Reviews of the 10 best seafood in Plymouth MA

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Welcome to the ultimate guide featuring comprehensive reviews of the top ten culinary gems spotlighting the “best seafood in Plymouth, MA.” Nestled along the picturesque coastline, Plymouth boasts a myriad of dining options, each offering delectable seafood experiences that capture the essence of New England’s maritime flavors. From charming seaside shacks to upscale waterfront eateries, embark on a gastronomic journey through this historic town as we uncover the finest seafood establishments that define Plymouth’s rich culinary landscape.

Reviews of the 10 best seafood in Plymouth MA

1.Wood’s Seafood – best seafood in Plymouth MA

Wood’s Seafood in Plymouth, MA, offers a delightful blend of fast service and fresh seafood, making it a prime spot along the wharf. Despite its appeal to tourists, its unique variety stands out among the clustered seafood places in Plymouth. The lobster roll, a standout highlight, impresses with its generous serving of tender lobster nestled within a buttered, crispy bun. Alongside, the clam strips and enormous, perfectly cooked scallops showcase the restaurant’s commitment to quality.
Wood's Seafood - best seafood in Plymouth MA
Wood’s Seafood – best seafood in Plymouth MA
While the clam chowder received mixed reviews, with some finding it average compared to a nearby establishment’s superior version, the fish chowder pleasantly surprised with its rich, creamy flavor, proving to be a delightful alternative. Despite a near-closing visit, the fish platter comprising shrimp, scallops, and haddock turned out incredibly fresh and delicious, paired excellently with hot and tasty corn on the cob. The ambiance, set against the backdrop of squawking yet non-aggressive seagulls and boat views, creates a nostalgic, kid-friendly dining experience. Wood’s unassuming setup with paper cups and plates caters well to families seeking quality seafood without the frills, offering options like burgers or hotdogs for kids at reasonable prices. The shrimp and fries platter remains a favorite among regulars and newcomers alike.
Recent changes in the entrance layout streamline customer queues into the dining area, where polite and helpful service from the staff complements the overall enjoyable experience, especially when seated outside on a beautiful day, soaking in the picturesque surroundings. Overall, Wood’s Seafood stands as a go-to destination for a casual, quality, and fun summertime seafood experience in Plymouth.
Address: 15 Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 508-746-0261

2.Lobster Hut – best seafood in Plymouth MA

Lobster Hut, nestled in Plymouth, MA, stands out as a haven for seafood enthusiasts, offering efficiency, excellent food, and breathtaking views, albeit with occasional tourist crowds. Despite busloads of tourists, the efficient service ensures a swift-moving line, quickly taking orders and delivering food promptly. The generous portions of delectable dishes, coupled with efficient service, make for a delightful experience. Although the outdoor seating area could benefit from additional shade, the picturesque bay view compensates, while inside, seniors relish the air-conditioned comfort.
Lobster Hut - best seafood in Plymouth MA
Lobster Hut – best seafood in Plymouth MA
During off-peak seasons, seating by the bay windows provides a tranquil setting to relish the sumptuous fisherman’s platter for two, boasting fresh fish, clams with bellies, perfectly cooked scallops, large butterfried shrimp, and ample sides, all immaculately prepared without any greasy odor, reflecting the spotless interior. Priced reasonably at $38 plus tax for the feast, the self-service format adds value without tipping.
Regulars reminisce about childhood memories while continuing to savor the consistently delicious offerings, especially highlighting the renowned clam strips and well-priced lunch specials, fostering a sense of nostalgia. For first-time visitors, the Lobster Hut presents a gem of an experience, with a fast-moving line, lip-smacking offerings like the lobster roll, crab cake, and seafood cake, complemented by the charming outdoor setting overlooking boat traffic.
While envying the appealing fried platters, the diverse menu ensures an outstanding culinary adventure, creating a perfect blend of outstanding food, vibrant atmosphere, and scenic beauty. Lobster Hut emerges as a must-visit destination in Plymouth, promising delectable seafood delights, cherished memories, and an inviting seaside ambiance.
Address: 25 Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 508-746-2270

