and Briar Forest, 88 Boiling becomes a beacon for seafood enthusiasts, inviting them to revel in its flavorsome offerings. With its drive-thru for quick pick-ups and an array of sumptuous delights awaiting, this establishment solidifies itself as a must-visit spot, delivering an amalgamation of Vietnamese-inspired seafood and Cajun flavors that transcends expectations.
Address: 1910 Wilcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77042, United States
Phone: +1 713-789-8288

7. BB’s Tex-Orleans 

BB’s Tex-Orleans in Houston stands as a beacon for Cajun cuisine enthusiasts, offering a delightful array of flavorful dishes that leave patrons craving for more. Nestled in the Montrose area, this unassuming gem, adorned with a vibrant neon sign, beckons diners to experience a fusion of Texan and New Orleans flavors.
Upon entering BB’s Tex-Orleans, visitors are greeted with a warm ambiance and an extensive menu. Customers have raved about the crawfish, particularly recommending it in the “wet” sauce, delivering a tantalizingly spicy yet flavorful experience that doesn’t overwhelm the palate. The spicy boiled shrimp also earns accolades for its delicious taste, balancing spice with a nuanced flavor profile that doesn’t leave lingering heat.
For those with an affinity for Cajun favorites, the menu offers an array of choices, including combo platters featuring gumbo, étouffé, and other traditional dishes. A standout item is the sausage and chicken gumbo, celebrated for its rich flavors, leaving patrons wishing they’d ordered a larger portion due to its exceptional taste.
BB's Tex-Orleans - best seafood boil in Houston
BB’s Tex-Orleans – best seafood boil in Houston
Consistency becomes a hallmark at BB’s Tex-Orleans, as multiple patrons commend the reliable quality of both food and service during their visits. Whether craving a late-night breakfast or a full seafood dinner, the restaurant accommodates diverse preferences without compromising on taste. The friendly and accommodating staff contribute to the overall pleasurable dining experience, consistently leaving patrons satisfied.
The undeniable star of the show remains the crawfish, acclaimed as the best in town and a must-order delicacy, especially when drenched in the savory “wet” sauce. Its popularity is evident by the bustling crowds that frequent the establishment, a testament to its unwavering excellence and taste that keeps patrons coming back year after year during crawfish season.
BB’s Tex-Orleans earns high praise not only for its exceptional cuisine but also for its affordability, making it an attractive option for families and individuals alike. Its appeal extends beyond its food; it encapsulates the essence of Tex-Orleans fusion in a welcoming setting, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all who venture into the heart of Montrose. Whether a local or a visitor, BB’s Tex-Orleans holds the promise of an unforgettable Cajun culinary journey that beckons patrons to return time and again.
Address: 2701 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX 77007, United States
Phone: +1 713-868-8000

8.SEAHOLIC Houston Seafood & Oyster Bar – best seafood boil in Houston

SEAHOLIC Houston Seafood & Oyster Bar is a hidden gem nestled in Houston, offering a delectable array of seafood that leaves patrons impressed with its flavors and atmosphere. While some may initially worry due to a quiet ambiance, the flavorsome and expertly seasoned fried seafood alongside crispy fries quickly dispel any doubts, leaving patrons eager for the upcoming crawfish season.
The star of the show here seems to be the King Crab, lauded by customers for its quality and taste. Patrons appreciate the attentive and helpful service provided by the servers, who offer excellent recommendations, contributing to an overall pleasant dining experience. The inviting atmosphere further enhances the visit, making it a highly recommended spot for seafood lovers.
SEAHOLIC Houston Seafood & Oyster Bar - best seafood boil in Houston
SEAHOLIC Houston Seafood & Oyster Bar – best seafood boil in Houston
The standout feature highlighted by many reviewers is the exceptional service provided by the youthful and attentive staff. Their efficiency and attentiveness greatly add to the overall dining experience, earning praise for their professionalism and attention to detail. The menu diversity, including options catering to specific dietary preferences such as salmon, ensures a satisfying meal for all patrons.
However, some customers found the pricing to be on the higher side, especially when opting for larger portions like Sack #3, which caters to 3-4 individuals, leaving ample leftovers. While the seafood is delicious, it’s noted that dining here may require a willingness to embrace the messy yet enjoyable experience of cracking crab legs and peeling pounds of shrimp.
Despite the overall praise for the food quality, one slight disappointment was expressed concerning the gumbo, perceived as just okay and somewhat expensive compared to its quality. The suggestion to inquire about prices, particularly when ordering items with market prices, is noted, ensuring a more informed decision regarding the cost before ordering.
SEAHOLIC Houston Seafood & Oyster Bar stands out as a delightful spot for seafood enthusiasts, offering an inviting atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious dishes. While some aspects like pricing and specific dish quality might warrant closer consideration, the overall consensus leans towards recommending this spot, especially for those seeking a seafood haven in Houston.
Located in: NorthOaks Shopping Center
Address: 4505 FM 1960 STE B, Houston, TX 77069, United States
Phone: +1 281-781-7351

