How Much Does Raymour and Flanigan Charge for Delivery?

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Raymour & Flanigan is a popular furniture retailer in the United States, known for its wide selection of high-quality furniture and home accessories. With over 110 stores across the country, the company offers delivery services for its products to make shopping more convenient for its customers. However, many people wonder about the cost of delivery and whether or not Raymour & Flanigan offers free delivery. In this article, we will explore the various factors that affect the delivery charges at Raymour & Flanigan and provide tips on how to get the best delivery price.

Does Raymour & Flanigan Offer Free Delivery?

The short answer is no, Raymour & Flanigan does not offer free delivery for all of its products. The cost of delivery varies depending on several factors, including the size and weight of the item, as well as the distance from the store to the delivery address. Generally, oversized items (furniture that does not fit in a standard SUV or pickup truck) cost between $15-$100 for delivery. Small and medium-sized items (items that can fit in a standard SUV or pickup truck) typically cost between $5-$40 for delivery.

In addition to the delivery fee, Raymour & Flanigan also charges an assembly fee for some items, such as beds, dressers, and armoires. The assembly fee varies depending on the size and complexity of the item. This fee ranges from $50-$150 and is added to the total cost of the item at checkout.

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Factors That Affect Delivery Charges

As mentioned earlier, there are several factors that contribute to the delivery charges at Raymour & Flanigan. These include:

  • Size and Weight of the Item: Larger and heavier items require more manpower and resources to deliver, which is why they come with a higher delivery fee.
  • Distance from Store to Delivery Address: The farther the delivery address is from the store, the higher the delivery fee will be. This is because it takes more time and resources to transport the item over a longer distance.
  • Type of Item: Some items, such as mattresses and sofas, may require special handling during delivery, which can result in a higher delivery fee.
  • Assembly Required: As mentioned earlier, some items come with an additional assembly fee. This is because they require more time and effort to put together, which adds to the overall cost of delivery.

How Much to Tip Raymour & Flanigan Delivery Personnel?

It is not customary to tip Raymour & Flanigan delivery personnel. However, if you are satisfied with the delivery service, you may choose to tip the delivery personnel a few dollars. This is entirely up to your discretion and is not expected by the company.

Tips for a Smooth Delivery Experience

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery experience, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Provide Accurate Delivery Information: Make sure to provide accurate and detailed information when placing your order. This includes the correct delivery address, contact number, and any specific instructions for the delivery personnel.
  2. Schedule Your Delivery in Advance: It is always best to schedule your delivery in advance, especially if you are purchasing large or heavy items. This will give the store enough time to prepare and arrange for the delivery.
  3. Be Present During Delivery: It is recommended to be present at the delivery address during the scheduled delivery time. This will ensure that the item is delivered to the right location and that you can inspect it for any damages.
  4. Clear the Pathway: Before the delivery personnel arrives, make sure to clear the pathway to the room where the item will be placed. This will save time and prevent any potential accidents.
  5. Inspect the Item Before Signing: Before signing for the delivery, make sure to inspect the item for any damages or defects. If you notice any issues, inform the delivery personnel and contact Raymour & Flanigan’s customer service for assistance.
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How to Get the Best Delivery Price from Raymour & Flanigan?

Now that we have covered the factors that affect delivery charges at Raymour & Flanigan, let’s discuss how you can get the best delivery price from the company. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Shop During a Sale or Promotion: Raymour & Flanigan often offers sales and promotions throughout the year, which may include discounted or free delivery. Keep an eye out for these deals to save on delivery charges.
  2. Purchase Multiple Items at Once: If you are planning to purchase multiple items, try to do so in one transaction. This will help you save on delivery fees as the items will be delivered together.
  3. Opt for In-Store Pickup: Another way to save on delivery charges is by opting for in-store pickup. This option is available for select items and allows you to pick up your purchase from the nearest Raymour & Flanigan store at no extra cost.
  4. Consider Renting a Truck: If you have access to a truck or know someone who does, you can save on delivery charges by picking up the item yourself. Raymour & Flanigan offers rental trucks for a nominal fee, which can be a more cost-effective option for larger items.
  5. Negotiate with the Salesperson: If you are purchasing a large or expensive item, don’t be afraid to negotiate with the salesperson for a better delivery price. They may be able to offer you a discount or waive the delivery fee altogether.


In conclusion, Raymour & Flanigan does not offer free delivery for all of its products. The cost of delivery varies depending on the size and weight of the item, as well as the distance from the store to the delivery address. However, by keeping these factors in mind and following our tips, you can get the best delivery price from Raymour & Flanigan. Remember to always provide accurate information, inspect the item before signing, and be present during delivery for a smooth and hassle-free experience. Happy shopping!

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