3.42º North restaurant – best seafood in Plymouth MA

Located in Plymouth’s Manomet area, 42º North Restaurant offers a delightful culinary experience that surpasses expectations with its diverse menu, exceptional service, and inviting ambiance. As a haven for both seafood enthusiasts and those seeking alternative options, this spot stands out for its extensive menu variety and top-notch service. Emilia, our server, exemplified excellence, delivering a fantastic dining experience that elevated our visit.
42º North Restaurant - best seafood in Plymouth MA
42º North Restaurant – best seafood in Plymouth MA
During our late lunch visit, we opted for indoor seating in the tastefully decorated and impeccably clean dining area, although the establishment also offers a pleasant outdoor space. As we savored our meal and wine, the staff’s camaraderie and their attentive approach toward customers and each other left a lasting impression. Maureen, another outstanding server, contributed to our exceptional experience, warranting an extra tip for her impeccable service.
A highlight of the dining experience was the appetizers – a selection of delectable dishes that included chowder, crab cakes, little necks, and an outstanding choice: tater tot poutine with short ribs, a divine and memorable treat. Moving on to the entrees, each dish, from mac & cheese to blackened chicken pasta, steak tips, paella, and short ribs, boasted impeccable flavors worth sharing among our party of six. The bar’s mixologist added to the experience with expertly crafted cocktails.
While slightly off the beaten path, the restaurant boasts ample parking and wheelchair accessibility, offering a pleasant ambiance that complements its impressive menu options. Whether one is a seafood enthusiast or not, the menu caters to all tastes. The manager’s visit to our table added a personal touch, enhancing our overall experience.
The portions were generous – the baked schrod impressed with its taste and size, while the fish tacos stood out with their substantial portions, featuring two fish servings per tortilla.
In summary, 42º North Restaurant in Plymouth’s Manomet area stands as a hidden gem, offering an exceptional dining experience with its diverse menu, outstanding service, generous portions, and inviting ambiance. It’s undoubtedly worth visiting for an unforgettable culinary journey that caters to various palates and ensures a memorable dining experience.
Address: 690 State Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 508-224-1500

4.Dillon’s Local – best seafood in Plymouth MA

Dillon’s Local in Plymouth, though unassuming from the outside, is a hidden gem that promises a delightful culinary experience, as echoed by locals and visitors alike. Nestled away, this restaurant offers a cozy ambiance and a menu that pleasantly surprised us with its diverse and scrumptious offerings.
Dillon's Local - best seafood in Plymouth MA
Dillon’s Local – best seafood in Plymouth MA
During our visit, the Cape Cod Reuben and the Southwestern Salad stole the show. Both dishes were superb and left us extremely satisfied. The variety on the menu made choosing tough, prompting us to plan a return visit soon to sample more of their tempting offerings.
Despite the initial crowd and a potential wait, the experience was worth it. The short rib grilled cheese, highly recommended by many, lived up to its reputation and was a highlight for one of the diners. While the location might not immediately catch the eye, Dillon’s Local compensates with an inviting atmosphere once inside, offering fantastic food portions, such as the lettuce wraps and the Southwest salad, which could easily be shared. The addition of a glass of Prosecco complemented the meal perfectly, enhancing the overall dining experience. Mallory, our server, contributed to the enjoyable visit with her excellent service.
For those attending events at Plymouth Memorial Hall, Dillon’s Local has become a preferred dining spot, thanks to its stellar service and exceptional cuisine. The warmth and hospitality experienced from the greeting to the service by Nora and the entire staff created a sense of belonging, elevating the dining experience further. Each dish ordered, from appetizers to desserts, received rave reviews, cementing Dillon’s as a go-to destination.
Overall, Dillon’s Local stands out as more than just a restaurant—it’s a place where one feels like family, offering exceptional food, impeccable service, and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether for a casual lunch or a special evening out, Dillon’s Local in Plymouth is undoubtedly “the place” to enjoy a memorable meal.
Address: 21 S Park Ave, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 774-404-7913