9.Lotus Seafood – best seafood boil in Houston

Lotus Seafood in Pearland, Texas, emerges as a bustling haven for seafood enthusiasts seeking delectable Cajun-inspired dishes. This unassuming yet vibrant spot, though small in size, offers a bustling dine-in experience that’s casual, busy, and popular among locals and visitors alike.
The standout feature of Lotus Seafood is its exceptional seafood offerings. Patrons rave about the diverse menu, praising favorites like boiled shrimp, Louisiana rice, boiled crawfish, and the standout: fried lobster. The flavorful dishes, complemented by an enticingly spicy sauce, cater to varying spice preferences, promising a satisfying dining experience. Notably, the restaurant also sells fresh seafood for home cooking, offering convenience and quality for seafood aficionados.
Customers appreciate the addictive flavors of the “crack” sauce, lauding its impact on enhancing the overall taste of the seafood. The place’s popularity is evident, often crowded during peak hours, but this doesn’t overshadow the quality of the dishes.
Lotus Seafood - best seafood boil in Houston
Lotus Seafood – best seafood boil in Houston
While the menu’s variety impresses, some reviewers note that certain add-ons, like corn or potatoes, incur extra charges, prompting a slight disappointment. Despite this, the quality of the food compensates for the additional costs. The fried tilapia and Cajun fries earn positive nods, adding diversity to the seafood-centric menu.
Lotus Seafood strikes a balance between quality and pricing, offering excellent seafood at reasonable rates. Even non-crawfish eaters find something to savor, as the dishes, including the rice and chicken wings, receive commendation for their exceptional flavors.
In summary, Lotus Seafood earns accolades for its vibrant atmosphere, mouthwatering dishes, and reasonable prices. While some minor considerations exist, such as the add-on charges, the overall consensus remains positive. For anyone seeking an indulgent Cajun seafood feast in Pearland, Lotus Seafood stands tall as a must-visit spot, showcasing exceptional flavors and a welcoming environment that keeps patrons returning for more.
Address: 2825 S Kirkwood Rd #300, Houston, TX 77082, United States
Phone: +1 281-741-7091

10.Mike’s Seafood – best seafood boil in Houston

Mike’s Seafood in Houston stands out as a beloved hotspot for seafood enthusiasts, offering an array of flavorful dishes that have captivated patrons along Highway 6. Renowned for its exceptional crab legs, this eatery has become a go-to destination, drawing loyal fans seeking delicious eats and a friendly atmosphere.
The star of the show at Mike’s Seafood seems to be the crab legs, especially when ordered spicy with butter and a side of limes, a combination that patrons swear by. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant maintained its stellar service by facilitating convenient pickup orders, ensuring that customers could enjoy their favorite meals safely.
Mike's Seafood - best seafood boil in Houston
Mike’s Seafood – best seafood boil in Houston
Consistency in quality and price earns commendation from customers, who appreciate the friendly service and welcoming environment. The owner’s presence adds a personal touch, contributing to the family-friendly atmosphere that complements the exceptional food and drinks served.
Regular patrons reminisce about the restaurant’s journey, from its humble beginnings as a food truck to its current status, praising signature items like the crispy fried catfish with its cornmeal batter and the delectable gumbo. While the crawfish and boiled crab legs receive high praise, some caution against the boiled shrimp, noting occasional overcooking.
The highlight for many is Mike’s Seafood’s acclaimed crawfish, lauded as the best in the entire city, noted for its garlic-infused, juicy perfection. To avoid long waits, ordering ahead is suggested, allowing patrons to indulge in this culinary delight without enduring lengthy lines. While the beer selection is limited, the frozen drink machines offer a refreshing complement to the flavorsome seafood.
In summary, Mike’s Seafood earns its reputation as a standout destination along Highway 6, celebrated for its exceptional crab legs, delicious crawfish, and a welcoming atmosphere. While some menu items might vary in consistency, the overall experience of great food, friendly service, and a family-friendly environment makes this establishment a must-visit for seafood aficionados in Houston.
Address: 9449 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77083, United States
Phone: +1 281-879-8500
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