Do You Need Reservations for Ruths Chris Steakhouse?

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Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is a renowned upscale steakhouse chain with locations across the United States and around the world. Known for its sizzling steaks, sophisticated ambiance, and attentive service, Ruth’s Chris offers a memorable dining experience. However, it’s essential to consider the restaurant’s reservation policy to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit.

Do You Need Reservations for Ruth’s Chris?

The short answer is yes, reservations are highly recommended for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The restaurant accepts reservations both online through its website and over the phone by calling the specific location. It’s advisable to book reservations well in advance, particularly for special occasions or large parties. Here’s why:

Why Reservations are Recommended

  1. Popular Dining Hours: Ruth’s Chris is a popular destination for special occasions, business dinners, and date nights. As such, the restaurant can get busy during peak dining hours, especially on weekends. Making a reservation guarantees you a table at your preferred time, without having to wait for a long time.
  1. Special Occasions: If you’re planning to celebrate a special occasion at Ruth’s Chris, such as a birthday or anniversary, it’s best to make a reservation. This ensures that the restaurant can accommodate your party and provide any special requests you may have.
  1. Large Parties: For groups of six or more, reservations are required at Ruth’s Chris. This allows the restaurant to prepare for your group and ensure that everyone can be seated together.
  1. Limited Seating: Ruth’s Chris is an upscale restaurant with limited seating. Without a reservation, you risk not being able to secure a table, especially during peak hours.
  2. Convenience: Making a reservation is convenient and saves you time. You can easily book a table online or over the phone, and then simply show up at your reserved time without having to wait.
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How Much Does it Cost to Eat at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse?

Ruth’s Chris is known for its premium steaks, which come at a higher price point. The average cost of an entree ranges from $40 to $60, depending on the cut and preparation. Other dishes on the menu, such as seafood, salads, and appetizers, typically fall within the $20 to $40 range. Drinks, such as cocktails, wine, and beer, add to the overall cost of dining.

Factors that Affect the Cost

  1. Type of Steak: The type of steak you order will significantly impact the cost of your meal. For example, a filet mignon will be more expensive than a ribeye or New York strip.
  1. Preparation: Ruth’s Chris offers a variety of preparations for their steaks, such as broiled, pan-roasted, and blackened. Each preparation may have a different price point, so be sure to check the menu before ordering.
  1. Additional Dishes: While the steaks are the main attraction at Ruth’s Chris, the restaurant also offers a variety of other dishes, such as seafood, salads, and sides. These can add to the overall cost of your meal.
  2. Drinks: As with any upscale restaurant, drinks can significantly increase the cost of dining at Ruth’s Chris. Cocktails, wine, and beer are all available at varying prices.

Do You Have to Have a Reservation at Ruth Chris?

While reservations are highly recommended at Ruth’s Chris, walk-ins may be accommodated based on availability. However, waiting times for walk-ins can be unpredictable, especially during peak hours. If you choose to walk-in without a reservation, you may have to wait for a table or be seated at the bar. It’s always best to make a reservation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable dining experience.

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Tips for Walk-Ins

  1. Be Flexible: If you’re planning to walk-in without a reservation, be prepared to be flexible with your dining time. The restaurant may not have availability at your preferred time, so be open to adjusting your plans.
  1. Consider the Bar: If the restaurant is fully booked, you may still be able to dine at the bar. This can be a fun and lively experience, but keep in mind that the full menu may not be available.
  2. Plan for a Wait: During peak hours, there may be a wait for walk-ins. Be prepared to wait for a table or consider making a reservation for a later time.

Is There a Dress Code for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse?

Ruth’s Chris has a business casual dress code, which means no shorts, flip-flops, or athletic wear. While the restaurant does not require formal attire, it’s best to dress up a bit for the upscale ambiance. Here are some tips for dressing for dinner at Ruth’s Chris:

What to Wear

  1. Men: A collared shirt, slacks, and dress shoes are appropriate for men. You can also opt for a jacket or tie for a more formal look.
  1. Women: A dress, skirt, or dress pants paired with a blouse or nice top is suitable for women. Avoid overly casual clothing such as t-shirts, tank tops, or shorts.
  2. Accessories: Adding a few accessories, such as a statement necklace or a nice watch, can elevate your outfit and make it more appropriate for an upscale restaurant.


In conclusion, while reservations are not required at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, they are highly recommended. Making a reservation ensures that you can secure a table at your preferred time and avoid any potential wait times. Additionally, considering the cost of dining at Ruth’s Chris and the restaurant’s dress code can help you plan for a smooth and enjoyable dining experience. So, if you’re planning to visit Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, be sure to make a reservation in advance for a stress-free and memorable meal.

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