5.Rio Brazilian Steakhouse – best seafood in Plymouth MA

Rio Brazilian Steakhouse in Plymouth emerges as a must-visit destination, offering not just a meal but an unforgettable dining experience that elevates celebration and indulgence. Ranked #12 on TripAdvisor but certainly deserving of a top spot, Rio Brazilian Steakhouse mesmerizes diners with its Rodizio-style dining, turning a regular evening into a spectacular event.
Rio Brazilian Steakhouse - best seafood in Plymouth MA
Rio Brazilian Steakhouse – best seafood in Plymouth MA
The allure begins with the expansive Buffet offering an array of sides, from salads and rice to beans, lasagna, and various accompaniments. However, the real magic unfolds at the table, where servers present an impressive parade of succulent meats carved tableside—flank steak, sirloin, garlic steak, pork loin, ribs, wings, chicken hearts, grilled pineapple, and more. The variety is astounding, making it an absolute delight for the palate.
The exceptional experience doesn’t stop at the delicious food; it extends to the warm hospitality exhibited by the staff. From Lucas, who masterfully guided through the culinary journey, to the entire team, their friendliness and attentiveness added an extra layer of joy to the occasion. The attention to detail was particularly evident when they celebrated an anniversary with a special dessert—a brownie with ice cream and a heartwarming message—a thoughtful touch that amplified the celebratory atmosphere.
At $28.99 per person, the value is exceptional, offering an extensive selection of meats and sides that surpass the cost of a regular steak meal elsewhere. The encouragement to savor more, akin to an Italian mother’s affectionate insistence, adds to the charm of the experience.
The sentiment is unanimous among patrons, highlighting this establishment as the pinnacle of dining experiences. The multitude of flavors, the abundance of food, and the exceptional service provided by a jovial team from Brazil distinguish Rio Brazilian Steakhouse as a standout among Brazilian steak houses nationwide. Even in a group setting of 34, the attentive service, unwavering quality, and cheerful demeanor of the staff made it an exceptional dining affair.
In a time when service standards seem to have dwindled, Rio Brazilian Steakhouse shines as a beacon of exceptional service and culinary delight. Whether a local or a visitor, this establishment earns a top spot on the “must-go” list, promising an unparalleled dining escapade that lingers in the memory as an exceptional gastronomic journey.
Address: 318 Court St, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 508-830-6802

6.Sandy’s – best seafood in Plymouth MA

Sandy’s in Plymouth, Massachusetts, emerges as a hidden gem along the Atlantic Ocean, offering an authentic, laid-back experience that perfectly complements its seaside location. Nestled just a short drive from the Plimoth Patuxet Museums, this cash-only establishment might not boast frills, but it certainly delivers on the promise of excellent seafood and a relaxing ambiance.
Sandy's - best seafood in Plymouth MA
Sandy’s – best seafood in Plymouth MA
During my visit to Sandy’s, I was instantly enamored by the incredible fish sandwich, coconut shrimp, and delectable sweet potato fries—each dish showcased the establishment’s commitment to quality and taste. The cocktails were a hit, striking the perfect balance between being fully loaded and reasonably priced. My Mother’s Day outing with my son and son-in-law turned out to be a non-stuffy, relaxed affair—just what we were looking for.
Despite its simplicity, Sandy’s provides an inviting atmosphere, complete with a full bar, ice cream, and soda offerings. The oceanfront seating, while scenic, can get a bit windy, but the efficient service, with orders being fulfilled in just a few minutes, ensures a pleasant experience. The restaurant, boasting around 20 tables, features umbrella-covered square tables that provide respite from the wind. Picnic tables outside on both east and west sides enhance the seating options for visitors.
The menu primarily revolves around seafood, including favorites like fish and chips, scallops, and swordfish, complemented by burgers, hot dogs, and fries. During a subsequent visit after a beach day, I relished the incredible scallops and slaw, and the swordfish did not disappoint either. The continuous efforts by the bartender and staff to maintain cleanliness added to the commendable service.
It’s disheartening that finding a beach bar in this area can be a challenge, but Sandy’s fills that void beautifully. Its location offers an ideal spot to unwind after a day at the beach, with friendly service and sumptuous food that perfectly captures the essence of coastal living. The barstools provide prime real estate on a summer afternoon, especially when paired with their stuffed scallops and a refreshing beverage like Sam Summer.
Overall, Sandy’s in Plymouth is a gem worth discovering—an ideal spot for a casual and satisfying meal with unbeatable ocean views, friendly service, and delightful seafood options that capture the essence of a quintessential beachside experience.
Located in: Plymouth Long Beach
Address: 132 Warren Avenue, 1 Ryder Way, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 508-747-5911

7.East Bay Grille – best seafood in Plymouth MA

East Bay Grille in Plymouth, Massachusetts, is a standout dining destination offering an upscale yet approachable experience. Whether you’re dining indoors or outdoors overlooking the harbor, the restaurant promises a memorable meal accompanied by excellent service.
East Bay Grille - best seafood in Plymouth MA
East Bay Grille – best seafood in Plymouth MA
During my visit, the attentive hostess Holly ensured we had a fantastic table with a stunning view, setting the tone for a delightful evening. Our waiter, Anthony, delivered exceptional service for our party of six, guiding us through a menu that boasted delicious, nutritious, and generous portions. Leftovers were inevitable, testament to the satisfying and ample servings.
This establishment stands out as one of Plymouth’s finest, offering upscale dining without breaking the bank. Our server, Katelyn, was not only pleasant but efficient, enhancing our indoor dining experience. The Lobster Roll and Veggie Primavera were standout dishes—fresh, delicious, and generously portioned. The dessert selection, including the impressive Tiramisu, is a perfect finish to a sumptuous meal.
Due to its popularity, reservations are highly recommended. The restaurant’s seafood offerings, including lobster dishes, received glowing reviews from my fellow diners, accompanied by commendations for the delightful clam chowder.
Stopping by for a leisurely lunch on a summer Friday, East Bay Grille’s spacious shoreline setting, accommodating indoor and outdoor dining, and convenient parking options made for a pleasant experience. Despite post-COVID employee challenges, the attentive wait staff ensured impeccable service. The menu, offering a range of seafood, meat, and vegetarian options, delivered generous portions at reasonable prices, with most lunch items around $20.
East Bay Grille undoubtedly earns its place among Plymouth’s top dining spots, offering a diverse menu, generous portions, stellar views, and exceptional service. Whether for a casual lunch or an elegant dinner overlooking the harbor, this restaurant promises an enjoyable and satisfying dining experience.
Located in: The Shoppes at Village Landing
Address: 173 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 508-746-9751

8.The CabbyShack – best seafood in Plymouth MA

The CabbyShack in Plymouth, Massachusetts, proved to be a delightful surprise, offering a fantastic dining experience that exceeded expectations. Situated by the ocean, the restaurant provided a lively yet relaxed atmosphere, complemented by attentive service and flavorful dishes.
The CabbyShack - best seafood in Plymouth MA
The CabbyShack – best seafood in Plymouth MA
During our Friday night dinner visit, we were greeted warmly by a young waiter who offered attentive service throughout our meal. Seated on the deck with a partial ocean view, we savored a delightful array of dishes. The scallop platter, lobster roll, clam chowder, and drinks all stood out for their freshness and enjoyable flavors. So much so that we couldn’t resist ordering another platter featuring clams, scallops, shrimp, and the newfound favorite, haddock, which surprised us with its delightful taste and left us thoroughly satisfied.
Initially unsure of what to expect, the bustling atmosphere and short wait piqued our interest. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the delightful time and delicious meal we had at The CabbyShack.
Another visit to this establishment, this time to celebrate a birthday, further solidified its appeal. Strong and delicious drinks were paired with friendly and attentive staff. Notably, the bouncer’s swift response to any disturbance ensured a sense of safety and protection for patrons, which was greatly appreciated by my friends and me.
The culinary experience was equally impressive during our visit for lunch. The chowder lived up to its acclaim as the best we’ve ever tasted, prompting a return visit the following day. The flavorful calamari, delicious clam cakes with a light batter, a tantalizing Fish Reuben, and homemade onion rings were highlights of a meal that left us impressed with the generous portions and island-like ambiance. Danielle, our waitress, was notably attentive, enhancing our dining experience.
Moreover, the outstanding quality extended beyond lunch, with recommendations ranging from the best Greek flatbread overloaded with spinach and vegetables to delectable meatballs and a substantial appetizer steamer serving. The friendly and attentive employees added to the overall positive experience.
In summary, The CabbyShack in Plymouth exceeded expectations with its flavorful cuisine, generous portions, attentive service, and vibrant atmosphere. Whether for a casual lunch or an evening dinner by the ocean, this restaurant is undoubtedly worth recommending for an enjoyable and delicious dining adventure.
Address: 30 Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 508-746-5354

9.Tavern On The Wharf – best seafood in Plymouth MA

Tavern On The Wharf in Plymouth, Massachusetts, proved to be a standout dining destination, offering an exceptional experience characterized by attentive service, delectable cuisine, and a vibrant atmosphere.
During our visit as a family of 5 adults and a baby, our waiter, Devon, went above and beyond to ensure a memorable experience. His attentive and friendly demeanor persisted over our extended stay, accommodating our varied requests with patience and care. The extensive menu presented a range of delectable options, although they were out of a few items. Nevertheless, the appetizers, particularly the fish tacos in a light sauce and the specialty truffle fries, stood out. Notably, Tuesday’s $1/oyster deal was a hit among our group. The generous pour of drinks and the desserts added to the delight of our dining experience.
Tavern On The Wharf - best seafood in Plymouth MA
Tavern On The Wharf – best seafood in Plymouth MA
A Tuesday night visit introduced us to the exceptional service of bartender Jocelyn, who not only provided excellent recommendations but also skillfully handled a disruptive situation with grace and professionalism, ensuring that all guests felt comfortable and attended to.
Dining outdoors in the fenced-in courtyard might lack an ocean view, but the flavors of the dishes more than compensated for it. Standouts included the outstanding clam chowder, roasted apple goat cheese salad, Cajun Swordfish, and Lobster-Filled Grilled Cheese. Marcus, our server in training, demonstrated great attentiveness and competence, enhancing our dining pleasure.
The vibrant atmosphere, complemented by live music, set the perfect backdrop for a delightful evening. Debbie, our waitress during a birthday celebration, provided fantastic service, culminating in a surprise chocolate cake that added a sweet touch to the occasion. The Cape Cod Reuben sandwich was a standout dish, accompanied by interesting drinks from the menu, even though some decorative touches described were missing.
Overall, Tavern On The Wharf stands out as a must-visit dining spot in Plymouth, offering an excellent menu with a variety of options, daily specials, attentive service from staff like Devon, Marcus, Jocelyn, and Debbie, and a lively atmosphere that makes every visit a delightful experience worth returning for.
Address: 6 Town Wharf, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 508-927-4961

10.Texas Roadhouse – best seafood in Plymouth MA

Texas Roadhouse in Plymouth, Massachusetts, stands out as a delightful dining spot that consistently delivers on quality, service, and a welcoming atmosphere.
During my visit, I opted for the salmon salad, which turned out to be a perfect choice. The flavors were excellent, and the restaurant’s take-away service was commendably safety-conscious, reflected in the careful and appealing packaging. Alongside the delicious meal, the complimentary rolls were a highlight that added to the overall recommendation of their take-away service. Without a doubt, I’ll be returning for more.
Texas Roadhouse - best seafood in Plymouth MA
Texas Roadhouse – best seafood in Plymouth MA
A family dinner at Texas Roadhouse for a birthday celebration was an exceptional experience. Our server, Valerie, shone brightly with her attentive and proactive service. She effortlessly managed our needs, ensuring drinks, appetizers, meals, and dessert flowed seamlessly. Valerie’s dedication to ensuring an enjoyable dining experience was evident and greatly appreciated. The food, including the iconic rolls, left a lasting impression, compelling us to plan a return visit.
One patron highlighted their usual hesitation to order steak out due to varied Cooking and quality concerns. However, at Texas Roadhouse, their steak consistently met expectations, perfectly cooked and free from unwanted fat or gristle, proving to be a standout dish that earned repeat visits. The staff’s commitment to hospitality and top-notch service, supported by well-educated and cordial team members, speaks volumes about the management’s efforts to maintain a high-quality dining facility.
While some might find the atmosphere a tad noisy, it does little to detract from the overall positive dining experience. A first-time visitor shared a heartwarming account of their delightful experience. Welcomed warmly at the door and guided through the specials, they relished in the excellent service from a young man who ensured their comfort and satisfaction throughout the meal. The country fried chicken ordered was delivered promptly, hot, and satisfying, offering great value for money. The gesture of a gift card for their next visit from the manager added an extra touch of appreciation, making their first experience truly memorable.
In conclusion, Texas Roadhouse in Plymouth impresses with its delicious offerings, attentive service led by staff like Valerie, consistent quality of meals, and efforts by management to create a welcoming atmosphere. Whether it’s for a comforting meal or a celebratory occasion, this restaurant stands as a testament to enjoyable dining experiences worth returning for.
Located in: The Grove at Plymouth
Address: 20 Shops at 5 Way, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States
Phone: +1 508-746-7700
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